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Mini-Boss 1: Tin Toy
You can find the toy up in the attic sitting on some big boxes. To defeat him, 
shoot him when he’s bending over.

Mini-Boss 2: Zurg Kite
You’ll find the kite on top of the giant tree. When he’s up in the air, shoot him. 
Then he’ll start to spin around to try to hurt you.

Major-Boss 1: War Airplane
All you have to do is either spin or shoot.

Mini-Boss 3: The Jackhammer
He’ll be on top of the giant frame of the building. To beat him, use the Disk 
Launcher from Mr. Potato Head. He will use flaming bolts like the ones you 
encountered on your way up.

Mini-Boss 4: Clown Man
On this boss, you either have to spin or shoot him.

Major-Boss 2: Slime Monster
To beat him, keep shooting until he’s in the garbage can. When he’s one hit away 
from dying, find the green laser and shoot until he’s dead.

Mini-Boss 5: T-Rex Toy
It’s the same thing as defeating the clown boss, either shoot or spin.

Mini-Boss 6: Buzz Lightyear Buggy
For this boss, I would prefer if you shoot after his rocket has blasted away.

Major-Boss 3: Giant One-Eyed Toy
To kill him, kill the enemies that come out of the chambers, and then shoot him.

Mini-Boss 7: Spider Gunro
Do the same thing as boss number six.

Mini-Boss 8: Gunslinger
When you shoot him, he’ll shoot two guns so jump after you shoot him.

Major-Boss 4: Emperor Zurg
To beat him, spin on him. It’s that simple!

Mini-Boss 9: Old Prospector
Do the same thing as how you killed Zurg.

Mini-Boss 10: The Blacksmith
Just spin on him when he doesn’t attack.

Major-Boss 5: Gunslinger, Old Prospector, and Blacksmith
I would kill all of them in this order: Gunslinger, Blacksmith, and Old Prospector.

CONGRATULATIONS! You beat the game!

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