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DDDDD    U   U   CCCC  K  K    
D    D   U   U  C      K K    
 D[] D   U   U  C      KK         
D    D   U   U  C      K K       
DDDDD     UUU    CCCC  K  K       

D    D   O   O  D    D  G       E      R O R  S
 D[] D   O   O   D[] D  G  GGG  EEE    R   R  SSSS 
D    D   O   O  D    D  G    G  E      RRRR       S

Arab Dude

This guy can be tough at times, but not all the time.
He has very few attacks too,only three.At first he'll
just chase you, and if he gets close enough he'll stop
and swing his sword downward.If he dose this a certain
number of times, his sword will get stuck.You can now
attack him, also, if he swings at you enough, he'll
jump up and stab downward.He'll also be stuck here too,
so attack him quickly.His last attack is pretty dangerous.
he will start spinning wildly.Run away from him and wait
for him to stop spinning.He will be really dizzy, that
would be your cue to attack.

This boss arena is just a big rectangle.
If you take damage just break a jar to get
a health item.
This boss battle is the easiest out of them all.
In this battle Rocky will throw bombs at you.
The bomb fuses have different lengths though.
Some bombs will last for three seconds, run
away from them because you won't have enough
time to pick them up.Other bombs will last
five to ten seconds.For the five second bombs,
pick them up and throw them away from Rocky
(if he is on the left side, throw to the
middle.)so when he gets near them to throw
it back at you, they blow up.On the ten
second bombs, pick them up and hold them
till it reaches three, then throw it at him.

This is the best stage for any hard boss battle,
but this one isn't hard at all.This stage is 
split into two pieces, yours ,being the bigger
one though.
Tiki Rock
This battle is pretty simple just dodge him
when he rushes at you and when he tries to
jump on you.He will also jump really high
and slam down, when he does this, try to
find the bright square, stand in the square,
or you will fall.When he does the Super Jump,
he will hurt himself.This is the onlt way to
defeat him.

Just a square, nothing else.
Yosemite Sam(Space Version)
This battle can be tricky.There are two is
only one way to attack.Destroy a box on
either side of the room.Wait for the press
to come down, when it gos back up, there
will be a bomb in its place!Throw the bomb
near him, but not to close though.Sam will
come at you, but the bomb will explode
before he can get to you.

The battle is set in the ship's cockpit.
The area is just a big circle.Although
you can get in the middle to help you
dodge that puny lil' pirate.The press'
can be located on either side of the door.
Marvin(Master Boss)
Marvin will get into a tiny UFO.He'll shoot
bullets and missiles at you.He'll start by
just shooting lasers, but if you depleat about
half of his energy, he'll start shooting missiles,
and sometimes, his dog might attack you.To attack,
you have to hit his forcefeild about three times
to make it disepear for a while.

This is the room where all the villains
got together to plan the plot against
Duck Dodgers in the 24th and-a half century!

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