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Kameo - Elements of Power(Xbox 360) Rated T for Teen.
Boss FAQ
By Zack Attack. (zack_attack on


Table of contents: 

1. -Old Mawood
2. -Corallis
3. -Queen Thyra
4. -Lord Drok
5. -Thorn and Kalus
6. -Copyright, how to contact me.


1. Old Mawood holds Halis prison and is a giant tree man. Nothing can hurt him...
exept he has a weakness like all bosses, and it is up to us to exploit that weakness.
Transform into Rubble and chuck a explosive shell into his face, this is not all
next Old Mawood gets angry and summons trolls to attack you. Kill all the trolls using
Pummel Weed form and try to get up your warrior focus(Warrior focus optional, you
need it, it will just make the next step slightly easier. After you have defeated
the trolls
Old Mawood will start laughing, throw stones into his mouth using Rubble form and
he will
start to choke, this is the only way at all to damage Old Mawood, but it is rather
and very effective. Repeat and he will be destroyed eventually.


2. Corralis is a giant 4 tentacled under water monster with the power of
electricity, who
holds Lenya prisoner, but don't worry, he is almost as weak as he is ugly.
There are cannon trolls on the sides
of the battle that you cannot destroy. Belive it or not this is a good thing, they
shoot down explosive fruit. Corralis will station between 4 sides of the battle arena,
wherever the fruit is shot is where he will go next. Transform into Major Ruin and
avoid Corralis's lighting blasts, once they wear off, dash into the explosive fruit
while facing the ramps, and the fruit should fly into his face and explode. He will go
under water, so transform into Deep Blue and dive underwater. You will see in each of
his 4 tentacles he has a pearl in each, start blasting them with your Water Cannon. If
you are quick you can knock down about 2 per dive and after all 4 are down Corralis
is down for the count. During battle if you get hit by a electric bolt from his pearls
in his tentacles, Barrels can be found which contain hearts to bring you back to full


3. Thrya can be dangerous, but she is very easy to defeat if you play your cards
and she holds Yeros prisoner. Start off as Chilla, run away from her until she stops
charging towards you. When she's done charging, quikly get infront of her and press
LT to activate your icespear mode, throw a icespear in her eye and many different
green eyes come down while she goes and breifly recovers, transform into 40-Below
and go into Snowball mode, then Hold RT for your wrecker attack. Once all the eyes
are knocked off the edge repeat, after a few times Thyra will only have one eye
Peirce it with your icespear using Chilla, then the eye will pop out, transform into
40-Below as usual, and go into your wrecker attack as you did before, if you manage
to knock off the giant eyeball off the level, Thyra will go blind, summon giant
and end up killing herself. If you need health during this battle, after using wrecker
attack with 40-Below on the mini eyeballs hearts will gradually start to apear,
them to return back to full health once again.


4. Lord Drok is a giant tincan troll, he is huge and tough and there is only one way
to defeat him in the lava arena, you must blow him up. Transform into Chilla and start
running around in circles at Lord Droks feet, eventually he will get annoyed and
try to
attack you, stay infront of him, but dodge the attack, after attacking he will lift up
a vent in his stomach and start laughing. Bingo. Throw a icespear into his stomach
vent using Chilla and he will summon a bunch of bugs, transform into Snare and
bite the
bugs and keep them in your mouth. Wait for Lord Drok to attack, once he does dodge it,
and use your Root attack to plant yourself right infront of him, fling some bugs from 
your mouth onto him and run away, throw a icespear at a bug attached to him, and they
will all start exploding. The more bugs you can get the better, and the more
damage it will
do. Repeat and Lord Drok eventually bites the dust, he is easy to defeat, but it
will take
quite awhile. Also when he jumps up in the air, he is about to charge strait at you,
transform into Chilla and run away from him.


5. Ah yes, Thorn and Kalus. The final bosses of the game, I bet your exited to
fight them?
Well to tell the truth, they are the easiest boss in the whole entire game. They take
turns attacking you, Thorn will mainly attack you, while inbetween Kalus will summon
trolls to come and kill you. Well I could give you the long way to do this with a page
full description, but while playing I found a shortcut around all of this.
You will start off in the battle facing just Thrown while Kalus just flys in the
air doing
absolutely nothing but summoning a few weak trolls everynow and then. My tips before
starting the battle is upgrading Thermite to everything using your elemental fruit
if you
have any left, if not you can still do this, it would just be faster while
upgraded, so 
don't worry if you don't want to upgrade Thermite just yet, because you don't need to.
First off transform into Thermite. Go into Thermite's cannon mode and start nuking
at Thorn. Every now and then Kalus will summon trolls, but just nuke them too and they
die in one hit. At about 1/3 of health left he will pick up a chain and start
swinging it
around at you, but no worries, keep nuking him and he will eventually fall down. Kalus
will fly down to help him, quickly transform into Chilla and start throwing ice spears
at Kalus, in 10 hits she will die and congratulations, you have beaten Kameo's
final boss
and completed the game. Yes there is a twist in the end, and something extreme
and it something crazy happens and leaves the game open for a sequal, but you'll
have to
beat the game to figure out what it is! Good luck and best regards defeating all
the bosses
in the game. - Zack Attack.


6. First off, please do not copy any parts from this FAQ at all. I said please. If
you don't
then I will deal with the situation leggaly as according, since this guide is 100%
by me and I do not need someone just coming up and stealing my hard work.
(c)Zack C. 2006.
If you have anymore questions, PM/Contact me on, my name is
on there. (I prefer PM first before email). If you can't PM me, email me at
[email protected]
Rules for emailing.
-Make the subject "Kameo Boss FAQ"
-Make sure what you are asking isn't already in the FAQ.
-Do not email me and spam me up with random stuff that has nothing to do about
this FAQ.


The End. By Zack Attack.

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