BOSS STRAGITIY - Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

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Boss Fight:
Commander: 20 HP
Two Knight of Sandora: 4~5 Hp

Defect those two knights first, then attempt to kill that commander. 
Note that after you kill one knight, the other will run away. The 
commander will say "you are awful cheeky" and perform a move that deal 
6 HP damage. The commander will heal himself for 4 HP after he has 
taken some damage. He can cast Burn out too which deals about 4 HP 
damage. Guard when necessary to gain some HP. Use some Heal potion when 
necessary. If you killed one of the knight and the Commander, you will 
get two Healing Potion and a Burn out. Note that if you defeat only the 
commander, both of the knight will run away, and you will not get the 
extra burn out. You will also level up after this battle. You will gain 
a new Addition, Volcano. 

Boss fight:
Frugal: ~88 HP
Hellena Warden x2: ~13 HP
Senior Warden x2 : ~20 HP

After you defeat the two Hellena Wardens, then you can hurt Frugal but 
he will call some Senior wardens in to attack you after he has taken 
some damage. Note that before the Senior wardens die, they will give 
your party some magic damage which damages every party member. These 
senior wardens can cast Power up to increase their defense. Attack with 
additions and Guard when necessary. Keep track to Shana which has low Hp 
and sometimes making her guard is not enough, so you have to heal her 
when her life gets too low. Stick to staying alive and you will beat 
them really soon. You will get four Healing potions and a Knight Shield 
after the battle. Most slightly, all of your character will level up and 
Lavitz will learn new addition (Spinning Cane)if he level up to level 5.

Boss fight:
Troublous: ~280 HP

Spark Net and Burn Out is effective here. If you are daring enough, you 
can go for all out attack, which will kill this snake faster. However, 
in this way, the chance of getting your party killed is higher too. 
Alternatively, let those without Poison Guard every round, and let 
those with the Poison Guard to do the job. While guarding, you will be 
immune to negative status. After some time, the snake will hide half of 
his body beside a rock and leaving half of the body out, up high. If 
this occurs, only Shana can attack it with her arrows. However, you may 
use multi item like Spark Net and Burn Out to damage him. After some 
time, I will come out again. Beware of the poison that this snake can 
split at all the three people in your party. Some of his attacks can 
also poison you. Keep your HP high to defeat this boss who has high HP.
You will get the War god’s Amulet after defeating him.

Sandora elite(Dark): ~280 HP

Note that he is Dark elemental, so use light based multi-hit items 
against him if you have any. He has a attack that damages both Lavitz 
and Dart. Remember to Guard after you lose too much HP. After he has 
about half of his HP left, he will divide himself into three! Figure out 
the true one and hit him up so that the two fake ones will disappear. 
Actually it is easy to figure out who is the real one. Just see which 
one uses magic attacks, and hit him hard. From this point onwards, he 
will keep on Dividing himself. Please note that the two fake ones will 
not receive any damage. So you can use this information to determine the 
real one. Don't worry, guard and attack and you shall kill him

Boss fight:
kongol(Earth): ~320 HP

Wow!!! This is a tough match. Guarding is very important if you want to 
survive this battle. Be careful, This giant has high offense and 
defense. Don't miss him, he will counterattack automatically. After some 
time, he will throw his Axe away, but do not be happy, you will see more 
damage from his attack if he is fighting without the Axe. From this 
point, he will have a  attack that grabs both of your characters and hit 
them with each other, dealing damage to both of the characters. He has a 
attack that dash towards you and punch you. Use guard when necessary. 
Use multihit items if you want. Burn Out is VERY effective, it can deal 
around 75 HP damage. Just don't use Earth multihit items because he is 
Earth elemental. After you defeat him, Dart will unleash the finishing 
move as usual but Mongol counter it. On the ground, Dart is vulnerable 
to Mongol’s incoming attack! Fortunately, the mysterious women will come 
in and "unlock" the dragoon within you. You will get a Power Wrist after 
the fight.

