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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is for beginners and their Chao. These 
questions were not asked to me, but I've asked these questions to myself when I 
was a begginer. Anyhow, hope you like this FAQ!

Q: I've heard about Chao, read about Chao, but how do I get Chao?!
A: You must have a Chao key, which is found in an action stage. The boxes are 
blue with a Chao face on it. If you break the box open, there will be a key in 
it. When you finish the mission, you will transport to Chao World! After you 
hatch the eggs (see my other guide, Beginner's Chao Guide) you can select Chao 
World in 'Stage Select'!

Q: I see other characters than Sonic, but I can't be them! How can I?
A: There are three Chao Boxes in each world. If you get anyone of them with a 
certain character (and finish the mission)and TA-DA! You can be the character 
you got the Chao Box with!

Q: How do I feed Chao?
A: In the Chao Garden, nuts will grow off trees. Press B and move your joystick 
at the tree. Soon Nuts will fall off. Press B to pick the nut up and give it to 
your Chao!

Q: My Chao has transformed, but the Doctor said he hasn't transformed a single 
time! Why?
A: This Question I've been working on ever since my Chao transformed into a 
Dark Chao, yet I still haven't figured it out. (My theory is the Doctor Lies to 
his paitionts. If you look at him long enough, he will start playing with his 

That is all that I have asked myself about Chao. I hope this helped you a 
bunch!! :)


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