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                              Ratchet and Clank
                               Boss Guide/FAQ

Table of Contents
1.  Intro
2.  Weapons
3.  Layout
4.  Bosses
     4.1 Alien Lizard Queen
     4.2 Blargian Snagglbeast
     4.3 Cpt. Qwark ( in “Star Fighter”)
     4.4 Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek
5.  Legal
6.  Contact/Contributions

                             1. Intro

This is my 2nd FAQ, the first was a Boss FAQ for Going Commando (R&C 2).
Not much to say, hope this FAQ helps in some way shape or form. 

                              2. Weapons
OK. You may be wondering what a weapons list would be doing in a Boss FAQ. 
I’ll tell you why…. So you will know what the heck I’m talking about when I 
mention a weapon you don’t have. If you don’t want to know the weapons before 
you get them, skip this and be prepared to be slightly confused at some points 
if you don’t check the vendor every time you see one. You’ll never know when a 
cool new weapon will come out for sale.

>Omni-wrench= a standard ammo-less melee weapon. Start out with it.
>Bomb glove= First in Gadetron’s line of “glove” weapons. Lobs explosive 
rounds a short distance. Start out with it. Nice back-up weapon.
>Pyrocitor= A flame thrower. Good for swarmers. ‘Nuff said.
>Blaster= Basically a must have. Sweet sub-machine gun. Good all around, 
except long-range. Get it as soon as you see it.
>Glove of Doom= Launches 4 mini explosive body-guards to destroy anything near 
you. Can only have 8 out at any one time.
>Suck Cannon= Sucks up small enemies and shoots ‘em back out as a rocket. OK 
back-up. Found, not bought.
>Taunter= Useless unless used with the Mine glove.Activates mines to 
seek                         enemies to attack. Or makes people angry.
>Mine glove= 3rd glove weapon. Launches mines out. Ta-Da!
>Devastator= Unguided rocket launcher. Big Bada Boom!
>Visibomb Gun= Remote controlled missile launcher. Big Bada Boom!   
>Walloper= Big punching glove. Cool, but not useful in my opinion.
>Decoy glove= Yet another glove. Distracts enemies so you can take them out.
>Drone Device= Creates a protective barrier of drones around Ratchet who will 
explode on contact with enemies.
>Tesla-Claw= Creates a steady stream of electricity to attack. Blah blah blah.
>Morpho-ray= A ray that manipulates the enemy’s DNA to reconstruct them into a 
chicken. Takes longer for larger enemies.
>R.Y.N.O.= A 9-barreled rocket launcher. Does an awesome amount of damage to 
anything it hits. Also costs $150,000 on the black market.

                            3. Layout 
How the bosses section will be set up.

#, Name
Planet you’ll encounter them on.
Difficulty (1 to 5)

Description on how to beat. Easy, right?

                                 4. Bosses
Here’s where you’ll get all the help you’ll need.


4.1, Alien Lizard Queen
Blarg Tactical Research Station (BTS)   

First off, if you already got the Sonic Helmet from Skid’s Agent, use it (the 
Sand Mouse House is in the room with the vendor and all the frogs and 2 
lizards. Jump onto the ridge on the right [when facing the room with the force 
fields]). Now, step into the arena and pull out the Blaster. Run away from her 
and hold down the fire button. When she loses 1/3 of her health, some mutated 
frogs drop down. Dispatch them with either the Pyrocitor or the Suck Cannon 
(which you unload on the Queenie). Until all the frogs are dead, the Queen 
backs away, so don’t worry about her. After the frogs, it’s Blaster time! 
After another 1/3 of her health is gone, 2 little lizards drop down. Use 2 
bombs per lizard, then attack the Queen again. NOTE: You shouldn’t run out of 
Blaster ammo, but if you do, use the bomb glove. NOTE #2: The Glove of Doom is 
very useful in this battle, but not required.

4.2, Blargian Snagglebeast
Qwark’s Hideout, Umbris

Fall in, whip out the blaster.Jump over shockwaves, and simply move out of the 
way of the fire-laser thingy. When he’s down 1 unit of health, he generates a 
shield. Walk across a bridge when he’s following you to let him break it and 
lose 1 more unit of health. To avoid the fire-balls he shoots, run in the 
opposite direction. Collect Blaster ammo until you’ve got around 180-200, then 
Shoot, then bridge. As an alternative to the Blaster, you could use the bomb 
glove or mine glove. However, for bombs you must be uncomfortably close, and 
mines are extremely unreliable. The Blaster is you’re best bet. Other than 
that, shoot him, stroll over to the last bridge, and wave buh-bye.

