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B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S  O N  P L A Y I N G

Luigi's Mansion Guide

1. Capturing ghosts easily
2. Game Tips
3. FAQ
4. Cheats and other stuff
5. Rewards that you can get if you win
6. Bosses and how to beat them
7. Mario's items and where to look for them

1. Capturing ghosts easily

Today's method is: Flash and capture

The roaming spirits of the mansion will try to catch you off guard by sneaking up 
behind you.  Sometimes you'll se them.  Sometimes you'll see only their shadow or a 
whisp of smoke.  Watch out for the signs and get ready to catch them.

When you've got a ghost frozen in your flashlight beam and you can see it's heart 
and hit points (HP), you can capture it with the Poltergust 3000.  Some ghosts 
freeze as soon as you light them up.  Other ghosts are more wily (means clever)and 
will freeze only when you find their weaknesses.

Capturing a ghost is a lot like fishing.  Once you've got it hooked, you can reel it 
in by pulling away from it with the control stick and finessing it with the c 
stick.  You'll see the ghost's HP deplete as you pull.

2. Game Tips

Vacuum Attachments-Fire, Water and Ice

The Poltergust 3000 can shoot out fire, water and ice when necessary.  There's a 
catch, however.  Once you obtain the medal that lets you shoot fire, water, or ice, 
then you need to collect a ghost that represents it.  In other words, suck in a 
feiry candle or a sink or a bucket of ice in order to release a ghost.  The ghost 
will not attack, but merely float around.  It will have yellow eyes and look like a 
weird floating ball.  Also, you don't need to shine the light on it, just suck it 
in, like bats.  When you suck them in, a new meter will appear at the screen.  It 
will be red for fire, blue for water, or white for ice.  Press and hold L to use 
it.  The meter shows how much element you have.  One ghost means one full element 
bar.  Tap the L button to release a ball of fire, water, or ice, depending on which 
one you have.  You may only carry one at a time.  If you want to switch the 
elements, go look for the source of the element you want.  You'll find sources of 
every element on every floor (apart from the roof).

Shrinking Shroom

Small, spotted mushrooms are bad news.  If you come into contact with one, it will 
shrink you and make you unalbe to use the Poltergust 3000 for a short time.  If you 
are suffering the effects of a shrinking mushroom, try to hit ghosts with the beam 
of your flashlight to make them freeze, then disappear-so they won't hit you and 
cause damage.

Paper Luigi

There are trapdoors all over the mansion.  They are always on walls that are within 
full view.  If you turn the knob of a trapdoor, the door will fling open and flatten 
you.  Trapdoors don't show on the map, and don't shudder when you use the Poltergust 
3000 on them.  If you are suspicious about a door, look at the map or suck it in 
with the Poltergust 3000.  If it isn't there, or if it doesn't shudder, it's a trap.

Warp Mirror Magic

The mirrors of the mansion are connected to each other.  When you center your Game 
Boy Horror first-person view on a mirror and press the A button, you'll warp to the 
foyer.  The only mirror that won't warp you is the wall-to-wall mirror in the Mirror 

Shake It Off

Several varieties of ghost will grab you from behind and make it virtually 
impossible to get the Poltergust 3000.  When a ghost has you in it's grasp, move the 
control stick rapidly to shake it off.

3. FAQ

E-mail me at [email protected] asking questions for the FAQ!

Q: How do I release the Boos?
A: Let me tell you, it's not easy!  Go to the Storage Room behind the Ballroom.  
Look in the mirror.  You'll see a switch on the opposite wall.  When you push the 
button, the west wall will roll away.  Suck in the poster at the secret area, then 
press the button that is beneath the poster.  The boos will fly out of a door on the 
floor like a herd of crazed bananas.

Q: How do I capture the Boos?
A: Boos are afraid of the light.  They hide in dark areas of lit rooms.  You'll find 
a Boo in nearly every lit room in the mansion.  Use the Game Boy Horror's Boo Finder 
and the Poltergust 3000 to flush them out.  You can't suck them in like other 
ghosts.  They can move freely when their HP is decreasing.  Just follow them while 
sucking them in and you'll be fine.  Sometimes they will disappear behind a wall 
before you can capture them.  Go through a door and try to locate that Boo.  I've 
watched many people follow Boos to trapdoors then get flattened when they try to 
open the door.  Then I laugh over their shoulders.

