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Blood Omen 2 (Xbox Version) Boss FAQ v1.2
By Raven0uS (AkA David Tavernier)
[email protected]

This is my first FAQ at (or anywhere for that matter), 
so I decided to tackle something pretty easy. This is a FAQ for all of 
the bosses in Blood Omen 2 for the Xbox. This should help you if you 
are stuck on a certain boss. These are only strategies, so I assume 
that you already have a basic knowledge of how to play Blood Omen 2. I 
have broken up each boss battle into multiple stages. Enjoy!

5.The Sarafan Lord


Faustus is the first boss you will encounter in the game. He was once a 
legionnaire in your army, but now he is a traitor.

This boss fight consists of three stages and takes place in two rooms. 
You will earn the "Jump" Dark Gift from Faustus once you defeat him.

::Stage 1::

            Room 1
         .'         '.  
        /              \   
       /                \  
      .                  . 
      |                  |
      |                  | 
       \                /  
        \.            ./   

This stage of the battle takes place in a small circular room. There is 
no real need to use your surroundings. This battle is hand-to-hand 

Faustus uses a wide variety of attacks. Sometimes he will hit you with 
a five hit combo that ends in a yellow super punch. Other times he will 
strike you only once and then follow up with a yellow super punch. He 
will even dodge your attacks and then go right into an UNBLOCKABLE red 
jump kick. Also, he will often dodge your attacks and flip over you so 
that your back is turned to him. When he does this, just press the 
block button when he tries to attack you. You will automatically face 
in his direction if you successfully block his next attack.

Equip your "Fury" Dark Gift, and begin blocking as many of his hits as 
you can to charge up your "Rage Meter". Once you are glowing red, hit 
him with a Fury attack by pressing the "B" button. If you see him 
getting ready to do a red jump kick, always dodge it by holding left or 
right on the analog stick and pressing "A".

Luckily, you will only have to take away about one eighth of his life. 
Keep hitting him with Fury attacks, and eventually Faustus will run 
through a hole on the second floor of the room. A door will open on the 
first floor. When you are ready, follow him to the next stage.

::Stage 2::
              Room 2
      |         |_|<-Switch |
      |                     |
      |                     |
      |                     |
      |_                   _|
      |_|<-Switch         |_|<-Switch
      |                     |
      |                     |
      |                     |
      |          _          |

This stage takes place in a large square room. On each side of the 
room, there is a large incinerator, and a switch that ignites what is 
standing on top of it.

Faustus will jump on top of one of the incinerators, and begin lobbing 
fireballs at you. These fireballs rest on the floor for a while, and 
then explode. Keep moving, and don't get near them. You are supposed to 
pull the switch that controls the incinerator that Faustus is standing 
on top of. Once you pull the switch, Faustus will light on fire and 
lose a portion of his life. The hard part is that if you get too close 
to the incinerator Faustus is on top of, he will jump to another one 

Equip your "Mist" Dark Gift. You will notice that near each of the four 
levers that activate the four incinerators, there is a thin layer of 
mist on the ground. The trick is to enter the mist as far away from the 
switch as possible, and slowly make your way to the switch. Once you 
are right next to it, pull it, and Faustus will ignite.

Do this three to four times, and you will move on to the third stage of 
the battle.

::Stage 3::

This stage takes place in the same room as Stage 2, but now the mist on 
the floor will disappear, and Faustus will jump to the top of the room.

On the top of the room is a complex of iron girders. Faustus will move 
along these girders. Use your right analog stick to keep track of him 
so you know where he is. Eventually he will jump down. To warn you 
there will be a whooshing sound as he jumps down. He will now try to 
hit you with a long flying kick. You will not be able to block this 
kick, so just as he starts to jump at you, hold down the "R Trigger" 
and press right or left on the analog + "A" and dodge it. He will fall 
down, and when he gets up hit him with a three hit combo. He will then 
jump back up to the iron girders and repeat the process. You will only 
have to do this about 4 times.

After his life is gone, the battle will be over, and you will move on 
to the next level.