4.3, Cpt. Qwark in Star fighter
Gemlick Moon Base, Oltanis Orbit

Very first thing, DO NOT WASTE MISSILES!!! Wait until you’re close with a 
lock. Second thing, enemy missiles are 1st priority. I want them shot down 
yesterday! ( That means ASAP.) When he pulls you in with a tractor-beam shoot 
him with the machine guns and lean towards each missile. If that isn’t working 
for you just focus on the missiles. When you shoot down 3 engines he’ll 
generate a shield and a whole crap-load of fighters will appear. Try and 
conserve missile ammo but if you’re havin’ trouble, use them as needed. After 
you down all the fighters, Qwark will launch mines out the back of his ship. 
Stay toward the side of the mine field, and shoot Qwark down.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: After the fight, try and find the gold weapons 
vendor. You need to wall jump up somewhere near the new ship. Make a mental 
note of it’s location and come back when you can afford the Gold Blaster. It’s 
$20,000, and 4 gold bolts. Hopefully you can find that many [Gold Bolts].

4.4, Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek
Kyzil Plateau, Veldin
0/5 with a RYNO, 4/5 with the Blaster, 3.5/5 with a Gold Blaster
PRE-BATTLE: You’ve got 2 choices: 1. go pay a ridiculous amount of money 
($150,000) to get the RYNO and make this fight ridiculously easy, or pay 
around $30,000 to get the Ultra Nanotech, PDA, and the Blaster. As another 
thing to get in Option 2, is the Gold Blaster (another $20,000, still only a 
1/3 of option 1 [total of $50,000]). Option 1 goers don’t need my help. 
Another note for Option 2 goers- Have at least $10,000 in spare change (for 
ammo). Once you’ve got all that straight, go for Drek.

BATTLE: For the Giant Clank portion, start out with a Atomic Energy Blast 
(press triangle), then follow up with a flurry of punches. After 1 unit of 
health is gone, Drek shrinks you and runs. Load up all your guns, and put you 
r Quick Select like this:
                              [Gold] Blaster 
                 Glove of Doom           Suck Cannon
            Swingshot                          Devastator
                    Your Choice           Pyrocitor
Now swing in and don’t take too long on the platforms (they tend to fall 
down). At the next arena, get out the Devastator. Don’t use L1 or anything 
To aim, just face him jump and shoot and most shots should hit. When he’s 
launching missiles stay out of the aiming beacons, and run any which way. When 
he starts launching bombs, stay in one spot, double jump and shoot once in the 
air. Don’t get antsy and shoot twice…… you’ll miss and waste ammo (also known 
as MONEY). After the Devastator ammo is gone, switch to the Blaster, and use 
the same method, with minor differences= make sure the green O is on Drek when 
you fire, and fire a couple of shots each time you jump over the shockwave 
from the bomb. If you happen to run out of Blaster ammo, that’s what the PDA 
is for. If you got tons of money, you could also buy Devastator ammo too. When 
you get him down one more unit of health, he blows the arena and runs away 
again. Run to the platform in front of you, then to the 3rd one then break for 
the swing targets and floating platforms. Use the same strategy on the 2nd 
platform in terms of shooting Drek, but use the Pyrocitor to destroy 
overcrowding mines (only if necessary, as the bomb’s shockwave will destroy 
the mines too). When getting to the 3rd platform, watch out for the very last 
floating platform…..
It’ll fall before you step on it, so be ready for it. On the final arena, Drek 
presses a switch. You race to the center of the arena to press another switch 
to cancel his switch out. Then you run for the grind rail along the edge of   
the arena. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Each total filling of the    
Blaster is $2,000, so be stingy on ammo. When he launches evil agents of doom, 
suck ‘em up, and spit ‘em out! (Suck Cannon). Also, use your own agents for 
protection. As soon as he moves to the side of the arena, get to   the center 
and get ready to power slam a button super freaky fast. When he flies outside 
the arena, activate the strafe mode (use thruster pack= double tap R1= hold L2 
or R2= analog stick left/right) and maybe use the Devastator. Just run around 
to avoid the green missile swarm. If you keep dying and have money problems I 
recommend going to a hover-board race. As I said before, you’re gonna need 
$10,000 to kill Drek. When he goes down, pound the last switch, and enjoy the 
satisfaction of beating the game   (not to mention beating Drek the hard way!).

                                   5. Legal
It’s a lot easier for me, you, and a bunch of lawyers if you don’t copy my 
guide (whole or partially), or distribute it for profit, or put this on 
another site. Just ask in cases 1 and 3, never EVER do case 2. 

                         6. Contact/Contributions
Contact me at……….. [email protected] Put “R&C: 1 FAQ” in the subject area or 
I will delete the e-mail prematurely. Allow me a couple of days to respond, I 
don’t check my e-mail every-day. E-mail with questions, alternatives, spelling 
corrections (I appreciate it, it’s one of my pet peeves too).
                         Questions List:
Listed as they come.

                       Contributions List:
Entered as they come in, make sure to put who to credit in the e-mail (but
stray from using last names, even if you do, I won’t put it here, but it’s 
just good policy).

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