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                          Harvest Moon: Awl

Chapters:1. Legal Junk
               3.Places and Who Lives There
               6.Girly Girls
               7.Your Son
               8.Faqs   (I need questions!)

                                          Legal Junk

                            Ok, look, I don’t want to spend all day on this so these 
are the rules with my Walkthrough/Faq.  This only belongs on 3 websites, 
Cheatplanet, Gamefaqs and Hmfarm, ok?  And if you want to e-mail to get permission 
to put it on your website you can e-mail me at [email protected]  Ok? That’s 

To make friends you have to talk to them, give them gifts, and give them discounts.
Romana- A old woman-flowers, milk

Sebastian-Romana’s butler also old-milk, eggs, butter, pound cake,cheese
Lumina- Romanas granddaughter- flowers, cake
Wally-A super athletics person, your son can work for him-eggs, milk, fruit
Chris-quite a catch, eh? Well shes already happily married to Wally, sorry! –
Hugh-Wally and Chris’s son- curry, old coins, fruit, milk
Nina- She dies at the end of the first year, so you don’t see her much…. –crops, milk
Galen- He is cheerful at first, but when Nina died….. (Nina was his wife)-fish, fruit
Dr.Hardy- He may seem creepy but he is actually very nice-flowers, herbs, fish
Muffy*-1 of your perspective wives (more in chapter 7) Shiny ores, flowers,crops, 
Griffin-runs the Blue Bar, marry Muffy and get a slight discount there-fish, old 
Kassey-he has the smile on his shirt and is Patrick’s twin-Flowers, ores
Patrick-He has the flower on his shirt and is Kassey’s older brother-flowers, ores
Cody-A quiet artist, your son can work for him-flowers, eggs
Daryl-a mad scientist trying to make a humongo sized battery plant-fish, fossils, 
Gustafa-a elf guy, your son can work for him-flowers curry
Van- a shop salesman, he comes the 8th and 3rd of each month and some in between-eggs
Tim-He owns the inner inn-eggs, milk, butter, fruit punch
Ruby-a great cook and the co-owner of the inner inn(Tims Wife)-flowers, 
Rock-the village party animal he lives at the inn with his parents, Tim and Ruby-
Takakura-your farm buddy (kinda lol)-cooked food
Nami*-you can marry her-Trick Blue,statues, fossils
Carter-and archeologist, and your son can work for him-cooked meals, eggs, ores, 
Flora-Carters assistant-eggs, ores, fossils
Vesta-a round lady that runs the farm across the river from yours-crops (duh!) seeds
Marlin-Vestas bro, and he gets jealous if you marry Celia-stamina potions, s ranked 
Celia-*-you can marry her, lives with Vesta and Marlin-flowers, crops, seeds
Nic, Nac, and Flak- Three kind sprites that can help you a lot-you cant give them 
Mukumuku- a white furry beast that only comes out in winter-fish, flowers, eggs, food
Murrey-a freako jungle boy- food(any) and money, give to him when hes by the Blue 


                                          Places and Who Lives There

Your farm-Where you live, duh!!!******You and Takakura
Vestas Farm-Across the river from yours******Vesta, Marlin, and Celia
The Inner Inn- Across the road from your farm******Tim, Ruby, Rock, and Nami
The Blue Bar-you can buy drinks there******Griffin and Muffy
One Story House- A few people are going to live there…******Chapter 1,Nina and Galen-
Chapter 2, Dr. Hardy
Two Story house-The athletics home!!!******Wally, Hugh, and Chris
The other Two Story House-The house gets built in chapter two******Kate, Grant, 
Romanas Mansion-a HUGE house with 3 people*****Lumina, Romana, Sebastian
Pyrotechnicle Twins House-you can play the roundhouse game-Kassey and Patrick
Cody’s Studio- He is sort of poor and lives in a trailor-Cody
Daryl’s Lab- a messy house full of experiments-Daryl
Gustafa’s Yurt- a small yurt that has many instruments-Gustafa
Excavation Site- you can mine here-Flora and Carter
The Spring- you can fish here-raccoon, Mukumuku, lizard, Nic Nac and Flak
Turtle Swamp-you can fish here-turtle
River- you can fish here- none 
Beach-you can fish here-crabs (but you cant do anything with them)
House by Vestas-Galen moves in here when Nina dies-Galen



This chapter is pretty simple, super short.  To make a shop you must have stuff to 
sell and you have to go press a by the spot where Van sells his items.  To make 
friends give them discounts.  You can also buy items from Van, a traveling salesman 
who stops by your town the 3rd and 8th of each month. (And a few days in between)  
He sells lots of useful stuff, and he buys everything!!!  A few other shops are Blue 
Bar and Vesta’s farm.


