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These steps to building a great outlaw are fairly easy to follow, so just do 
exactly what it says and you will have a death warrant in no time flat!

1. When you first start the game, you will walk through an empty room (where you
get the Iron Dagger). Grab every item off of the shelf that you can. The best way
to do this is grab the dagger, and then start grabbing everything else in the
room, but after a little while start moving a little bit after each pickup. When
you see a message that says You Are Over-Encumbered, drop the last thing you
picked up and continue on.

2. Before you leave the Census and Excus office, while your in Cellus Gravius'
room, check the shelves. The is a warehouse key there. Click the left analog
and wait until you see a noose icon in your lower left screen, and grab it fast.
If he catches you stealing it, he will take it back, and you cannot get it again.
(to avoid this step, you can simply create your charcter under the sign of The

3. Go to the only other two story house in the town aside from the census and
excus buildings, and enter around the back. You are now in Arrille's Tradehouse.
Sell Arrille all of the stuff you sold. Leave the office and go back in front of 
the census and excus office.

4. Immediately after you leave the office, there is a door directly across the
street from you. If you had the key, use it to open the door, as the guards will 
not get suspicious if you do it that way. If you use the power: Tower Key (The
Tower sign power) then the door will still unlock, but the guards report your
crime and come after you. Go inside before they get there.

5. Once inside the warehouse, grab all of the Steel Armor and the iron warhammer
out of the crates to your right. Equip all of it. When the guard comes around,
either steal another item from the crates or draw your hammer and attck the 
guard. He will start to arrest you. Select the "Resist Arrest" button.
NOTE: For an easier time with this, press start and go to the options menu, and
take the difficulty slider to -100.
Kill the guard. when you do this, select a crate and drop all of your new armor
except your warhammer into the crate. Click the guard's body and hit the white
button (Dispose of Corpse). You will have all of his gear. Equip all of it
(skirt and all) but leave your hammer on.

6. Go back outside. the guards will jump you. Once again select "Resist Arrest"
and kill them. After that, simply slect a building, go inside, kill anything
that moves. If you run out of houses, kill random people off the streets. After
all of seyda neen is dead, go outside to the road. Take a right, and follow the
path up to the travel master. You may have to bribe him a bit, but then buy
passage to Suran. Rinse and Repeat. There are certain key places to hit first,
though. the outfitter, the alchamist, the armorer, and the orc in the green
glass armor( which is another upgrade to your imperial armor. Do the same thing
you did with the first guard  you killed). You will also have weapon upgrades 
in the other houses. When your done there, you will not be able to buy passage
anywhere. so walk to another town, and commit genocide. Repeat with every town
except fort frostmoth.

WARNING: Do NOT swim out to Solsthiem, as you will not be able to get back. You
cannot take the boat from Khuul as you probably are an outlaw by now and the
boatmaster will not take you.

David Judd © July 4th, 2007

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