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Lord Death Boss Strategies. Lord Death Knows How To Defeat Many More Bosses In The 
World Of Final Fantasy. If You Need To Contact Lord Death, Do So On His New Location 
[email protected] Please Label Your E-Mail "FFX BOSS".

FINAL FANTASY X. The greatest RPG game of all time. To make it this far to this boss 
you must be an experienced gamer. But Seymour is no pushover. You must use tactics 
to beat him, so here's the way I did it.

The boss is devided into three seperate portions.

1. Seymour  Guado Guardian(2) 
   HP: 6000 HP: 2000
   AP: 2000 AP: 290
   Weaknesses: None
   Steal: Hi-Potion

Begin the battle with Tidus, Yuna and Wakka. They will be able to use trigger 
commands in order to raise their stats. Now to battle. Seymour's two guardians have 
the Auto-Potion ability. This means that every time you attack them they will 
automaticly heal themselves. Bring in Rikku and use steal on both of the two guards. 
You should steal a Hi-Potion from each of them, preventing them from using the Auto-
Potion ability. You should then kill off the two guardians. After their health has 
been depleted they will cast Protect and Shell on Seymour before dieing. This will 
reduce the amount of damage inflicted on him. So if Yuna had dispel, now would be a 
good time to use it.
You should now use your stronger characters to finish off Seymour. He will use 
spells to attack your characters so have Yuna in reserve to heal your fighters. Once 
his health has been depleted, he will summon Anima.

2. Anima
   HP: 18000
   AP: 2500
   Weaknesses: None
   Steal: Turbo-Ether

Remember the unstoppable aeon from the Luca Blitzball tournament? Well now it's time 
to see how unstoppable it really is. You should definitely have Yuna among your 
party members here since I found the only way to defeat Anima is to use your aeons. 
Look in Yuna's summoning menu for the aeon marked ????. Summon it. You should 
reconise this aeon from previous Final Fantasy titles. This is Shiva, the ice queen. 
From now on it is simply a game of exchanging hits and hitting Anima with your 
spells. If Shiva's health becomes too low then use Blizzara on yourself to keep you 
HP high. Once Shiva has her Overdrive, use it straight away. It will take off 9, 999 
HP from Anima so another Overdrive will kill it. After depleting Anima's Hp, Seymour 
will dismiss it and you must fight him again.

3. Seymour
   HP: 6000
   AP: 2000
   Weaknesses: None
   Steal: Silence Grenade

This is the point where I almost lost the battle. Seymour will begin using his Multi-
Spell technique, meaning he can cast a spell on all your party members at once. 
There is a handy way to avoid this I found. Seymour cycles through his Multi-Spells 
and then repeats them in the same order, e.g thunder, ice, fire, water. thunder, 
ice, fire, water. So after you have found the order of his spells, you are ready. 
Cast Haste on Yuna and use the Nul spells before each blast from Seymour. Since you 
know the order for his attacks, you will be able to cast the appropiate Nul spell 
before each attack. While Yuna is Nulling the incoming attacks, have Lulu poison 
Seymour with Bio. You should then use your most powerful fighters to finish off 

After defeating Seymour you party must face the Cloister of Trials. Lord Death has 
shared his widom concerning the boss battle. But now it is time for you to fend for 
yourselves. Until our next encounter, farewell.

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