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Ninja Gaiden Boss Guide

submitted by salemgog
email: [email protected]
last updated 5/22/04
copyright by salemgog 
I created this FAQ
to help people
on their journey
to win the Ninja Gaiden
Last updated: 6/24/04 
Last updated: 7/10/04
Last updated: 5/22/05
Last Updated: 10/1/05 
                                            Table of Contents
                                             1) Game Controls
                                             2) Weapons
                                             3) Boss Guide to ALL sixteen chapters

                                       BASIC CONTROLS
                                         A button- Allows Ryu to jump
                                         B button- Launches Projectile Weapon
                                         X button- Basic Melee Combat
                                         Y button- Special combos
                                        Y+B buttons- Ninpo

                                            Dragon Sword ( chapter 1)
                                       True Dragon Sword ( chapter 13)
                                            Nunchakus ( chapter 4)
                                            Dabiliharo ( 20 scarabs to Muramasa)
                                            Spear Gun  ( chapter 11)
                                            Kitetsu (chapter 12)
                                            Vigoorian Flail ( chapter 6)
                                            War Hammer ( chapter 8)

                                            BOSS GUIDE

                                Chapter 1 The Way of the Ninja

                                    Boss: Murai /difficulty: **

                                     Murai is a master ninja who is a master of
                                     Nunchaks. This is a simple battle. Block every
                                     move, then when he stops attacking, slash!
                                     For beginners, go to a wall, and wait for
                                     Murai to come near you. Go up on the wall and
                                     do the move where Ryu screams and turns blue.
                                     Just time when you jump on the wall, or Murai
                                     slash at you.Eventually, a FMV sequence will 
                                     come on.

                                Chapter 2 The Hayabusa Ninja Village
                                  Boss: Samurai Horseman/ difficulty: ***

                                  This is a fairly hard boss. Th horseman starts
                                  out by sending out about 8-10 of the mages.
                                  (the ninjas that do magic). I find it very easy
                                  to kill all the mages first, and then go for the 
                                  horseman. (plus, the mages usually drop goodies 
                                  to heal yourself). The bow and arrow is VERY 
                                  effective on the horseman. You'll need to watch
                                  out for his spear, because that takes a lot of 
                                  damage out of you.

                                Chapter 3 Skies of Vengance

                                 Boss: Electical Robot/ difficulty: **

                                 This fat robot is easy if you know what you're 
                                 doing. Go behind him, and slash him on the back.
                                 After doing so, jump away to avoid his gun. 
                                 Running in circles is very useful, because it 
                                 will confuse him. Please be sure to watch out for 
                                 his laser shot!!!!!

                               Chapter 4 Imperial City Infiltration

                                NO BOSS!!!!!!!!

                                Chapter 5 City of Fiends
                                Boss: Tentacle Fiend/ difficulty: *

                                Easiest boss ever. use the A+Y combo to cut off
                                those tentacles. Tentacle Fiend will open his eyes.
                                This is your cue to attack!!!!! Watch out for his
                                swinging tentacles, and fireballs.

                                 Chapter 6 The Monastery

                                 Boss: Skeletal Dragon/ difficulty: ***

                                  For this boss, you must slice through his feet.
                                  You'll know when a foot is destroyed when the
                                  foot becomes marrow. This boss's main attack is
                                  to throw bones at you. You must dodge these by
                                  rolling to the side. He will also try to crunch
                                  you to death. To avoid this, you must jump to
                                  the side whenever he throws his head back. You
                                  usually have six free slices at his foot at the 
                                  beginning of the fight. Whenever the boss takes
                                  a bone rest, slice n' dice!!!

                                Chapter 7 The Hidden Underground

                                 Mini Boss: Tentacle Fiend 2/ difficulty: *

                                 Same strategy. Only this one is a little more

                                Boss: Alma, First Form/ difficulty: *****

                                This boss is the hardest in the game. Her most 
                                primary attack is to grab you up in the air and
                                suck away you blood. Ninpo works O.K., but you
                                should just risk Ryu's life and go for her.

                                Chapter 8 Tairon Under Alert

                                No Boss!!!!!!!!

                                Chapter 9 The Military Supply Base

                                 Mini Boss: 2 Tanks/ difficulty: **

                                 The tanks shoot at you, and blow missles. Use
                                 APFSDS cores for maximum damage.

                                     Boss: Helicopter/ difficulty: ***

                                     This boss shoots you, throws missles, and 
                                     grenades. Use APFSDS cores to damage it.
                                     If you don't have any more Elixirs due to the 
                                     mini boss, just block, roll, and jump.

