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Sora's Ultima Weapon 
Sora's Ultima Weapon is obtained through item synthesis. Once you have obtained 
seven Orichalcum+s and the other ingredients, you will be able to synthesize it if 
you have an Energy Crystal. Note: You must be at least a level 2 Moogle to use 
energy items (for example, shards, stones, gems, and crystals). The items required 
are as follows:

Ultimate Recipe

Go to the mansion in Twilight Town. This is towards the end of the game when you go 
with Sora. Once the machine is up and running to go to Roxas's Twilight Town, do not 
enter it. Instead, go through the other room where you went to fight Axel with Roxas 
at the start of the game. Then, go into the next room with the hallway with the pods 
where Goofy and Donald were found. There are a few chests in there; the Ultimate 
Recipe is the in the chest next to Donald and Goofy's pod.

Seven Orichalcum+

1. Clear Atlantica.

2. Clear 100 Acre Wood.

3. Find the chest in The World That Never Was at the Brink Of Despair just before 
you go into the castle. There will be a big chest next to the save point. This is 
not the Orichalcum+. Turn around at this location and follow the short path across 
from the save point with the Orichalcum+ chest.

4. Clear Goddess Of Fate Cup in the Underworld Coliseum.

5. Chest in Twilight Town, in Sunset Terrace where you went earlier in the game for 
the Seven Wonders. Jump on top of the train and you will see a chest on the roof of 
the big building (the one closest to to the sunset station).

6. Chest in Space Paranoids during the second visit there, just before you fight 
Commander Sark and the MCP.

7. Collect all Material in the game and give it to the Synthesis Moogle. He will 
give you an Orichalcum+. You need every single Material (shards, stones, gems, and 
crystals, including a regular Orichalcum).

Other ingredients

Energy Crystal: Required to halve the amount of Orichalcum+s you need. Dropped by 
Bookmasters in Radiant Gardens (Hollow Bastion) near Merlin's house. These are the 
characters that float with green hats and books.

Twilight and Dense Crystals: Nobodies on Naught's Skyway. Go to naught's skyway just 
after the Hall Of Empty Melodies. Fight the Nobodies there and they will drop 
Twilight and Dense items.

Serenity Crystals: You can get these from the Moogles for giving them complete sets 
of Materials.

Mythril Crystals: Found in random item chests.

Gummi Ship bonuses 

Berserk mode: Reach Metal Level 30. 
Gummi Ship Level 2: Successfully complete Level 1 with "S", "A", or "B" ranks. 
Gummi Ship Level 3: Successfully complete Level 1 and 2 with "S", "A", or "B" ranks. 
Special Models: Get an "S" rank in the Gummi Ship missions. 

Synthesis Moogle bonus items 
Give the following items to the Synthesis Moogle to get the corresponding bonus item:

AP Boost: Give all Mythril Materials 
AP Boost: Five 25 types of Material 
Defense Boost: Give all Bright Materials 
Elixer: Five one type of Material 
Free Development: Give 5 types of Material 
Free Development 2: Give 20 types of Material 
High Drive Recovery: Give 10 types of Material 
Megalizer: Give 15 types of Material 
Serenity Shard: Give a total amount of 50 or more Materials 
Serenity Shard 2: Give a total amount of 100 or more Materials 

Donald's enemy items 
Nobody Lance: Kill the flying Nobodies that carry spears until you get the Nobody 
Lance. This is best done in the Beast's Castle.

Shaman's Relic: Go to the Pride Lands, then go to Wildebeest Valley. Equip Lucky 
Lucky to all your party members, then kill the Shamans until you get the Shaman's 

Goofy's enemy items 
Akashic Record: Kill the book-wielding Heartless in Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) 
until you get the Akashic Record.

Heartless Shield: Go to Port Royal and kill all the enemies until you get the 
Heartless Shield.

Nobody Guard: Find and kill the Gambling Nobodies until you get the Nobody Guard. 
Note: This may take some time.

Fenrir weapon 
To get the most powerful weapon in the game, you must defeat Sephiroth. He is very 
difficult because he has fifteen health bars and is very strong. To fight him, go to 
Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion at The Dark Depth area (beyond the area where you must 
defeat 1,000 Heartless). You can only fight with him after you defeat the MCP (Space 
Paranoids). Once you defeat him, you must talk to Cloud (you can see him at Market 
Place Of Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion). Then, talk with Sephiroth again. After 
that, you will get Fenril, which as a 7 Atk and 1 Mag.

Fatal Crest Keyblade 
Successfully complete The Goddess Of Fate Cup in the Underworld to unlock the Fatal 
Crest Keyblade.

Summon Mickey 
Successfully complete everything in the game, then go to Timeless River. Go into the 
newly created door on the left. Help Mickey fight some Heartless and after the fight 
he will give you the King's Charm. It costs four bar of Guard.