Commander: 135 HP
Sandora Soldier x2: 56 HP

This is a easy battle. Kill off the two low ranked soldiers first then 
go for the Commander. The commander can hurt you a little but if you 
guard when necessary, this battle is a piece of cake. You will get a 
Attack Ball after the fight. Note that this is not a boss fight because 
you'll only get 45 Exp for killing the three of them off

Boss Fight:
Virago Head: ~370 HP
Virago Body: ~245 HP 
Virago Arm : ~48 HP

Aim for his head if you really want to kill it quick and fast, otherwise 
kill the other parts before killing the head to gain the best out of 
this battle. Use multihit items on it if you want. Its arm attack can 
deal around 30 HP damage. Destroy the body first to defeat it easier. 
Lavitz will really deal damage on this boss plus if you equip him with 
Lance, he will deal around 50 HP damage. Dart and Rose are not offensive

Boss Fight:
Firebird:500 HP
Fireballs:x2 50-100 P

This boss isn’t tough just aim for him and use roses stral Drain to damage
The boss and heal him then it will call out fireballs but u can take them if you win
You will win 500 EXP and 500 Gil

Boss Fight:
Graham (Wind): ~352 HP 
Feyrbrand (Wind): ~488 HP 

Kill the Dragon first. Note that the dragon has a attack that causes 
many status abnormalities, so beware. Use the appropriate Purifier when 
this happens. Note that Graham like to use wind magic’s. The dragon will 
use power our on itself, so be careful. Graham always attack Lavitz, so 
heal him when necessary. Rose's Astral Drain is very useful, so use it 
to defeat them easily. After defeating them, you will get 100G, 1200 
EXP, Down Burst and a Plat email.

Boss Fight:
Drake the Bandit (Wind): ~1220 HP
Bursting Ball: ~64 HP
Wire: ~127 HP 

This fight is a piece of cake if you have bought some Legend Casqued or 
Phantom shield otherwise it is a rather hard battle. If you haven't you 
still can defeat it easily. This boss can really deal some damage by 
throwing darts at you. After sometime, he will throw three 
bombs(Bursting Ball) out. Destroy them before they explored! He may even 
cast a barrier(Wire) in front of him. You must destroy the wire before 
you can reach him. If you try to attack him, ignoring the wire, you will 
take some damage. Levitz’s Gust of Wind Dance proves effective here. If 
you have the Magic sag stone, use it on him, and you will have a few 
"Free" attacks. He can recover for around 350 HP!!! Rose's Astral Drain 
is also very useful. After defeating him, you'll get 100G and 1500 EXP.

*=Correct Answer
Question 1:
Dart, Lavitz. Why do you fight?
To protect those we love.*
Then she will transform into Shana...
Question 2:
Dart, I have been waiting. Why did you leave without saying a word?
To pursue the Black Monster.*
Question 3:
Dart, what are you going to do after you find the Black Monster?
Of course, get revenge!*
Question 4:
Please, forget about revenge and be with me. The Black Monster or me, 
"Really? Dart, I’m so happy!"
Then she will transform into Albert...
Question 5:
Lavitz! What are you doing here! Forget Shana and go back.
That's not like you.*
Question 6:
Lavitz! Are you disobeying my order? Choosing one over many?
Shana needs me!*
She will transform back to herself.
Question 7:
Dart, advancing will bring truth as well as ordeals. And you still want 
to go?
No matter what, I will go.*
Question 8:
Lavitz, I ask you. Who is the most important person for you to protect?
Question 9:
Lastly Rose, I ask you. What does life mean to you?
I've never thought about it.*

First Round:
Go gaga (void):~180 HP

He will cheat by using poison in his first turn. If you are lucky, you 
will not get poisoned and if you are poisoned, just use body purifier. 
Just keep attacking him with Additions. He can use dark spell on you too 
but if you guard when necessary, you will defeat him in a few round. He 
will run away if you hit him hard enough.

Second Round:
Serifs(Fire):~200 HP

This guy is rather easy to defeat. Just stick to additions. This guy 
will power up himself after you have reduce his HP to half. If he power 
up, then your attack on him will be halved and his attack on you will be 
twice his normal attack. He will admit that you are too powerful for him 
after the fight. 24 37 74 

Third Round:
Denton(Earth):~235 HP

This big guy has strong defense and offense, so it will take a bit 
longer to defeat him compared to previous two matches. During sometime 
in the game, you will see him guarding with his arms, and stay that way 
a few turn. When he is in this mode, DO NOT attack him, he will 
counterattack. Just wait for him to put down the arms then you attack. 
Note that he will keep doing this throughout the whole battle. Just use 
additions if you get the chance. When he is in the guarding mode, you 
can use multihit items on him, Spear Frost is a good choice. He has a 
"All Out Attack" that make you left with one HP. Heal Dart after he does 

Fourth Round:
Aglow(Dark):~310 HP

Don't bother what the attendant say, he is just a piece of cake. This 
guy is quick and annoying. He attack two times in the first turn. He 
will target your joints. Kill him before he unleash finisher move after 
he attacked five times. Don't worry this move will not finish you. 
Instead use Additions to kill him fast because he has a weak defense. He 
will call you a monster after the fight.

