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This FAQ is about the Boss Battles throughout Parasite Eve 2 and strategies you can 
use to defeat the bosses. The words between the * is a more specific location on 
where you can confront this boss.

Instead of scrolling through this entire FAQ to find a certain boss fight, you 
can press CTRL+F and type in the monster's name. Don't know it? Then type in the 
Boss Battle number OR the place the boss appears.


BOSS BATTLE 1: Greater Stranger
HP: 350

This is the first, and easiest boss battle. Shoot your enemy several times then 
you'll notice that his speed increases. Run to a corner of the room (be sure it's 
far enough from the boss) and shoot several shots. Then run to another corner and 
shoot. Repeat these steps until the boss dies.

BOSS BATTLE 2: King GOLEM No. 9 (Night Option)
HP: 1600
*Helicopter Landing Pad*

If you picked up the MP5A5 and the Grenade Pistol, you're definitely prepared for 
this battle. If you didn't, you're doomed! Equip the MP5A5 and load it with 9mm 
P.B.'s. Countinuously shoot No. 9 until your magazine runs out. Run away from No. 9 
and reload. The flashlight attachment is useless, so don't use it. The high-voltage 
cables are a good way to defeat No. 9. Once No. 9 has come close enough to the 
cable, shoot it and he'll get hit pretty hard. Then shoot him continuously. Do the 
same for the second cable. When you've come to the dead end, shoot the third cable 
and then shoot No. 9. After, shoot the steam pipe and then shoot No. 9 again. Now, 
take out the Grenade Pistol and load the greandes. This'll finish off No. 9.


BOSS BATTLE 3: Gray Stalker
HP: 450
*Underpass Sewer*

The M4A1 or the PA3 are the recommended weapons for this battle. If you got the 
M93R, good luck trying to beat this guy! The Gray Stalker will ALWAYS start the 
battle invisible. When he comes close to Aya, he'll scythe slash her. Move 
constantly so that the stalker won't be able to slash her. The only time you should 
stop moving is to shoot. Reloading is very dangerous in this battle. Be sure to 
attach ammo to your armor so you can reload anytime. Use the Parasite Energy 
Pyrokinesis or Necrosis to blast the stalker off the ceiling. When the stalker turn 
invisible, use Combustion. After this, you only need to shoot it a couple more 
times to finish it off.

BOSS BATTLE 4: King GOLEM No. 9 (Desert Option)
HP: 1100
*Dilapidated House*

No. 9 is easier this time, but his attacks cause more damage this time. No. 9 will 
ALWAYS start in the center. Run to the back wall and shoot No. 9 continuously until 
he comes close to Aya and then run to the front wall and shoot No. 9 continuously 
there. Keep repeating this until the battle ends. You also may want to cast 
Necrosis to inflict another 30+ HP damage. The only thing I should tell you is DO 
NOT GO NEAR NO. 9!! If you do, he'll stranglehold you for 3-5 seconds and that'll 
cause around 20-40 HP damage (depending on how long he was strangling you).


HP: 4650

You may think this battle is tough. If you purchased the Grenade Pistol and 50+ 
grenades plus the M4A1 with 800 rifle rounds, you'll be fine, guaranteed! First, 
equip the M4A1 and continuously shoot. Watch out for the flamethrow attack. Once 
you see sparks coming from its mouth, RUN! Also, if it raises his fist, run like 
hell 'cus if you don't, you'll get squashed. Once you've inflicted enough damage, 
the Burner's face'll be blown off. Then he'll start a new pattern of attacks. Once 
you see the Burner stretch his arm back, run towards the Motel Loft door and you're 
basically guaranteed to dodge this attack. For the second attack, you don't know 
when it's going to happen. The Burner just does it. What he'll do is try to grap 
Aya and hoist her up high in the air. This attack does about 50-70 HP damage but 
you can get the ultimate revenge! Durning this attack, there's a split second that 
Aya can target and shoor the Burner in the mouth. If you do this with the grenade 
pistol, you can inflict nearly 750+ HP damage! And that's without Energy Shot! If 
lucky, the Burner will let go of Aya. Here's the tricky part. You need to defeat 
the Burner in a short time. If you do, Flint the dog will survive and you'll get 
2000 EXP, 1000 BP and 100 MP and Mr. Douglas will give you the M950 Machinegun as a 
prize, however, if you defeat the Burner in a long amount of time, Flint the dog 
will die and you'll get 1000 EXP, 0 BP and 0 MP. Mr. Douglas will give you the 
Chicken Plate armor.


BOSS BATTLE 6: Blizzard Chaser
HP: 500

If you bought the Grenade Pistol, good show! You're guaranteed to kill this guy! In 
the beginning, the chaser will run away from you. Follow it and shoot it when you 
find it. Cast Energy Shot to inflict 150 HP damage with the Grenade Pistol. Then if 
you want to kill this guy quickly: you may have noticed the barrels in every corner 
of the mine. Target one and when the chaser comes close, shoot the barrel. 
This'll inflict 400 HP damage to the chaser and then the battle should end. But 
don't get too excited, you may be surprised for what comes next!

BOSS BATTLE 7: Chaser Zombie
HP: 2500

Basically, you'll want to stick with the same strategy as you did with the 
Blizzard Chaser. If you've shot all the barrels, no problem. Just cast Energy Shot. 
This battle's just like the previous, except a tiny bit longer.

