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                           In depth Boss Guide
                     By Sheik ([email protected])
                           currently version 3.8
If you have questions or comments on this guide, or simply have
suggestions, Email me at [email protected] with "castlevania" as the
This document is copyright (c)2001 Sheik ([email protected]). All
rights reserved. Reproduction or distribution of this material is
illegal, and it must not be posted on any websites except for and

Revision History

6/20/01 (version 1.0)-started the faq. Got alot done.....
6/21/01 (version 1.2)-made the art at the top and fixed a few minor
6/21/01 (version 1.4)-made the boss location section
6/21/01 (version 1.6)-put in the alcove trick for dragon zombie. Also
put in how to beat dragon zombie in magician mode. Started Boss
description section.
6/22/01 (version 1.8)-added the magician section to death, added the
exp. gain to death, fixed a few minor errors. Added magician mode to
Camilla. Added the exp. to the description guide.
6/25/01 (version 2.0)-added magician section to Hugh, and to Dracula's
first form.
6/25/01 (version 2.2)-added magician section to Dracula's second form.
Added Fighter mode to Cerberus. I also finished the exp. gain in the
boss description guide.
6/25/01 (version 2.4)-added fighter mode to necromancer.
6/27/01 (version 2.6)-added figher mode to iron golem, fixed some minor
7/09/01 (version 2.8)-added easier magician mode to Camilla, fixed some
errors, added moves to dragon zombies, hugh, and adramelech.(im finished
with the boss description guide, unless someone has any suggestions for
7/11/01 (version 3.0)-added easier vampire killer mode to hugh and
dracula's first form.
7/12/01 (version 3.2)-added fighter mode to Adramelech, Dragon Zombies,
and Death. Added some things to special thanks.
7/13/01 (version 3.4)-added fighter mode to Camilla. Fixed some Errors.
7/14/01 (version 3.6)-added fighter mode to Hugh. added a new magician
mode to necromancer. Fixed some Errors.
7/14/01 (version 3.8)-made some changes

I know that sometimes people have trouble beating the bosses,  I've
developed strategies for the bosses that will, hopefully, help you get
passed them. They helped me get passed them. Good Luck!
Also, I'm hoping to eventually, make a guide for each boss, for each of
the modes: vampire killer, magician, fighter, shooter, and thief. (thief
will probably just be the same as vampire killer)
Table of Contents
1. Cerberus
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
2. Necromancer
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
3. Iron Golem
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
4. Adramelech
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
5. Dragon Zombie
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
6. Death
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
7. Camilla
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
8. Hugh
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
   C. Fighter Mode
9. Dracula
   A. Vampire Killer Mode/Thief Mode
   B. Magician Mode
10. Boss Locations
    A. Cerberus
    B. Necromancer
    C. Iron Golem
    D. Adramelech
    E. Dragon Zombie
    F. Death
    G. Camilla
    H. Hugh
    I. Dracula
11. Boss description guide
    A. Cerberus
    B. Necromancer
    C. Iron Golem
    D. Adramelech
    E. Dragon Zombie
    F. Death
    G. Camilla
    H. Hugh
    I. Dracula
12. Special Thanks
1. Cerberus (level 5+)
A. When battling Cerberus, you want to have full hearts, and I also
recomend Holy Water. Also, before you battle him, you want to equip your
strongest armor, and if you can, have some potions with you. Now, when
you battling him, you want to turn on your strongest whip attack, either
fire whip or rose whip, and just whip him and throw Holy Water at him.
When he flashes, that means he's getting ready to attack, so be ready to
dodge. He has a couple of attacks. If he flashes red, that means he is
going to shoot a laser, so if you can, get under or behind him and
attack him. If he flashes blue, that means he is either going to pounce
or shoot electric charges. I found that if you put youself right in
front of him when he pounces, he'll jump right over you and then you
don't even get a scratch.  After you defeat him, go get double, so that
you can double jump all you want!

B. When battling Cerberus in Magician mode, things are a little bit
harder. Since you life is extremely low, and you dont deal as much
damage, you'll have to use magic. The way I killed him was pretty cheap,
but this is what I suggest you do if you can't do it with any other of
your magics. Just turn into a skeleton and throw bones at him until you
throw a super bone at him. Kills him in one hit, works like a charm.
Remember though, that if your about to be hit, quick change back to
normal so you dont get dealt 9999 damage.