Firth Round:
Lloyd: ??? HP

You cannot kill this guy, every attack from you will miss him. However, 
he CAN kill you. This guy is damaging and have a addition move too, so 
be really careful not to get killed by him. Keep guarding until Lloyd 
say "its about time" and both Lloyd and Dart will unleash their 
finishing move. Dart will lose in the finishing move.

Boss Fight:
Jingo (Earth): ~1280 HP

If you have Rose in your party, then use her Astral Drain to finish this 
beast quick and easily. Otherwise, use additions if you do not have 
Rose(like me). It is rather slow, so hit him fast and hard. Note that he 
will jump a few times and rocks will drop from the sky(?) and hit 
everyone on your party. As usual, guard or heal as usual. Note that its 
physical attacks are strong, so don't let your HP gets too low. This 
beast has a attack that inflict confusion, so use Mind purifier when 
necessary. Confusion will cause your character to hit himself! This boss 
has rather high HP, so transform into dragoons for extra defense. For 
this boss, I have little to say, because it is basically defend and 
attack. You'll get a Sachet, 100G and 2000 EXP after this fight

Boss Fight:
Frugal(Earth): ~1000 HP
Gifts(Dark): ~500 HP
Rodriguez(Wind): ~380 HP?

Kill the dog(Gifts) first because it can cause confusion. The birdie 
can take you up and drop you, causing some damage to you. The birdie can 
also throw needles at you causing about 35 HP damage. Go for the 
birdie if you have killed the dog. Next, go for Frugal, but be careful. 
He can throw rocks at you causing some serious damage. His physical 
attacks are strong too, so guarding is very important in this battle. If 
you have Lavitz in your party, use his additions to defeat  
Frugal faster. Since Frugal has strong attacks, you can transform into 
dragoons to get better defense. After the fight, it will be Lavitz 
displaying the finishing move.

Boss Fight:
kongol (Earth): ~1030 HP

Note that you need to chain a addition successfully so that Mongol will 
not counterattack. Mongol has a VERY strong offense and speed, so 
guarding might not be enough to hold on in this battle, so use recovery 
items when needed. This time he is really tough. He has a deadly attack 
that stick you up onto a wall that he castled and bash you until the wall 
break. This attack really hurts. For this battle, please let your HP 
stay above 100 HP. Transform into dragoons if you want. This way, you 
can increase your defense. USE WIND-based magic’s or multihit items to 
kill him fast. Note that he will cast a magic barrier after he received 
a magic attack. They can deal around 400 HP damage to him. This will be 
a easy party if you keep using wind-based magic’s or items on him. You 
will get 200G, 2000 EXP after this fight.

Boss Fight:
Emperor Doel (Thunder): ~600 HP

This guy attacks with two deadly sword. His attacks aren't as deadly as 
Mongol, but it will kill you if you are too careless. Needless to say, 
heal or guard when needed. Use addition for the highest damage. After he 
has taken enough damage, he will transform into a dragoon!

Dragoon Doel (Thunder): ~1800 HP

In this form, he has better defense and a very high HP. He has some 
really powerful thunder magic’s that can really hurt you. You can also 
change into a dragoon if you want. Rose's Astral Drain is very useful 
here, it will make you stay alive and cause some damage to him. In 
Dart's Dragoon form, use Final Burst to inflict great damage on him. 
After reducing his HP to about half, he will cast a barrier around him 
that protect him from everything. Guard until the barrier spell wears 
off, then continue to slash and bash him. Even if the spell wears off, 
he might cast it again, so hit him hard when you find the chance. 
Endurance is the key to success in this battle, you can cast Albert's 
Rose Storm to reduce the damage on your party by 50%. I really hated his 
magic’s, not because they are damaging, but because the magic’s really 
take too long to cast. Dart will again unleash a finishing move once you 
defeat him.
                                                Disc 2

Boss Fight:
Virage (Void):
Head: ~1600 HP 
Left Arm: ~320 HP
Right Arm: ~320 HP
Body: ~600 HP

