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Version 0.1 released on 2-15-01

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Boss FAQ
By AdrenalineSL
E-mail me: [email protected]

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Copyright © 2001 Stephanie Lee
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trademarks of Sony, Inc. Lunar 2 is registered trademark of Game Arts
Working Designs, Inc. Original game (c) Game Arts/Studio Alex 1994-
1999. This file and all of its contents is registered trademark of S.
Lee. Entire contents of this document may not be reproduced in any

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plagiarism is naughty!

FAQ History
First Created: 2001-15-2
Last Updated: 2001-21-2
Next Update: Don't know.

* Take note that if you cannot find what you are looking for or
if my guide has not been worked deeper into the game, chances
are I am much further ahead in the game than this guide. I don't
update EVERYDAY, so if you can't find it here, e-mails are
always welcome.

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  **   CONTENTS   **
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1. Updates
2. Boss Strategies
3. Boss List
4. Credits/Acknowledgements
5. Contact Information
6. Final Words

//Author's Note//
The FAQ is in its very early stages. By this I mean, there will not be
a complete guide for you reading pleasures (yet). Until I have played
further into the game, this FAQ will remain at its current state.
Please be patient, I have a tight schedule and fitting in writing FAQs
into my daily schedule isn't exactly listed under "leisure activities"
But I will continute to update this FAQ as much as possible.


 Version 0.1:  First Version of the FAQ. Obviously, this being
               First version, there won't be much in it as it
               is still in the works. Keep checking back for
               updates! Don't count on a day by day basis.
                  - Finished a couple of bosses


Before headin' out...


- Be prepared for everything. Before you set out, drop by an item
shop or some armory shop and buy what's needed. You'd never know
what's to come.

- Bring LOTS of curative items. Do not heavily depend on magic as
Starlights and Silverlights are hard to come by.

- As you progress in the game, you may notice that the enemies will
position themselves in a certain way insinuating that they are going
to either do a special attack, cast a spell, or just a regular
attack. You're going to have to learn these body expressions as time
flies. It will make life much easier for you.

- Analyze the enemies weaknesses. Pay attention to the color coded
effects on the enemies when casting magic spells. Some may not be as
effective as others. Experiment.

- Save before a boss fight. Any common gamer would acknowledge this.

                         #              #
                         #   DISC ONE   #
                         #              #

Appearing in chronological order...

Location: Blue Spire
EXP: 121
Party's levels: Hiro- 12, Gwyn- 12

It's essential that Gwyn is at level 12 because that is when he learns
his Shattered Sword skill and you'll be depending on it for this
particular boss fight.

To start off the fight, the Guardian will boost his Attack and Defense
enough to do some real damage to you. So have Gwyn cast Shattered
sword and Fractured Armor on him in that order. Hiro should bash away
with Poe Sword every turn. Keep Gwyn on the lower right corner and
Hiro should remain in front at ALL times. This way, the Guardian will
always attack Hiro. Gwyn can heal when necessary. By the time, Hiro's
MP reaches danger level, the Guardian should be dead by then.

The Guardian's attacks vary depending on his fighting stance. If he
is stationary and groping at his chain, then he is about to boost
his stats. This will happen occasionally, use Gwyn's Shattered Sword
and Fractured Armor to counter the effects. If he is swinging his
chain above his ahead like a helicopter, he will attack one character
dealing a quite a bit of damage, but nothing to worry about (if you
did cast Shattered Sword). If he is doing neither, then he will do a
regular attack.

Location: Caravan Underground
EXP: 420
Party's levels: Hiro- 17, Ronfar- 17, Jean- 16

Plantella will initiate the fight in her first form which is what you
saw in a non-battle screen. For her first form, keep your HP above 50
at all times. And your basic strategy is to have Hiro remain in front
of the other characters. Hiro should be using his Poe Sword. From
time to time, Plantella will poison one of your characters, which is
not very pleasant. When this happens, Ronfar should cast Clean Litany
on the poisoned character. So use Ronfar as your main healer, he
should just defend otherwise because you must conserve his HP. Jean
should continuously use Sleep Step as it proves effective, as all her
other skills. Ruby and Lucia will come in occasionally to attack.

