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Boss FAQ
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Gameboy Advance
By: Yobemag

1. Boss FAQ
A: location
B: exp points you earn
C: what you earn 
D: how to beat it
E: moves

1. Boss FAQ
A: Catacomb
B: 500
C: Double; You can jump and jump once more in air
D: Go to the DSS menu and equip Salamander and Mercury card. Before you 
go into the boss room drop to the bottom from the boss door and go to the 
place on your left. Then kill all the mummies and coffins until you reach the 
end. There’s a torch there. Whip it and get the Holy water. Now go back to the 
boss room and equip Salamander and Mercury. Run over to Cerberus and 
throw down a holy water(have a lot of hearts ready) then whip the heck out of 
him. when he jumps at you run to the right. After he jumps run back over and 
throw holy water at him and start whipping him. when he goes all dark and 
your whip doesn’t do any dammage to him then you know he’s about to attack. 
If he’s not standing on a platform then you know he’s not going to shoot his 
beam, he’s going to throw up two electric balls with a line of electricity coming 
down. Throw a holy water at him and jump to the highest platform. When he 
finishes that attack go to the bottom and do the holy water + whip attack which I 
will now abreviate by saying hw+wa. When he jumps on the lowest platform 
get under or behind him fast. He’s gonna shoot an undodgeable beam(unless 
you’re under or behind him). hw+wa. When the beam stops get away from 
under him! He’s gonna jump strait down so stand to the side. hw+wa. Then 
he’ll repeat the whole thing over again. So keep doing this till he’s dead and 
run to the left to pick up double.
E: Two electrical balls at the top with lines of electricity coming down. 
Jumping on you.
Light beam from his eyes.

A: Audience Room
B: 2,500
C: Tackle; Those gray crumbly blocks with the cracks in them can be broken by 
standing right in front of it and pressing the dirrection plus R.
D: Equip the Venus and Salamander card combo. If you don’t have that combo 
then just use the best one you’ve got. When those circles spin around him run 
around on the floor until he shoots them. Dodge them. It’ll throw three balls at 
a time. So basically when the balls circle around him you have to dodge them 
twice. but he does this attack twice so you have to dodge the balls 4 times. 
After that he’ll stand still and resurect zombies so go up to the top and while 
he’s doing that whip whip him as much as you can before he starts the balls 
again(if you have crucifixes then use them. If you don’t then just stick with 
Just repeat that process until he bursts into flames. Yes I beat him! No you 
didn’t. After you think you killed him he turns into a skelleton with wings. Whip 
the skeleton until he turns into a green ball. Don’t try to whip him. You cant 
dammage him now. Just dodge him. When he stops start whipping him. Note: 
when he stops he’s resurecting skeletons so if you fall off the platform then 
watch out. also if he seems to come to the top and never stop to do the 
skeleton thing it’s because there’s too many skeletons down there so kill 
some. Repeat this process until he’s dead.
E: Necromancer: Homing yellow balls
Resurecting zombies
Skeleton: Zooming around in a green ball
Resurecting skeletons

Iron Golem
A: Machine Tower
B: 8,000
C: Kick boots: You can kick off walls and go really high. Good for climbing up 
high, narrow, passages.
D: Make sure you have crucifixes. If you don’t this boss is imposible. If you 
have crucifixes here is how to get them. Right in front of the boss door are two 
Heat shades. When you’re at the heat shades go all the way to the left by the 
block you can break. go up from there and keep whipping the wall on your 
right. One of them will break. In this room is a thunder demon you can kill if 
want to(might just make you lose health) and one of the torches will be 
crucifix. Now go to the boss room. Throw all your crucifixes staying a good 
distance away so his attacks don’t hit you. If you run out of crucifixes then 
whip him until he dies. I think this boss is the easiest in the whole game. As 
long as you stay far enough away his attacks won’t even touch you. As long as 
you jump when he slams on the ground and watch out for the things on the top 
that fall down. The only hard part is that he keeps healing himself. When he 
dies go to the right and grab the kick boots.
E: Throwing a beam of light that is very easy to dodge.
Slamming on the ground and making stuff from the ceiling fall. No matter 
where  you are always jump when he does this attack. Even if he doesn’t touch 
you the slam will make you lose some HP.
Punching, you shouldn’t be that close anyway.