Marcus is an old enemy of yours. Apparently you once asked him to join 
your army, but when he refused, you tried to kill him. You thought you 
had succeeded, but many years later you now find him alive and well. He 
is now a traitor, and he has allied himself with the Sarafan. Marcus 
has powerful psychic abilities. He can put humans under his control. 
The Bishop is now in a state of confusion, and you cannot get any 
information from him until Marcus is dead.

This battle with Marcus has two stages. They both take place in one 
room, but they take place in different parts of the room. This room is 
a large cathedral hall, with two bells, one on each side of the room. 
Each bell has a switch that activates the bells when you pull it. When 
you defeat Marcus you will receive the "Charm" Dark Gift.

::Stage 1::

        Bottom Floor
      |               |                            
      |               |                            
      |               |                            
 _____|               |_____                  
|_                         _|                  
|_| <- Switch    Switch-> |_|                  
|_____                 _____|                 
      |               |                            
      |               |                            
      |               |                                  
      |_____     _____|                           
            |   |

This stage takes place in the lower part of the room. Marcus will be 
roaming around the room, COMPLETELY INVISIBLE. You will not be able to 
fight him without being able to see him. The key to fighting him is by 
activating the bells on either side of the room. Apparently Marcus has 
very sensitive ears.

Pull either switch on either side of the room, the bells will ring, and 
Marcus will become visible for a short period of time. Run quickly to 
where he is and hit him with a three hit combo. He will become 
invisible again after you knock him over. Now head over to the switch 
that is opposite to the one you first pulled. Pull that switch, and hit 
Marcus with another three hit combo. Be careful while pulling the 
switches. Sometimes Marcus will run up behind you and attack you while 
you are waiting to pull a switch. A cutscene will take place when 
Marcus' life is reduced to about sixty percent. You have made it to 
Stage 2.

::Stage 2::

      |     _____     |
      |   _|     |_   |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |         |  |
      |  |_       _|  |
      |    |_____|    |

In the cutscene Marcus sends out two brainwashed soldiers to cut the 
ropes of the bells. These soldiers are then brought up to a balcony 
that overlooks the first floor of the room. Take the staircase at the 
end of the room up to the balcony. Marcus is up on the balcony with the 
two soldiers. The soldiers carry clubs, but they shoot arrows when you 
are at a distance from them. For each soldier you kill, another soldier 
will be brought into the room. Only kill the soldiers when you need 
blood. You cannot kill all of them.

I would recommend going after Marcus first and ignoring the soldiers. 
He will be completely visible at first, and most likely standing on one 
of the circular parts that jut out from the balcony. Try to avoid the 
soldiers, and pound on Marcus over and over. He won't try to attack 

Once you get Marcus down to very low health, he will become almost 
completely invisible and start running away. He flickers visible 
slightly. It's pretty hard to find him now. He almost always stays on 
the balcony though. The best way to find him usually is to attack some 
of his brainwashed soldiers. He will often come to gang up on you and 
inflict some extra pain. Try to turn on him and finish him off. Also, 
sometimes if you simply stand still, he will seek you out and try to 
fight you. Just keep pounding on him once you hit him.

***Here is another strategy to beat Marcus that was emailed to me by 
Jason Lyon: "Hello, I have another neat way to kill Marcus rather 
easily. Simply hit a brainwashed soldier a few times (until you can 
pick him up) then toss him against a bell. Marcus will grab his head in 
agony just like on the first stage, then just beat the crap outta him, 
simple. One note though the soldier has to be near a bell, kinda common 
sense I know but I just felt like including it."*** (Other people 
emailed me about this as well. Thank you.)

Once his life bar is drained, you have won the battle.


***First off, if you don't want to beat Sebastian the hard way, there 
is a cheesy method that I discovered myself. I'm not sure if this works 
on everyone's copy, but it has worked every time for me. First, let 
Sebastian kill you, and the battle will restart. When the battle with 
Sebastian starts again, don't touch ANYTHING on the controller. Just 
leave it the way it is, and Sebastian will slowly die from getting hit 
by the steam. It takes a while, but he will die, and the battle will be 
over. You didn't even have to do a thing either. If you want to beat 
him the hard way, continue reading.*** (I have confirmed that this 
works on the Xbox version. However, some people that have the Ps2 
version have emailed me and said that it only takes you to his second 
stage. Thanks to everyone that emailed me.)