Now this Virage has leg! Again, killing its head will kill it. Beware of 
its left arm, it can inflict a death attack on one of your party. SO 
destroy the left arm first. Just to make sure you've got the idea right. 
Virage left arm is the arm that is on your right. After taking care of 
the left arm, go for the right arm. Note that his right arm can use 
magics on you but you need not worry much. After taking care of both 
arm, go for its body. But beware of the head. Also note that Virage can 
regenarate new arms. Its head can shoot a beam at you just like the 
previous one. Virage can also cause fear within your party. Next, after 
killing off the body, go for its head. Kill the head with additions. Use 
Dragoon's additions and magics if you want. This battle is easy if you 
keep on destroying the left arm. Just don't let the death attack kill 
off anyone. As usual Dart will unleash its finishing move after 
defeating it. However it will not kill it. Virage will tried to attack 
Shana but Shana will give out the mysterious power again and Virage will 
fall down into the valley. You will get 200G, 4500 EXP and a Moon 
Serenade for defeating this boss. The 4500 EXP will cause most of your 
party member to level up.

Gangster: ~300 HP
Crafty Thieves x2: ~200 HP

This is just a normal enemies fight. It is very easy so the strategy 
against them will be short. Kill off those crafty thieves then kill off 
the Gangster. You will get some EXP from them

Boss Fight:
Gehrich(Earth): ~2000 HP
Mappi(Dark): ~1200 HP

Kill off Mappi because he has a instant death attack. Mappi can really 
get you into some serious problem if you do not kill Mappi quick. If 
Rose is in your party, then keep using Astral Drain to kill them fast 
and to keep you alive. Both of them dealt physical damage, so guard when 
neccessary. They have a team attack which will really hurt you. Note 
that Mappi can jump up into somewhere and come down to attack you 
occassionly. Attack him when he stays on the ground. Use Light-based 
multi-hit items on Mappi to kill him fast. Gehrich has higher HP but you 
will defeat him easily if you use additions. After defeating him, the 
earth will shake and a HUGE rock will fall down and it is going to hit 
right at your party. Suddenly Kongol will come and stop the rock with 
his bare hand. You will get 200G and 5000 EXP after the fight.

Boss Fight:
Lenus(Water): ~3500 HP

Firstly, this boss is VERY fast, you can attack up to 2-6 times in a 
row. She is also a very strong magic caster. She has high HP and has 
some attacks that damages everyone. Her physical attack is also rather 

Team 1:
Use Dart to select the special command, then use his Red-Eyed Dragon 
attack if you have it, otherwise use his Final Burst attack. The Red-
Eyed Dragon attack can deal around 1000 HP damage. Now, after using the 
special command, everyone will be in their dragoon form. For Rose, use 
Astral Drain and for Kongol and Albert, use their strongest magic. 

Team 2:
Follow the same method. However for this team, do not have everyone 
transform into Dragoons. Instead, only transform Dart and Haschel into 
Dragoons and use their deadiest attacks. Rose has strong attacks and 
better defense, so feel free to use her to attack. I suggest that you do 
not transform Rose in dragoon first because you will need her soon. 
Transform her to dragoon and use her Astral Drain if everyone has fallen 
rather low on HP. You will find that this team can survive better but 
take longer to kill her.

Team 3: 
For this team, everyone should use additions repeatedly. You can also 
transform Dart into dragoon and use his deadly attack. When HP runs low, 
transform Rose into dragoon and use her Astral Drain to hurt Lenus and 
heal your party at the same time. Since Shana's Moonlight can only heal 
one person, so you should attack with her and let her use those recovery 
items. This team make use of the strategy called "Kill her before she 
kill you". You will find that this speed actually kill her faster if you 
use the right additions but is more vulnerable to dying.

Boss Fight:
Ghost Commander: ~1700 HP
Ghost Knight x4: ~300 HP

Ignore those Ghost Knights because they will just keep on regenerating. 
To end this battle, you must kill the Ghost Commander. The Commander can 
really hurt everyone because he has a attack that damages 50% of your 
max HP. After killing the commander, then you can kill off those knights 
easily with one or two dragoon magics. You will get a Night Raid, 200G 
and 6000 EXP after this fight.
                                                    DISC 3

