Blocking Your Path - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Is there a ton of places you can't go? Well I'm guessing that means that there 
are rocks blocking your way every time. Read on to find out how to get 
everything out of your way.

When you get far enough in the game (which isn't so far) you'll see a huge 
yellow wall in Hyrule, when you get close to it it's pitch black. Minda will 
come out and ask you if you want to go into the twilight which the spirit of 
the woods told you that you would be turned into a wolf again for a long time. 
When Minda asks you if you want to go into the twilight say yes. Minda will go 
through the twilight to let you in and a gigantic hand pops out of the 
twilight and grabs you. Wehn your in the twilight you imidetly turn into a 

You'll find an orange trail when you're in sense and the system will ask you 
if you want to keep the children's sent say yes and follow it. You'll run into 
a bunch of twilight monsters that can be hard to defeat.  Kill the one that is 
away from the other two and then make the other two come close to you and 
press and hold the B button. If you don't do this the twilight monster that 
hasn't been defeated yet will resurect the other two monsters. You'll half to 
go to the top of the building the children are in to enter. You'll see a bunch 
of floating green tears. Use sense to see what they really are.  You'll see 
that it is the children and to older dudes. Go up to them and listen to what 
they say and do the clue you get from the people. Then another spirit will be 
in the water and speak to it. It'll give you a tear holder thing and he'll 
also mark with whight spots on your map the tears you half to collect.  3 of 
them will not be in the village and you'll half to look at your big map to 
find them. They will be in the Gorons place.

Once light is restored and the twilight is gone go right outside to Hyrule 
Field and the mailman will come and give you a letter. Then go back to the 
village and by the entrance to the Gorons you'll see a building. If you have 
120 ruppee's or more go into the building and you can by a bomb holder (comes 
automaticly you need it to carry bombs) and it'll be filled with 30 bombs. You 
can use the bombs to blow up rocks and other things in your path. Before you 
can just run off you are asked to go back home and the game will explain from 

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