Sebastian was once one of your allies, but hundreds of years ago he 
conspired with the Sarafan to set up the ambush that lead to your 
defeat. You came to the industrial complex to find the Nexus Stone, but 
Sebastian was sent to stop you by the Sarafan Lord. You now have to 
kill Sebastian to take the Nexus Stone.

This boss fight consists of 3 stages. All three stages take place in 
the same area, although the area changes throughout the fight. This 
area is a circular room, with a small platform in the middle that is 
lowered to begin with, but raises at the end of the fight. There are 
slits on the walls that shoot out hot steam throughout the fight. You 
will earn the "Berserk" Dark Gift from Sebastian once you defeat him.

::Stage 1:: 

         Circular Room
         .'         '.  
        /              \   
       /      ____      \  
      .      /    \      . 
      |     |      |<---------Small circular platform
      |      \____/      | 
       \                /  
        \.            ./   
            |_______|<-Window with servant

This will be a strictly hand-to-hand battle with Sebastian. One jet of 
steam will be running counter-clockwise around the room. It will burn 
you if you run into it. I suggest you stay in the center of the room, 
on top of the small circular platform. 

Equip the Dark Gift called "Fury", and begin the fight. He will 
repeatedly attack you with five hit combos. Sometimes he will add in a 
sixth hit, and sometimes that attack will be UNBLOCKABLE. This is what 
you should do. Block all five hits and then do either of these two 
things. If your "Rage Meter" is halfway full, and you are glowing red, 
execute your Fury by pressing the "B" button right as he finishes his 
fifth hit. Your Fury attack will send him flying, but when he gets up 
he will rush you with an unblockable counter-attack. Dodge it, just as 
he starts to rush, by pressing right or left on the analog + "A". 

If you are not glowing red by the end of his fifth attack, dodge just 
in case he uses his unblockable attack as a sixth hit. He also does a 
powerful but BLOCKABLE attack as a sixth hit sometimes, but I recommend 
dodging just in case it turns out to be unblockable. After you dodge, 
follow up with a three hit combo of your own. Sometimes you will be 
able to hit him with it.

He will keep hitting you with combos over and over until you have taken 
away about one fourth of his life. Now he will go into his second 

::Stage 2::

During this stage of the battle, the small circular platform in the 
middle remains lowered but becomes an ELECTRICAL FIELD. Get off of the 
small circular platform, and stay along the edge of the room. Sebastian 
will begin running clockwise around the edge of the room, and two jets 
of steam will shoot from the sides of the room, moving counter-

Try to stay right behind one of the jets of steam, and move along with 
it as Sebastian runs around the room. Sebastian will circle the room 
two to three times, and then he will perform a leaping attack in your 
direction. Before he does his leaping attack, the two jets of steam 
will shut off. The trick here is to get Sebastian to hit the electric 
field of energy in the center of the room when he makes his leap. The 
way to do this is to keep track of Sebastian and look to see where he 
stopped running, and then get on the opposite side of the room. When he 
leaps at you, he will hit the field of energy and lose a portion of his 
life. Do this three times, and you will get to his third and final 

::Stage 3:: 

The circular platform in the middle of the room will raise, and 
Sebastian will get his servant in the control room to destroy the 
industrial complex, and you with it.

Jump up to the top of the platform where Sebastian is, and find the 
slit in the wall where the servant is. Take control of the servant by 
using your "Charm" Dark Gift by pressing the "B" button, and then 
selecting the servant and pressing "B" again. Get the servant to pull 
the switch on the right side of the window that looks out into the 
room. If you don't do this quickly, the room will blow up, and you will 
die. The battle will then restart.

Once you have stopped the room from blowing up, you will be stuck on 
top of the small raised platform. Sebastian will then start hitting you 
with five hit combos again. This time he will try to fake you out by 
PRETENDING to start his first hit. Use the same strategy as in Stage 1, 
except make sure to watch for when he does his first hit in the combo 
very carefully.

Another strategy is to keep hitting him with a three hit combo as soon 
as he gets up. You can usually do this until he dies.