BOSS BATTLE 8: Ivory Stalker
HP: 1000
*Secret Passage*

This battle is just like the one for the Gray Stalker except this one has more HP 
and his attacks cause more damage. Do NOT stay in the corridor! You're Stalker food 
if you stay there! Go just outside the corridor and cast Energy Shot and 
continuously shoot the stalker with either the M4A1 or PA3. You could use the 
grenade pistol but by now, your grenades are probably limited. You could also use 
the flashlight attachment from the P229 Handgun (you received it from after the 
Blizzard Chaser battle) to paralyze the stalker for a couple of seconds. 
Basically, stick to the same strategy you used for the Gray Stalker and you should 
be fine.

---B3 SHELTER---

BOSS BATTLE 9: Glutton 1
HP: 3000
*Dumping Hole*

There are 3 targets. The 2 arms and the mouth. If you shoot the mouth when it's 
closed, it won't take any damage. Shoot the mouth when the Glutton is trying to 
suck Aya in with its vacuum mouth, just be sure that Aya is far enough. For the 
Glutton's acid rain attack, just keep running and don't stay in one place. Even if 
you do get hit, this attack doesn't do much damage. The poison mist attack is 
different. Be sure you're wearing armor that resits poison. To dodge the attack, 
stay on the Glutton's side. The vomit attack is really easy to dodge. Just keep 
running. That's all. The final attack is the Glutton's tongue slash which inflicts 
berserker. The only way to dodge this attack is to keep running and keep your 
distance. Also, if the Glutton stamps his foot and deformed chasers come out, shoot 
them immediately because if the Glutton sucks one back in, it'll heal 100 HP.   

BOSS BATTLE 10: Glutton 2
HP: 3000
*Dumping Hole*

There's a trick to defeating this monster. If you're low on ammo or HP, read this
section carefully. When the second battle starts, IMMEDIATELY RUN AWAY from the
Glutton. Run until you get to the lowered floor pad. To your right, there's a
step-panel. Step on it and Aya should say, "The floor lowered slightly like I stepped
on a panel" or something like that. From there, the lowered floor will slowly raise.
Now you have to keep the Glutton busy until it is fully up. It shouldn't take that
long. After the floor is raised, run to the other side and lure the Glutton on the
now-raised floor board. DO NOT HIT THE OTHER PANEL JUST YET! If you do, you'll screw
up the entire trick. Once the Glutton is on the board, you can then step on the other
panel. This will lower the floor. After the floor is fully lowered, step on the panel
again and the battle will end.

---NEO ARK---

BOSS BATTLE 11: Proto Generator
HP: 500
*Power Plant*

Earlier, I said that the Greater Stranger was the easiest boss. I lied! This is 
the easiest boss, you wanna know why? IT HAS NO ATTACKS!!! If you deactivated the 
watchers from the Pod Service Gantry, all you have to do is destroy the control 
panel on the generator's back and then shoot the creature. That's it!!! But if 
you didn't deactivate the watchers, you'll have to take 'em all out!

BOSS BATTLE 12: Beta Generator
HP: 750
*Power Plant*

This is just like the Proto Generator battle. The only thing is, is that the 
generator has 250 more HP. Just destroy the control panel on the back and shoot the 
creature until he dies. Also, if you didn't deactivate the watchers, you gotta kill 
them, too!

HP: 2000

This is an optional boss but if you defeat him, you'll get a nice bonus item. The 
diver has only one attack: a lightning sweep. How do you dodge this attack? When 
you see lightning crackles on its mouth, start running and you'll be fine. It's 
similar to the way you dodged the Burner's fire sweep. Use Combustion to inflict 
500+ HP damage! After that, you'll only have to hit him a couple more times! After 
the boss is dead, search the pool twice to find a Skull Crystal!

---B6 SHELTER---

BOSS BATTLE 14: Puppet Stinger
HP: 4000
*Training Room*

you don't, you're doomed!! First destroy the two Derangement Speakers on the walls. 
Aya needs her MP! If you got the Grenade Pistol, just cast Energy Shot and when the 
stinger raises his arms, shoot and you'll disturb the attack! If you don't have the 
Grenade Pistol, use the M4A1 or the M950. The Triple and Double beams are easy to 
dodge. They always burn in a straight path. The only attack you need to worry about 
is the Single Beam, which follows Aya across the room.

---B2 SHELTER---

BOSS BATTLE 15: Reactor
HP: ???
*Pod Bottom*

There are so many targets to this enemy but you don't have to destroy them all. 
Only 3. You need to destroy either the head, left arm, right arm, right tail, left 
tail, butt, or groin. Once you eliminate two of those, the Reactor will start using 
it's core attack, which can kill you instantly if you're too close. Just run away 
and then when the attack stops, the Reactor will leave the core open for a couple 
of seconds. This is your time to shoot at it. Once you've eliminated the core, the 
fight ends and then comes the intermission. Be sure to refill any of your armor 
slots with medicines. Then swipe Bowman/Yoshida's card through the reader to engage 
the bridge. Then comes the final boss!!

BOSS BATTLE 16: Final Boss
HP: ???
*Pod Bottom*

You're just one step away from victory! But it's not going to be easy! At first, 
the final boss seems like a wimp, but don't get used to it because as the battle 
goes on, the creature's attacks cause more damage. All you have to do is run. If 
the screen goes all wavy, shoot the boss or it'll be Game Over! The Final Boss can 
cast images of itself. Run and shoot the image when you think you have a good 
enough distance. When you've caused enough damage, the image of the boss will 
disappear (however, the Final Boss can create another image anytime). Basically, I 
can't do much for you here. Just look for the boss' attacks and if your careful and 
you've caused enough damage, the game will end and you'll see the ending!!   


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