Revive character 
If you die against certain bosses you can revive yourself as Mickey with the 
command "I won't give up" (for example, against the Shadow Stalker and Dark Thorn 
Bosses in Beast's Castle and Xaldin when you return to Beast's Castle). Mickey is 
better than Sora and has stronger attacks. If you cannot defeat the Boss with Mickey 
you must revive Sora and his party.

Refill health 
When you have low health and no magic or potions, but a full Drive gauge, turn into 
any Form and you will have full health.

Refill magic 
In Cave Of The Dead: Entrance (Olympic Coliseum), clear out all the 
Heartless/Nobodies. Then, use Magnet and all the floating white balls will explode, 
emitting magic. This is a quick and easy way to restore all of your magic.

Refill Drive gauge 
If your Drive gauge is almost empty while in your transformed state, quickly go to a 
save point and go to Gummi Ship. Then, go to any world desired. When you are in the 
world selected your Drive gauge will be full.

To fully refill your Drive gauge, go to the Underworld and replay the first round of 
the Cerberus Cup (not Paradox). Then, quit the round. You do not have to do any 
fighting and your Drive should be at maximum when you return to the entrance.

Easy experience 
Go to the Pride Lands level and equip the Experience Boost ability and Gullwings 
Keyblade. Take off all healing abilities from your allies and get in a critical 
condition. Go to the Peak of King's Den and use Magnega to kill off a group of the 
enemies there. You will gain 30,000 experience points for defeating them. Once you 
defeat all of them, go back in, exit out, then defeat them again. Repeat this as 
many times as desired.

Go to the Pride Lands level after completing it a second time. Go the area where you 
defeated Scar to find a lot of Rapid Thrusters. If you defeat all of them, you will 
get 12,656 experience points. You can repeat this battle by going to the Stone 
Hollow then going back to the Peak. There are 226 Rapid Thrusters.

When you summon, your Drive gauge becomes the Summon gauge. Go to the Underworld 
entrance and make sure you have a full Drive gauge, then summon anything, such as 
Chicken Little. Since you get 1 experience point for every 1 point of Summon gauge 
used, you can get experience by just letting your game remain idle. As long as your 
summon is out, you will gain experience until the Summon gauge runs out. When you 
start out, you only need 6 points to get to Summon Level 2. Summon, then just remain 
idle at the Underworld entrance until the gauge runs out, then repeat the process. 
Once your Drive gauge runs out, enter a tournament and quit it. You will exit with a 
full Drive gauge, then repeat the process. At 6 Drive Gauge points you can get from 
Level 1 summon to Level 7 (the maximum) in about one hour.

This trick requires the Gullwing Keyblade and the Experience Boost ability. After 
completing Pride Rock, equip the Gullwing Keyblade. When your life is critical you 
will get more experience with it. Equip the Experience Boost ability and make sure 
Donald's and Simba's healing abilities are off. Go through the King's Den and go up 
to the peak. You will see a number of little yellow flying Heartless. Do not attack 
them yet. Allow them attack you until your life gets to a critical level. After 
that, start killing them. Once they are all dead, go back to the King's Den, heal, 
then repeat as much as desired.

When the Heartless attack The Destiny Islands, stay there and kill them. They only 
give 1 experience point, but they are easy to defeat.

Easy gold 
Go to the Mansion in Twilight Town and have your characters set on Sora Attack, then 
go into the large open room. Make the Gamblers appear, but do not kill them. 
Instead, keep playing their card game action command. Have both of them out at the 
same time and your characters equipped with the abilities to make more gold fall and 
more items drop to get up to 500 gold per game, and even the Nobody Defense shield 
for Goofy. Since this does not kill the Gambler, it can be done repeatedly. Wait for 
the Xs and Os to slow down to get an easy win.

Easy Twilight, Dense, and Serenity materials 
An easy way to get Serenity, Dense, and Twilight materials (which help you get the 
Ultima Weapon, Save The Queen, and Save The King) is to go to The World That Never 
Was and enter the organization's castle. Equip your party with Lucky, Lucky and Sora 
The Gullwing to increase the drop rate of items. Fight any Nobodies there and they 
will drop either a Serenity, Dense, or Twilight material.