Ahhhhhh, animals.  You start out with a cow, a female, and stops giving milk in the 
2nd chapter.  To make it give milk again make it have a calf.  Then it will give 
milk for 1 year.  To have a calf you can get a boy and girl cow and in 30 days you 
will have a calf!!!!   Same with any other cows.  Now, to the animals!!!!!

Bull-used to mate with female cows, I don’t think they can give milk, also they can 
be sick-snuggle, talk, milk, brush

 Cow-you can get this to mate, or make it have a calf yourself, but gives milk for 
the first year then stops, then if you want milk, get a calf, it can be sick-
snuggle, talk, milk, brush

Dog-you start out with one but needs no care at all, but if you want it to like you, 
feed it, also it cannot get sick-pick up, feed

Cat-you get this in the second year by Romana after you become friends, and it eats 
from the dog bowl, also, it cannot be sick- pick up, feed

Horse- Takakura notices that you need a way to get around,so in the 1st summer you 
get it. It cannot be sick.- snuggle, talk

Sheep- brings in good cash by wool, but you only get wool every 10 days, and you 
must have the shears.  Im pretty sure they cant breed cus they don’t cost much-
snuggle, talk, milk, brush

Ducks-if you buy the pond for 2500g the summer after you bought it youll have ducks, 
and they lay fertilized eggs that can hatch into ducklings-pick up, snuggle

Goat- it gives milk for 2 months, then stops, than I just kill it, cause you cant 
sell it and it takes room in your barn, and theres no way to make it give more milk-
snuggle, talk, milk, brush

Chiuahuh- you get this by finding all the secret slabs in the mines, and must become 
friends with Flora, and you get in chapter 5-same as cat and dog only annoyinger

Lizard- ok, some people think this is true, some don’t, but ill let you try. Make 
friends with Mukumuku and you get it, but you can also see a lizard by the spring 
every once and a while so I don’t know. E-mail me at [email protected] if you 
get it,ok?- not known

Crabs-you find these on the beach but you cant do anything with them- *****

Lizard by Spring- just a big lizard-********

Raccoon- you cant do anything with it but it sometimes sits in trees-*****

Turtle- you find this by Turtle Swamp in Fall but you cant do anything with it, but 
it looks cool!!!!  Lol-********

                                             Girly Girls

Ok, theres 3 girls you can marry and here they are:

Ok, Heres Celia: She is a down-to-earth gal. She loves anything nature, Especially 
fresh produce.(milk, crops,etc.) Her diary is on her bed in the loft upstairs. (On 
Vestas Farm!) Gosh! Everybody askes me this, is Celia is NOT Vestas daughter!  She 
just brought her in....Ok,she HATES being turned down, so if you propose to her 
always say ok, even if its a accident.  Oh yeah, yours and Celias son has yours and 
Celias eyes and hair and is down-to-earth just like his mom.

Heres Muffy: I personally dont like her.She is perky and knows nothing about animals 
and crops. But every once and a while walk inside around 5:00 pm and shell have made 
you a normal salad.(what!! shes a good cook!)  Her diary is in the Blue Bar behind 
the flowers.If you choose to marry her, she askes if she can keep on working at the 
Blue Bar, say yes. Your son is nothing like you, just Muffy, I mean, Green eyes, 
yellow hair!!! Gosh!And she is NOT Griffins daughter.

Heres Nami:  Shes a quiet girl who travels.  She likes skulls and trick blue flowers.
She is NOT  Rock’s sister. Her diary is in her room on the desk.  Her son, ughhh, I 
don’t like him that much.  (no offense if you married her!)  She hardly ever home 
and doesn’t do anything to help around the farm.  But she is the smartest.

E-mail me at [email protected] if you have questions.

                                               Your Son

He has many words as a baby but Im not going to list them, but you can influence 
them to do dif. jobs

Scholar-Be friends with Daryl, Flora or Carter-car

Farmer-Be friends with Vesta or Marlin and marry Celia-?????

Rancher- be friends with romana-?????

Artist-be friends with Cody- scratchpad, blocks

Music- be friends with Lumina Romana Gustafa Griffin-????

Athlete- be friends with Wally and Hugh-ball

If any questions e-mail me at [email protected] 

                                               Coming Soon
                                         (I need questions!!!)

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