C. HAHAHA....this was soooo easy. When you go into battle, have a nice
supply of hearts, and the holy water. What you want to do is chuck two
holy waters at him, then whip him. When he flashes, he's going to do an
attack, so be ready. When he jumps up on the platform and does the
laser, just get behind him and whip him. This boss should'nt be too hard
for you. Just put it this way..I lost NO life while battling him.
2. Necromancer (level 10+)
A. In my opinion, Necromancer can be one of the hardest enemies in the
game!(besides Dracula)). So, you better have you levels pretty high
before you fight him. Again, before you fight him, have full hearts, but
this time, have the crucifix instead of Holy Water. Now, turn on
anything that will make you stronger, like the rose whip, and enter.
Now, jump up on the platform and watch out for his little energy orbs,
and whip him and throw crucifixes at him. When he teleports little
enemies to the ground, jump down there and kill them by sliding...cus
you'll need to use the floor later. After you defeat his first form,
he'll turn into what looks like a flying skeleton. Use the same
strategy, except when he turns into a flying orb, jump anywhere you can
to get out of its way, cus it'll deal you quite some damage. When you
get closer and closer to killing him, he'll start turning into the orb
more and more, so watch out. After you kill him, go get tackle.

B. Ok, I got emails from like 3 people giving me this explanation, which
is, I might add, really good. All you have to do, is when you go into
battle, turn on Neptune + Black Dog, that way, any damage he tries do
deal, won't hurt you at all. Just beat him up and get the battle over

C. This boss also is extremely easy in fighter mode. All you need to do
is go up to him and whip him, ocassionally throwing crucifixes at him.
Trust me, he'll be dead in no time, and you'll still have over half your
3. Iron Golem (level 15+)
A. In my opinion, this is the easiest boss in the game. All you have to
do, is equip DSS so that your strengh is higher, and again whip him and
use crucifixes. Just watch out for when he pounds the ground, jump when
he does that, otherwise you'll get hurt. Also watch out for the gears
that fall down from the ceiling. After you defeat him (which shouldn't
be that tough) go get your kick boots!

B. I did the same with this boss as I did with the first, just turn into
a skeleton and throw bones, until you hit him with the ultra bone. Just
remember that if your about to be hit, quick change back to normal so
that you dont get killed in one hit.

C. Ok, this also was an easy boss. All you want is to have crucifix, and
some hearts. Now what you want to do, is whip him and throw crucifixes
at him. When he pounds the ground, jump, and then brandish your whip
when you land so no gears hit you. Also, watch out for his punch thing.
Just keep whipping him and throwing crucifixes until he's dead.
4. Adremelech (level 20+)
A. By the time you get to this boss, have the Jupiter + Golem
combination (you get 4x invinciblitiy when your hit), otherwise my guide
to this guy won't do you much good. What you do is turn that on, and
that way when you get hit with the flying skulls or the fireballs, your
invincible through the rest of the group, then, after you get hit, whip
crucifixes at his head, and whip him. Do this as much as you can until
he's dead. Keep in mind that if your life is getting low, use potions or
meats before you die!

B. I thought this guy was pretty tough in Magician Mode. What I did, is
turned on the Uranus + Thunderbird combo. Then, I would whip crucifixes
at him until he started one of his attacks, and then did the thunderbird
summon. If you gettin low on life, turn on the Uranus + White Unicorn
combination to gain life. Keep on throwing crucifixes and doing the
thunderbird summon until he's dead.

C. Ok, for this one, you'll just need to take alot of damage. Make sure
you have the crucifix, and a nice supply of hearts. Enter the battle,
and whip him and throw crucifixes. Try to jump the skulls, and dodge the
fire he shools at you. Also, make sure that you destroy the little
bubbles that pop up from the ground. Don't worry too much about getting
hit unless your life is really, REALLY low.
5. Dragon Zombie (level 25+)
A. This boss is not one, but two dragons. He is pretty easy, just make
sure you have max hearts, crucifix, Jupiter card, and salamander card
before you face him. What you want to do is turn on you fire shield, and
then stand on the platform in between the two dragons and throw
crucifixes over, and over, and over until one of them is dead.(focus on
one at a time). After you defeat one of the minions, turn to the other
and do the same. If your magic runs low during in the battle, and you
need it to recharge, go to the alcove at the exit door, they shouldn't
be able to hit you there. That is the best, and easiest way to defeat

