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Bomberman Quest

   Written by        : NOADudeLove
   E-mail address    : [email protected]
   Version           : Final
   Last edit         : July 30, 2001


   System            : Gameboy Color
                       (works with AGB, CGB, MGB, and DMG models)
   Game Link         : Compatible
   Infrared Port     : Not Compatible
   Super Gameboy     : Enhanced
   Memory Size       : 8 Megabits
   Number of Players : Adventure - 1 Player
                       Battle    - 2 Players with Game Link
   Save Feature      : Battery Backup
   Published by      : Electro Brain
   Developed by      : Hudson Soft
   ESRB Rating       : E (Mild Animated Violence)
   Category          : Adventure
   Release Date      : November 1999


Version Final (02/05/01)
   Oh my gosh. I've put more information in here than
   what anyone is going to need. Well, everything is
   finished here. The walkthrough just needs to be typed
   up and then I'll be completely done!

Version 2.0 (08/16/00)
   An update. Fixed a few spelling & grammar errors. I also
   added information about monsters. I have also added
   another map and all the information you see above this.
   It's been so long that some of this isn't STILL finished,
   but I'm going to work on a walkthrough sometime soon,
   and finish up on the monsters.

Version 1.0 (01/27/00)
   This basically includes stuff like the story, info about
   the weapons & items, & a FAQ. A walkthrough is planned
   for the future, as well as more information about the


Note: If you see anything I didn't add, or if you have a 
question, or if you think something could be done better
on here, contact me, Stephen, at [email protected]



  -ASCII Map of the game
  -The Commanders
  -Bomb Creation



   Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, Bomberman was
piloting the Bomber Shuttle, carrying monsters he'd fought
and captured to Plant Bomber. Suddenly, the shuttle began
to shake violently as a powerful force began to rip the 
Bomber Shuttle's engines from its hull! Before Bomberman
could react, the engines had been stolen! The Bomber
Shuttle was forced to make an emergency crash-landing on a
nearby planet, and on top of that, all the monsters on
board took this opportunity to escape. It was then that
Bomberman discovered this was all the work of the
mysterious Four Commanders! Will Bomberman be able to
recapture all the escaped monsters? Can he defeat the Four
Commanders? Will he be able to get back to Planet Bomber?
Bomberman needs your help! Are you up to the challenge?

Basically there is one Commander in each zone. Objective:
beat the Four Commanders, get your shuttle engines back,
and rocket back to Planet Bomber.



 *Up, Down, Left, Right: Moves Bomberman in the appropriate
                         direction; select icon on menu
 *A Button             : Uses 'A Button' weapon; Talk; 
                         selects menu option.
 *B Button             : Uses 'B Button' weapon; Cancel.
 *Start                : Open / Close Menu.
 *Select               : Open / Close World Map.
                         Show number of monster destroyed.

Note: You can assign any Weapon to either the A or B
      Buttons. The Equipment is used automatically when
      selected, and the Items you use once you select it.

Note: If you press Select on the monster screen, it will show
      how many of each monster you've beat. It's unknown if
      this does something, like if you get something cool if
      you beat so many monsters, at this time.



Note: You'll need two Gameboys, two copies of Bomberman
      Quest, and a Link Cable to play the Battle game.

When you go into the Battle game, you take most of what you
have from the one player game. When you first select
Battle, the person who selected it will choose everything.

The three options are:

    Games, which means how many rounds you go.
    Time, which sets the time limit for each round.
    Item Cng, which asks if you want to switch items between
     each round.

Once these are selected, you pick which field you want to
play on. The choices are:


Once selected, go to it!



Note: The game doesn't use the 'A,B,C...1,2,3...' labels. I
      put those on for everyone's convenience.