Boss Fight:
Lenus(Water): 3000 HP
Regole(Water): 3000 HP

This is a tough battle. This time, Lenus will not have multiple attacks, 
so she will be easier BUT the dragoon is a tough one. It has really 
strong magical attacks that can really hurt your party. Therefore 
getting rid of the dragon is what you should go for. Transform Dart into 
a dragoon and use his strongest magic attack to inflict great damage on 
the dragon. DO beware of the dragon's physical attacks which are very 
deadly. Lenus also has some strong dragoon attacks that can kill you if 
you let your HP falls too low. Guarding and Healing will be very 
important in this battle. Fire-based items that i called you to buy in 
Fueno will work well here as the both of them are water-based. You 
should have also gotten a few of them on the journey. After a few turns, 
you should be able to kill Lenus. Dart will again unleash the finishing 
move to kill off Lenus. Before she dies, she will direct a last attack 
at Shana but will be blocked off by Dart. You will get 250G, 7000 EXP, a 
Frozen Jet and maybe a Jeweled Crown for winning this battle.
                                                     DISC 4

Boss Fight:
Kamuy(Void): ~4000 HP

This boss is really strong because it has strong physical attacks and 
some strong magical attacks too. He has a attack that can stun your 
party, so be careful. You can transform into dragoons in you want, but 
DO NOT use the magics, just stick to additons and guarding to defeat it 
because magics deal much lesser damage than dragoon's addtions. Even 
Dart's Red-Eye Dragon attack deal damage around 400 HP damage which is 
rather pathetic for a 80 MP cost. Guarding is the key to winning in this 
rather tough battle. This wolf is so hard because it is void-based, 
meaning it is strong against all elements. During this battle, you will 
discover that your attacks hardly deal above 500 HP damage. During this 
battle, i have a hard time against this boss using Shana and Meru but in 
the end i still eliminated it with all of them surviving. Well, my 
hardwork payed off when Shana gained two levels and Meru gained one 
level after the fight. You will get 0G, 8000 EXP and a Darkness Stone 
after the fight.

Boss Fight:
Grand Jewel(Earth): ~4500 HP

PLEASE DO NOT transform into dragoons in this battle. It can seal your 
dragoon's power. To kill it, just use Additions.  This boss can heal 
itself for 1350 HP. So be careful. This boss is a "professional 
magician, it can cast lots of spells. It has attacks that can inflict 
status abnormailities too. This boss can lower your level in this 
battle, this will also lower your statistics, so be careful of this 
boss. Use the Magic Signet stone at the second round of this battle is a 
good idea. Then make use of the free 3 turns to kill it before it dies 
any serious damage. If you keep on attacking him and heal or guard when 
necessary, it will die soon. You'll get 300G, 9000 EXP and a Spectral 
Flash for killing this boss.

Boss fight:
Divine Dragon(Void):
Divine Dragon: ~5000 HP
Divine Ball: ~2000 HP
Divine Cannon: ~2000 HP

NOTE: This is a long battle which may took up to 25 minutes.
Dart will use the Dragon Block Staff on the first turn. This will reduce 
the offense and defense of the Dragon. This Dragon has three parts and 
it is really quick and powerful. Killing the main part will kill it, but 
i suggest that you destroy the Divine cannon and ball first because they 
can do massive damage. This dragon can use several powerful spells that 
inflict damage on all party members. This Dragon can fire lots of beam 
wave at your party and it can really hurts everyone. Guarding might not 
be enough in this battle so you'll have to use recovery items when 
necessary. I suggest that you kill off the Divine Ball first, then go 
for the Divine Cannon. As usual, use additions to kill this boss, don't 
bother to transform because dragoons magic are not effective against 
this Boss with the Void element. Transform in Dragoon only if you want 
better defense. Use Speed Up and Power Up to kill this dragon faster. 
After you killed the Cannon, go for the Divine Dragon. The Divine Dragon 
has a sweep attack that can hurt everyone. Dart will again unleash his 
finishing move after you have defeated it. Lloyd will then slash the eye 
of the dying dragon and he will obtain the Divine Dragon Dragoon Spirit. 
You will get 300G, 10000 EXP, a Flash Hall and a Gravity Grabber

Boss Fight:
Windigo(Water): ~10000 HP
Heart: 3 HP
Snow Cannon: ~400 HP

This is a fight that tests your survival skill. It can last rather long 
as this boss has some deadly attacks and has high HP. He can grab a 
party member and throw him/her off, dealing some damage. This boss can 
"stick" its arm into the ground and hit a character from the ground. 
This boss will capture one of your character and place it inside his 
belly and will release two Snow Cannons. Destroying both Snow Cannons 
will grant the captured character freedom! Note that you MUST NOT attack 
the boss while your character is captured because you will be only 
killing off your captured character. The Snow Cannons can also do some 
damage. However he captures your character quite commonly, so don't get 
too happy when you freed the character. There is a fun thing to do 
immediately after he had released the character. If you observe 
carefully, you should see that his heart will be expose after releasing 
the character. You can attack his heart if you want but your attack only 
deal 1 HP damage. However his heart only has 3 HP, so you might find 
killing off his heart is faster than killing this boss off. He will 
close the bones to protect the heart after the attack. This boss can 
cast some strong water-based magics too. With the Heat Blade that Dart 
wields, this boss is nothing. Dart's Final Bust and Red-Eye Dragon 
attack is VERY effective against this boss. You will get 250G, 11000 EXP 
and a Brass Knuckle after this battle.