You can also grab him by the neck by pressing the "Y" button, and if 
you throw him off of the platform by pressing forward on the analog + 
"X" he will die instantly. I read this on the message 
board. Thanks and credit goes to Zipp0 from the forums.

After his life has drained, you will continue on to the next level.


Magnus was once the greatest warrior in your army. The Sarafan sent him 
to the Eternal Prison when he tried to put a stop to them single-
handedly. He is now a wretched beast, in constant agony.

Your fight with Magnus consists of three stages (So many of them do 
hehe...), and takes place in two rooms. DURING THIS BATTLE YOU DO NOT 
will receive the "Immolation" Dark Gift.

::Stage 1::

            Room 1
         .'         '.  
        /   .+---+    \   
       /   /       \   \  
      .  +|  Water  \+  . 
      |   |    +    |   |
      |   +\       /+   | 
       \    '.___.+    /  
        \.    +       /   
          '.________.'   + = Statues
Stage 1 takes place in a circular area, with a circular pool of water 
in the middle. Magnus is perched on top of a small statue in the middle 
of this pool of water. Eight other statues surround the pool of water, 
forming a circle around its edge.

At the start of this first stage, Magnus will immediately begin to use 
his "Immolation" Dark Gift. This Dark Gift will kill you INSTANTLY. 
Equip your "Telekenesis" Dark Gift, and use it on Magnus by pressing 
"B" and selecting him, and then pressing "B" again. He will be knocked 
off of his perch into the water below. 

It's not over yet though. Magnus will jump out of the water and land 
back on his perch. You will not be able to use Telekenesis before he 
uses Immolation this time. You will have to hide behind one of the 
statues that surround the pool of water. The statue you hide behind 
will be destroyed when he uses Immolation (better than you dying). Make 
sure you don't get out from behind the statue too early. Wait until you 
see a YELLOW FLASH, and then rush out from behind the statue, and 
immediately use Telekenesis on him. He will fall off again. When he 
gets back up, hide behind a different statue. Pop out again once you 
see the yellow flash and use Telekenesis on him. Repeat this until you 
reach Stage 2. Once you knock Magnus off four times you will move on to 
the second stage.

::Stage 2::

             Room 2

        / +          + \
       /+              +\
      |                  |
      |                  |
      |                  |
      |       ___        |
      |      /    \      |
      |     |Small |     |
      |     | oval |     |
      |     |platform    |
      |      \____/      |
      |                  |
      |                  |
      |                  |
      |                  |
      |__________________| + = Statues

Both Stage 2 and Stage 3 take place in the same room. It is a large 
rectangular room with a small oval platform in the middle. This 
platform is elevated about ten feet above the ground floor. There is a 
lot of rubble surrounding the platform. There are four statues in the 
room as well. These statues look like grim reapers, and they have large 

Magnus is in a rage, and he will be walking slowly around the bottom 
floor of the room. If at any time you want to avoid him, jump on top of 
the oval platform in the center of the room. Make sure not to take many 
hits from Magnus. He will take away about one fourth of your life for 
every hit he deals you. You can actually defeat Magnus by picking him 
up using the "Y" button, and then pressing forward + "X" to perform a 
strong attack on him. However, this only does a small amount of damage 
and would take a lot longer than beating him the normal way. There is 
also the danger of Magnus hitting you with a combo while you are trying 
to grab him. (Thanks to CreatureCore13 for emailing me about this.)

To defeat Magnus, you need to use your Telekenesis ability to knock him 
over. After he gets back up, he will turn red and charge you like a 
bull. Always dodge to the left or right when he is charging you by 
pressing left or right + "A".

What you have to do is stand in front of one of the four statues, and 
use Telekenesis on him to get him to charge into the sickle the statue 
is holding (kind of like bullfighting). When Magnus hits one of the 
statues, the sickle will break, and a "Telekenesis Emblem" will be 

Use Telekenesis on this emblem to activate it (it will turn upside-down 
to show its activation). Try to avoid Magnus while doing this. He may 
charge you while you are standing still.