B. Beating this boss isn't very hard in magician mode, but if your
careless, YOU WILL DIE...So, what you want to do is walk in there, with
you Uranus + Thunderbird DSS equipped. Then, jump up on the platform and
do the summon as many times as you can (until your HP is about 25% or
you MP is gone). When one of these two things happens, go to the alcove
by the exit door. Just sit there and let your MP fill up, while healing
yourself with the Uranus + Unicorn DSS combo. Once your HP and MP are
full, go back to the platform between the two Dragons, and do the
Thunderbird summon until they are both dead.

C. What you want to do against this boss, is stand up on the platform
between them so that your level with their heads and throw crucifixes so
that they hit one dragon, and come back and hit the other. Also, try to
whip them every once and a while. There's not much to this boss. If you
die, just keep trying.
6. Death (level 30+)
A. This is death, the only enemy besides dracula thats been in EVERY
Castlevania. When facing Death, make sure you have the Manticore +
Jupiter card combination, max hearts, and the crucifix. When you enter,
turn on the poisen shield to block the debris that come down at you.
Then jump up and whip the first form as much as you can, and watch out
for the arm things that shoot out at you, they deal plenty of damage.
Also watch out for the balls of electricity he shoots, but those are
pretty easy to dodge. (the poisen shield should also deal repeated
damage to him, so that will help). Then, after you defeat his first
form, he turns into that crawling skeleton monster. Just whip tons of
crucifixes at it and whip it and it will eventually die. Watch out for
its ground shake attack though, all you have to do is jump before it
hits the ground.

B. This one is a pretty simple concept....mostly. What you want to do is
go in there with full hearts, crucifix, max mp, max hp etc. etc. Then
what you want to do is start the battle out by either using your holy
shield (jupiter + white unicorn) or by using your thunderbird summon
(uranus + thunderbird). If you choose the shield, then what you want to
do is throw crucixes at him and whip him until your out of hearts, then
switch to the summon. If you start out with the summon, you use the
summon until you run out of MP, then you turn on your shield and go for
the crucifix and whip thing. His first form will do three things. One,
little debris will fall from the ceiling, watch out for those.(use you
shield to block those, if you using the summon, make sure you do
repeated summons, with almost no break in between so that you cannot be
hit.) Two, he'll shoot electric orbs at you, they're not hard to dodge
at all. And three, he'll shoot spears at you. They too, are also pretty
easy to dodge. After you beat his first form, he'll turn into a crawling
skeleton monster that does a flailing arm attack, a ground shake attack,
and again, the debris from the ceiling. You know how to counter the
debris. To dodge the flailing arms, just don't get too close to him. And
for the ground shake attack, jump before he hits the ground. Just keep
using the tactics that you used for the first form on the second form
until it is defeated.

C. There are two main parts to this boss. 1: Keep moving, so that the
little debris from the ceiling don't hit you. And 2: Have the crucifix,
and lots of hearts. When the battle starts, just whip Death, and
occasionally throw crucifixes at him. Watch out for the spears he shoots
out at you, and also for the energy orbs he shoot. Once you defeat his
first form, walk up the the crawling thing, and whip crucifixes like
crazy. Just keep throwing them until he is dead, its the easiest part on
this whole boss.

7. Camilla (level 35+)
A. When you face Camilla, make sure you have max hearts, crucifix, and
the Jupiter + Serpent or Jupiter + Cockatrice DSS combination. When the
fight starts, go back to the entrance and turn on one of the two shields
to block the bubbles she shoots at you, and then when she comes close to
you, throw crucifixes at her and whip her. When she starts to float
away, jump the the next platform (the high one right next to the
entryway) and throw somemore crucifixes at her, then stay there until
she does the laser beam, or water blast. After she does one of those
attacks, go back to the entryway and wait for her to come back. When she
comes back, to the same process. Repeat this process until Camilla is

B. Ok, thank LordDamien27 for this one. When the battle starts, turn on
invincibility (white unicorn + pluto), and wait until she is about to do
the laser. Right before the laser starts, jump into the alcove behind
her and turn on the skeleton (black dog + pluto), and start chucking
bones until you hit her with a big one. (if you don't get a big one the
first time, just turn invincibility on and wait for the laser again and
then try again.