              GEOGRAPHICAL MAP

               A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
               A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H  

Legend: Pec = Peace Town
        Fld = Field Zone
        For = Forest Zone
        Bch = Beach Zone
        Dst = Desert Zone

              LOCATIONS MAP

               A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
            1|Cav|   |   |   |Cld|   |Cav|   |
            2|   |   |Wll|   |   |   |   |Wll|
            3|   |   |   |Lar|   |   |   |   |
            4|Cav|   |   |Pec|Pec|Lar|   |   |
            5|   |   |Lar|Pec|Pec|Str|   |   |
            6|   |   |Cav|   |   |Lar|   |Cav|
            7|Cld|   |   |   |   |Wtr|   |   |
            8|   |   |   |   |Wtr|   |Cav|   |
               A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H  

Legend: Pec = Peace Town
        Cav = Cave
        Str = Stairs
        Cld = Clouds
        Wtr = Water (above ground)
        Wll = Water (below ground)
        Lar = Commander's Lair



Note: This section describes the item & lets you know where
      it is found (and how to find it). It will  also list
      where they can be used to either forward your
      progress or acquire another item. N/A means it doesn't
      have to be used. 

Also note that some of the locations on the map go into
caves or underwater caves or clouds and stuff. The place
on the map will be marked on where to find it. There will
be a note that says if it's in the clouds, cave, etc.



Note: There are two different kinds of bombs. Bombs that blast
with a '+' radius in each of the four directions, and bombs that
blast in a '0' radius, a little circle of sorts. The first 9 bombs
use the + blast radius, the next 7 use the 0 radius. No more
than two bombs can be placed at once.

Normal Bomb-
   The basic bomb that Bomberman starts with.
   [Location]    Bomberman starts with this weapon.

   [Use this at] pretty much anywhere to fight monsters.

Ice Bomb-
   Anyone caught in its blast is frozen for a short time.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Ice

   [Use this at] 1A: Destroys the monster Grein (in cave).

Poison Bomb-
   Anyone caught in its blast moves slower for a short time.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Poison

   [Use this at] N/A

Short-fused Bomb-
   Bomb that goes off faster than normal.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Clock.

   [Use this at] 2E: Destroys the monster Digadug.

Long-fused Bomb-
   Bomb that goes off slower than a normal bomb.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Clock.

   [Use this at] N/A

Rubber Bomb-
   Bomb that bounces when thrown.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Rubber.

   [Use this at] N/A

Wide-range Bomb-
   Bomb with a blast radius that gets larger the longer
   its held.

   [Location]    1G: Defeat the monster Balballoon.

   [Use this at] N/A

Skull Bomb-
   Blast produces various effects for a short time in 
   those caught in it's blast.
   Note: This is a Poison & Ice Bomb mixed together.
         It will do one or the other randomly.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & 

   [Use this at] N/A

Land Mine-
   Bomb that goes off when stepped on by a monster (but
   not by Bomberman). But if it explodes, the blast will
   damage Bomberman. Will also disappear after a few
   moments if not stepped on.

   [Location]    3C: Defeat the monster Kurin.

   [Use this at] N/A

Flak Bomb-
   Bomb that also affects flying monsters. Blast length
   increases with firepower.

   [Location]    2H: Defeat the monster Shelterine.

   [Use this at] N/A

Homing Bomb-
   Bomb that chases after nearest monster when kicked or

   [Location]    6F: Defeat the monster Pinokion.

   [Use this at] everywhere, it rocks with the Power

Speed Bomb-
   Weighs less than other bombs so can be kicked or 
   thrown further.

   [Location]    3F: In a Treasure Chest. Use the
                     Hammer to get to it.

   [Use this at] N/A

Aqua Bomb-
   Bomb that can be used underwater

   [Location]    6F: Defeat the monster Krabbler.

   [Use this at] 2C, 2H: Underwater Locations.
                 8E    : Water Location.

Robot Bomb-
   Bomb that can be moved as long as the button is held
   down. Might be pretty good but you can't move while
   using it.

   [Location]    5E: Show the old man the three trading 

   [Use this at] 5F: Use to bomb the switches to get the 
                     Lamp (in stairs).

Right Bomb-
   Bomb that curves to the right when kicked or thrown.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Boomerang.

   [Use this at] N/A

Left Bomb-
   Bomb that curves to the left when kicked or thrown.

   [Location]    5D: Create with Explosive Core & Boomerang.

   [Use this at] N/A

   Can be used to move bombs. Moves them one space.

   [Location]    3A: Defeat the monster Burol.

   [Use this at] N/A

   Press the button to see Bomberman dance!
   Note: Use this in front of the Bomberman statues
         to receive an item.

