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Boss Survival & Strategy Guide

This is a walkthrough on all of the bosses you’ll encounter in Metal Gear Solid for 
the Sony Playstation. This can also be used for Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes since 
it is the same game and has the same bosses. The list of bosses goes in order in 
which you’ll encounter them and there is also a list for weapons you should use.



Lets start!



You have to rescue Kenneth Baker, the ArmsTech President, and to do that you have 
to defeat Ocelot. Don’t worry. He’s not really hard. You may have noticed the wires 
surrounding Baker. Those wires are linked to C4 Explosives. Touch them and the C4 
will detonate, Baker will die and it’s Game Over. Right now, your only weapon is a 
SOCOM pistol. Use this to defeat Ocelot. Ocelot is pretty fast and if you can’t 
catch up to him, I may have a solution but try it at your own risk. If you have 
Claymore mines, you can use them as a trap. Set one up and if Ocelot steps on it, 
it’ll explode, however, I have not tried this before so I’m not sure if it works. 
It is also risky because if the Claymore explodes, it may also detonate the C4’s. 
If it does work, it is a good way to slow Ocelot down. If you prefer to stay safe, 
run as fast as you can and don’t attempt to shoot at Ocelot until you know that 
you’ll definitely hit him. Ocelot’s remaining bullets are shown on-screen. When 
they get to zero, that is your best chance to shoot him. It takes a little more 
than 10 successful shots to bring Ocelot down and rescue Baker.

BOSS 2: M1 Tank

SUGGESTED WEAPONS: Grenade, Chaff Grenade

At the start, do NOT go out and attack the tank just yet. If you do, it’ll use its 
main gun and take a majority of your LIFE away. Use the Chaff Grenade to set up 
electronic interference and confuse the tank’s tracking system. Then you can go out 
for an attack. Equip the Grenades and make sure you have rations, too. Throw the 
grenades far enough so that they go inside the tank from the top hatch. This will 
do the most damage. If not, it may still do damage but not as much. If you get two 
grenades directly inside the tank, the battle will be over INSTANTLY! However, you 
still have to worry about the machine gun turret! If you pull a pin off a grenade 
then get shot by the machine gun, Snake will drop the grenade right next to him. 
You can easily avoid the grenade’s explosion by moving away from it. The machine 
gun can kill you if you stay in one place too long but if you keep moving, it 
shouldn’t be a problem. Like I said, try to get as many grenades as possible in the 
top hatch and the battle will go quickly.



Bullets can’t get near this Cyborg Ninja. If you do attempt to shoot him, he’ll 
just deflect the bullets with his Katana blade. Don’t try it. It’s generally a 
waste of ammo. The only way of defeating this unknown costumed freak is a hand-to-
hand duel. Make sure you have rations equipped, just in case if things don’t go as 
planned. For the first round, the Ninja will walk, run and flip his way through the 
lab. Just punch continuously until the second round. On the second round, the Ninja 
will use his Stealth Camouflage, turning him invisible. He’ll go in one spot and 
stay there until Snake attacks him. Use your Thermal Goggles to see him. In the 
final round, the Ninja will walk up to Snake and when Snake throws the first punch, 
the Ninja will switch directions from in front of Snake to behind him and then 
attack him, causing a good amount of damage. It is hard to explain but when you 
fight him, you’ll know what I mean. When the Ninja shifts spots, run quickly and 
after he attacks, that’s when you punch him. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. You can 
temporarily disable the Ninja with your Chaff Grenades, since he is electronic. 
During this time, you can punch and kick the Ninja. This will end the battle faster 
and save you rations. However, your Chaffs are probably limited. Try to use only 
one or two. Soon, the Ninja will admit defeat.

---Thanks to [email protected] for the following tip---

Set up so Snake you can instant-equip or unequip the chaff grenade by hitting R1.  
As Snake approaches the Ninja, unequipped with any weapon, instant-equip with the 
grenade (without throwing it).  This will cause the approaching Ninja to freeze for 
a split second - an exclamation mark will appear over his head.  You must be within 
striking distance when you hit R1, then strike.  This trick gives you a little 
window in which to attack and hurt him with impunity.  Run away immediately after 
This is especially useful in the Ninja's last round when he calmly walks towards 
you.  I stay put in the bottom screen, back to a corner.  Instant-equipping the 
chaff grenade does not cause the ! to appear, but the Ninja hesitates just the 
same.  Again, run away to the opposite corner, wait for the Ninja to approach 
within striking distance ... It worked every time.  



