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         TTTTTTT    A     L       EEEEEE SSSSSS     OOO  FFFFFF   
            T      A A    L       E      S         O   O F
            T     AAAAA   L       EEEE     S       O   O FFFF
            T    A     A  L       E          S     O   O F
            T   A       A LLLLLLL EEEEEE SSSSSS     OOO  F

         D    D E      S         T       I    N N   N  Y   Y
         D    D EEEE     S       T       I    N  N  N    Y
         D    D E          S     T       I    N   N N    Y
         DDDDD  EEEEEE SSSSSS    T    IIIIIII N    NN    Y

     Choose to start a new game and select your characters name. I have put my name 
Joshua, or some of my nicknames that my friends gave me in school. But the regular 
default name is Stahn, so when I refer to Stahn, the main character is who I am 
talking about.  If you are in the game already and choose not to have that name that 
you put there anymore, you don’t have to start a new game. Just enter the menu by 
pressing the triangle or the select button and choose the status option and select 
Stahn. A finger will be pointing to the name you have given the main character (You 
shouldn’t have to scroll up or down to get to it, once you enter the status menu for 
Stahn it will be pointing to his name). Press the circle button to go to the name 
edit screen. Go down and scroll to the end of the name and use the x button to 
delete letters and the circle button to select new letters.