Don't forget to e-mail me!

4. Cheats and other stuff

There isn't any cheats or glitches for this game-yet.  E-mail me at 
[email protected] in case you find something.

5. Rewards that you can get if you win

Luigi's NEW mansion

In addition to saving Mario and returning ghosts to the gallery, you'll be able to 
buy a new house at the end of the game.  After the credits, you'll get to see your 
new mansion.  But, to get a decent one, you need to get as much money and valuable 
items as possible.

Rank H: A shabby tent.  You need to get more money.
Less than 5,000,000G

Rank G: A small bungalow (one floored house).  Call that a mansion?
Less than 20,000,000G

Rank F: A slightly bigger bungalow able to fit 2 people in.
Less than 40,000,000G

Rank E: A neighborhood house.  Without the neighborhood.
Less than 50,000,000G

Rank D: This is only 1/4th of the mansion!
Less than 60,000,000G

Rank C: This is a bed and breakfast inn.  Not what you'd call a mansion.
Less than 70,000,000G

Rank B: Living in a small hotel is very close to living in a huge mansion.
Less than 100,000,000G

Rank A: Welcome to Luigi's NEW mansion!
Over 100,000,000G

Hidden Mansion

After you complete the game, a new option is available.  Professor E. Gadd will let 
you enter it.  The ghosts are more skittish, and you've now got a Poltergust 4500.

6. Bosses and how to beat them


Rattle Battle - Chauncey's battle area is in a giant crib.  Dodge his fleet of 
wooden horses (wooden you know it), and then dodge the bouncing balls.  Suck up the 
ball that didn't flee, and fire it at Chauncey.  Grab Chauncey, hook, line and 
stinker, and don't let go.  If Chauncey breaks free, he'll bounce around and repeat 
his attacks.


Shadow Showdwn - Your leap into the glow of the gravestone will transport you to an 
area that is populated by shadow spirits.  The area boss, Bogmire, is the only 
spirit who doesn't cast a shadow.  Target the other spirits with your Poltergust 
3000.  When you take them in, fire them at Bogmire.  When the shadow hit's it's 
target, it will bog down Bogmire and prime him for a Poltergust 3000 attack.


Pop Boolossus - The Boo Radar will flash red as soon as you enter the balcony.  
Fifteen Boos have gathered to try to end your mansion-searching mission.  After the 
Boos taunt you, they will form into one giant Boo-Boolossus.  Try to suck in 
Boolossus and drag him to one of the unicorn's horn.  The horn will pop Boolossus 
and turn it into 15 flying Boos.  Pull an Ice Elemental Ghost from one of the 
sculptures and use icy mist to freze the Boos.  When the Boos fall to the ground you 
can pull them in with your vacuum.  After a while, Boolossus will form again.  Pop 
it and collect more Boos.  Repeat the process until all the Boos are gone.


Capture the King - King Boo's big surprise is that he has Bowser (Koopa) on his 
side.  The key to beating the beast is to keep your distance.  He'll try to blast 
you with fire, eat you with suction, and burn your butt off with exploding balls.  
Capture one off the balls and toss it to him when he's breathing fire.  When the 
ball explodes in Bowser's mouth, his head will pop off and King Boo will fly out.  
Suck in King Boo with suction and try to avoid the flying Bowser head's ice 
attacks.  The king will fly back in to Bowser and try again.  Go on!  You're almost 
there!  When the king returns to Bowser's body with 200HP or less, Bowser will put 
his head on backward and wander around the arena stupidly for a while.  Get out of 
the way and wait for Bowser's next attacks.

7. Mario's items and where to look for them

Mario has left a few items lying around for you to find.  If you find any, you 
should take it to the Fortune-Teller's room and talk to Madame Clairvoya there.

Mario's Cap
Laundry Room
It's been cleaned lately

Mario's Glove
Projection Room
It's all sweaty (uuuurgh)

Mario's Letter
I wonder what it says

Mario's Shoe
The Twin's Room
It smells like Mario's feet (and boy, does Mario's feet smell!)

Mario's Star
My, what a glittering beauty

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