When Plantella sheds to her second form, again, keep your HP above 50
because she can do this seed attack that will damage the whole party.
Use the same attack method as explained above. Finally, when she
strips to her final form, keep your HP above 70! If you do this right,
then you should have no problems at all.

Location: Ghost Manor
EXP: 1080
Party's levels: Hiro- 19, Ronfar- 19, Jean- 18

This dopey looking child's play toy can sure do some damage. Like
Plantella, this guy has a few forms. It took me forever to beat him so
it is important that the party's level is at 19+. To start things up,
Hiro should again be in the frontline while Jean and Ronfar stay
behind. Hiro should use Boomerang instead of Poe Sword because they
both deal the same amount of damage but Boomerang takes less MP to
cast. Don't bother with Jean her magic skills won't have any effect
on it, so the least she can do is attack normally. Ronfar MUST always
defend, and heal when needed. MP is the keyword here.

Just keep pounding away at it until it starts to fall apart. That
should be his second form and when this happens, keep your HP above
50! Repeat the same methods until he really starts to lose his head.
On his third form, keep HP above 70!! One of his attacks can do some
real damage. When he starts sucking up air, DEFEND!!! Other attacks
include a sonic wave that can paralyze a character if lucky, bubbles
that can inflict sleep status, and his everyday normal attacks. When
he starts acting like a bouncy ball, defend! He's about to make
pancakes for breakfast. As long as Ronfar's MP is still good and
running, you'll have no trouble. Use some Starlights if you need to.

Location: Zulan Mountains
EXP: 2600
Party's levels: Hiro- 24, Ronfar- 24, Jean- 24, Lemina- 24

Before the fight, make sure all your characters are not close to one
another because this snow beast has an attack that can damage all
your characters at once if you're bunched up together and his attacks
don't end there! Hiro should be right in front of the snow beast,
that way it will only attack Hiro and not others. Have the rest of the
group huddled together in the corner. Jean should position herself on
the top right corner, Ronfar in the middle (back), Lemina on the
bottom right corner and Lucia can be where ever she wants as long she
can survive.

Hiro will be using Poe Sword throughout the fight. For the first turn,
Jean should just attack normally, Ronfar could use Anger Dice, Lemina
will cast Power Flame on Hiro. Have Lemina alternate between casting
Power Flame from time to time and casting Flame Shot. Jean should
continue attacking and Ronfar will be the party's healer.

When the snow beast starts pounding on his chest, he is about to pound
on some people, this being Hiro since he is the one closest to him. If
he just stands there, he is about to cast a blizzard spell which can
really do some serious damage if your MGCDEF is low. Once the snow
beast starts stargazing, cease ALL ATTACKS. He will create an ice
barrier protecting him from ALL ATTACKS. Take this opportunity to cure
and make up. If any of your party member's HP drops below 70, heal

Location: Meribian Sewers
EXP: 1280
Items: Angel's Tear
Party's levels: Hiro- 26, Jean- 26, Ronfar-26, Lemina- 26

This is not a very difficult fight. I would really count this as a
tough regular enemy battle, but since they're the last enemies you
fight in the area, I'll list them here. Anyway, four against four is
just about what I call a fair fight. But guess again, these guys can
sure pack a punch and have a bunch of HP each!

Before the fight, make sure Lemina is equipped with the Thunder Staff
and have her alternate attacks between Freeze Claw and normal attacks.
Jean should also be equipped with a defense boost item like Iron Clogs
for example, and have Jean cast Butterfly Dance to poison the clan.
Make sure your healers and magic users (Ronfar, Lemina) are in the
back. Hiro shall be continuously using Poe Sword. Focus on one guy at
a time and heal when HP drops below 60.

