Boss FAQ - Guide for Mega Man X: Command Mission

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Mega Man X Command Mission Boss FAQ-Part 1

Boss 1-Hippopotomos
You Play-X And Zero

Hard Stars-1/2-10

This Boss Is Not Very Hard.A Few Attacks Will Beat Him.What I Would Do Is Go 3 
Rounds Attacking Him Then Transform Into Your Super Fprm And Retire Him.

Boss 2-Wild Jango
You Play-X And Spider

Hard Stars-3-10

Wild Jango Is Tough To Beat But All You Have To Do Is Use X And Transform To 
Super Right In The First X Turn Of The Battle.At Th 5th Spider Turn Of The 
Battle Transform To Super And Retire Wild Jango.

Boss 3-Sliver Horn
You Play-X,Spider,And Massimo

Hard Stars-5 1/2-10

Sliver Horn Is Hard He Keeps Useing That Tidal Wave Attack.Just Go Super On The 
First Turn Of Every Character.Then Use All Their Super Moves.Then Use Normal 
Attacks Till You Get Your Chararters Super Moves.Repeat This About 5 To 10 
Times And You Will Retire Sliver Horn

Well Thats It For Now Bye!

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