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---------Written by CHU Vegetta

Here we will see a basic strategy to beat Diablo (Act 4) and Baal (Act 5).
First of all we have to say that each character of the game has his unique skills and powers, so we will
take advantage of them to fight  Diablo and Baal. Let's see how you can defeat them.


Paladin is and excellent fighter. Give to him heavy weapons like long swords or hammers and a heavy armor.
You will fight Diablo and Baal face to face. Also buy a lot of health (or rejunevation) potions. Use the spells 
"resist fire" , because Diablo and Baal use fire type attacks,  "throns" to return damage to any enemy who 
attacks on you, "zeal" to land multiple hits and cast the spells "holy bolt" or "fist of heaven", because both Diablo 
and Ball are weak to those spells. A level 5 "holy bolt" or "fist of heaven" inflicts massive damage to those bosses. 
Also  "vengeance" is a great spell that does standard/ lighting/ fire/ cold damage at the same time. 
Last but not least, when Diablo and Baal cast their most powerful spells (Diablo-lighting inferno and Baal-
destructive strike) they make a gesture before they do it. Beware when they do it, because those spells are 
often one hit K.O. Try to dodge them and then hit. 


Barbarian is another one excellent fighter. He is really tough and he has great resistances. A great idea is 
to teach him "double swing", so he can hold two weapons. Increase the spells "natural resistances" and 
"iron skin" to improve his resistances and defense. Also teach him the skill "berserk" to make him a real 
fighting machine ("berserk" increases damage, attack rating and magical damage). Buy swords/ axes/ hammers 
what ever you like, a good armor and a lot of health or rejunevation potions. As you see, you will fight  Diablo and 
Baal face to face. While fighting, use the warcry "battle orders"  to increase your life/stamina/mana. Do not afraid 
of them. Go close and hit. When they cast  their powerful spells (Diablo-lighting inferno and Baal-destructive strike) 
dodge it and come back again to hit them. 


Sorcerss is a very strong magician. Unfortunately she can't  take heavy weapons and armors. On the other hand 
she can use stuffs/ wards, so she gains extra skills points or resistances. Also buy a lot of mana or rejunevation 
potions. When you  fight Diablo and Baal don't ever go close to them. They can kill you with just one hit. 
Stay away and cast some of your massive spells. Use the spell "static field" to knock  down some health  points 
quickly (A level 6 "static field" when you do it 3-4 times, they lose about half of their life) and  "energy shield" to 
absorb damage. Fire type spells won't have effect on them, so use cold or lighting spells.  Spells such as 
"chain lighting", "lighting", "blizzard", "glacial spike" does a lot of damage. If you see that things go wrong use 
the spell "teleport" to escape, recover and go back again to fight.


Necromancer is the other magician of the party. Unfortunately when he battles big bosses like Diablo, Baal 
he isn't so effective as the other characters. His spells are useful when he fights large groups of minions, however
they don't inflict massive damage to bosses. Also he can't take heavy weapons and armors, so he is weak to 
melee attacks. You need to be smart to beat Diablo and Baal. First of all, buy stuffs that increase your
resistances and a lot of rejunevations potions. When you battle them raise a fire golem to distract and also absorb 
their fire attacks (add enough skill point in "golem mastery to imrove your golems). All of your other minions are 
weak and can't fight them. Cast the spell "bone armor" to protect your character and curse them with 
"amplify damage" to reflect the damage you receive or "decrepify" to slow down the enemy. Use the spells 
"bone spirit" or "poison nova" to attack them, these are his most powerful spells. Don't ever go close to them, 
they can defeat you with only one hit. Let golem fight them for you. A good idea is to use the spell "bone prison"
 to imprison both golem and boss and let them battle each other. Also use "bone prison" if you see that they 
come real close to you.


As you know, Amazon uses javelins,spears and bows. When you battle Diablo and Baal, take javelins or a bow
to apply the great strategy . Make sure that your skills "critical strike" and "evade" are high  level. 
"Critical strike" increases the chance to do double damage and "evade" increases the chance to espace a hit
while moving. Also the summoned creature "valkyrie" may help you. Buy a lot of rejunevation and stamina potions.
Now the only thing you have to do is run around Diablo/ Baal and attack them with javelins or arrows.  If you decide 
to use bow, cast a "freezing arrow" or "exploding arrow", if you like javelins cast the "lighting fury" or "charged 
strike" (i suggest those two javelin attacks because you can shoot multiple lighting bolts).


Druid is a great fighter and elemental magician. He is specialist in hammers, shape shifting and nature magic.
There are two ways to defeat those big bosses. The easy way and the hard way. The hard way is to fight them
as druid (no shape shifting) and that means that you will take a risk. Buy a hammer, rejunevations potions, summon 
a "grizzly" to distract them and "spirit of barbs" to reflect damage or "oak siege" to increase your life. Also cast 
"hurricane" to do massive ice damage, "cuclone armor" to absorb damage and go to battle. The easy way is 
to use your shape shifting magic. That means that you change either "Werewolf" or "Werebear". First of all make 
sure that  you have enough skill points in "Lycanthropy" to improve those two transformations. If you decide to change 
into Werebear use the skill "Maul" to hit them (Maul increase attack rating by 20% and boosts damage 25%).  
Also summon a "grizzly" and  "spirit of barb".  If you decide to change into "Werewolf" use the skill "Fury" to do 
multiple attacks (Fury increase attack rating by 7% and damage by 17% per skill point added). Also summon 
a "grizzly" and  "spirit of barb".
Advantages of "Werebear": Defense is increased and you inflict more damage. 
Advantages of "Werewolf": Both attack rating and attack speed are increased.


Assasin is a skillful fighter and trap maker. There are two ways to defeat those bosses. The first way is to place
traps around bosses and wait until they are dead. I suggest the trap "lighting sentry" that shoots lighting strikes.
The fire traps won't damage them because they have high resistances to fire.  Also you can place the trap 
"death sentry" if there are dead enemies. In addition you can summon "shadow warrior" to fight at your side.
The second way is to fight them face to face but you will take a risk. Assasin doesn't have a lot of health by
default (unless you put a lot of skill points in stat vitality) and her special weapons (claws,katars) don't inflict
a lot of damage on them. However she has some great martial art skills. If you decide to fight them face to face
make sure that you have enough skill points in "cobra strike" to steal mana and health, "blades of ice" to add
cold damage to your hit and "phoenix strike" which is her most powerful martial art spell (increase attack
rating, add fire/cold/lighting damage).


Some Horardic  Cube recipes

1) 1 perfect gem of each type + 1 amulet ---> Prismatic amulet
2) 3 rings ---> 1 amulet
3) 3 amulets ---> 1 ring
4) 1 ring + 2 topaz ---> Coral ring
5) 1 ring + 1 ruby + 1 exploding potion --->Garnet ring
6) 3 health potion + 3 mana potions + 1 gem ---> 1 Full rejunevation potion
7) Tome of Town Portal + Wirt's Leg---> Secret Cow Level. When you complete the game (make sure that 
you have defeated Baal) go to Rogue Encampment/Act1, put a tome of town portal and the Wirt leg in the 
horadric cube and press the transume button. If everything is right a red portal will open to the cow level.

If you face problems PM(PrivateMessage) me at cheathappens, e-mail [email protected]

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