   [Location]    2G: Defeat the monster Devil Ant.

   [Use this at] 3B: Gain Stopwatch.
                 5A: Gain Clock.
                 5H: Gain Teleport Armor.

   Used for digging holes. Sometimes you might find a
   Mini-heart! Sometimes other things too.

   [Location]    2E: Defeat the monster Digadug.

   [Use this at] 1G: Gain Rubber (in cave).
                 4A: Gain Fire (in cave).
                 4D: Gain Fire.
                 6B: Gain Skull.
                 6C: Gain Ice Shard.
                 6G: Gain Poison Ivy (it's in the very
                     bottom left corner).
                 7E: Gain Boomerang.
                 **: Just about anywhere for mini-hearts
                     (they give back 1HP)!

   Protects Bomberman from arrows launched by traps.

   [Location]    2D: Defeat the monster Trent.

   [Use this at] places that shoot arrows.

   Allows Bomberman to throw bombs as well as knock
   out nearby monsters.

   [Location]    5B: Defeat the monster Yeti.

   [Use this at] 5C: Use to punch bomb over wall to
                     trigger the switch.

   Allow Bomberman to fly for a limited time.

   [Location]    6D: Defeat the monster Jackenboxx.

   [Use this at] places with holes or large gaps.

Jump Shoes-
   Allow Bomberman to jump.

   [Location]    1E: Defeat the monster Curance.
                     (Located in the Clouds).

   [Use this at] places with holes.

Dash Shoes-
   Allow Bomberman to walk faster as long as the button
   is pushed.

   [Location]    4A: Defeat the monster Onil (in cave).

   [Use this at] N/A

Power Gloves-
   Allow Bomberman to pick up and throw bombs and monsters.
   Note: Bombs that are picked up will not explode until
         they are thrown. Also, you can pick up monsters
         anytime, you don't have to stun them.

   [Location]    4F: Defeat the monster Mechabomb.

   [Use this at] various places, very useful!

   Used to pound nails and can be used to knock out

   [Location]    6H: Defeat the monster Despider.

   [Use this at] locations with posts in the ground, or
                 use in conjunction with the Power Gloves.

Remote Control-
   Bombs become remote control bombs -- push the button
   to detonate them.

   [Location]    6F: In a Treasure Chest (in the
                     Hurri Commander's Lair (use Wings)).

   [Use this at] 6H: Use to solve the puzzle in the cave.
                     See FAQ for details.

Tackle Belt-
   By activating the switch on this belt, Bomberman can
   stun monsters by ramming them. Also, there are some
   switch blocks that can be activated by ramming into

   [Location]    1C: Defeat the monster Borey.

   [Use this at] 1A (in the cave), 6H



Silver Armor-
   Reduces all damage by 1/2 while worn.

   [Location]    1E: In a Treasure Chest.

   [Use this at] N/A

Gold Armor-
   Reduces all damage by 3/4 while worn.

   [Location]    8H: Use Glasses.

   [Use this at] N/A

Platinum Armor-
   Protects Bomberman from the effects of Ice Bombs,
   Poison Bombs, and Skull Bombs.

   [Location]    8A: Defeat the monster Pygmin.

   [Use this at] N/A

Teleport Armor-
   Teleports Bomberman to a random location whenever he
   is damaged.

   [Location]    5H: Dance at the Bomber Statue.

   [Use this at] 1A: Teleport to Clock (use Glasses to see).
                 7E: Teleport to Boomerang (use Shovel to obtain.)

Steel Shoes-
   Very heavy shoes that prevents Bomberman from being
   thrown by monsters. This will also allow Bomberman
   to push down on some switches that he is normally
   to light to activate. Will also prevent Bomberman
   from being blown by fans.

   [Location]    3D: In a Treasure Chest (located in
                     the Water Commander's Lair).

   [Use this at] 1E, 3D, 4A, 4F

   Increase Bomberman's walking speed.

   [Location]    1H: Defeat the monster Torton.

   [Use this at] N/A

Rocket Shoes-
   Greatly increases Bomberman's walking speed.

   [Location]    3G: Use Glasses.

