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note:If you become a vampire you will not be able to complete the 
main quest until you are cured so complete the main quest first.

Table of Contents:

1 Becoming A Vampire and Stats boosts
2 stats boosts
3 bad thing about becoming a vampire
4 Berne Clan Quests
5 The cure for vampirism

1 Becoming a Vampire 
To become a vampire is simple, get bitten while fighting a vampire, but
their are three types of vampires you can become, Berne, Aundae, and Quarra.
You become more powerful when you become a vampire for a certain Clan.

Stats Boosts: Each Vampire Clan has different stats boosts

Berne: 20 point boost in in agility and 20 point boost in sneak, unarmored, and  
hand to hand skill.

Bad part of being a vampire: You can not go out in the DAY TIME OR YOU WILL 
DIE!!!!!!!!!!. No one except the mages guild and House Telvanni will talk to
talk to you. You will not be able to complete the main quest while a vampire.
You can not use boat or silt strider services. You can not buy items  from
normal merchants, you have to buy them from your clan. All dunner will hate you 
and you can not talk to any type of guards except Telvanni.

Berne Clan quests: the berne clan is located in Galom Daeos, wich is a dwemer ruin 
located a little bit north west of the Erabenimsium camp. When You arrive there 
get bitten by the first vampire you see and then run out, wait three days and you 
will become a vampire. Now go back to Galom Daeos, Dont think the will like
you, they all hate you, they treat you as a accidental vampire and you will not be 
able to use their services. Talk to Raxle Berne and he will give you your First 

1st quest
He wants you to go to the quarra vampire clan head quarters and get the blood 
of the quarra masters potion from Volrina Quarra. The Quarra clan head quarters
is located in Druscashti. Druscashti is located south west of the Urshilaku camp.
When you arrive in Druscashti kill every vampire you see, their is a vampire with 
a full ebony armor on so thats a nice little prize, Volrina Quarra is dressed fully
in glass armor and she has a very powerful health draining spell like the one you 
have called Vampire touch, kill volrina quarra and take the key from her inventory.
You see those steel kegs in the corner a key is needed to open one of them, inside 
the one with the locklevel there is the Blood Of The Quarra Masters, take and 
Return to Galom Daeous, Talk to Raxle Berne he will now let you use the services of
the berne clan vampires.

2nd quest
Raxle berne wants you to kill his ex lieutenante merta who is now located in a tomb
west of Mar gan or southeast of khull or south west of maelkashishi shrine. she is 
in Reloth ancestrol tomb in the inner most part of the tomb, kill her and report 
back to Raxle berne, he will gives you an amulet that instantly recalls you back 
to galom deaos in case you get in trouble.

3rd quest
Raxle Berne now wants you to kill worthless vampires from the Quarra and Aundae 
clans. if you have already killed all the vampires in Drucashti great, if you 
havent go back to Drucashti and kill them all then go to ashmelech the vampire 
headquarters for the Aundea clan. Asmelech is vary hard to find, it is located on 
the island southeast of the sanctus shrine the island is vary small so it will be 
easy to find, go in there and kill every vampire you see then you will be done 
report back Raxle berne and he will allow you to feed off his Cattle and now you 
are done with the Berne Clan Quests, you cant join the other clans they dispise you.

3 the cure for vampirism:
Travel to Bal Ur wich is located north of suran and speak to the statue of  Molog 
Bal, he will give you a quest to kill his daughter molog grunda and the atronach 
that she is with. His daughter is located in  the cave Dubdilla wich is south of 
vos, go in there kill his daughter and the atronach and report back to molog bal,
the curse will immediatly be lifted and you will not be able to become a vampire 

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