Final Form 
Enter the Cerberus Cup, which starts you off with a full Drive gauge. Since the 
Final Form appears randomly when you use a Form, this is the best place to get it. 
Just start the tournament and use the Master Form. If you do not turn into the Final 
Form, just press Start and select "Retry". You will restart the tournament with a 
full Drive gauge. Then, just use the Form again, retry, and keep repeating until you 
get the Final Form. The Final Form appears randomly, so be patient. You can also get 
the Final Form without fighting Nobodies. -From: zer0sfx

After the intermission sequence where Sora faces off against a member of 
Organization XIII in The World That Never Was, you can unlock the Final Form. Like 
the Anti-Form, this drive appears randomly during a battle. However, after you have 
used it once you can use it whenever desired. A good way to do this is to go to 
Olympus Coliseum and enter the Cerberus Cup. By doing this you can use your Drive 
gauge to transform, and if you do not get it immediately you can press Start and 
select "Retry". Repeat this until you get the Final Form. Additionally, use the 
following trick to unlock the Final Form or Anti-Form. Instead of completing the 
game, fill your Drive up and go back downstairs. Drive into Master Form and let the 
Nobody with the red blocks hit you until you are about to lose the Form. Retreat 
back up the stairs to use the Form cheat, then go back down and repeat the process 
until you land a Final Form drive. At that point, return to the stairs and save the 
game. Note: Low health or Drive abuse does not increase your chance of an Anti-Form 

To unlock the Final Form, when you are fighting the Nobody in Organization XIII use 
the Master Form transformation. If Sora transforms into a silver and black suit with 
both Keyblades floating behind him, immediately revert back to his original state. 
When this is done, check your Drive Forms and Final Form will be available.

Go to The World That Never Was at the save point just before the door to Kingdom 
Hearts. It seems that getting hit by a Nobody increases your chances even more than 
hitting them. The number of hits raises the chances dramatically when in a combo. 
Like the Combo Boost lands a critical at the final hit of a combo based on the 
number of hits in a combo, the chances raise even more while the combo the 
Nobody/Heartless does is both long and completed. The red block Nobody has a huge 
combo and always lands the final blow. You have a very good chance of unlocking the 
Final Form using those Nobodies. One of those Nobodies is near the last save point, 
which is a separation map (zoning to that map utilizes the Drive cheat). It is the 
best place to level the Final Form, because finding Nobodies in abundance is 
difficult at the end of the game. Especially since the Final Form uses up the Drive 
gauge very quickly.

Leveling up Final Form 
Leveling up the Final Form is based on the number of Nobodies destroyed. This is 
easy to do at Yen-Sid's tower in Twilight Town, accessed by the blue train at the 
station. Remember to do this near a save point. Whenever you are in a Drive mode you 
can exit to the world map and land in the same location. This will restore the Drive 
gauge to maximum.

To level up the Final Form, go to Twilight Town and enter through the Tower area 
where Master Yen Sid presides. Go outside and defeat as many Nobodies as possible. 
Then, return to the save point, exit the world, and repeat.

To level up the Final Form, go to The World That Never Was and land at the Proof Of 
Existence room. Then, go up the stairs directly ahead of the save point to get to 
Naught's Approach. When the Nobodies appear, change into the Final Form and start 
attacking. If your Drive Gauge goes to one, go back into the Proof Of Existence room 
then go to the world map from the save point.

To level up the Final Form, go to Twilight View in The World That Never Was. Go into 
the room with the snipers (walk up the stairs) and change into the Final Form. Kill 
the snipers and go into the next room forward. Kill as many enemies as possible. 
When the Drive gauge is about to run out, go back to Twilight View and exit the 
world. Then, enter the world again. This will level up the Final Form and normal 
Form very fast. The normal Form gets all the actual experience and the Final Form 
gets all the experience for killing Nobodies.

To easily level up the Final Form, go to The World That Never Was. Go to either 
Proof Of Existence or Twilight's View. Go to Naughts Skyway and go to the section 
where there are many Creepers. Wait until there are quite a few of them. Then, use 
the Final Form and just keep attacking. You should be able to destroy 15 to 45 

Leveling up Master Form 
Leveling up the Master Form is based on collecting Drive Orbs. The best place to do 
this is in The Land Of Dragons.

To level up the Master Form, go to the Land Of The Dragons throne room, then go out 
the door and switch to your Master Form. Kill all the Heartless there and the Drive 
Orbs should give you about 75 experience points for Master Form. To kill the enemies 
in the hallway faster, use your Thunder magic. When all the enemies are dead, run 
back to the save point before your Drive gauge reaches zero. Then, go to the world 
map and repeat the process.

To level up the Master Form, go to the Land Of The Dragons throne room, then kill 
the horsemen using Oathkeeper and follow the Wind Keyblades. Attack by four attacks, 
Fire magic, and four attacks again. This will kill them in about two seconds each. 
You will get 90 experience points for each run, and Follow The Wind ensures that you 
collect every Drive Ball.

To level up the Master Form, go to Aladdin's world and enter through the Peddler's 
Shop. Go outside and defeat as many Heartless as possible. Then, return to the 
Peddler's Shop, exit the world, and repeat.

To level up the Master Form, go to Beast's Castle and enter the parlor. Then, go to 
the front doors and kill the Morningstars and the Statues outside. Run back inside 
and go up the steps. Kill the Crimson Jazz and Morningstars. If at anytime you are 
on your last Drive bar, go to the save point and save. Eventually you will be able 
to go all the way to Beast's room, gaining anywhere from 25 to 150 experience points 
each time.