Part One: The Draconis

After all the boring beginning chatter and suffering a beating for the captain 
thinking you were after IT!, and then concluding that you are just a stowaway. You 
are sent to swab the deck. You see a flying silverish dragon (the first time I saw 
it I thought it was the monster that was about to attack) that is the air ship that 
you are on. You are escorted by guard crewmember to the deck of the ship that you 
will be swabbing. The crewman fools around with you a bit and then you start off 
with the mop. Then they show the control room of the Draconis and crew members are 
telling the captain that they detect monsters in the radar and are about to attack 
and the captain believes that the monsters are after IT! (WOW this guy is a serious 
nervous wreck; maybe he has a reason to be paranoid.) You see monsters coming down 
in many numbers near the control room. Now you see Stahn swabbing the stern of the 
ship when the monsters land right where Stahn and the guard are. They don’t hesitate 
in killing the guard and are about to kill Stahn as he narrowly escapes. (Since 
Stahn currently has no weapon at this time). Now you can control Stahn. You may 
think he is a bit slow but you can run by pressing X. You have an item now called 
Food Sack S, it can hold 200 worth of food. When your HP is not at maximum and your 
food bag has food in it, you will regain HP little by little with every step. You 
have to put food in the food bag yourself. Check your food bag frequently to make 
sure it is full because it can empty super fast. Look in the menu under valuables to 
see it. You will go down the stairs and see a door on the left. Go through the door 
and walk down the hall, you will see a monster (Petite Devil), but you have no 
weapon and cannot fight, If you try Stahn will forcefully back himself away from the 
monster. Go through the door that you can enter without running into a monster. You 
will be near the other end of the ship out on the deck. There is a ladder to the 
left, go up it and go through the door on the right because there are a pack of 
monsters near the control room where you first saw the monsters land on the left. 
You enter the main room of the ship with three staircases. You witness a monster 
kill a crewman (if you go up to this crewman after he is knocked down he will tell 
you that there is a sword in storage) and then it starts chasing two other crewmen. 
Now walk right and go through the first door you see, go into the stall on the right 
and walk up to the toilet. Press the circle button and you are asked if you want to 
pick up some gel thing on the floor. It sounds gross but choose yes and you get a 
green gel, which gives 30% of your HP back when you use it. You don’t need to use it 
now. Go back outside and walk right. Check the body lying on the stairs to get a 
cloak, now you’re gonna want to equip it on Stahn. Go to the menu by pressing the 
triangle or select button and choose the equip option, select Stahn (he is the only 
character you have right now anyway) go to the armor selection and press circle and 
then select the cloak for Stahn to wear. Go to the right, you see a door but it is 
locked and you cannot go through it. Boxes block the pathway and you can’t go up the 
stairs as you may have found out already. You can move the boxes though. Go up to 
one and press circle and direction to move them, you can only move forward or back 
with the boxes but you can go on each side so they can move up and down too. After 
you move them out of the way keep going right and go through the door. You are in 
the crewmen’s quarters now, go up to a table with a fruit on it and press circle 
near the fruit to receive an apple. Exit and enter the room again to keep getting 
apples [(Max amount you can hold is 15). (I suggest filling up your food sack but 
going into items in the menu and selecting the apples) (Once the food bag is full, 
retrieve as many more apples as you can hold)].  Go out of the room and use the 
stairs at the bottom right corner to go down. Walk down and use the first door you 
see. Stahn will see something in the corner of the storage room. Go up to it and you 
see that it is a sword. Stahn picks it up out from the chained box. He is surprised 
when it starts talking to him. He tells Stahn that his name is Dymlos and that he is 
a swordian. He says that Stahn is a chosen one since he can hear Dymlos talk. An 
enemy appears and now you can finally teach these monsters some lessons. The screen 
changes into battle mode by spinning and going black from the upper left and lower 
right corners. Just press the circle button and use the directional pad to make 
Stahn run and attack. The enemy isn’t strong at all; you should have no trouble with 
him at all. You can use a spell called the Fireball spell, but don’t waste your TP. 
After the battle, Stahn talks to Dymlos more. Dymlos tells Stahn that with the 
assistance of himself (Dymlos) he can use the fireball spell (Dymlos must be 
equipped as Stahn’s weapon for him to use the spells that he learns through Dymlos. 
It is actually Dymlos that learns the spells). I suggest never equipping any other 
weapon for swordian users as the swordians get stronger as you do. After talking 
some more, you can control Stahn again. Walk out of the room to find more goodies 
and monsters to kill. There are now monsters in the hallway; running into them will 
begin a fight. Walk left and up, then use the door there to enter the storage room 
where Stahn was found. Grab the chest and the bag for an Oberol C and a Green Gel, 
and then leave the room. Go down, far right and up, then use the stairs to go up. Go 
back to that door that was locked up in the main room near the boxes that you moved. 
Enter the door, you are in a mess hall/kitchen, go to the back room where the 
kitchen is and go to the stew pot. Press the circle button and Stahn will eat some 
stew and become fully regenerated. You shouldn’t need it because of the food you 
have in your food sack. Check your food sack because you will need to put more 
apples in or put in one chicken if you won one from a fight (one chicken fills up 
the bag). Walk right and go up the stairs. Head left and use the door, grab the 
chest by the bed for a cape and equip it on Stahn and exit the room. Walk left past 
the stairs and go through the other door and get a green gel from that chest. Exit 
that room and use the path going up, turn right and use the door there. There is 
goodies in that room protected by monsters, defeat the monsters and get the items, 
which are a mélange gel, flare bottle, spectacles and a green gel. Exit the room and 
enter the captain’s room on the left side of the main outer room for a green gel and 
an orange gel. Fight off the monsters and exit the room. Go down the stairs on the 
left side of the screen and exit the main room where you entered it to go out to the 
deck of the ship. You can go into the control room and the very front of the ship 
but you will have to go through multiple monsters and going there gives no reward. 
[If you choose to enter the control room you will see that everyone in there has 
died just like on the rest of the ship. You can talk to the captain before he dies 
with the circle button (You should have figured out by now that the circle button is 
the action button). He says, “You were after IT!” (Referring to your new sword 
Dymlos) and then dies. Exit the control room and you will find that only the petite 
devils respawn where they were before and you can try to avoid them but I always try 
to fight every monster I come in contact with for more experience, gald (gald is 
like gold) and lens (you will find out what lens is later in the game). Go down back 
the ladder and through the door. Go back up where Stahn was swabbing the deck and 
(if it were me) kill off any monsters you come in contact with on the way there. A 
monster kills the last crewman and you go in and attack the monsters. After you 
defeat the monsters the dying man tells Stahn to get away using the escape pod, but 
he will say that he wants to stay and kill the monsters with Dymlos' help. 
Fortunately, Dymlos makes him understand that if would be suicide (even though you 
most likely killed every monster that didn’t respawn). Stahn goes into the escape 
pod and it closes as a monster comes up from the stairs and attacks the escape pod 
as it leaves the ship and injures the ship. Stahn will end up falling in a lake in 
the mountains in the middle of the main continent. He lives and is barley able to 
get out of the sinking pod and passes out even though Dymlos tries to keep him awake 
to make sure he stays alive in this frost bitten land, but to no avail.

Working on part two……

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