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Game Name:Space Quest VI-Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Type of game:Point-and-click adventure
Creator:Sierra On-line
Game Copyright:Sierra On-line, 1996
Game content age rating:13 and up (My opinion)
  "T"-13 and up(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence, gross deaths for Roger,
  Mild language, difficulty level, Visual Innards
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough for the final part
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:10 and up
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence, description
 of some of Roger's deaths, Mention of Innards
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001
  Chapter 6:Biology class    
 Once you are in control, stand up and grab the spacesuit and
helmet.  Once you're outside, get the Alveoli and the blood
vessels off the wing of the ship.  Climb through the ulcer
and into Stellar's Stomach.  Climb down to the bottom and grab
the feather, staple, celery string, and candy.  Chuck the candy
into the pool of acid.  Use the string on the staple, and climb
back up the wall.  Use the grappling hook on the esophagus.
You'll fall, but climb up the string.   
  Climb past the twinkoid stuck in Stellar's throat, and
dislodge the pill with your hand.  Now tickle her throat with
your feather.  Climb down and exit to the west.  Go down
a screen and exit to the east.  Take the upper passage into
the gallbladder, and enter your inventory.  Use your duct-tape
on the blood vessels, and the blood vessels on the pump.  Use
the pump to collect bile in your helmet.  Head south.
  Grab part of the stone fragments, and head east.  Climb through
the passage until it becomes to tight, then use the alveoli on the
tight spot.  Ue your mouth to inflate them, and crawl on through.
Grab a dollop of pancreatic liquid, and return to the stomach.
Use your mixture on the pill, and grab one of the tiny ones.
  Exit to the west and head south until you reach a Tapeworm(eww).
Use the pills on its mouth, and use the hand icon to ride it down.
Grab the fingernail, silver filling, and paperclip.  Climb back
on the worm.  Head back to your ship.
  Use the silver filling on the flashing red light on your ship, then
enter it.  Sit down and put the CD in the "Subroutine Program" slot.
Press the "Initiation" button, and head to the brain.
  When you arrive, take the suit, put it on, and leave.  Use the 
fingernail fragment on the skin, and walk left.  When you almost
fall, quickly click the feet icon to help him get up.  Walk on
to the two big nanites.  Once you get to the right spot, chuck a
stone at one of the nanites.  Then throw a stone at the other.  Then
throw a stone at the first one again.  Now climb the elevator and press 
the button.  As you go down, read the signs.  Your goal is the "Cough
Control Center".  Once you reach there, ram the wall with your fancy
new paper clip.  Go down the rest of the way, and click the hand icon
on the pile of garbage.
  After Sharpei's monologue, use the paper clip on the nerves to the
east.  The robot has been extermeenated, but Sharpei's
brain is still alive.  Once you regain control, quickly give the fish
to Sharpei.  
                       T  H  E    E  N  D

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