Boss Fight:
Lloyd(Void): ~6000 HP

NOTE: Being the last boss of Disc 3, he will not be too easy to defeat.
PLEASE DO NOT transform into dragoons unless you only have 100 SP that 
allow you to be in dragoon form for only one turn. Otherwise use 
additions to finish him. Remember how Lavitz was killed? This time he 
still has the Dragon Buster with him. Lloyd has a classic "signature" 
move that Lenus used before. Lloyd is VERY strong in term of every 
aspect. He has a attack that create a dome to enclose your party and 
when the dome explode, it will deal awesome damage. Lloyd has a high 
evasion rate meaning that he can avoid attacks sometimes. You do get a 
miss once in a while but that doesn't stop you in killing him. Being a 
dragoon, he can also use additions which could kill a party member. 
Guarding and Healing are VERY important in this battle. Lloyd can use 
his divine dragoon magics too and they are really POWERFUL. Keep your HP 
above 1000 HP. He will use some common magics occassionaly too. Keep on 
using additions and you will defeat him very fast as he has only 6000 
HP. After the fight, Dart will unleash his finishing move but Lloyd 
manage to dodge it. Then a cool FMV will follow... Dart will be one on 
one with Lloyd. Lloyd is hurted and unfit to battle this time. Guess 
what? Wink appears and blocked a attack from Dart. You will get 300G, 
12000 EXP and nothing after this fight.

Boss Fight:
Last Kraken: ~10000 HP
Cleone: ~1400 HP

This is a tought fight. This boss looks like a octopus and has really 
dangerous attacks. Its spray attack can hurt one character very much if 
the character's defense is weak. Its physical attacks is also very 
damaging. Healing and Guarding is very essential in this battle. 
Transform Dart into a dragon and use his dragoon's magics to kill this 
boss fast and quick. Otherwise, just hack away his HP with additions. 
You can also use the Psychedelic Bomb X to deal extreme damage on this 
boss. He will also summon two fairies called Cleone to help him 
occassionally. These fairies can deal some damage but can be killed 
easily. Just kill them off then continue to target the boss. While the 
Cleonos are out, the boss will start using magics to their maximum 
power. Even if this boss is water-based, it surprisingly has magical 
attack of many elements. The magics can really hurt you, so kill off 
those Cleonos as soon as possible, so that he will go back to physical 
attacks. Just stick to guarding and attack and you will win eventually. 
You will get 300G, 12000 EXP and a Pretty Hammer after the fight.

Boss Fight:
Kubila(Dark): ~3500 HP
Vector(Dark): ~4000 HP
Selebus(Dark): ~3000 HP

This is a rather tough fight. All the three of them have different 
attacks. You should destroy Kubila first. He can summon some creatures 
out and it can really hurt your whole party. He has a all status 
abnormalities spell too. He can use some common magics too. He is a 
average character just like Dart, he is average in magical and physical. 
He has a instant death final attack, so he will kill one person before 
he dies. Who he will kill is random, but he seems to kill the person 
that killed him more oftenly.  After you kill Kuliba, you should kill 
Selebus. Selebus can heal her whole party which make defeating these 
bosses more difficult. Selebus can kiss Vector and Vector will grow in 
size to a Giant. Selebus can use some really powerful spells that hurt 
everyone. Selebus is weak in physical but strong in magic, so you can 
inflict more damage on her. Her physical attacks are also rather weak. 
Selebus is very fast so you might find her attacking a few times in a 
row. After you kill her, you should kill of Vector. Vector will grow in 
size when Selebus kisses him and he will stay this way for several 
rounds. In his giant form, Vector can inflict large amount of damage on 
your party. All his attacks in this form are leg stomping. He is high in 
physical but weak in magical. Use spells to kill him fast. When he is on 
his normal form, he can use his scissors to slice you, but it shouldn't 
be a problem. You will get 300G, 12000 EXP and nothing after the fight

Optional Fight:
Dragon Spirit(Wind): ~8000 HP

This is a easy fight. This boss only uses physical attacks. They are not 
that deadly as long as you guard and heal when necessary. Just use 
Additions to hack away his life. You will get 200G, 4000 EXP and a Down 
Burst after the fight.

