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Alright, this is how it begins. I'll tell you how to beat some bosses. 

Parasite Queen: The crazed experimentation was talking place on the ship. It was 
frozen solid. This thing obviously spun out of control. And with most monsters 
perished, one remains. Take out the Parasite Queen before she turns you into a tasty 
snack. (That reminds me, I could eat while i do this.) SCan the Parasite Queen to 
find a weak point (which is of course the mouth), then lock on and fire away. To hit 
her with your arm cannon or missile launcher, you need to hit a red plasma field in 
order to damage the snack eating monster. Use the missile launcher. It will take out 
a whole bunch of health. Oh and if you don't scan the queen you will only shoot her 
belly. You can win that way- but it will take longer.

Hive Mecha

Easy Boss
Reward: Missile Launcher

The first boss you will fight on Tallon IV is the Hive Mecha. The missile launcher 
is guarded by this strange device. When you enter the ruined pool, jump to the 
center of the room and prepare for a fight. The device will open up and release a 
swarm of Ram War Wasps. As they circle you, take them out-listen for a high pitched 
squeal that signals when one is about to strike. Once the last War Wasp is gone, 
shoot the red opening in the device itself, then repeat the process two more times.

Very Easy

Reward: Morph Ball

Plated Beetle: Now listen up. Are you tired of not reaching places that you couldn't 
reach before? If you say yes, your in good shape. If you say no, That is not cool 
because you won't get threw the game. But forget about that. Now before you get the 
Morph Ball, you have to defeat a large Plated Beetle. The surly fellow is invincible 
from the front, so you need to find a way to attack it from behind. Lock on to the 
Plated Beetle and stay somewhat close while the creature jinks back and forth. When 
you see the two feelers on the side of its head twitch, quickly jump to the side. It 
will charge  past you, giving you an open shot at its exposed abdomen. Two missile 
blasts will end the battle.


Reward: Morph Ball Bomb

Incinerator Drone: You got the Morph Ball but you need to add something to it. The 
Morph Ball Bomb is what you need. As soon as you enter the Burn Dome, the door will 
lock behind you. You must then take out an Incinerator Drone gone haywire.Lock on 
the drone and strafe around in a circle, staying in between the two flames. If the 
flames are about to hit you, press the B button to dash quickly. After a bit, a 
small red light will emerge from top of the device. Shoot it until the flames point 
upward and fry the War Wasp hive on top of the ceiling. Barbed War Wasps will emerge 
from the hive and attack. SCAN them because each one is different! Try to take them 
out before the flames start up again, lock on it and starfe around it, taking out 
the wasps if necessary. If you hold the charge beam while you strafe, you will suck 
up any energy the wasps leave behind. After you strike the red light on top of the 
device four times, it will malfunction completely and explode. Look for a Morph Ball 
Bomb in the wreckage. Once you have the bombs, you can do a bomb jump- lay a 
bomb,then hold still until it explodes and tosses you into the air. This is a long 
fight but you can do it right?

Half Hard

Reward: Varia Suit

Flaahgra:  Now lets get on with business here shall we. If you have all the 
upgrades, it will be time to get your varia suit back. The massive creature guarding 
the varia suit is called Flaahgra. It gains strebgth from sunlight, and happens to 
live in a room surrounded by four radar dishes. Lock onto Flaahgra and starfe in a 
cirlce until you reach a radar dish with a red spot exposed. Shoot Flaahgra until 
its stunned, then hit the dish with the charge beam or missile to lock it  into 
place. After you flip the dish, a channel will open at Flaahgra's base. Use the 
Morph Ball to enter the channel and drop a bomb. The blast will kick you out, at 
which point you must repeat the entire process with more dishes. When you flip a 
dish, Flaahgra will immediately turn its attention to it. You can use the 
opportunity to move to the next dish or attack it while its distracted. Use the dash 
maneuver (Control Stick plus B) to move quickly and stay locked on. If you stay 
locked on to Flaahgra and keep circling, you can attack the boss and fire missiles 
at the same time. Just shoot at Flaahgra, blast the dishes when you run past them 
and keep firing. The Morph Ball is generally faster than walking, so use it every 
time Flaahgra falls to the ground and you need to reach a channel. Once you defeat 
Flaahgra, you will once again have the Varia Suit.