Leveling up Valor and Wisdom Form 
Leveling up the Valor Form is based on the number of hits you land on enemies. Try 
fighting in the Borough at the Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion world, the second time 

Leveling up the Wisdom Form is based on the number of Heartless destroyed while in 
that Form. Try fighting at Fragment Crossing in The World That Never Was.

To level up the Valor and Wisdom Form, go to The World That Never Was. At the first 
save point, kill the never ending Heartless. Because you have six gauges, Drive, run 
out, Drive, and return to the world map. Unequip all specials by Goofy to ensure 
that you get the kills. Also, equip his default weapon.

To level up the Valor and Wisdom Form, go to the Timeless River and enter Mickey's 
house. Defeat all the Heartless and continue on to the Scene Of Fire. Defeat all the 
Heartless and continue to the Lilliput area. Defeat all the Heartless, then exit the 
Timeless River and repeat. You may need to exit Timeless River earlier, depending on 
your Form level.

To easily level up the Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form, first complete Space 
Paranoids. Then, go to any one of the four starting points for that level. Next, go 
to a group of enemies (preferably with Devastators for Valor and Master, or weak 
enemies like Strafers for Wisdom) and change to your Form. Kill all the enemies in 
the level. Then before you switch out of Drive mode, go to a computer terminal and 
leave Space Paranoids. When you return to Ansem's study, you will have full Drive 
health and magic. If you do not make it and your Drive runs out, go to Olympus 
Coliseum, enter any tournament, and quit. You will have full Drive. Then, just go 
back to Ansem's study and repeat until you have the desired Drive level.

Leveling up all Forms 
The World That Never Was is a good location for leveling up Forms. For your normal 
levels, just fight all the Nobodies. For your Valor levels, go to Naughts Skyway and 
go to the area where a group of Nobodies come out. They also give you about 400 
experience points. For your Wisdom Form, just start right in the beginning of the 
level where all the Shadows are found. For Master Form, go to Beast's castle and 
search it for Crimson Jazzes and Morning Stars. They mostly drop the big Drive 
balls, and you will get 3 experience points. For the Final Form, go back to Naughts 
Skyway and kill all the Nobodies that keep reappearing.

Drive mode training 
Go to Timeless River and make sure your Drive is full. Pick any of the four doors in 
front of you and enter it. Kill all the Heartless in the area with any 
transformation, then return to Disney Castle before your Drive gauge is emptied. 
Once you return to Disney Castle, your Drive gauge will be full again. Keep doing 
this until your Drive level is at maximum.

Get on the Black Pearl and sail anywhere desired. Change into your Form when you get 
there, then fight the Heartless or Nobodies until your Drive gauge is low. Then, get 
back on the Black Pearl to get your Drive gauge filled again. When your Drive gauge 
is low, remain in your Form and get on the boat.

Anti Sora/Anti Form transformation 
When your Drive gauge is at 4, check your transformation. If you only have one 
transformation that would be the Anti transformation. If your life is on the red and 
your gauge is full, press Triangle and you will be in your Anti transformation. You 
must to check if there is a reaction before pressing Triangle.

To go into Anti-Form you need enough Anti Points, which are obtained through 
changing into forms. Master, Valor, and Wisdom Form give you 1 Anti Point. 
Transforming into Anti Form makes you lose 4 Anti Points. Transforming into Final 
Form makes you lose 10 Anti Points.

Alternate ending sequence 
Successfully complete all worlds and Jiminy's Journal on the Standard difficulty 
setting to view an additional sequence after the ending credits. When playing on the 
Proud difficulty setting, successfully complete all worlds to view the sequence. 
Successfully complete the game on the Proud difficulty setting and choose the sword 
both times to view statistics about how you played after the credits.

Alternate appearance 
Acquire the "Drive" ability, then during any "objective" based fights, complete the 
fight with a Drive activated and Sora will retain the transformation appearance for 
the story event that follows.

Remain in transformed state 
If you are in a transformed state, ride a skateboard to stay in your transformed 
state, even if your Drive gauge goes to zero. However, if the gauge is already at 
zero and you get off the skateboard, you will return to your regular Form. This is 
also possible when you are in The Land Of Dragons and you use the reaction 
command "Ride The Wind". You will stay in your transformed state even if your Drive 
gauge reaches zero. However, when you get off you will switch back to normal.

Hidden trailer 
Allow the game to remain idle for two to three minutes at the title screen. The 
screen will fade and a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2 will begin playing, showing the 
credits with an instrumental version of the theme song "Sanctuary" playing in the 

In-game reset 
While playing the game, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and press Start + Select.

