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SCEPTILE: Leaf Blade, Detect/Protect, Aerial Ace, Giga Drain.

BLAZIKEN: Fire Punch/Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Sky Uppercut, Flamethrower.

SWAMPERT: Surf, Earthquake, Mud Shot, Ice Beam.

MIGHTYENA: Crunch, Bite, Scary Face, Facade.

LINOONE: Headbutt, Belly Drum, Facade, Slash.

BEAUTIFLY: Silver Wind, Aerial Ace, Morning Sun, Stun Spore.

DUSTOX: Silver Wind, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Moonlight.

LUDICOLO: Hydro Pump, Giga Drain, Rain Dance, Water Pulse.

SHIFTRY: Extrasensory, Faint Attack, Sunny Day, Solar Beam.

SWELLOW: Aerial Ace, Endeavor, Steel Wing, Double Team.

PELIPPER: Aerial Ace, Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Protect.

GARDEVOIR: Psychic, Thunderbolt/Shock Wave, Hypnosis, Dream Eater.

MASQUERAIN: Silver Wind, Aerial Ace, Scary Face, Attract.

BRELOOM: Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut, Giga Drain, Headbutt.

SLAKING: Facade, Yawn, Focus Punch, Slack Off.

ALAKAZAM: Psychic, Future Sight, Shadow Ball, Recover.

NINJASK: Fury Cutter, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Slash.

Shedinja: Shadow Ball, Protect, Grudge, Facade.

EXPLOUD: Stomp, Uproar, Hyper Voice, Hyper Beam.

HARIYAMA: Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Belly Drum, Seismic Toss.

SEAKING: Surf, Horn Drill, Waterfall, Horn Attack.

GYARADOS: Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Bite, Hydro Pump.

AZUMARILL: Rain Dance, Bubblebeam, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam.

GOLEM: Rock Blast, Earthquake, Rock Throw, Explosion.

NOSEPASS: Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Rock Slide, Block.

DELCATTY: Faint Attack, Double-Edge, Charm, Attract.

CROBAT: Aerial Ace, Confuse Ray, Sludge Bomb, Haze.

TENTACRUEL: Surf, Hydro Pump, Barrier, Sludge Bomb.

SABLEYE: Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Night Shade, Confuse Ray.

MAWILE: Crunch, Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Poison Fang.

AGGRON: Double-Edge, Iron Tail, Metal Claw, Iron Defense.

MACHAMP: Cross Chop, Karate Chop, Revenge, Seismic Toss.

MEDICHAM: Psychic, Brick Break, Hi-Jump-Kick, Detect.

MANECTRIC: Thunderbolt, Rain Dance, Thunder, Charge.

PLUSLE: Thunder, Charge, Rain Dance, Fake Tears.

MINUN: Thunder, Rain Dance, Spark, Shock Wave.

MAGNETON: Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Tri Attack, Thunderbolt.

ELECTRODE: Spark, Thunderbolt, Charge, Mirror Coat.

VOLBEAT: Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Tail Glow, Double-Edge.

ILLUMISE: Silver Wind, Moonlight, Charm, Flatter.

VILEPLUME: Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Aromatherapy, Petal Dance.

BELLOSSOM: Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Magical Leaf.

DODRIO: Drill Peck, Tri Attack, Steel Wing, Return/Frustration.

ROSELIA: Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb, Magical Leaf, Grasswhistle.

SWALOT: Sludge Bomb, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up.

SHARPEDO: Crunch, Surf, Hydro Pump, Skull Bash.

WAILORD: Water Spout, Water Pulse, Rollout, Hydro Pump.

CAMERUPT: Earthquake, Eruption, Flamethrower, Amnesia.

MAGCARGO: Rock Slide, Flamethrower, Amnesia, Body Slam.

TORKOAL: Eruption, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Iron Defense.

MUK: Sludge Bomb, Acid Armor, Minimize, Toxic.

WEEZING: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Destiny Bond, Flamethrower.

GRUMPIG: Psychic, Extrasensory, Magic Coat, Confuse Ray.