   [Use this at] N/A

Combat Boots-
   Allow Bomberman to kick bombs. Be careful -- kicked
   bombs can't be stopped!

   [Location]    1B: In a Treasure Chest (use the Jump
                     Shoes to obtain).

   [Use this at] N/A

Safety Shoes-
   Protects Bomberman from all dangerous surfaces.

   [Location]    3D: Defeat the monster Ghostey.

   [Use this at] places with spikes or lava.

   Allow Bomberman to see hidden items while worn.

   [Location]    6D: Defeat the monster Crystal

   [Use this at] 1A: Gain Clock (use Glasses to see and 
                     Teleport Armor to get to).
                 3G: Gain Rocket Shoes.
                 4C: Gain Explosive Core.
                 5C: Gain Armored Jacket.
                 8H: Gain Gold Armor.

Power Bracelets-
   Allows Bomberman to move rocks.

   [Location]    2C: In a Treasure Chest (in the cave).

   [Use this at] 6D, 6F: In the Hurri Commander's Lair.

Scuba Gear-
   Allows Bomberman to move freely underwater.

   [Location]    1A: Defeat the monster Grein.

   [Use this at] 2C, 2H: Underwater locations.
                 7F, 8E: Water locations.

   Protects Bomberman from falling rocks and from being
   knocked out.

   [Location]    5F: Defeat the monster Gargoyle.

   [Use this at] 4A: In the cave
                 6F: In the Hurri Commander's Lair

   Allows Bomberman to see in dark places.

   [Location]    5F: Use Robot Bomb to trigger the
                     switches (in stairs).

   [Use this at] 8G: Use in cave to light up the darkness.

Full Fire-
   Increases bomb firepower to maximum for as long as
   it is attached.

   [Location]    6E: Defeat the monster Dragon Pup.

   [Use this at] N/A

Leather Armor-
   Halves damage dealt by Chaos Bomber.

   [Location]    7A: Defeat the monster Walking

   [Use this at] the battle with Chaos Bomber.



Note: All Bomb Components are used to make or enhance bombs.
      Take them to the Bomb Workshop in Peace Town located
      at 5D to cook stuff up! Also, when used they are

   [Location] 1G: Use Shovel (in cave).
              2B: Defeat the monster Blobby.


   [Location] 1A: Use Teleport Armor to go the upper left
                  corner of the screen, the use Glasses.
              5A: Dance at the Bomber statue.
              8G: Defeat the monster Seaballoon (in cave).

Ice Shard-

   [Location] 6C: Use Shovel.
              8F: Defeat the monster Iceal.

Poison Ivy-

   [Location] 6A: Defeat the monster Snaky.
              6G: Use Shovel (in very bottom left corner).


   [Location] 5G: Defeat the monster Gell.
              7E: Use Teleport Armor, then use Shovel.
              8B: Treasure Chest.


   [Location] 4G: Defeat the monster Killer Moth.
              6B: Use Shovel.

Explosive Core-
   Needed to make different kinds of bombs.

   [Location] 1G: Dance at the Bomber statue.
              3D: Defeat the Water Commander (in
                  the Water Commander's Lair).
              3H: Defeat the monster Baddo.
              4C: Use Glasses.
              4F: Defeat the Electro Commander (in the
                  Electro Commander's Lair).
              5C: Defeat the monster Hippity-Hop (in the
                  Pyro Commander's Lair).
              5C: Defeat the Pyro Commander (in the 
                  Pyro Commander's Lair).
              6F: Defeat the Hurri Commander (in the
                  Hurri Commander's Lair).
              6H: Defeat the monster Radiobomb Jr. (in cave).            

   Increases bomb power by one when used.

   [Location] 3B: Defeat the monster Balloon.
              3E: Defeat the monster Mad Flower.
              4A: Use Shovel (in cave).
              4A: Defeat the monster Parse.
              4D: Use Shovel.
              5C: Defeat the monster Tinklebear (in the 
                  Pyro Commander's Lair).
              7B: Defeat the monster Flyball.
              8D: Defeat the monster Hooster.
              8E: Defeat the monster Puuyan.



Armored Jacket-
   Makes Bomberman invulnerable for a short time. Destroyed
   when used. Only one can be carried.