Extra points in the Cerberus Paradox Cup 
Use the following trick to get 1,300 points in the Cerberus Paradox Cup. Equip 
Photon Debugger, Draw, and Thunder Boost. When the round begins, get as close to the 
center of most of the enemies and use the Magnega spell. Then, use Thundaga while 
they are all together. When you run out of magic, change to the Valor Form then 
change back and your magic will be full again.

Better vision in Hollow Bastion: Waterway 
When you finish the Heart door puzzle after the first fight with Riku and go down 
into the base level, you will eventually go through a door to an area 
called "Waterway". If you are having problems seeing in there, turn the contrast and 
brightness all the way up on your television.

Getting Queen Minnie to the throne easily 
When you enter the room, stay with the queen and use the "Faith" reaction before the 
enemies attack you to knock them back. When they are knocked back, go forward and 
call the queen (reaction command). Keep repeating the process (use "Faith" then call 
the queen) to either kill all the Heartless, or run to the throne and finish the 

Easy Learns in Beast's Castle 
When you are fighting the opponent the second time at Beast's Castle, there is a way 
to get four or more Learns. When he makes the lighting come at you, just start 
running. When you see a small gust of wind behind you, immediately jump. While in 
the air you will have the command for Learn. Immediately press Triangle then repeat.

Getting less than 15 seconds in Cargo Climb mini-game 
Do it up in the air instead of on the ground. If you attempt this on the ground, you 
will get no less than 16 seconds (even with negative combo and Fenrir equipped). If 
you do it up in the air with negative combo and Fenrir equipped, you can do it in 9 
seconds easily on the first try.

Getting less than six swings in Junk Sweep mini-game 
This mini-game is pretty easy to do, but do not use Magnet. All that really does is 
up your swings drastically without even doing any sweeping. The key to winning this 
is patience. Move all the junk boxes into a corner by pushing them (walk into them 
and they move slightly). Move them all into the corner then slam one into the heart 
of the junk pile. You can get four swings with this method with Fenrir and negative 
combo equipped.

Getting over 1000 points in Phil's training mini-game 
This is actually one of the easier tasks in the game, though it does seem very hard 
if you do not know what you are doing. The things that you should be aware of are as 

Draw is a must. The level you get Draw ability depends on what you picked up at 
the "Dive to the Heart" on Day 3. Sword is level 28, shield is level 47, and staff 
is level 25. The Draw Ring is always a big help, but you can only get it from 
Rabbit's house.

The jars do not have HP, and break on the final blow; get your combo as low as 
possible. There are some things that give a negative combo, but acquiring them is 
difficult. The level you get negative combo ability also depends on what you picked 
up on the "Dive to the Heart" on Day 3. Sword is level 44, shield is level 73, and 
staff is level 36. The other item that decreases combo is the Keyblade Fenrir, but 
you have to defeat Sephiroth to get it.

The way to get over 1,000 points is as follows. There are two types of jars and two 
types of orbs. There are small jars which will drop small orbs, and large jars that 
will drop large orbs. You want the large orbs, but there are not enough large pots 
to gain 1,000 points. When pots spawn, immediately look for the large pot. When you 
see it, move over to it, lock on, then locate the horde of small pot spawns. All you 
have to do now is knock the big pot into the horde of little pots. What this 
accomplishes is something a little different than what you would think. When the 
large pot collides with the small pots, all pots drop large orbs. You now have a 
nice horde of large orbs, and also have killed a group of the small pots. Repeat 
this method until the end of the mini-game and you will have well over 1,000 points.

Completing Battle Of A Thousand Heartless 
Equip Oathkeeper and the abilities Reaction Boost, Explosion, and EXP Up for some 
extra levels. First, use Rising Sun to get yourself into a corner. Then, keep on 
using air combos on the floating Heartless and ground combos and Rising Sun on the 
infantry. Whenever you can, snag a floater and use Sparkle Ray, then finish off the 
survivors. Oathkeeper will give you fast powerful combos; explosion can kill about 
eight Heartless every time you use it; and EXP Up will ensure that you get lots of 
levels if you have low health. After the fight you will see some intermission 
sequences, have a chance to go back to other worlds and finish them, and obtain the 
Gullwing keychain from Yuna, Rikku, and Paine.

Defeating Axel 
This battle is a bit difficult because Axel has long range attacks. Since he 
launches most of his attacks straight ahead, approach him from the side. When his 
body envelopes in flames, this signals that a strong attack is coming, so get some 
distance between you and him, and get ready to avoid it.

Defeating Dusk 
At the start of the battle, you will find that your weapon has no effect on Dusk. 
However, after a short while an intermission sequence will play and you will gain 
the Keyblade, which will allow you to damage him. It should only take 5 hits to 
defeat him.

