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  $                                     =             
  $             #     #  %%%%%%  *****  ======
  $$$$$$$$$$$$  #     #  %    %  *   *  =    =
             $  #     #  %    %  *****  =  
             $  #     #  %%%%%%  *      =
  $$$$$$$$$$$$  #######  %       *****  =  

^       ^                 +   
^ ^   ^ ^          @          
^  ^ ^  ^  !!!!!   @@@@@  +  &&&&&
^   ^   ^  !   !   @   @  +  &   & 
^       ^  !   !   @      +  &   & 
^       ^  !!!!!!  @      +  &&&&&

Sup, I'm Hell fire and this is my third walkthrough, you can
go all around this website if you want and this (excluding 
any future one's) and this is the only one you'll see, that's
because I'm that dude chaos spear, long story short I had to
swich computers, ya I know your thinken who care's well fine
on with the walkthrough then.
-0.version history.
0.Shadow mario & goop's
1.Petty pirana I & II
2.Gooper blooper
4.Mecha bowzer
5.Manta storm
6.Cannon mole 
7.Elly mouth

-0. Okay I take back what I said in my first walkthrough
THIS IS USELESS but i'll do it anyway.

Version 1.0 4-20-04

0.Shadow mario & goop's
Well I kinda said this backwards well the goops are simple spray their 
mouth's when they open, just watch out the black one's you have to spray
6 times insted of 3 and the jellyfish thingers are annoying but just spray
them and pop (not poop).Shadow mario...well what can I say run and
spray, run and spray thats it, run after him and spray him untill
he drop's.

1.Petty pirana I & II
Round one-okay the first time you fight him circal around with him
and spray the goop. When he open's his mouth spray him until he 
inflate's like a ballon and falls over, now you have about 10 
seconds to buttbounce the lump one his stomach and do this three
times to "kill it". And if you run out of water.....TO BAD just
kiding spraying goop or poping jellyfish things will give you 
water bottles.
Round two-this time you'll find him up on a cliff. To wake him up
find the little pig things and switch to squart nosal and they are
magneticly attracted to you than squart one at petty pirana. Petty
pirana will start to fly around go down to the ground and find the 
two people by the other set of pig's and get one, oh ya dont switch
to the hover or any other nosel or your screwed, go away from the pigs and smack 
petty pirana when he stops to spray goop and its the same stratigy
as last time.

2.Gooper blooper
First of all jump on the tentical wiggling around and grab it and 
pull it back untill it snaps off. Now spray his face and when he pulls his tenticals 
back...jump,and then try to land on one, pull off all 4 tenticals
and then go up to his nose and pull it off do this agin and you win.
Note-you will see him 2 more time's but the sratigey is the same.

First thing run up to a person and stay next to them he will not run over them and 
then once he starts to get close spray the plant and BOOM!!!! up he goes and you 
quickly get up and buttbounce the part of him that the arrow is pointing you get 
about 10 seconds to do this. Repeat those steps three times (they seem to like the 
numbar 3). Oh ya if you think your safe in the water your pritty thick.

4.Mecha bowzer
This is losers and wimps the easaist boss in the game. You just ride around the 
track and shoot rockets at mecha bowzer until he blows up, 4 times to be exact. And 
the bullet bills can be sprayed with regular water. 

5.Manta storm
At first this thing looks like it shoud be called the whale storm.Always be on the 
hover nosel and dont use up any coins unless you are replenteshing
helth. Now first hover over him to the other side of him and drop to
the ground and than jump up and quickely get back to hovering over him until he 
splits in half. All's you need to do now is keep spliting him until there are only 
the smallest ones left, then they all start to come after you this may seem bad but 
it is actualy good hover over them until they are all gone.
You can hide under the snack bar's if you want.

6.Cannon mole
Now then just dodge all the bullet bills and when he starts throwing
bombs at you just spray them and throw them back.
This guy is more of a mini boss than a boss but who relly cares.

7.Elly mouth
Now drop to the bottem of the level and hover over the hole in the 
ground to make the ell come out to play. Find a place with alot of
coins and spray the ell's teath, but concentrait all fire on one
tooth obi wan. Clean the reast of his teeth and quickaly get the 
shine sprite.

Dont worry getting to bowzer is the hard part just run to all the
little fire marks and rocket into the air and buttbounce down to 
the ground and then get on the hot tub and then do this 4 more
times and you win congradulations you can throw a losers party.
Note-Spray baby bowzer to make him stop shooting you for a bit.

Hip hip horay you stink now be on look out for more of my
walkthrough's. And I am confirming that I have three


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