Get him to charge into all four statues, and activate all four of the 
Telekenesis Emblems. A cutscene will now show a large statue, holding a 
staff, being created out of the rubble that was on the ground. This 
statue uses the oval platform in the middle of the room as its base. 
You are now at the third stage of the battle.

::Stage 3::

You now have to get Magnus to charge into the large staff the statue is 
holding. Do this by standing directly in front of the staff, and then 
using Telekenesis on Magnus. Dodge out of the way as soon as he comes 
charging at you. It should only take ONE direct hit from Magnus to 
break the staff the statue is holding. Once the staff is broken, get 
Magnus to charge into the INFINITY emblem on base of the statue. After 
this has been done the statue will fall on Magnus, crushing him. 
(Sometimes it can take more than one hit from Magnus to destroy the 
staff. Blood Omen 2 has some collision detection problems.)

You will now move on to the next level.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=5.The Sarafan Lord=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Sarafan Lord is your nemesis. He defeated you many years ago in 
battle by using the Nexus Stone. By this point in the game you have 
found out that he is really part of an ancient race that was in a feud 
with the vampires. He has been bringing his race called the Hylden 
through a gate in order to retake Nosgoth. You are now at the Hylden 
Gate, trying to close it and destroy the Sarafan Lord once and for all.

This is the final battle of the game. It takes place on top of multiple 
platforms that hover over a large abyss. Four platforms surround one 
large platform in the middle. If you fall off any of the platforms at 
any time, you will die and the battle will restart. When you beat the 
Sarafan Lord, you will have completed the game.

::Stage 1::

        Platforms above the Abyss
      ______               ______
      |     |______________|     |
      |      ______________      |<-Outer platforms
      |_   _|              |_   _|
        | |                  | |
        | |      ______      | |
        | |     |      |     | |
        | |     |      |     | |<-Bridges
        | |     |______|     | |
        | |  Center Platform | |
       _| |_                _| |_
      |     |______________|     |
      |      ______________      |
      |_____|              |_____|

The first two stages take place on the four platforms that surround the 
platform in the middle. Equip your "Telekenesis" Dark Gift.

The Sarafan Lord will begin hurling blue energy bolts at you as soon as 
the battle starts. Dodge these bolts by either running from one 
platform to another, or jumping the first bolt, standing still during 
the second, and jumping the third. Once he has unleashed his first 
three bolts of energy, he will charge up to unleash three more.

Now is the time to strike. Use your Telekenesis ability on him by 
pressing the "B" button, selecting him, and then pressing "B" again. He 
will be knocked to the edge of the platform he is standing on. He will 
be stunned momentarily, so select your "Jump" Dark Gift, and jump onto 
him by pressing the "B" button, selecting him, and pressing "B" again 
(wait for the cursor to turn red). He will be smacked off of the edge, 
and you have completed Stage 1 (Easy eh?).

::Stage 2::

Well, it's not that easy. The Sarafan Lord comes back up, and you now 
have to fight him in a melee battle. You cannot damage the Sarafan lord 
during this stage with ANYTHING except the "Immolation" Dark Gift. 
Sometimes you might get a regular hit in, but it is unusual.

Equip your "Immolation" Dark Gift. The Sarafan Lord will attack you 
repeatedly with a six hit combo that ENDS WITH AN UNBLOCKABLE ATTACK. 
So once he gets done that fifth hit, dodge out of the way by pressing 
left or right on the analog + "A". Charge up your "Rage Meter" by 
blocking his attacks, and when you glow red, use your "Immolation" Dark 
Gift by pressing "B". The safest way to make sure the Immolation hits 
him is to use it when he is in the middle of his combo.

Keep blocking his attacks and using Immolation (It takes 4 Immolations. 
Credit goes to Justin Larkin) and there will be a cutscene. You have 
now made it to the third stage.

::Stage 3::

Well, this is it. This is the final stage of the game. The outer 
platforms that make up the structure are destroyed. You and the Sarafan 
lord jump to the platform in the center. The Sarafan Lord will now hit 
you with a vicious six hit combo again and again. This combo is made up 
of extremely powerful yellow hits, and the last hit is an UNBLOCKABLE 
red blow. Make sure you time your blocks right, and dodge out of the 
way when he is making his sixth hit.