C. This one was a bit hard for me (possibly cus I was at level 22?).
Anyway, what I did is when the battle started, I jumped into the
entrance alcove, and spun my whip to pop the bubbles. When she got
close, I threw a crucifix or two at her do deal some nice damage. Then,
when she went over to the other side to do the laser, I jumped up to the
platform next to the door, and spun my whip to avoid bubbles, and the
laser. After the laser was finished, I jumped back to the alcove, and
repeated the process. Do this until she is dead. (keep in mind, you can
take a LOT of damage in this mode)
8. Hugh (level 45+)
A. For this battle, you want to equip the Uranus + Cockatrice DSS so you
can do the Cockatrice summon. Just keep doing the summon until he is
dead.(it should only take 2 times)

B. Alright, this is a little tougher (at least it was for me, cus I was
only level 28). Anyway, turn on the thunderbird summon (Uranus +
Thunderbird) and start the battle. Jump in the air, and do the summon
while in air, so when the summon is over, you'll have time to jump so
you don't land on Hugh. If your life gets low during battle, there are
ledges in the top left and right of the room that he shouldn't be able
to hit you at, where you can use the unicorn summon (Uranus + White
Unicorn) to regain your life. There is one attack that CAN hit you, but
if your doing the summon, it won't. After you regain your life, just
jump down there and do the summon some more times. Eventually he will
die, and you can get the last key!

C. Before you go to this battle, be AT LEAST level 33 - 35 (depending on
how good you are). And, have platinum armor(or better), and two double
grips equipped.(you can get those items from dark armors. When you enter
the battle, there is no strategy that you can really use. But what I did
alot, is when he chases you, jump over him, and slash him in the back.
Also, use crucifixes alot, seeing as they hit him twice(usually), and
deal more damage than your whip. Just keep hacking away at him until he
is dead.
9. Dracula (level 50+)
A. Dracula's first form- For this battle, you want to equip the Uranus +
Cockatrice DSS so you can do the Cockatrice summon. Just keep doing the
summon until he is dead.(it should only take 2 times)

Dracuala's second form- For Dracula's second form, you want to turn on
your poisen shield (Jupiter + Cockatrice), so he can't hit you with the
poisen bubbles, and if he does, just use an antidote. First, jump up on
the platform right next to him, and wait for him to teleport up to you.
Now, you want to hit him in the eye on his chest when it opens, watch
out for his laser and his comet attack also, especially his comet
attack. When his eye opens, throw crucifixes and whip it as much as you
can before it closes, and then wait for him to dissapear and come back
and do it again, when he flashes red, use your roc wing as quick as you
can to get to the top of the "arena" and keep jumping to stay up there,
cus He will do this repeated charge  attack. You can hear a sharp sound
every time he does it, when the sharp sounds quit happening (they happen
about every 5 seconds I think, and I think he does it about 4 times)
drop down to the platform and turn on the Uranus + Thunderbird
combination. When you see the eyeball surrounded by bats come on screen,
do the summon and then go back to the top of the arena and stay up there
until those sharp sounds finish (because after you hit the eyeball,
he'll change back to normal and do the charge attack again) and jump
down and do the same thing. Keep doing this until you beat him.
Congrats! You just beat the game!

B. Dracula's First form- For this form, I did the same thing that I did
in Vampire killer mode, except I used the Thunderbird summon (Uranus +
Thunderbird)(you may be able to use cockatrice summon, but I'm not sure
yet, because I haven't tried it). If you get low on life during this
battle, just use the Unicorn summon in place of the Thunderbird summon
to regain your life. After you regain your life, go back to the
Thunderbird summon.