Defeating Flailer 
At the start of the battle, a dark energy will surround Roxas. Then, the screen will 
fade to white, and Roxas will be trapped in the air. When Flailer approaches and is 
about to attack, use the Reaction Command to break free and attack him. Then, 
Flailer will rush up and grab you. Use the Reaction Command when it flashes to knock 
him off the platform. The Station will turn upside down and Roxas will slide off, 
using his Keyblade to hang on. Flailer will generate a sphere of dark energy and 
launch it at you. As it approaches, use the Reaction Command and Roxas will throw 
his Keyblade through the attack and knock Flailer down. Next, target his head and 
start attacking him before he stands back up. When he stands up, he will begin to do 
various attacks, which includes summoning smaller enemies. Use the Reaction Commands 
to reach his head, and try to avoid his attacks. Eventually, his attack pattern will 
reset and you will go through the Reaction Command sequence again. If you take a lot 
of damage, make sure to use your potions.

Defeating Seifer 
Seifer will walk forward and slash at you. Run up to him and begin attacking him 
before he starts attacking. He will also leap forward and do a spinning slash which 
is more difficult to avoid; try blocking his attacks with Reflect Guard by pressing 
Square. He will go down after about 13 hits.

Defeating Sephiroth 
Put on Berserk, MP Rage, MP Haste, and Trinity Limit. First attack him with Trinity 
then use Berserk immediately afterwards. When he teleports, quickly run away. Dodge 
him until he uses the big sword combo, then press Triangle as soon as it appears to 
block it and leave him open. Next, use Trinity on him, or if you do not have your MP 
back, keep attacking with Berserk. Make sure to hit him when he says "Sin Harvest". 
Note: The Ultima Weapon helps a lot.

It is recommended that you be at level 85 in order to get the Second Chance ability; 
however, it is possible to do it at level 65 when you get the Beserk Charge. The 
abilities you should equip are Guard, Finishing Leap, Retaliating Slash, Guard 
Break, all the Aerial abilities, Once More, Defender, Finishing Plus, and Berserk 
Charge. Item Boost, both Combo and Aerial Combo Boost are also recommended. Your 
armor and accessories do not make a difference in this battle. Make sure to fill all 
your item slots with Hi-Potions, as Elixirs will just be a waste. Set your shortcuts 
with Hi-Potion, Cure, Reflect, and any other command. Sephiroth has eight attacks, 
all of which are possible to dodge and counterattack. The first attack is his Dash 
attack. Simply block it with the Reaction command. His Sword Combo can be blocked by 
using Guard or by running away and counterattacking when he finishes. His third 
attack is the Upward Slash. You can either Guard it or get hit and use the 
Retaliating Slash before he can begin a combo. His Dark Orb attack can be dodged by 
either attacking them or by using Reflect. The Flame attack can only be dodged by 
running away. If you get to close you will be sucked in and thrown to the other 
side. His trademark attack, Sin Harvest, causes a lot of damage. You can either hit 
him before he gets too high or ready a well timed Cure of Hi-Potion. After he uses 
Sin Harvest he always goes directly into a Dash attack. The seventh attack is his 
second trademark attack, Meteor. The only way to dodge it is to jump left and right. 
If you get hit, use the Aerial Recovery and continue dodging. His last attack is an 
upgraded version of his Sword combo. It can be blocked the same way but you cannot 
run away from it. Note: If you get down to his last bar, make sure you have MP, as 
you can only win with a finishing combo.

It is recommended that you be at level 65 or higher. For a weapon, equip Ultima 
Weapon. For abilities, equip Guard, Retaliating Slash, Slide Dash, Explosion, Aerial 
Sweep, Aerial Spiral, Aerial Finish, Counter Guard, High Jump, Aerial Dodge, Berserk 
Charge, Leaf Bracer, 2 MP Rages, Second Chance, Once More, and optionally Trinity 
Limit and Scan. For items, equip lots of Elixirs and Hi-Potions. Sephiroth will 
start with a move that slashes through you. You must use the action command to dodge 
it. If you did this, he will be left open for a free combo or two. When he teleports 
and knocks you into the air, use Retaliating Slash for a few hits on him. When he 
charges at you swinging his sword, use Guard until he is done, then attack him. 
Note: Make sure to block this because it takes away about three quarters of your HP. 
When you have taken a few HP bars off him, he will send blue spheres around you. 
Destroy them quickly because Sephiroth will charge you and the spheres will hit you. 
This is where High Jump and Aerial Dodge are useful. He will eventually float up in 
the air and say "Heartless Angel". Double jump and attack him quickly. This move 
takes out all your MP and all except 1 HP (if you put on Second Chance/Once More). 
Make sure to block it. Also, be careful about the fire pillars. When you have taken 
him down to three or four HP bars he will shoot down lots of meteors at you. Make 
your way towards him and attack. You will eventually kill him. Make sure to use 
Curaga and items sparingly and only when really needed.