Reward: Wave Beam

Sheegoth: Now this boss will be very scary, so don't be embaressed because I also 
got scared. Anyway forget about that. A full-sized Sheegoth is a terrifying sight. 
Your first priority will be survival, not attack. If your about to be bitten or 
frozen, hold the control stick left or right and tap the B button quickly to get out 
of the way. The Sheegoth can absorb energy attacks by using the spikes on its back. 
The spikes are so powerful, they can even cause your power beam to fly off in weird 
directions.Stick to the missiles when taking on the beast. The Sheegoth is tough, 
but not invulnerable. After it expels a long stream of freezing breath, you can 
damage it by launching missiles at its head. Its tough to get a good shot with the L 
button, so use the R button and fire away. If you are close enough to the Sheegoth 
with the L button, you can shoot a missile. When you defeat the Sheegoth, the Wave 
Beam will be yours.


Reward: Spider Ball

Thardus: This boss is a little doozy, so try your best defeating it. Thardus is 
massive and very tough but don't get discouraged. Scan the rock creature with your 
Thermal Visor to find its weak point- which will appear as an orange glow. Shoot the 
weak point until your visor malfunctions, then switch back to Combat Visor. The Wave 
Beam is a good weapon for this situation. After a bit, Thardus will start chucking 
rocks in your directions. Lock onto the closest rock with the L button, shoot it, 
then switch to the next rock in line. You can also keep shooting Thardus and avoid 
the rocks. After you switch to Combat Visor, the weak spot will show up as a dull 
blue glow. Shoot the blue area until Thardus explodes outward and reforms, then 
switch back to the Thermal Visor and repeat the process six more times. When the 
boss rolls into a ball and starts careening around the arena, you won't be able to 
do much but get out of the way. Use the Space Jump Boots to avoid the attack. You 
can't jump over the rock, but you can spring over to the side. Kepp at it until you 
get the Spider Ball.

Very Hard

Reward: Phazon Suit

Omega Pirate: This boss you will have to be a upgrade collecting, boss kicking 
bounty hunter. Good luck with this. The Omega Pirate has Phazon Armor on its knees 
and shoulders. Use the Plasma Beam Beam or Super Missiles to blast the armor until 
it disappears. When the pirate sends out a ground quake, double jump over it and 
fire away. If it pulls its arm back, you gotta hurry and dodge it or it will swipe 
you with a large claw. After you destroy the Phazon Armor, the Omega Pirate will 
vanish. Use the X-Ray Scanner to locate the sneaky guy, then blast it in the heart 
with Super Missile or the Plasma Beam. The Omega Pirate will send troopers after you 
while its cloaked. If you have a lot of energy left, ignore the small fry and 
concentrate on Omega.

A little Hard

Reward: Entrance to Impact Crater

Meta Ridley: This is an old foe of Samuses, so this bird probably has little tricks 
up its wings. Meta Ridley will swoop down and attack once the last Artifact is in 
place. Lock onto your old foe and blast it with the Plasma Beam or the Super 
Missiles as it circles you. Its invulnerable when it launches an attack. Sometimes 
Meta Ridley will fly overhead and fire a beam of energy. Use the dash move to leap 
out of the way. If you can keep a lock on the trickster fire a few shots as it 
swoops away and comes around for another go. Soon Meta Ridley's wings will crumble. 
It will then land and attack you from ground level. When Ridley rears back and moves 

its head, dash out of the way-its about to charge. Turn around by holding the R 
button while you move backward on the Control Stick, then lock on the menace again. 
When flames appear in Meta Ridley's mouth, fire a Super Missile or Plasma Beam. Once 
you hurt it, it will expose its vulnerable chest-you can then hit it with a charged 
shot. When it's almost gone, finish it by attacking it with the Wavebuster.

