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The Wedding

So you have got her heart to red and given her the blue feather one week later you 
be wed stu and may will be your flower gril and ring barrer.then your wife will ask 
what she should call you now.After that she will ask you if she can keep working
(elli and marry won't ask they will tell you). 

being married

for the next 30 days your wife will walk aroned your table going to work at 9:00am-
6:00pm.afer the 30 days your wife will say that she isn't feeling well, take her to 
the hopstile and the docter will say that you are going to be parents.

waiting for the big day

for the next 60 days nothing really new will happen, but your wife will taik about 
the baby.when the day finaly comes the docter will be there to help your wife. then 
you get to name your new son.

new born baby 

for 60 days your son (we'll call him max)will be carried by your wife and lay in 
bed when she's at work.after 60 days max will fall out of bed, take him to the 
docter's and the docter will say it's just a burise.after that  max will be able to 

crawling baby

for the next little while Max will crawl aroned you can give him things, he likes 
cake and cookies. after about 30 days or so there will be a scene where your wife 
sayes "look (your name/nickname) max can walk" from then on max can walk.

Special days

Brithday: when it's someones brithday ( you, your wife, or your son) enter your 
house at 6:00 ant tell your wife whose's b-dat it is.
Annverary:on your annverary when you wake up tell your wife it's your annverary and 
get a gift.
Starry night: enter your house at 6-9 and have a little party 
fireworks: just talk to your wife 

The End 

after the walking scene max has compepeletly grown up he will not help you on the 
farm nor will he ever leave the house.

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