Optional Fight:
Dragon Spirit(Water): ~11500 HP

This fight is harder than the previous one. This boss can use some all 
members attacks. It has some rather damaging physical attacks too. This 
boss is weak against physical, so additions would work well here. This 
boss is fast and can attack your party a few times in a row. 
Furthermore, this boss has more HP than the soul of Feyrbrand. You will 
get 300G, 6000 EXP and a Frozen Jet after you defeat it

Optional Fight:
Dragon Spirit(Void): ~16000 HP

This is a tough and rather long fight. The spirit is far more stronger 
than the alive Divine Dragon that you fought before. This spirit can 
still use the Divine Shot and Divine Cannon Attack. It is strong against 
both magical and physical attacks. This boss is fast and it can attack a 
few times in a row. It can really HURT everyone. You might find that 
guarding is not enough in this fight, so you may have to use some 
healing items. As this boss is non-elemental, so magics are useless 
against him. Its physical attacks are strong and it damages everyone. 
Dart Final Bust Attack is rather useful against him. Use that often. 
After you have defeated it, you will get 400G, 8000 EXP and a Flash 

Boss Fight:
Lavitz's Spirit(Wind): ~5000 HP 

This is a tricky fight. You should not attack Lavitz when he is facing 
you. Attack him only when his back is facing you. Guard when he is 
facing you. You will then be prompted an option. Choose the first 
choice(Talk to him) and he will turn his back towards you. Use this 
opportunity, hack the "thing" on his back. Be careful though, the 
"thing" on his back can use a attack that can confuse everyone. Use a 
mind purifier if you have one, otherwise wait for the effect to wear 
off. After a few rounds, the "thing" will control Lavitz to face you 
again and you will be prompted the same option. Always choose the first 
option and Lavitz will turn his back to face you. Due to the fact that 
Lavitz will turn to face you after some rounds, you should not transform 
into dragoons because in dragoon form, your character can only attack. 
Just use additions to hit the "thing".
After you have damage the "thing" enough, Lavitz will collapse and the a 
demon will come out of his body. He is called Zackwell and you will have 
to fight him.

Boss Fight:
Zackwell(Dark): ~8000 HP

This is a tough fight. This demon has strong physical attacks and some 
deadly spells. He is also rather strong against physical attacks. He can 
summon a big skeletal creature to attack you. This attack is very 
deadly. This boss can also hide himself "into" the ground causing you to 
miss him when attacking. If you have Miranda in your party, then have 
her transform into dragoon. In dragoon mode, her light-based attacks can 
deal more damage on him. Use Miranda healing spells when necessary. If 
you have Rose in your party, have her use her Astral Drain to recover 
some HP. After you have defeated this monster, it will possess Lavitz 
again. Lavitz will then fight with Dart and will send Dart's sword 
flying off. Lavitz will regain his mind when Dart shouted his name. He 
will stick his spear through his own heart and kill off the demon. 
Listen to the emotional conversation now. I wanted to cry at this 
moment. Anyway, wipe off your tears and watch how Lavitz uses his last 
bit of strength to open up the path to the Signet Stone. Farewell 
Lavitz...You will get 300G, 12000 EXP, a Healing Rain and a Halberd for 
defeating Zackwell.

Boss Fight:

Caterpillar(Void): ~6000 HP
This can be a tough fight. It can poison and stun your party member. It 
uses only physical attack. You can defeat it easily with additions. 
After you have damaged it enough, it will become a Pupa.

Pupa(Void): ~2500 HP
This form is very easy to defeat. It will not attack you. Just keep 
using additions to hack away his life. Note that in this form, it has 
rather high defense. It will move a bit once in a while but it will not 
hurt you in anyway. After you have hurt it enough, it will become a 
adult form.