   Dracula's Second form- For this form, you want to jump up on the
platform right away, with the COCKATRICE (Uranus + Cockatrice) summon
turned on. When he does any of his attacks (except poisen bubble), do
the summon. When he does poisen bubble (you can tell when he's gunna do
it, cus the mouths on his feet shine), brandish you whip, so that all
the bubbles are destroyed, then get a few hits off with your whip. After
he starts blinking red, turn on your invincibility DSS (Pluto + White
Unicorn), so that his charge attack won't hit you. When he does around
four charges, and turns into the eyeball surrounded by bats, turn on the
Thunderbird summon (Uranus + Thunderbird), and when the eye comes on the
screen, do the summon once, and then turn on invincibility again until
he does the charge attacks all over again and turns back into the eye
surrounded by bats. Then repeat the process over and over untill he is
10. Boss Locations
I made some maps for those of you who can't find the bosses. The maps
don't tell you where doors are, but they'll give you a good idea of in
which direction the boss is in. I hope that these maps help you out
 A.           _
             | |
       ______| |
      |______| |
         |___| |   B1=Cerberus
             | |   Catacomb
             | |
             | |
             | |
             | |
             | |
             | |
             | |
             | |          ____   __________________
             | |      ___| B1 |_|_|  ___|          |
         ____| |     |___|____|   |_|   |__________|
        |__  | |_____| |_|____|   |_|   |_|   |_ _____
         __| |_|     |________|___|_|___|_|   |_| |  _|
        |__  |_|     |______|   |_______|_|   |___| |
 B.   _______________________
     |  ___________  |       |
     |_|           |_|_______|
                   |   |
                   |   |                             _
                   |   |                            | |
   B2=Necromancer  |  _|                            | |
   Audience Room   | |    __________________________| |
                   | |___|      |_ _|_ _|_|    ___  |_|
           ________|_|_| |_     |_|B2 |   |___|   |_|_|____
          |_|    |_____  |_|    |_|___|   |___________|    |_________
            |    |___  |_|______|___|_|   |_____  |___|      |_______|
           _|    |   |_|______________|___|_|_|_|_____|______|

  C.                             _____
                                |   |_|_________
       B3=Iron Golem           _|_____|_B3_|____|
                              |_|__________|    |
                              |____________|    |_
                              |  _| |      |____|_|
                              | |_ _|   ___|    |_|
                              | |_|_|  |_|_|    |
       Machine Tower          |_____|______|____|
                                    |_|    | |
                                    |      |_|_
                                   _|      |_  |
                                  | |______|_|_|
                                  | |      |_________
                                  | |________________|
  D.                                       ___
                  _             ________ _|B5 |_ _
                _| |           |_|      |_|___|_|_|_
               |   |___________|_|______|     |     |_
               |  _|  _________|________|     |     |_|
               | |_|_|                  |     |_    | |
               |   |                    |_____|_|___| |
               |___|                      |     |   |_|
                                           _|___|   |
       B4=Adramelech                      |   |_|   |
                                          |   |_|   |
                                          |   |_|___|
      Chapel Tower                        |_ _|     |
                                            |_|     |
                                          ____|     |_ _
                                         |____|_____|_| |
  E.  B5=Dragon Zombie   _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ ___ ______
                       _|_|B5 |_| | |_| |___|      |___________
Underground Gallery  _|_  |___|_| | |_______|______|_____ _ ___|
                    |   |___|   |_|_|_______| |__________|_|_ _
                    |___| |_|___|___________|_|______________|_|
  F.                                     _
                             ___________| |_______
       B6=Death             |    |___|____|_______|
                           _|    |   |____
                          |_|____|___|    |
                          | |    |_|_|    |
                          | |    |   |    |____
  Underground Warehouse   | |____|___|____|    |
                          | |____|_|    |_|____|
                          | |______|____|
                          | |    | |_____ _     _
                          |_|____|_|     |_|   | |
                         ________|_|     |_____| |
  G.     B7=Camilla                                   _____
                                                     |     |
         Underground Waterway                        |     |_
          _                                          |___  |_|
         | |            _                                | |
        _|_|__         | |    ___________________________| | _ ___
       |_|    |________|_|_ _|      |        |        |     |_|B7 |_
    _____|          |      |_|      |        |        |_____|_|___|_|
  _| |___|          |      |        |_ ______|________|
  H.                                     ___
   B8=Hugh                             _|B8 |_____
                                   ___|_|___|_|   |_
                                  |   | |_____|   |_|
                                  |___| |_____|   |
                             _______|_|_|     |___|
                            |_|     |_|_|_____|   |
                              |     |_________|___|
 Observation tower            |     |___________|
                             _|   |_________|
                            |_|   |         |
        Dracula~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>|_| |
        Ceremonial Room
11. Boss Description Guide
In the boss description guide, I will tell you what the boss looks like,
what you get when you defeat it, where it is located, hopefully how much
expierience it gives, and hopefully the moves it does. If you would like
to help out with this part, I'll take any information that you have
about how much Exp. it gives, or maybe what moves it does if I miss one.
If you have information, just email me at [email protected] with
"castlevania" as the subject.
A. Cerberus
Description-A big wolf/dog with two heads, and has a purplish hair.
Location-In the Catacombs
Exp. gained-500
What you gain-Double
Moves-Laser attack, Pounce, and electric charges.