Very Very Hard

Metroid Prime: Alright everyone, this is it. Its time to fight the biggest, most 
baddest boss Samus has ever had to face. So dry your palms, crack your knuckles, and 
get ready to throw down. As soon as Metroid Prime spots you, the massive creature 
will turn tail and run-digging a tunnel to the lower level of the Phazon Fusion 
Chamber. You've come too far to turn back now, so jump into the tunnel and give it a 
chase. Metroid Prime will attack you with all manner of ranged weapons, Use the 
pillars at the end of the room for cover. They will be destroyed in a matter of 
seconds, but every little bit of cover helps. Sometimes Metroid Prime will charge 
forward and attempt to pin you against the wall. When it does, curl into a Morph 
Ball form and roll into the grooves underneath the beast. Zip to the other end of 
the groove, then stand up, turn around and keep fighting. Like the Fission Metroids, 
Metroid Prime takes damage from only certain weapons at certain times. When it turns 
yellow, attack it with Super Missiles. If the Super Missile is taking too long to 
charge, swith to single Power Beam shots. When the beast turns white, it's time to 
break out the Ice Beam. The Ice Spreader is an effective weapon-it covers Metroid 
Prime's entire head and prevents it from moving momentarily. The big drawback to the 
Ice Beam is slow to reload time. You may want to fire single shots instead of 
charging it. The boss will attack with a variety of projectiles. When it fires 
Missiles, move forward a little and continue firing. When it sweeps a beam across 
the room, double jump over it. Metroid Prime has more suprises at store. If it 
launches an Ice Beam across the floor, dash to the side by tapping the B button. It 
will also pull you closer with a green tractor beam. Keep shooting until your right 
up against it-it's a good opportunity to cause a lot of damage. Your most effective 
attack is the Wave Buster. When the boss turns purple, charge the Wave Beam and let 
it fly with the buster. It will drain Missiles very quickly, but it's the easiest 
and fastest way to damage the monster. You know what to do when you see red-arm the 
Plasma Cannon. The Flamethrower is next to useless, so stick with single shots and 
aim for the middle of Metroid Prime's head. The red eyes in the middle of its head 
are the only weak spot-use the L button to lock on automatically. After you deal 
some pain to Metroid Prime, it will flee to a deeper level of the chamber. You have 
it on the run now, so jump down after it and keep the pressure on. When you finally 
destroy Metroid Prme, the second stage of the battle will begin. You will know it's 
about to start when the monster tunnels sideways instead of straight down. Follow it 
to the next area and load up for an even tougher encounter.

Super Hard

Metroid Prime: Now listen, that boss was just the shell of this one. This is the 
real Metroid Prime. It's gonna take a few tries, and luck....... So I am gonna say 
this once. GOOD LUCK. But i will still give you advice. Metroid Prime was just a 
housing for the true boss: a many-armed creature with a bad attitude. (You'll see 
when you fight him). The new Metroid Prime's main attack is a devastating ground 
quake. Jump over it, or you will lose about 9 energy tanks!!!!!!!!!! Thats too 
much!!! Well yeah it is, but onto this. Listen for a loud, squealing rumble just 
before the attack is unleashed. Metroid Prime draws its power from Phazon, and it 
will try to create pools and regenerate itself. Luckily, you can use the glowing 
blue liquid to your advantage by creating an uberpowerful Arm Cannon attack-the 
Phazon Beam. Step into the pool of Phazon to charge your Arm Cannon. While your 
inside the liquid, (which is so cool because your gun turns blue) your weapon will 
fire streams of pure Phazon-no matter which weapon you have selected at the time. 
The Phazon Beam can rip through both Prime and Metroids with ease. As soon as 
Metroid Prime creates the first Phazon pool, it will spawn Metroids. (Well why do 
you think the boss is called Metroid Prime?) You don't have much time to switch from 
beam to beam, so your only hope of taking out the creatures lies in making it to the 
Phazon pool. After it spawns the pool, Metroid Prime will cloak itself and attack 
from afar. Run to the pool, then fire at the Metroids. You can destroy them in one 
shot, but Metroid Prime will cloak while you do so. If a Metroid happens to land on 
your head, shake it off with a Power Bomb. The best way to find a cloaked Metroid 
Prime is by using the Thermal Visor. It can be hard to see-especially with Metroids 
flying helter-skelter-so look for waving tentacles. Metroid Prime likes to hide over 
Phazon pools, and it sometimes might even be over your head.... (Thats the scary 
part.) Once you track down the creature, let it fly with the Phazon Beam. The attack 
will drain Phazon from the pool in much the same way charged attacks take Missiles. 
When the pool is dry, the beam will cease to function-so it's time to move to the 
next pool. You'll have to multitask to defeat the boss. Use the Combat Visor to 
locate Phazon pools and Metroids, then switch to the Thermal Visor to find Metroid 
Prime. If you can't track it down, try to locate it with the X-Ray Visor. Metroid 
Prime's ground quakes will often knock you out of the Phazon pools, so you'll have 
to be quick on the draw with your visor finger. Keep at it-the boss is no joke, but 
it can be defeated with your concentration. When you finally defeated Metroid Prime 
for good, (Oh man, my fingers hurt a lot because of this fight.) your ending 
unlockables will depend on a number of ways, so flip to the next page and see what 
you have won.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing my Boss FAQ. I will never email you if you write to 
me, but if you have questions, just write to me and I'll see how I can answer it. 

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