These assassins are very proficient in their work. When they burst
into flames, they are about to beat a character down dishing out 60
HP! So try to kill that person before he gets the chance to act. As
I've said earlier, this battle shouldn't be too hard, just as long
as you had Jean cast Butterfly Dance, you'll be victorious.



1. Guardian 
2. Plantella 
3. Magic Tester LX1 
4. Missing Link 
5. Assassins x4 


Thanks to...

- You will almost always find my mom on the thank you list because if
it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to play the games that I want.
Thanks for putting up with wasting countless hours into these
addictive, time consuming evil things!

- For not overcharging on the game.

- He was the one that made this FAQ possible. Thanks.

Game Arts/Working Designs 
- For making this game.

Instruction Manual
- For helping me with the first part of the game. The Blue Spire was
a major headache.

- For maintaining one of the best websites on the net and accepting
my FAQs.


If you have any further questions concerning the game, or as to why
stealing is bad contact me via e-mail. I will accept any type of mail
including hate mail, criticism, add-ons, corrections, tips,
suggestions, weird comments, etc. I will NOT accept threats of any
kind and never, never send any perverted comments you perverts! And
as always, you will be credited for your delightful opinions and such.
Please subject your mail so I know what the deal is. If not, it will
be DELETED. Ex:(no subject) or HELP!! = -Delete- Also please use
proper English with correct grammar and such. It annoys me when people
tYpE lIkE dIs. That's a no-no. If you cannot reach me through e-mail
for some bizarre reason, you can visit the Lunar 2 message boards. I
will occassionally log on and answer some unanswered questions. If you
have AIM, feel free to drop me a line if I happen to be online. I also
have ICQ, but I never use it.

Before e-mailing me, I have a simple request:

If you need help on something other than a boss fight, then I'm not
the person to ask. There about several full walkthroughs on Lunar 2,
so why don't you run along and ask them questions, or refer to their
guide when you're stuck. Remember people, I only wrote a Boss FAQ,
not a Boss FAQ/Walkthrough!

   GameFAQs alias: AdrenalineSL
E-mail address(s): [email protected]
              AIM: reddmaggot
              ICQ: 70967247


Have any questions? E-mail me. Need help? E-mail me. Suggestions? E-
mail me. Just feel free to speak your mind (excluding perverted
comments and insults)! If you wish to send me anything to add-on to
the FAQ, please do. It must be related to this guide or it will not
be posted otherwise. Only relevant information will catch my
attention. I do not want your life story, or how your dog died. Only
FAQ related questions!!

And remember, any RUDE comments will get your name on my hitlist. I
will take your e-mail address and sign you up for an infinite number
of annoying junk mail! In addition to you being such a jerk, I will
add you to the "Butt-munching, idiotic, perverted, who-can't-get-
none but harrasses-little-girls losers" list if I ever make one.
Aside from that, I would love to hear from you!

I've already received some e-mails from webmasters asking for
permission to use my FAQ on their site. I will allow this, so long you
ask me (politely) and give the URL of your website. I will not reply
immediately, as I will take a gander at your site first. Also, to
ensure a positive answer your site must be "real." If my requirements
are met, then you are granted the permission to use my FAQ, BUT do not
assume, I will notify you through e-mail as you have done to ask me.
Anything from this FAQ or the FAQ itself MUST be fully credited to me!
If not, otherwise, I will be forced to take legal action. And also,
the FAQ must remain updated!! Take note I will be surveying your site
daily to make sure you don't rip me off. The only site that has the
privilege of not having to ask me is Have a nice day!

A final word (Really! I mean it this time!) to the viewers:
If you have found this file on a site that you suspect that may have
used this FAQ without the author's consent, please notify the author
immediately!! Thank you!

E-mail: [email protected]

You can find this FAQ at the following sites:

Always check for the newest versions and updates!

                                                 Copyright (c)2001

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