A: Chapel Tower
B:16,000 exp. points
C: You step on a button that destroys all the statues. You also get an MP 
D: Equip Jupiter and golem so that if something hits you you’re invincable to it 
4x. Have crucifixes and throw all of them at it. If you run out and it’s still 
dead then just whip it till it dies. Sounds simple eh? Ya it is.
E: Skeleton heads that come down and dammage you.
Throwing blue fireballs. 
Balls that pop up under him that send you flying with dammage if you run into 

Dragon Zombie
A: Underground Gallery
B: 15000 exp points each
C: Heavy ring: there are boxes that block your way. ya know what i’m talkin 
about? ya, well you can push those out of your way now.
D: Equip something that makes your whip stronger. go stand on a ledge and 
whip them. use secondary items too. if you run low on life then go up to the 
door on the left and stand right next to it. Equip the mandragora and jupiter to 
regain life. if you dont have that combination.........YOU’RE 
Anyway......make sure you have that combination. when you regain your life go 
back down and whip em again. Its so much easier when one dies. Then just 
whip the other one till it dies. When one dies the other is easier than cerberus. 
the only reason this boss is so hard is cuz theres two.
E: The one on the left spits fire.
The one on the right throws ball/beams that dont go very far.
hitting the wall and making debris fall from the ceiling.

A: Underground Warehouse
B: 60,000 exp points
C: Cleansing: The water in underground waterway is purified so that it is safe 
to walk through. Note: in the room with cleansing you can whip the wall and go 
into another room.
D: Equip poison sheild or the shield where four ice balls circle around you or 
any shield. keep jumping up and throwing crucifixes at him until he turns into a 
spider. then keep a good distance away so that it wont touch you and throw 
crucifixes at it till it’s dead.
E: Throwing things down from the top of the room which wont touch you if you 
have a shield equiped.
Throwing two electric balls that your shield cant stop. there easy to dodge 
three arms that come out from him that wont hit you if you stand in the right 
Jumping up and landing hard on the ground when he’s a spider

A: Underground Waterway
B: 80,000 exp points
C: Roc Wing: by pressing up and R you can jump really high and you can keep 
doing it too. Kinda like double except you can do it infinite times instead of 
D: Okay. Now when it says Camilla you’re not fighting a weak little girl. She 
turns into a huge naked........ Thing. That’s the best word, thing, and she’s 
riding a huge skull. Equip any shield to stop her poison bubbles. Stand at the 
entrance. When she comes over to you throw some crucifixes at her. then 
when she flies right follow her and throw more crucifixes. Then go all the way 
to the right and when she stops to do her beam stand behind her on the 
platform and throw crucifixes and whip her. keep doing that till she’s dead.
E: poison bubbles
water beam

A: Observation Tower
B: 120,000 exp points
C: Last Key: You know where the game started? You know the door on the 
right there? That leads to the ceremonial room. The last key will open that 
D: equip poison shield or any shield. run and jump over Hugh and whip his 
back while he stops. you can also throw crucifixes. when you throw a crucifix 
and it comes back to you jump over it so that if Hugh is behind you it will 
damage him. If your life gets low roc wing up to the platform at the top of the 
room on either side and do jupiter plus mandragora to heal yourself. When 
Hugh gets powered up by dracula just keep doing what you did before but be 
careful. he throws two of every subweapon now. if you roc wing up to heal 
yourself then watch out. he has an attack where things come out of his sword 
and home on you. so just repeat the process till he gets knocked down and 
returns to himself.
E: this is a really long list.
Sword attack.
flame sword.
charging with electricity on sword.
Sending out things from his sword that home at you(only after he powers up).
every sub-weapon.
electric sword i think

A: Ceremonial Room
B: First form: 150,000 exp points Second form: 0 exp points. you get the next 
mode though
C: Next mode and pride
D: first form: wait till he appears. throw a crucifix at him and jump over him 
whip him in the back. by the way have jupiter and salamander equiped so that 
attack goes up 25%. make sure you jump early enough to dodge the bats but 
not so early that he changes directions and throws the bats at you when you 
jump over him. dont freak out its easy. if you’re leveled up enough and throw 
crucifixes from a distance where they hit about 4 times then it shouldn’t take 
long to beat him. after you beat the first form save your game at the nearest 
save point and then go back to the room for the second form.
Form # 2(the ultimate badass): When you first get in there stand on a platform 
and wait for him to teleport up to you. when his eye opens throw crucifixes at it 
at whip like hell. you can use a summon if you want but i recemond a shield 
instead. poison shield works best. that way you stop his poison bubbles. if a 
poison bubble hits you use an antidote right away. be carful not to let him 
touch you. it deals about 100 dammage. i recemond using double grips and 
the best armor you have for this guy. once you’ve dealt dracula about 1000 
dammage he’ll start to charge around. roc wing up to the top and stay there. 
every time he charges it makes a certain noise. when the noise stops go down 
and the eye will be floating around surrounded by bats. have the poison shield 
equiped so the bats cant touch you. whip the eye as much as you can until it 
turns dark. when it does get the hell out of there! roc wing to the top so 
wont hit you with his charges. repeat that process untill he dies. boy you dont 
know how good it feels when you go down there and whip the eye and it 
explodes in a rush of blood and then the end movie takes you away(unless 
you’ve beaten the game too). Now just sit back and watch the show.
E: meteor shower.
light beam(kinda like cerberus’s and camilla’s).
poison bubbles.
charging at you.
hitting you with bats.

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