                                     Chapter 10 The Aquaduct

                                     Mini Boss: Electric Worm/ difficulty: **

                                      This mini boss shoots electric balls at you,
                                      tries to eat you, ans tries to slap you.
                                      You can avoid them all! when he tries to slap 
                                      you, jump over him, and slash! When he pops
                                      out of the hole to eat you, step aside, and 

                                     Mini Boss: 2 Electric Worms/ difficulty: ****
                                      Use the same strategy as before. Thankfully,
                                      when one worm is attacking, the other one
                                      USUALLY stays in its hole. Keep using the 
                                      method from earlier.

                                     Boss: Skeletal Dino Bird/ difficulty: **

                                     This boss has a few attacks. It shoots out a 
                                     laser to determine where fire will be shot.
                                     It can also charge at you. A rare attack is 
                                     when it ties to suck you into his wings.
                                     To hurt it, use A+Y combo and then, quickly
                                     cast The Art of the Ice Storm when he lowers 
                                     his head. (It may take a while....)Be patient,
                                     and you'll eventually win.

                                     Chapter 11 The Path to Zarkhan

                                      Boss: Lord Doku/ difficulty: **

                                       Lord Doku's most common attack is with the
                                       Kitetsu, his weapon. He'll also do a cool
                                       attack in which he makes electricity go
                                       everywhere. He'll also throw the Kitetsu at
                                       you. To damage him, use the A+Y combo, and 
                                       when he blocks it, do it again. He'll do a
                                       super combo move which takes about 70% of 
                                       your life, so if i were you, I'd get away
                                       from him.

                                       Chapter 12 The Caverns

                                       Mini Boss: Ice Worm/ difficulty: *

                                      A very easy mini boss. All he'll basically do
                                      is put his mouth into the ground for no good
                                      reason. He'll also make ice spikes rise.
                                      Just keep on slashing.Watch out for his 
                                      punches, and ice storm.

                                      Mini Boss: Fire Worm/ difficulty: **

                                      This is just like those Electric Worms in
                                      Chapter 10. Only, much easier.

                                      Boss: Flame Dragon/ difficulty: ***

                                     Equip the Dragon Sword, or the Kitetsu. Go on
                                     the upper platform.The dragon still may try to
                                     bite you, throw fire, or blast fire, but, it
                                     will lower his head way more often than the 
                                     lower platform.

                                      Chapter 13 The Fiendish Awakening

                                      Boss: Alma, Second Form/ difficulty: ***

                                     This Alma is way more easier than the other.
                                     She still has the same attacks, but less 
                                     painful. Inferno Ninpo works very well on her.

                                     Chapter 14 Vengeful Spirit

                                     Boss: Spirit Doku/ difficulty: ****

                                     This Doku is way more harder than the other.
                                     He has basically the same moves, but he's 
                                     very unpredictible. In this battle, be really
                                     careful. Inferno Ninpo works well, but Doku
                                     can block it. use the same strategy as before.

                                      Chapter 15 The Core

                                      Mini Boss: Tentacle Fiend 3/ difficulty: **
                                      Again, same strategy as before. This one is
                                      much harder than the other 2. You'll be okay
                                      if you're careful.

                                       Mini Boss: Ice Worm 2/ difficulty: **

                                       This Ice Worm is like the one in Chapter 12,
                                       only he shoots ice at you more than he did 
                                       before. Use the same strategy.

                                       Mini Boss: Underworld Fiend/ difficulty: ***

                                       If you're wondering, Underworld Fiend is 
                                       basically the Devil. Well, anyway,Underworld
                                       Fiend can charge at you, and has a spinning
                                       attack. He launches Projectiles. Just wait 
                                       for when he charges at you, and jump out 
                                       of the way. He'll be stuck, and you can 

                                        Boss: Vigoor Emperor part 1/ difficulty:***

                                        The Vigoor Emperor's first form is
                                        basically a statue.If you want to hurt
                                        him, you need to blow all his green orbs 
                                        off. He'll make lasers shoot, but just 
                                        jump off the platform and another one will
                                        Catch you. Inferno Ninpo works very well
                                        and I recommend you to use it.  

                                       Boss: Vigoor Emperor part 2/ difficulty: **

                                        Equip the Vigoorian Flail and Ice Storm 
                                        Ninpo. The Vigoor Emperor will usually 
                                        send out skulls. Use the Vigoorian Flail to
                                        easily kill them. This will also affect the 
                                        boss's life. Occasionally, he'll send out a
                                        huge skull. You can fend him off by using 
                                        the Ninpo. If he ever gets close to you,
                                        get the True Dragon out and slice n' dice
                                        till' your heart's content.

                                         Chapter 16 The Dark Dragon Blade

                                           Boss: Evil Murai/ difficulty: *

                                           Thank goodness this boss is soooo easy.
                                           just keep using the A+Y combo. He may
                                           occasionally send out some powerful moves
                                           like the Dark Dragon himself.

                           Copyright 2004 by salemgog. None of this info may be
                           copied unless permitted by me. Only allowed at 
                  Thanks to Antsz for some tips.
                           Antsz is a Ninja Gaiden walkthrough author at



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