   [Location]    5C: Use Glasses.
                 6F: Defeat the monster Skullhead (in the
                     Hurri Commander's Lair).

   [Use this at] N/A

   Stops traps for a short time. Destroyed when used. Only
   one can be carried.

   [Location]    2F: Defeat the monster Fruitey.
                 3B: Dance at the Bomber statue.

   [Use this at] N/A

   Returns Bomberman to Shuttle when used. Can be used
   multiple times.

   [Location]    4D: Bomberman begins the game with this

   [Use this at] N/A

   Restores up to three health. Destroyed when used. Only
   one can be carried.

   [Location]    **: After defeating a monster once, beating
                     them again will give you a Heart.

   [Use this at] N/A

Full Heart-
   Restores health to max. level. Destroyed when used. Only
   one can be carried.

   [Location]    1D: Defeat the monster Pengy.
                 4F: Defeat the monster Sandey (in the
                     Electro Commander's Lair).
                 5C: Defeat the monster Sparky (in the
                     Pyro Commander's Lair).
                 7F: Treasure Chest (use Scuba Gear).

   [Use this at] N/A

White Card-
   Trading card with a picture of Bomberman White.

   [Location]    2A: Defeat the monster Archer.

   [Use this at] 5E: This along with the other two cards
                     will get you the Robot Bomb from the
                     old man.

Black Card-
   Trading card with a picture of Bomberman Black.

   [Location]    6H: Defeat the monster Matango (in cave).

   [Use this at] 5E: This along with the other two cards
                     will get you the Robot Bomb from the
                     old man.

Honey Card-
   Trading card with a picture of a pretty woman.

   [Location]    5C: Defeat the monster Shadow Knight (in
                     Pyro Commander's lair).

   [Use this at] 5E: This along with the other two cards
                     will get you the Robot Bomb from the
                     old man.



Note: The '*' is for the different ways to beat that monster.
If they strategy to beat the monster is obvious, there won't
be a '*'. The '=' is the item you will get from the monster.

Note: HP stands for how many hits they can take.

Note: Usually large enemies cannot be thrown. This will be
noted. Flying enemies are weak against '0' radius bombs.

 Field Zone

  1A: Grein (5HP)(in the cave)
    *Weak against Ice Bomb
    =Receive the Scuba Gear

  1C: Borey (4HP)
    =Receive the Tackle Belt

  1D: Pengy (5HP)
    =Receive a Full Heart

  2A: Archer (4HP)
    =Receive the White Card

  2B: Blobby (4HP)
    =Receive a Rubber

  2D: Trent (6HP)
    *Weak against '0' radius bombs
    *Cannot be thrown
    =Receive the Shield

  3A: Burol (3HP)
    =Receive the Yo-yo

  3C: Kurin (3HP)
    =Receive the Land Mine

  3D: Ghostey (5HP)(in the Water Commander's Lair)
    =Receive the Safety Shoes.

  4A: Onil (4HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive the Dash Shoes

  4A: Parse (4HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive a Fire

  4B: Balloon (3HP)
    =Receive a Fire

 Forest Zone

  1E: Curansee (5HP)(in the clouds)
    =Receive the Jump Shoes

  1G: Balballoon (4HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive the Wide-Range Bomb
  1H: Torten (7HP)
    *Cannot be thrown
    =Receive the Sneakers

  2E: Digadug (6HP)
    *Use the Hammer to stun Digadug, then throw him with the
        Power Gloves
    *Use the Short-fused Bomb and throw them using the Power 
    =Receive the Shovel

  2F: Fruity (4HP)
    =Receive a Stopwatch

  2G: Devil Ant (4HP)
    =Receive the !?

