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Metroid Fusion 
Boss FAQ
Written by Ali1mg

Table of Contents

1. Disclaimer
2. Intro
3. Bosses
4. Contact Info

1. Disclaimer

I give permission to IGN to have this FAQ seen, no other site. No selling. If 
you see this FAQ on another website email me thanks.

2. Intro

This FAQ will only be good for you people who want to know how to beat each 
boss. So enjoy.

3. Bosses

Boss Battle One

Upgrade: Morph Ball
Weapon: Missiles or Beam

To avoid its attacks, when it rolls into a ball, jump over it, when it does 
the beam blast, jump on to the ledge, when fire comes out of it's mouth, jump 
on to the ledge. Since it's like a pattern keep doing the same thing. Also 
when it doesn?t attack you keep hitting it with your beam or missile. Once it 
changes into a Core-X keep hitting it with your missile. When you finish it up 
get the Morph Ball.

Boss Battle Two

Upgrade: Charge Beam
Weapon: Missiles of course

To fight the Core-X go to the end of the room to shoot the ball, then it will 
come out. Its weakness is its eye. When it shoots a beam out of its eye jump 
to dodge it. When it isn't attacking shoot a missile at it.

Boss Battle Three

Upgrade: High Jump and Morph Ball Jump
Weapon: Missile

This is a very simple boos for me may not for you, anyway it's weakness is 
it's bottom. When it jumps (which is like it's attack) dodge the ones that 
comes down faster than the one that go's slower which that mean hit the thing 
when it jumps up and comes down slowly go under it and shoot it with missiles. 
It will shrink each time you hit it. Once you gotten it to it's Core-X form 
just shoot it with missiles.

Boss Battle Four (Serris)

Upgrade: Speed Booster
Weapon: Charge Beam

Since Serris is very fast go under water and find a safe spot to crouch and 
also charge up. When Serris comes in front of you blast it with your Charge 
Beam! Once you get it to its Core-X form hit it with

Boss Battle Five 

Weapon: Missile

The first thing you do is get on hold of the ceiling and when it go's right 
under you blast it with a missile. When it throws the ball thingy get down 
from the ceiling and tries to dodge it. 

Boss Battle Six 

Upgrade: Varia Suit
Weapon: Charge Beam

The only two things you have to do is keep hitting the ball with your Charge 
Beam and dodge it when it try's to get near you. When it get's into its Core-X 
form just blast it with your missiles I don't even know why I'm typing this.

Boss Battle Seven

Upgrade: Wide Beam
Weapon: Missiles

I won't even tell you how to beat this one unless you look at the Charge Beam 
one since it's the exact same strategy.

Boss Battle Eight

Upgrade: Space Jump
Weapon: Missiles

This one is a tough one anyway get into a corner and get into Morph Ball so 
you won't get your energy sucked. When it pauses for a few seconds get out of 
the corner so you can hit it with your missile in the spider's mouth. After 
that, get into another corner so you can dodge it when it spits fire out of 
its mouth. When you damage it enough it will do the Space Jump while dropping 
something so stand in a corner while diagonally hitting it with missiles. When 
it gets?s into its Core-X form hit it with missiles.

Boss Battle Nine

Upgrade: Plasma Beam
Weapon: Power Bomb and Missiles

You start off in a room with a bunch of hanging plants. Also try not falling 
in the flowers or it will suck your energy. Keep firing missiles and power 
bombs stop until lasers come out of the thing. When the lasers fire high, 
duck, when it fires at your feet, jump. The only time you get to hit is when 
it doesn?t fire anything for a second. Once its transforms into a Core-X do 
the same as the other one's, fire at it's eye.

Boss Battle Ten (Nightmare)

Upgrade: Gravity Suit
Weapon: Charge Beam and Missiles

The first thing you gotta do is charge up your Plasma Beam and hit blast it at 
the power source. After you keep doing that Nightmare's face will turn red. 
Get on to the ladder and blast the face with missiles. When it moves around a 
lot Space Jump to dodge it. Once you've gotten it to its Core-X form, blast it 
with missiles.

Boss Battle Eleven 

Upgrade: Wave Beam
Weapon: Missiles

Here are the first things you try not to do is fall in the water cause it has 
electricity in it and fall on the robot. When the robot fires missiles use 
your Plasma Beam (don't charge it) to destroy it. It will also be jumping high 
enough to touch you so try to avoid it. When it get's into its Core-X form 
blast it at its eye with your missiles. 

Boss Battle Twelve (Ridley)

Upgrade: Screw Attack
Weapon: Missiles (don't charge your missiles up)

You need so much missiles to destroy this thing. Keep firing at it. When he 
changes colors that means it is getting weaker. When it picks you up it will 
be changing directions along with sucking your energy, to hit it when it 
changes directions do the same along with blasting it. Once you've gotten it 
to its Core-X form keep hitting it with missiles.

Boss Battle Thirteen (SA-X)

Weapon: Charge Beam and Missiles

The first thing you gotta do is charge up your beam and fire at it nothing 
else works to hurt it. If you wan to avoid getting hit do this: get to the 
bottom of the room blast it then jump over it while charging blast it again 
and keep doing the same thing. Once you've gotten it to transform into a 
monster keep hitting it with your Charge Beam. When it jumps just move out of 
the way. Keep doing that until... it transforms into a Core-X. Blast it with 
missiles in it's eye.

Last Boss Battle (Omega Metroid)

Weapon: None

The first thing you do is just stand their so you can get hit since none of 
your weapons can hurt it except one from the past. After you get swiped you 
crouch at the very left corner. Suddenly the SA-X will appear and blasting it 
with... The SA-X will suddenly get swiped and it get's destroyed leaving 
something... the Power Suit! Now you can use your past weapon since that's the 
only thing that can hurt it anyway blast it. When it put's it claw up get out 
of the way. If you get swiped you get flying to the back of the room crouching 
for a few seconds. Keep blasting it until it falls. You beat the game!!

4. Contact Info

Please follow on what's below, I can't stand when people e-mail me 
without making any sense, etc. So please, follow on what's below or your e-mail 
will be DELETED!!!

#1: IF you send me spam or any other type of crap like that (you know what 
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Shortening your words 
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or |, a:@) or I'll be 
asking myself, "What the fuck is this person trying to say?"
-Be sure to READ my FAQ before e-mailing me, the answer to your 
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-Don't include your name, if you want to add some type of name, just add in 
your username.
-Don't e-mail me about putting my FAQ(s) on your site, the answer will always 
be NO!
That's all...

My e-mail address is [email protected]

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