Use the following trick to defeat Sephiroth at level 50. Equip all Elixir, Kingdom 
Key, Berserk Charge, and Compo Minus. When he attacks, stand still then counter him 
with fire. Do not use Limit and save MP for magic. When he throws the dark ball 
things at you, guard with Reflect. When he use Sin Harvest, use Thunder to stop him. 
Keep hitting with the Keyblade and fire. When his hand starts glowing, keep jumping 
to avoid his attack and use Magnega. Then, use Fire and repeat until he is defeated.

Get to level 65 after choosing the sword at the start. Earn the Berserk Charge 
ability. Every time you run out of magic, you can keep performing combos with no 
finishing move.

Get to level 85 after choosing any weapon at the start. You will have the Second 
Chance ability, Once More, and Berserk Charge.

Defeating the dragon in the final Boss battle 
When you must fight the huge dragon during the final Boss battle using the 
Organization XIII hovership, there is an easier way than just using the charge 
and "Mega Laser" reaction command. First, use the Charge command to use "Mega Laser" 
once. When the floating bomb-like Heartless appear, attack them to make them 
explode. By doing this, it does some damage to the part of the dragon you are 
facing. Keep repeating the process to defeat the dragon faster.

Defeating the Grim Reaper 
When facing the Grim Reaper the second time, have Donald and Jack in your party. 
Have Donald and yourself cast Blizzard and Thunder then pick up the medallions. Use 
the reaction command Hinder and the combo move Loot Launch when the Grim Reaper 
starts taking medallions from the chest. When all of the medallions are in the 
chest, switch Donald for Goofy then transform into Valor and keep attacking. When 
you transform back to Sora, switch Goofy for Donald then repeat the strategy. If you 
accidentally transform into Anti-Sora (black Sora with yellow eyes), lock on and 
keep attacking.

Defeating the last Xemnas 
This strategy requires that you are at level 50 or higher. At the beginning of the 
battle, Xemnas will throw you into the air and say "We shall go together". When he 
does this, continue to use "Reversal" by pressing Triangle until you cannot do it 
anymore. Make sure you dodge all of his attacks, especially the ones with his double 
swords. These attacks can instantly kill you if you are not at full health. When he 
says "Mine", he will throw energy at you. Quickly use "Reversal" to get closer to 
him so that you can attack him. When half of his health is gone, he will begin to 
shoot lasers at you. Try to dodge these, but it may be difficult. After he is 
finished with that attack, Riku will have to save Sora, but Xemnas will try to stop 
you by throwing orbs or hurting you with his shield. When he attempts to use his 
shield, have Riku use Dark Aura until he has backed up far away then continue 
towards Sora. Continue to do this until you have a command at the top 
labeled "Rescue" by pressing Triangle. After doing that, Xemnas will throw you into 
the air again. Do the same as in the beginning. Continue to dodge attacks and 
use "Reversal" to get closer to him. Make sure that when he is at his last bar of 
health, that both Sora and Riku have a lot of health. Xemnas will completely change 
the battlefield and shoot lots of lasers at you. First have Riku reflect them by 
pressing Triangle, then when your health is low, deflect them by pressing X. You 
should survive until the end of the frenzy. Then, simply attack Xemnas to finish the 

Jack Sparrow not a skeleton mistake 
On your second time through The Pirates Of The Caribbean world, just after you 
collect the fourth medallion there is an intermission sequence. Will tells Jack that 
they need to help the people at Port Royal. Jack Sparrow walks up the stairs and he 
is not a skeleton, but he should be due to the taking of the gold. The moonlight is 
shining on him clearly, and yet he is not a skeleton.

Skateboard movement sound glitch 
This can be done at almost any time with Sora or Roxas. Get on a skateboard and do a 
heelflip, jump, jump and trick, etc. but do not move. You will hear the sound made 
when you are moving but you actually are not.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories reference 
While in the white room in the old mansion in Twilight Town, the options on your 
menu (lower left-hand corner) are marked with Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories 

The Bouncer references 
On two occasions, there are references to the Square game The Bouncer. The first is 
with Roxas. His hair is similar to that of Sion Barzahd in The Bouncer, and he also 
wears a similar necklace. The second is with Pence. His jersey clearly reads "Dog 
Street" on the right side of his clothing. This is Sion Barzahd's favorite brand as 

Successfully complete the 7 Wonders Of Twilight Town. On the wonder animate object 
moving, after completing the challenge check the map of the Wonders. It will 
read "It was just a dog in a bad" instead of "it was just a dog in a bag".

At Beast's castle, after you find the locked up servants there will be an 
intermission sequence. Lumier will say "If we could but light all the lanterns in 
this passage" instead of "if we could put light in all the lanterns in this passage".