  2H: Shelterine (5HP)(in the well)
    *Weak against Aqua Bomb
    =Receive the Flak Bomb

  3E: Mad Flower (4HP)
    *Smaller flowers that come out of Mad Flower cannot
     be thrown
    =Receive a Fire

  3H: Baddo (5HP)
    *Cannot be thrown
    =Receive an Explosive Core

  4F: Mechabomb (5HP)(in the Electro Commander's Lair)
    =Receive the Power Gloves

  4F: Sandey (5HP)(in the Electro Commander's Lair)
    *Cannot be thrown 
    =Receive a Full Heart

  4G: Killer Moth (4HP)
    =Receive a Skull

 Beach Zone

  5F: Gargoyle (4HP)
    =Receive the Helmet

  5G: Gell (4HP)
    =Receive a Boomerang

  6E: Dragon Pup (6HP)
    =Receive the Full Fire

  6F: Krabbler (6HP)
    =Receive the Aqua Bomb

  6F: Pinokin (7HP)(in the Hurri Commander's Lair)
    =Receive the Homing Bomb

  6F: Skullhead (7HP)(in the Hurri Commander's Lair)
    =Receive an Armored Jacket

  6H: Despider (4HP)
    =Receive the Hammer

  6H: Matango (6HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive the Black Card

  6H: Radiobomb Jr. (6HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive an Explosive Core

  8E: Puuyan (6HP)(in the water)
    =Receive a Fire

  8F: Iceal (7HP)
    =Receive an Ice Shard

  8G: Seeballoon (5HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive a Clock  

 Desert Zone

  5B: Yeti (7HP)
    =Receive the Guantlets

  5C: Hippity-Hop (5HP)(in the Pyro Commander's Lair)
    =Receive an Explosive Core

  5C: Shadow Knight (7HP)(in the Pyro Commander's Lair)
    *Weak against being thrown with Power Gloves
    =Receive the Honey Card

  5C: Sparky (6HP)(in the Pyro Commander's Lair)
    =Receive a Full Heart

  5C: Tinklebear (7HP)(in the Pyro Commander's Lair)
    =Receive a Fire

  6A: Snaky (6HP)
    =Receive a Poison Ivy

  6D: Crystal Demon (6HP)(in the cave)
    =Receive the Glasses

  6D: Jackenboxx (8HP)
    *Weak against being thrown with Power Gloves
    *After pot breaks, finish with normal bombs
    =Receive the Wings

  7A: Walking Hat (6HP)(in the clouds)
    =Receive the Leather Armor

  7B: Flyball (6HP)
    =Receive a Fire

  7D: Hoopster (5HP)
    =Receive a Fire

  8A: Pygmin (7HP)
    =Receive the Platinum Armor  



Note: When you beat a Commander, you will always get an
Explosive Core, a piece of the shuttle, and one hit point.

3D: Water Commander (6HP)
    -She will throw two bombs, which will bounce randomly
     around the room.
    -If you lay down any bombs, she will spin and throw
     balls that will destroy your bombs.
    -Let her own bombs kill herself. She's usually stupid
     enough to stand in their blast zone.
    -When she starts losing energy she will dig up the floor
     for mini-hearts.

4F: Electro Commander (8HP)
    -Avoid his electric charges. They will follow you around
     for a while, and are EXTREMELY hard to avoid. Your best
     best is to use the Dash Shoes or Sneakers and the Jump
     Shoes to avoid them.
    -The best way to defeat him is to trap him in a corner.
     If you can get him into a corner, put down two bombs
     next to him, like so:


     :where E = Electro Commander, B = Bombs, and O = Walls. As
     the bombs blow up, he'll stay there for a second. Quickly
     place two more bombs and repeat.

6F: Hurri Commander (10HP)
    -Tornadoes will fly around him. The tornadoes won't hurt you,
     but will push your bombs aside.
    -Regular '+' bombs won't work on him, you must use '0' radius
    -Watch for the bombs that he throws because as soon as they
     get near you they'll explode quickly.
    -When a bomb gets near him, he will teleport to a different
     part of the room.
    -Recommend using the Power Gloves to throw a bomb at him. This
     will take precise timing. If you throw the bomb too early after
     he teleports, it won't affect him (he's invincible for a moment
     after teleporting). If you throw the bomb too late, he'll
     teleport again. It takes practice.
5C: Pyro Commander (10HP)
    -His hands will fly around and throw fireballs or razors at
     you. Touching his hands won't hurt you though.
    -When his hands come back into his body, he'll drop several
     powered up bombs.

