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Okay, this is my first walkthrough, so cut me some slack, please. This is the 
chapters you will be reading (if you want to read it). Hope you like it!

1. About Chao 
2. Chao Gardens 
3. Chao Drives/Animals
4. Chao Races
5. Chao Evolution
6. Choa Breeding
7. Chao Kindergarden
8. End

About Chao

Chao are cute, little critters that appear in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. If you 
are a beginner with Chaos, you might want to read this walkthrough. 
When you find a Chao key in an action stage, you will appear in Chao Lobby. You 
will face a pathway leading to the Chao garden. You will find yourself in Chao 
Garden, and there will be two eggs. There are three ways to hatch the eggs:

1. Pick the egg up and keep holding B. Then move your joystick left or right. 
Hold it there for 10 seconds. Put the egg down and it will start to move. It 
will hatch!!

2. Put your egg in a safe spot, and wait for it to hatch.

3. Pick your egg up and throw it to a wall.

These different ways to hatch an egg effects the Chao's personality. Note: the 
third one is the most cruel. :(

Chao Gardens

Chao Garden:
Like I told you before, this is the beginning Garden, and it has two eggs. 
There, grows nuts, which you feed to your Chao. This is where you train and 
care for your baby Chao.

Dark Chao Garden:
You can unlock this garden by raising a Dark Chao (see Chao Evolution). This 
Garden has red blood-like water in the pool. It's kind of gross. This Garden 
grows some wierd dark-like fruit.

Hero Garden:
You can unlock this Garden by raising a Hero Chao (see Chao Evolution). This 
Garden is beautiful, with a fountain and all. This Garden grows some Hero-like 

Chao Drives/Animals

Choa Drives are little glow sticks that control robots in adventure mode. If 
you destroy a robot, there will be a glow stick floating down. Get it. Then go 
to your Chao Garden and give it to your Chao. This will increase your Chao's 
Animals are hidden in each action stage. For example, if I find and give my 
Chao a Parrot, it might grow Parrot wings. 

Chao Races

Chao Races are found in the Chao Garden, in a cave behind the waterfall. 
Depending on your stats of your Chao, the faster/better it will run, fly, 
climb, and swim! There are three levels in each world. 1 is the easiest. 2 is 
the middle of easy and hard. And 3 is the hardest.

Chao Evolutions

Dark Chao: In order to have a Dark Chao, you have to be a Dark character 
(Shadow, Rouge, or Dr. Eggman). Keep petting your Chao until it turns black (or 
at least dark brown) and go to the Black market in the Kindergarden. Buy a Dark 
fruit, which is 120 coins, and give it to your Chao. It will soon turn into a 
cacoon, and turn into a dark Chao. 

Hero Chao: In order to have a Hero Chao, you have to be a Hero character 
(Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails). Keep Petting your Chao until it turns white and go 
to the Black Market in the Kindergarden. Buy a Hero Fruit, which is 120 coins, 
and give it to your Chao. It will soon turn into a cacoon, and turn into a Hero 

Chao Breeding

Breeding means mating. There are 2 ways to mate you Chaos:

1. Wait till Breeding Season, and there will be flowers blooming around your 
Chao. Put another Hero or Dark Chao in the flowers. Wait a while and they will 
start kissing each other. in the middle of them, an egg will pop out and the 
Chaos will fly back. 

2. If you don't want to wait till Breed Season, buy a Heart Fruit from the 
Black Market. Give it to a Chao. The flowers will start blooming around it. Do 
the some thing as before. 

Chao Kindergarden

If you are in the Chao Lobby, go the opposite way of where the Chao Garden. You 
will be at the Chao Kindergarden. There is the Fortune Teller, the Doctor, the 
Principal, the Black Market, and the Classroom.

Fortune Telller:
Here, you can name your Chao whatever you want, or the Fortune Teller can name 
it for you!

The Doctor can show you how old your Chao is, its personality, and other 
things. He will give you medicine if your Chao is sick. 

The Principal can give you useful tips on how to raise Chaos. 

Black Market:
This is where you can buy seeds, fruit, eggs, and other things. 

This is where your Chao can be dropped off for a while and learn something such 
as draw. Your Chao can sometimes be seen doing the skill they learned!


Thank You for reading my very first guide. Hope this helps you a bunch!! :)

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