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Devil May Cry Blue Orb Pieces Locations
Version 1.03 (9/4/01)
Written by Muni Shinobu ([email protected])

1. In the tower on the road to the castle, jump up and wait a while

Mission 1
2. Second floor of the hall with the knight statue, to the left of the
3. Right of the castle entrance (inaccessible with iron railings),
inside the suit of armour
4. Room with three holes, in the left pool of water
5. Room with the airplane, on the left wing of the airplane

Mission 2
6. Room right beside the mission start point with the Time Space God
Statue, break the table by the statue

Mission 3
7. The bridge after exiting the Holy Hall, after the falling into ocean
trial, go there again to find it in front of the Hermes Staff stone
8. On a floating rock high above the now broken bridge
9. Successfully complete Secret Mission 1 "Critical"

Mission 4
10. Successfully complete Secret Mission 2 "Phantom Baby"
11. Successfully complete Secret Mission 3 "Phantom Baby 2"
12. Successfully complete Secret Mission 4 "3 Beasts"
13. In the space you fought Nero Angelo, on the very top level, in the
tower to the very left

Mission 6
14. To the right of the mission start point, at the collapsed wall,
wait a while

Mission 7
15. Successfully complete Secret Mission 5 "One Eyed Demon"

Mission 8
16. Pillar right in front of where you got the Trident, jump up from
the horse statues
17. Castle entrance exit (inaccessible iron railings from Mission 1),
in the right pool of water

Mission 9
18. Space in front of the Colosseum, to the left end of where you
entered, attack the stone tablet

Mission 11
19. Inside the iron railings in the first room
20. In the well in the first room, defeat all the blades to find it
near the Time Space God Statue

Mission 12
21. In the air around the front of the ship, stinger jump from the
nearest mast

Mission 13
22. Inside the ship, down the stairs toward the opposite direction of
the exit

Mission 14
23. Successfully complete Secret Mission 6 "Water Prison"
24. Cave outside the ship, in the water to the right
25. On the right wall of the waterfall cave, stinger jump from the top
of the elevator
26. Cliff to the right of the mountain with the hang bridge

Mission 15
27. Successfully complete Secret Mission 7 "Treasure Guarded by Death"
28. Successfully complete Secret Mission 8 "Wandering Pack of Souls"
29. Room with the blue emblem shield, in the underground secret room,
break the wall with the crack
30. Room with the red emblem shield, double jump down beneath the stand
with the Nightmare B (or two lances)
31. In the air on top of the colosseum, stand in the center of the
highest level and wait a while

Mission 16
32. Colosseum underground, right beside the elevator on your way back
33. Successfully complete Secret Mission 9 "Deserted Stairs"
34. Big hall with the knight statue, in the air around the center
35. Big hall with the knight statue, to the side of the staircase
36. Round passageway, at the entrance to the room with the Time Space
God Statue is a painting, jump in front of the painting and the orb
with fall
37. Successfully complete Secret Mission 10 "Shadow Hiding in the

Mission 17
38. Successfully complete Secret Mission 11 "Sky Blue Spirit Stone"
39. Room with the dragon, terrace to the top right, wait a while

Mission 18
40. In the water, in the jail room toward the left, break the barrel
41. Room with the emblem which fills the floor with water when you
touch it, at the top of the lower level is a platform coming out of the
wall, the orb is there
42. Second floor of the room you used the Philosopher's Egg, beyond the
door at the end

Mission 19
43. Use the Hermes Staff, enter the room through the mirror, beside the
44. In the area where you fought Nero Angelo in the outside world, in
mid-air beside the castle wall
45. In the area where you fought Nero Angelo in the outside world,
after getting 44, highest point of the tower on top of the castle

Mission 21
46. Inside Secret Mission 12 "Hidden Bangle"

47. to be added next update
48. to be added next update


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