4D: Chaos Bomber
    1st Form (10HP)
    -Will shoot small beams which disappear off the sides of the
     screen. They'll come back and cover the whole screen. You
     must jump or fly over them.
    -Bombs will materialize a moment before they explode.
    -'O' radius bombs are needed to damage him.
    2nd Form (10HP)
    -Shoots small stars that will head in your direction and then
     fly off.
    -Shoots lighting in a 4-way spread.
    -Again, 'O' radius bombs are needed.



Note: There are extras of the bomb components, such as Ice Shard,
Skull, etc. Unless noted, the extra does nothing but make the
same bomb, which does nothing for you.

Note: For Clock & Boomerang, there are two different bombs that
can be made for each. It's random which one is made, so if you
waste a bomb component, reset the game and try again.

Note: The Fire item: For the + bombs, it will extend the reach
by one square in each direction. For the 0 radius bombs, the blast
will last longer.

Fire           + Any Bomb   = Blast level up.
Explosive Core + Rubber     = Rubber Bomb
Explosive Core + Clock      = Short-Fused Bomb or
                              Long-Fused Bomb
Explosive Core + Ice Shard  = Ice Bomb
Explosive Core + Poison Ivy = Poison Bomb
Explosive Core + Boomerang  = Right Bomb or
                              Left Bomb
Explosive Core + Skull      = Skull Bomb



Extra Hit Points-
  Beat the Electro Commander, then go back to the Water Commander's
  lair. There will be a hidden character where she was. In
  the battle you can't use your menu so choose what you want
  to use carefully & before you go the room. Once you beat the
  hidden character, you'll gain another Hit Point. This applies
  as well to:

  Beat Hurri Commander, then go back to Electro Commander's lair.
  Beat Pryo Commander, then go back to Hurri Commander's lair.

  *Touching these secret bosses in battle won't harm you.

3D: Secret Boss of Water Commander Lair (10HP)
    -Will try and hit you with the Hammer and stun you, though
     that won't do any actual damage.
    -When she starts losing energy she will dig up the floor
     for mini-hearts.

4F: Secret Boss of Electro Commander Lair (10HP)
    -Boss will jump over the bomb blasts.
    -The bombs are powered up and will also poison you (cause
     you to walk slowly for a short time).
    -When throwing a '0' radius bomb, time it so that it hits
     when the boss is landing.

6F: Secret Boss of Hurri Commander Lair (10HP)
    -Will teleport around and the bombs are powered up.



Q)If I beat an enemy, and then I leave the item behind, can
  I still get it?

A)Yes. Just beat the enemy again.


Q)Do I need to get every item in the game? Will I get a better
  ending? Is there multiple endings?

A)No, most items are not needed to complete the game and you
  won't get a better ending if you collect them all. The only
  different ending happens if you don't beat EVERY monster; if
  you don't, the game will tell you to go back and beat the rest
  of them.


Q)What's the easiest way to beat most monsters?

A)Use the Homing Bomb & Power Gloves or use the Hammer to knock
  them silly, then use the Power Gloves to toss and hurt them.


Q)I beat the Chaos Bomber, and I go back to the game and on
  top of the shuttle there's this little pumpkin person hopping
  up & down. What is it?

A)Unknown. I've tried lots of things, but it won't talk to me
  and I can't kill it. So far, it just seems to indicate you've
  beaten the Chaos Bomber.


Q)There's a cave on 6H. There's a little puzzle in there that 
  says, "If one isn't enough try putting more together". What do
  I do?

A)For this you need a cross-type bomb and the remote control.
  Also the bomb needs to be powered up. Just set two bombs, one 
  on each side so that each bomb will hit two switches. Just hit 
  the detonate button really quickly twice so that both bombs go 
  off at about the same time. Presto!



First thing I have to mention is most of the descriptions
were taken directly from the game. I changed a few of them,
but most remain the same.

Also the story is copied straight from the instruction

I'd also like to thank Phil Gevaux at [email protected] for his help.
He contributed a few things, like strategies for beating various monsters,
and answers to some FAQ's too.

Additional thank you's go out to:
 KOMPANITCHENKO Daniel for pointing out an error in my FAQ.
This is my FAQ. I made it, so don't use it without my permission.
At least ask, I'll probably say go ahead.

Copyright Stephen King III 2000

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