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Best Places:

Nerds: Nerds aren't a threat so no matter where you go you can fight them and 
as longs as you are a good fighter, have done the hobo challenges, or beaten 
the challenge where you strenthen your punches against the preps. Nerds aren't 
hard to fight whether they are alone or in a gang. Fight in the boys dorm.
(Recommended in the morning because not many people come out at night unless 
you want a huge 1 on many rumble by pulling the fire alarm.)

Bullies: Bullies are just like nerds, although they gang up on you quicker and 
more often then nerds do, they are practicly the same with a little more 
strenth and the gigantic Russel. Fight them in the boys dorm because there is 
only one bully out there at a time usually so go kill them. (Recommended in the 
morning because not many people come out at night unless you want a huge 1 on 
many rumble by pulling the fire alarm.)

Preps: Preps are pains cause they usually hang out in pairs or have other 
people fighting with them. There are few places where you can single out preps. 
The only places I reccomend fighting preps are randomly around the school 
building or pulling a fire alarm and picking them out of the people running by. 
WARNING!!! Jocks and Preps do work together so when you jump a Prep, a Jock 
might come to his aid.

Jocks: Jocks also usually travel in pacts. You many not see it but sometimes 
when it's night or when it's day but you only see one jock walking alone, you 
can start the fight and a random jock will takle you from behind. There almost 
like preps except when looking for a fight i do not suggest running up to them 
randomly anywhere and picking a fight with them. It's impossible to find a 
single jock ever! Even during a fire alarm being pulled you will attack one and 
they will all gang up on you. In the boy's dorm though, wait till the very end 
of the bell being rung and a red head jock will run out, jump him then and you 
wont have to worry about the rest of the dumb jocks. WARNING!!! Jocks and Preps 
do work together so when you jump a Jock, a Prep might come to his aid.

Greasers: Greasers are hard to find and single out. You should try looking 
around the school grounds and behind the school. Try pulling the fire alarm in 
your dorm or at the school to single them out. They do not constantly travel in 
packs so it is a pretty good chance to find one alone in the halls or during a 
fire alarm. WARNING!!! If you are in a fight and a bunch of Greasers start to 
jump you, find a Prep because they are Greasers sworn enemys so you can be safe 
in that way. Also, since Jocks are so much look Preps they could also help in a 
fight sometimes.

Worst Places:

Nerds: There are no bad places to fight Nerds. Just aviod fighting anyone in 
town because the police will probly get you. Fight before you get to any of the 
bridges or steal the nerds bikes before the bridge.

Bullies: Same as Nerds.

Preps: Do not go into their dorm area because they will jump you and knock you 
out! Also, BullWorth town is a bad place because although you can find many 
single preps, you will ethier get ganged up on or a police man will get you.

Jocks: The most important thing to do is avoid them after Gym class and in 
there hangout by the Gym. They will totally destroy you!

Greasers: They are all over The Auto Shop Area so aviod them there and they are 
in New Covency all over. They are crawling all over and will jump you in many 
numbers since that is their ghetto. Aviod them in these areas at all times 
possible or at least aviod fighting Greasers there.

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