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               _   _     _     _    _  _____    _     ___    ___   _
              | |_| |   / \   |  \/  ||_   _|  / \   |   |  | _ | |_|
              |  _  |  / _ \  | |\/| |  | |   / _ \  |   |  ||_||  _
=\            |_| |_| /_/ \_\ |_|  |_|  |_|  /_/ \_\ | |\ \ |___| |_|
\=\            ______     
|=|_ _ _ _    /======\    
 ==/=/=/=/=/_/========|  || ||  /\  | \/ |    || ||  /\  | \/ | // 
  __==================|  ||=|| /__\ ||\/|| == ||=|| /__\ ||\/|| \\
 @@@\  ==============/   || ||//  \\||  ||    || ||//  \\||  || //
@@  @\   ==/@@@======|         
@@@@@|    /@  @@=====|         || || |\\|| || ==== ====
@@@@/     |@@@@@  ===|         ||_|| ||\\| ||  ||  |==
      \/  \@@@@     /           ---  || || ||  ||  ====
   /               /  
   \__/\__/       /  
      \/          \

Hello! No. 9 here. Just wanted to say that if you want to see the Hamtaro figure
(Above) so that he looks more like Hamtaro, look at him from about 20-25 feet away 
from the computer. :) Cool, huh?

Ham-Ham: Bijou

Description: Small, white, girl hamster with
bows in her her hair

Location: Acorn Shrine

Words Required: Digdig, Tack-Q, Oopsie

Go to Acorn Shrine and to the area with Bijou. She will try to hide 
from you and run away. Continue in the direction that she goes. When 
you get to the area with a large tree with leaves under it, Tack-Q 
into it. A hamster will fall down (not Bijou) and will say Oopsie. Now 
to the area with another big tree and a grass tunnel to the right of it. 
Bijou is behind the tree. Tack-Q the tree making spiders go down, scaring 
Bijou away from the tree. Go to her and say Oopsie. She'll forgive you 
and say she lost her rock. Use Digdig infront of the tunnel of grass. 
You'll find her rock! Give it to her and you'll be on your way to the
Clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Ham: Oxnard

Discription: Pudgy, grey and white hamster who
can't find his sunflower seed.

Location: Sunflower Park

Words Required: Digdig, ChukChuk

First of all, go to the area that's right to the slide and has a hamster
in a hole.  Use Digdig to get the hamster to say ChukChuk. Now, go two areas
left and one area up. Go to the Ham-ham, Oxnard, and say ChukChuk to learn 
the word Gasp-P and to get Oxnard back to the Clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Ham: Pashmina

Discription: A girl hamster who has
a pink skarf.

Location: Sunflower Park

Words Required: Scoochie, Gasp-P

Go to the area with the Jungle Gym. Go to the second beam and use
Scoochie to climb up to Pashmina. Her scarf will fly away. Go down the
Jungle Gym and go to the beam to your left. When you get to the crow,
use Gasp-p to make it drop the scarf. Go down the Jungle Gym and go up
the the beam to your right to give the scarf back to Pashmina. She'll
teach you the word Bestest and will go back to the Clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Ham: Maxwell

Description: Maxwell is a hamster who
likes books and stuff.

Location: Acorn Shrine

Words Required: Tack-Q, Nopibloo

From the start, go two areas to the right(not including the area
from when you start). Then go one area up. Then go to the wooden
wall and use Tack-Q to get the bug off and a rope will drop. Go
up it and talk to the hamster. Go walk on the roof and when you
fall he'll teach you Nopibloo. Now, go one area left, and one
more area up. Go to the circular crack in the wall and Tack-Q it
twice. After that, go to the sunspot and say Hamha. This will make
Maxwell fall which will make him sad. Say Nopibloo and make him
laugh. He'll say Bizzaroo and will go back to the Clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Ham: Penelope

Description: A small hamster with a 
yellow sheet over her.

Location: Ruins

Words Required: Tuggie, Hammo

When you start go one area right and one area down. Talk to Cappy
and say Yep-P. Go one screen right and go up the line on the lamp.
Jump left and go up to the next screen. Go right one area and then
go up the ladder. Use tuggy on the cork. Go back up the ladder and
say Hammo to the frog. Getting Penelope to say Bye-Q and to get 
her back to the Clubhouse.

To be continued....

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