SANDSLASH: Earthquake, Toxic, Slash, Brick Break.

SPINDA: Dizzy Punch, Thrash, Teeter Dance, Hypnosis.

SKARMORY: Steel Wing, Spikes, Aerial Ace, Metal Sound.

FLYGON: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower.

CACTURNE: Needle Arm, Cotton Spore, Pin Missile, Faint Attack.

ALTARIA: Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Earthquake.

ZANGOOSE: Crush Claw, Slash, Swords Dance, Detect.

SEVIPER: Poison Tail, Poison Fang, Sludge Bomb, Crunch.

LUNATONE: Psychic, Rock Throw, Future Sight, Hypnosis.

SOLROCK: Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Psychic, Flamethrower.

WHISCASH: Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Amnesia.

CRAWDAUNT: Crab Hammer, Swords Dance, Bubblebeam, Protect.

CLAYDOL: Earthquake, Psychic, Explosion, Cosmic Power.

CRADILY: Ancientpower, Barrier, Rock Slide, Giga Drain.

ARMALDO: Ancientpower, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Slash.

WIGGLYTUFF: Hyper Voice, Double-Edge, Sing, Mimic.

MILOTIC: Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Recover.

STARMIE: Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Camouflage, Recover.

KECLEON: Slash, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball.

BANETTE: Shadow Ball, Curse, Thunderbolt, Night Shade.

DUSCLOPS: Shadow Ball, Curse, Ice Beam, Nightshade.

TROPIUS: Magical Leaf, Aerial Ace, Sunny Day, Solar Beam.

CHIMECHO: Psychic, Uproar, Psywave, Shadow Ball.

ABSOL: Slash, Swords Dance, Bite, Future Sight.

NINETALES: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Heat Wave.

RAICHU: Thunderbolt, Charge, Slam, Agility.

GOLDUCK: Surf, Hypnosis, Psychic, Hydro Pump.

WOBBUFFET: Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, Destiny Bond. 

XATU: Psychic, Aerial Ace, Confuse Ray, Wish.

GIRAFARIG: Psychic, Crunch, Stomp, Agility.

DONPHAN: Earthquake, Rollout, Double-Edge, Horn Attack.

PINSIR: Revenge, Brick Break, Swords Dance, Seismic Toss.

HERACROSS: Brick Break, Megahorn, Reversal, Endure.

RHYDON: Earthquake, Megahorn, Horn Drill, Rock Blast.

GLALIE: Crunch, Ice Beam, Protect, Sheer Cold.

WALREIN: Ice Ball, Ice Beam, Surf, Body Slam.

HUNTAIL: Crunch, Hydro Pump, Scary Face, Rain Dance.

GOREBYSS: Psychic, Hydro Pump, Amnesia, Rain Dance.

RELICANTH: Ancientpower, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Double-Edge.

CORSOLA: Rock Blast, Ancientpower, Bubblebeam, Recover.

LANTURN: Surf, Thunderbolt, Rain Dance, Thunder.

LUVDISC: Waterfall, Agility, Attract, Flail.

KINGDRA: Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Breath.

SALAMENCE: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Flamethrower.

METAGROSS: Meteor Mash, Psychic, Hyper Beam, Sludge Bomb.

REGIROCK: Superpower, Ancientpower, Lock-On, Zap Cannon.

REGICE: Superpower, Ice Beam, Lock-On, Zap Cannon.

REGISTEEL: Superpower, Ancientpower, Lock-On, Zap Cannon.

LATIAS: Dragon Claw, Psychic, Mist Ball, Dragon Breath.

LATIOS: Dragon Claw, Psychic, Luster Purge, Dragon Breath.

KYOGRE: Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold, Double-Edge, Water Spout.

GROUDON: Solar Beam, Eruption, Earthquake, Slash.

RAYQUAZA: Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Flamethrower.

JIRACHI: Psychic, Doom Desire, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt.

DEOXYS(SPEED FORME): Psychic, Psycho Boost, Recover, Night Shade. 

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