Equip your "Fury" Dark Gift. To land a Fury on him you need to time it 
JUST RIGHT. After he makes his combo, and you dodge the sixth hit, wait 
until he turns toward you again, THEN hit him with the Fury. Also, if 
you want to try to land a three hit combo on him when you avoid his red 
attack it sometimes works.

HiESTpower recently tipped me off in an email that it is also possible 
to use Berserk on this stage of the Sarafan Lord. Equip your "Berserk" 
Dark Gift. To use Berserk on him, wait until right when he turns toward 
you after you dodge the sixth hit in his combo. As soon as he faces 
toward you, press "B". You should land all of it's hits. It will only 
take TWO Berserks to finish him off. I would say this is even better 
than using Fury, so if you are willing to wait the extra few blocks to 
charge up Berserk, use this method.

Another way to defeat the Sarafan lord is by picking him up and 
stabbing him with the Soul Reaver. I received this information from 
Dewey Brown. Just block his combo and dodge the sixth hit, and then 
when he turns toward you press forward on the analog + "Y" to pick him 
up. Then you can press forward + "X" to stab him with the Soul Reaver. 
It takes 3 stabs to finish him off. Thanks Dewey.

Of course you do not have to use only one of these strategies. You can 
mix it up. You could stab him two times and then use a Fury, or you 
could use Berserk and then a couple of Furys. There are numerous ways 
to finish off the Sarafan Lord.

When you have taken down all of his life the final cutscene will ensue, 
and the game will be over. Congratulations. 

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=FAQ STUFF=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

3/26/02 v1.1 additions and changes:
-Added a little background info about each of the bosses.
-Maps added
-Changed the design to make the FAQ more readable (Hopefully)
-Corrected a few grammatical errors
-Corrected my Gamefaqs name (ahhh I can't believe I spelled it wrong!)

3/26/02 v1.11 additions and changes:
-Added another strategy for beating Stage 3 of Sebastian
-Corrected a mistake on Stage 3 Magnus

3/27/02 v1.15 additions and changes:
-Added a few more in-depth hints on how to beat Magnus
-Added a strategy for using Berserk to beat The Sarafan Lord
-Clarified exactly how many Immolations it takes to defeat the Sarafan 
-Corrected an error where I said that Kain could "duck"
-Corrected as much bad writing as I could ;)

3/31/02 v1.2 additions and changes:
-Confirmed the trick to kill Sebastian the easy way
-Added another strategy for beating Marcus' second stage
-Added another strategy for defeating Magnus
-Added another strategy for killing the Sarafan Lord
-Corrected the dates for my updates

People who have emailed me or in any other way contributed to this FAQ:

Thanks to Zipp0 for adding another strategy to beat Sebastian. Thanks 
to Kyle Hanson for emailing me about it as well.

Thanks to Justin Larkin for clarifying how many Immolations it takes to 
beat the Sarafan Lord's second stage.

Thanks to HiESTpower for the tip on using Berserk on Stage 3 of the 
Sarafan Lord.

Thanks to Ngfl18 for pointing out a mistake where I told the reader to 
"duck" one of the Sarafan Lord's energy bolts. I have now changed this 
to read "standing still" because Kain cannot duck.

Thanks to DJ Bass, Hoe Brown, Marcus Mann, David, Sam, nobody, Phil, 
Julian Boardman, Toby Carlson, TKf5000, Patrick Shannon, Paul Bend, 
Jordan Corrigan, Jaysin125, RetroStatic, Aaron Mesnar, Bearhawk13, Rick 
Reicker, and Isaac for emailing me confirming the Sebastian trick.

Thanks to Jason Lyon, Justin Pauls, Victor Ravelo, and Darien for 
telling me about another strategy to finish off Marcus.

Thanks to CreatureCore13 for telling me about another way to defeat 

Thanks to Dewey Brown for telling me about another strategy to kill the 
Sarafan Lord.

If you spot any mistakes that I make please email me, tell me, and I'll 
try to fix them ASAP. Thanks.

This document Copyright 2002 David Tavernier
This can be put anywhere you want as long as it isn't modified from its 
original form.

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