At the beginning of the battle, your screen will go black and the word HIDEO will 
appear on the screen. Don’t worry. Nothing’s wrong with your TV. It’s apart of the 
battle. Mantis is reading your mind. When the screen goes back to normal, Mantis is 
about to throw an “electro-ball” at you. These are giant balls with massive amounts 
of electricity in them. They’ll hurt you pretty badly. If you try to shoot Mantis, 
he’ll dodge every shot. He IS a mind reader after all. You’ll only manage to land 
one bullet ever ten shots. If you do this, the battle will never end. There are two 
solutions however. One: You can unplug your controller from Controller Port 1 and 
plug it in Controller Port 2. This way, Mantis won’t be able to read your mind and 
you’ll land basically every shot. Two: Did you notice those statues that have 
leather bands on their faces? There’s one on both sides of the room. Those statues 
were modeled after Mantis’s face and Mantis despises the look of his face. If you 
shoot the bands off, Mantis’s powers will be disturbed. I know it seems like a 
funny story but it works and if you talk to the Colonel and Naomi, they’ll tell you 
the same thing I just did. Mantis’s attacks are easy to dodge, if you keep your 
distance. When he picks up the three chairs and circles them around the room, go 
behind either the Commander’s desk or the little table on the left side of the 
room. When Mantis has the knight statue circling the room, just try your best to 
shoot the knight with your SOCOM or FA-MAS and it’ll go back to normal. Everything 
else is extremely easy to dodge and should be no problem.



Meryl is shot and severely wounded and you need to save her. Unfortunately, you 
don’t have a sniper rifle in your possession at the moment. Call Otacon and ask him 
where you can find a sniper rifle. Why is he acting all weird? He seems sad. Oh, 
well. There’s a PSG-1 in the Armory of the Tank Hangar. So you’ll have to go all 
the way back to the Tank Hangar and go to the B2 floor and get the PSG-1 from the 
door marked Security Level 5. Watch out for the Infrared Sensors! Go back to the 
Underground Passage and equip the PSG-1. If you have Diazepam, use it. This is a 
medicine that helps relax your muscles and reduce trembling. Zoom in on the rifle’s 
scope so that you have a perfect view of the tower’s second floor. Wolf will come 
out of hiding to attack you. When she does, it is your opportunity to attack her 
before she attacks you. If she does shoot you, you’ll lose sight of her from your 
scope. Also, her attacks cause a lot of damage. Make sure you have rations to a 
maximum and have them equipped at all times. You’ll notice when Snake’s hands start 
trembling again when the scope view starts to shake. Just take more Diazepam. If 
your aiming is careful, you should defeat Wolf in no time.


After the battle, you’ll be captured and undergo a series of tortures. After Wolf 
is down, you should contact Mei Ling and save your game because if you die during 
the tortures, not only will it be Game Over but there are no continues and you’ll 
have to start from your last saved point.



Liquid is piloting the Hind. This Russian gunship has 2 20-millimeter Vulcan 
cannons and a missile launcher. Liquid will fire only the Vulcan cannons for a 
majority part of the battle and they’re nothing to worry about. The missile 
launcher, however, will do big damage if you’re caught in its explosion. The only 
weapon that will work against the Hind is a Stinger Missile. If you’re thinking of 
using your Chaff to disrupt the Hind’s electronics systems, don’t try it. It 
doesn’t work because according to Nastasha, Liquid is using manual control and he’s 
not using any computer systems to help him aim, so the Chaff is useless. Try your 
best to dodge the gunfire from the cannons. They’re pretty easy to dodge. When the 
Hind’s nose (or front end) is pointed away from you, shoot a missile. It is kind of 
hard to shoot a missile at the Hind when it’s shooting at you. The Hind’s position 
appears on the radar. If you loose sight of him, you can still track his location 
on your radar. Halfway through the battle, Liquid will shoot a missile from his 
helicopter. RUN TO THE NORTH AND STAY THERE! The impact will happen at the bottom 
part of the roof. If you stayed at the top part, you should be fine. The next 
missile is launched when the Hind’s LIFE Bar reaches 0. Liquid will then fire 
another missile. Do the same thing you did for the first one. It will land in the 
same place. Then the battle should end.