Successfully complete the indicated task(s) to unlock the corresponding Cup:

Cerberus Cup: Clear Agrabah, Halloween, and Pride Lands for the first time.

Cerberus Paradox Cup: All Form levels must be at Level 5, except for the Final Form, 
and Paradox Cup: Pain And Panic must be unlocked.

Goddess Of Fate Cup: Clear previous cups and win the first fight with Xemnas.

Hades Paradox Cup: Clear all the previous cups, clear Space Paranoids for the second 
time, and have all four Drive Forms and summons maximized at Level 7. This Cup is a 
level 99 Underworld Coliseum tournament with 50 rounds.

Pain And Panic Cup: Clear the Disney Castle for the first time.

Pain And Panic Paradox Cup: Clear all the previous cups.

Titan Cup: Clear Olympus Coliseum for the second time.

Titan Paradox Cup: Summon level must be at Level 5 and Paradox Cup: Pain And Panic 
must be unlocked.

Note: The Paradox Cups can be played by talking to Hades in Hades' Chamber.


Chicken Little: In 100 Acre Wood, after the world's second intermission sequence. 
Genie: Defeat Volcano Lord and Blizzard Lord. 
Peter Pan: In the ship graveyard during the second visit to Port Royal. 
Stitch: In the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion, after getting the 
Master Form. 

Torn Page locations 
Torn Pages are required to play and complete 100 Acre Wood. The location of the Torn 
Pages are as follows:

Torn Page 1: In the Disney Castle's library 
Torn Page 2: In the Pride Lands at the Oasis 
Torn Page 3: In Hallow Bastion at the Crystal Fissure 
Torn Page 4: At the Land Of The Dragons in the Throne Room 
Torn Page 5: In Agrabah at the Tower 

Successfully complete the indicated task to get the corresponding Keychain for your 

Bond Of Flames: Defeat Axel at Twilight Town. 
Circle Of Life: Speak to Simba at the Pride Lands. 
Fenrir: Defeat Sephiroth at Hollow Bastion. 
Follow The Wind: Defeat Barbossa at Port Royal. 
Guardian Soul: Defeat Hades in the Underworld segment at Olympus Coliseum. 
Gullwing: Speak to Yuna after getting Guardian Soul. 
Heros Crest: Defeat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum. 
Hidden Dragon: Defeat Shan-Yu at The Land of Dragons. 
Holy Pumpkin: Defeat the Test Subject at Halloween Town. 
Monochrome: Defeat Pete at Timeless River. 
Oathkeeper: Successfully complete Sora's first visit to Twilight Town. 
Oblivion: Defeat Xigbar at The World that Never Was. 
Photon Debugger: Successfully complete Space Paranoids. 
Rumbling Rose: Speak to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle. 
Sleeping Lion: Go to Ansem's study at Hollow Bastion. 
Star Seeker: Obtain Valor Form at The Mysterious Tower. 
Sweet Memory: Successfully complete the Spooky Cave mini-game at 100 Acre Wood. 
Ultima Weapon: Get the Ultima Recipe in the Twilight Town mansion basement then make 
it at a Moogle Shop. 
Wisher's Lamp: Defeat Jafar at Agrabah. 
Wonders Of The Abyss: Successfully complete Chapter 4 in Atlantica. 

Note: Doing magic spells as well as the area may effect which item you get.


Dusk: Twilight Shard 
Creeper: Dense Shard 
Dragoon: Dense Shard 
Assassin: Twilight Gem 
Samarai: Dense Gem 
Sniper: Dense Stone 
Berserker: Dense Crystal 
Gambler: Twilight Shard 
Sorcerer: Twilight Crystal 

Shadow: Dark Shard 
Soldier: Dark Shard 
Large Body: Power Shard 
Emerald Blues: Lightning Stone 
Crimson Jazz: Blazing Crystal 
Air Pirate: Dark Crystal 
Minute Bomb: Blazing Shard and Bright Stone 
Hammer Frame: Blazing Shard and Power Stone 
Bulky Vendor: Bright Shard, Gem, Stone, Crystal 
Cannon Gun: Blazing Stone 
Rapid Thruster: Lightning Shard 
Morning Star: Power Crystal 
Fiery Globe: Blazing Gem 
Icy Cube: Frost Gem 
Fat Bandit: Blazing Gem 
Gargolyle Knight: Energy Shard 
Gargoyle Warrior: Dark Gem 
Aeroplane: Frost Stone 
Hot Rod: Frost Stone 
Night Walker-Dark Stone 
Bolt Tower: Lightning Shard and Energy Gem 
Living Bone: Frost Crystal 
Shaman: Power Gem 
Aerial Knocker: Power Gem 
Tornado Step: Blazing Stone 
Crescendo: Bright Crystal 
Armored Knight: Lightning Shard 
Neoshadow: Bright Crystal and Lucid Crystal 

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