B. Necromancer
Description-First form-A floating purple cloak with golden lining.
Description-Second form-A skeleton with tail and wings.
Location-Audience room
Exp. gained-2,500
What you gain-Tackle
Moves-Orb throw, summon skeleton, turn into orb.

C. Iron Golem
Description-I giant robot-like creature that is twice your size and
silverish in color.
Location-Machine Tower
Exp. gained-8,000
What you gain-Kick boots
Moves-Floor pound, super punch, life gain

D. Adramelech
Description-A giant goat like creature, coming out of the wall.
Location-Chapel Tower
Exp. gained-16,000
What you gain-No more statues (you destroy those statues that block your
way in some parts of the castle)
Moves-Energy blast, skull throw, raising dark bubbles.

E. Dragon Zombie
Description-Two giant green dragons
Location-underground gallery
Exp. gained-15,000 (for each dragon)
What you gain-Heavy Ring
Moves-Hitting the floor and making debris from the ceiling fall,
swinging its head, the one on the left shoots fireballs from top to
bottom (or vice versa), and the one on the right shoots energy shots
that have limited range. Note: When one perishes, the other powers up.

F. Death
Description-first form-A flying man in a white robe.
Description-second form-A Skeleton spider that crawls on the ground.
Location-Underground warehouse
Exp. gained-60,000
What you gain-Cleansing
Moves-debris from the ceiling, balls of electricity, arms that shoot
out, Flailing arms, ground shake.

G. Camilla
Description-A griffon-like creature riding a giant skull.
Location-Underground Waterway
Exp. gained-80,000
What you gain-Roc Wing
Moves-bubbles, laser beam, water blast

H. Hugh
Description-looks almost like you, only with long, purple hair.
Location-Observation Tower
Exp. gained-120,000
What you gain-Last Key
Moves-all the ones you have, plus a super sword attacks such as a
charge, super slash, and homing beams. He also dubbles up on secondary
weapons when his life gets low.

I. Dracula
Description-first form-you know what he looks like!
Description-second form-A tall purple minion with in eye in his chest
and two leg-like appendages sticking out that have mouths. He also has
two sets of wings. He also turns into an eye with bats surrounding it.
Location-Ceremonial room
Exp. gained-1rst form-150,000-second form-none
What you gain-your victory
Moves-Poisen bubble, meteor storm, laser, charge attack, hellfire(only
with bats), a bat attack (where he lets bats out in 4 different

12. Special Thanks
-I would first of all thank Konami for making this game. for posting this faq for posting this faq
-Eric Anderson for helping me develope some boss strategies.
-Oni ([email protected]) for the alcove trick with the dragon zombies.
[email protected] for a correction on the poisen shield combo.
-Trace Jackson for the dragon zombie moves.
[email protected] for moves on dragon zombie, hugh, and
[email protected] for the easier magician mode on Camilla.
[email protected] for an easy way to be dracula's first form and Hugh.
-MaSTeR:of:HijiNKs and Skyknight for the magician mode for necromancer.
-Dan, for letting me borrow money for the game.
-God for giving me a chance to share the gift he's given me
-myself for being so good at the game
-and all you out there, who take your time to read this
If you have questions or comments on this guide, or simply have
suggestions, Email me at [email protected] with "castlevania" as the
Copyright (c)2001 Sheik ([email protected]). All rights reserved.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(c), Castlevania: Circle of the Moon(c),
and Castlevania(c) are Copyright of Konami.

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