Wolf is hiding somewhere in the snowfield. You have to finish her once and for all. 
Again, use Diazepam to relax your muscles then equip the PSG-1. As Snake said 
before the battle, Wolf is not using stealth camouflage, so there’s no need for 
your Thermal Goggles. You could use them at the beginning just to locate Wolf. She 
does blend in pretty good with the snow with her white clothes. You should do the 
same thing you did with Wolf as you did in your last encounter with her. Your 
rations should be equipped at all times and make sure they’re at maximum. Make sure 
you do not loose sight of Wolf. It’s very easy to loose sight of her with the 
snowstorm going on. Again, if you’re careful with your aiming, you should be fine.


SUGGESTED WEAPONS: Nikita Missiles, Stinger Missiles

I strongly suggest that you use the Stinger Missiles for this battle. But if 
they’re limited because of the Hind fight, use the Nikita missiles. I have beaten 
Raven with both and in my opinion, the Stingers are much better and easier to use. 
As you can see on your radar, Raven’s field of vision is strong. He can see far 
distances. The thing you should do is attack when his back is facing you. With that 
gun he has, it will shoot down your missiles. Side attacks work, too but there’s a 
chance that Raven will then turn to your direction and shoot down your missile. If 
you land a successful shot, Raven will then turn to you and shoot you. It is 
IMPOSSIBLE to dodge his gunfire! He fires bullets all over the place so odds are 
you’re going to get shot! Don’t worry, however, it doesn’t take a bunch of missiles 
to take him down. Only about 11 or 12 successful shots and he should be on the 
ground. Note that Raven’s speed is high. If you use Nikita missiles, they may not 
be fast enough. When his LIFE bar reaches 0, you’ll receive the Level 7 card and 
get a bit of juicy news from him.



The Stinger Missiles are the only weapons affective against Rex. If you need help 
on how to destroy it, call Otacon (frequency 141.12) and he’ll tell you everything 
you need to know. First he says that you have to destroy the Radome (the shield-
like thing on Rex’s left arm). Rex is not all that hard to destroy. The thing to 
remember is DO NOT GO UNDERNEATH REX! A lot of people say you should do that so 
that way he doesn’t see you. If you go underneath him, you have a 80% chance of 
getting squished by Rex’s foot and it’s Game Over instantly and not only that but 
if you’re underneath or behind Rex, it is hard to see Snake. You should stay at 
Rex’s side but a pretty good distance from his feet. During the battle, Liquid will 
stop Rex for a brief moment. This is your time to attack! This is the only time you 
should go behind Rex and shoot the Radome on his left arm. Do EVERYTHING repeatedly 
and a short scene will appear, which is pretty shocking and sad. Then the second 
part of the battle appears. You must destroy the interior of the cockpit but you do 
NOT have to go out in front of Metal Gear and expose yourself to Rex’s attacks. You 
can go in between Rex (remember, when it’s not moving to avoid being squished) and 
aim at the cockpit from there. It only takes about 6 or 7 shots (maybe a bit less) 
to destroy Metal Gear!



You’re barehanded on the top of Metal Gear, with your brother. You have to kill him 
and end this! The only thing you can really do is punch and kick him repeatedly. 
You have no weapons. This battle depends on reflexes and skill. The thing you 
should watch out for is when Liquid head-butts you. This takes away a good amount 
of damage. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention something: Meryl! You have to defeat 
Liquid in 2 minutes or the bomb that’s next to her will explode! I have never had 
the clock run down to zero before so I think it’ll be pretty easy.


As just mentioned, you have to defeat Liquid in 2 minutes or Meryl will explode. If 
you survived Ocelot’s torture, she’ll be alive and you and her will get out of the 
base together. If you submitted to the torture, she’ll be dead and you and Otacon 
will ride out of the base.



This really isn’t a boss fight I just thought I’d include it just to avoid e-mails 
about it. You’re in the back of a jeep (with either Meryl or Otacon driving) with a 
FA-MAS rifle and Liquid somehow survived the fall and he has his own rifle. You 
must equip your rations that you should’ve picked up when you were in the parking 
garage. Unlike the rest of the game, this part allows you to fire your weapon in 
First Person mode. I strongly suggest you do this! Hold down TRIANGLE and fire 
using SQUARE. Fire constantly at Liquid to avoid being shot back. This lasts for 
two minutes before the ending scene begins.


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