Imago(Void): ~12000 HP
This form is the strongest. It has the higest HP and strongest attacks. 
It defense is the same as the catepillar form. Its physical attacks are 
all single member targeting, so it will be easy to stay alive. It can 
also shoot out a beam at one party member and it can deal quite some 
damage. It will also shoot out some purplish gas that can despirit one 
of the character

Boss fight:
Death Rose(Void): ~3200 HP

This is not a tough fight at all. This boss only attacks you with weak 
physical and magical attacks. It is low on the defense side, so 
Miranda's physical attack can be very effective here. This boss will 
ocassionally open one of the flower to reveal Miranda's mother face. You 
will get to know more of Miranda's past from the face. Anyway, after you 
have damaged this boss enough, you will be prompted a question to 
answer. The "face" will ask your your forgiveness. Choose the first 
choice(I'll forgive you) to end this fight. You will get 6000 EXP after 
the fight

Boss Fight:
Claire(Lightning): ~3000 HP

Claire is possessed by the War God. You will get conversation during the 
fight. She can use a forbidden attack called the black art of 
Nagarujuna, Four-Gods-Destruction on Haschel. This attack reduces 
Haschel HP to 1. Use Healing Fog after she uses this attack. Her 
physical attacks are rather strong. You will get to know more between 
Claire and Haschel during this fight. After you have done enough damage 
to her, you will be prompted an option. Choose the first choice(Mind's 
eye, awaken!) to awake Claire. Claire will control the War God and 
regains her mind. She will thank her dad and disappear. You will get 
6000 EXP after you "win" this fight.

Boss Fight: 
Indora(Earth): ~3000 HP

Indora has REALLY strong physical attacks and defense. He is far more 
faster than Kongol. Indora can counter Kongol whenever he missed a 
successive addition. To kill him, use your additions but try your best 
to make the addition successful. His weakness is his HP. You should get 
rid of him in a few rounds. After you win this fight, you will get 6000 
EXP and a Indora's Axe. If you haven't gotten the Golden Dragon Spirit 
for Kongol from Lohan, then Indora will give you the Dragon Spirit

Boss Fight:
Michael(Dark): ????? HP
Michael's Core(Dark): ~1300 HP

This Boss is VERY strong. Your attacks will deal 0 damage to it. Rose 
will try to make Michael recognise her during the fight. You cannot 
damage it and you cannot escape, so what should you do? Since you cannot 
hurt it and it can hurt you greatly, GUARD at every round until Rose 
tells you its weak point. This Darkness Dragon is the strongest dragon 
of all as it has the best attack, best defense and is VERY fast. His 
darkenss-based attacks can even hurt Rose rather seriously. Be patience, 
Rose will tell you its weakness eventually. Rose will also tells you 
that its shell is special armor for the darkness dragon. It repels EVERY 
attacks. Rose will get an option after many rounds. Choose the first 
choice(Tell Dart the blind spot) so that you can know the weak point. 
Rose will tell you that after the dragon has shoots the black laser, its 
defense will falls a second, revealing its heart. The heart is its weak 
point. Now that you have the clue, wait till it uses the black laser, 
then aim at its heart. Its heart doesn't have much HP so you can kill it 
with one additions. You will get 12000 EXP after you win.

Boss Fight: 
Shadow Blade: ~1000 HP
Light Sword: ~1000 HP
Dark Doel: ~1500 HP

This is a rather easy fight even if Albert's level is low. Doel again 
uses two swords to attack and will also use magics to attack Albert. You 
cannot hit Doel before destroying the two swords. You will again get 
conversation during this battle. After you have destroyed the two 
swords, you can go ahead and attack Dark Doel. He has little HP and can 
be killed easily with a additon. After you have defeated Doel, he will 
die. You will get 6000 EXP for winning the fight.

Boss Fight:
Archangel(Light): ~3000 HP

Her physical attacks are not strong but her magical defense and attacks 
are rather strong. She has a attack that reduces Meru's HP to 1. When 
this happens, use the Healing Fog. You will again get conversation 
between Meru and Archangel in this fight. The spells she uses are all 
those powerful ones. The reduce-to-one HP attack is very cool. She 
summons a large fleet of soldiers and send them to attack Meru. I really 
liked this attack. After you have heard enough conversation between 
them, Archangel will be defeated. You will get 6000 EXP once you win the 

Boss Fight:
Super Virage(Void):
Arm(Void): ~3000 HP
Head(Void): ~10000 HP
Body(Void): ~15000 HP

This is a difficult fight. This boss has VERY strong spells that damage 
everyone. Destroy its arm first, then go for either its head or body. 
Destroying either its head or body will destroy it. Its body can use a 
strong purple beam attack at your party. If you have equiped Legendary 
Casques, then you will find its spells useless against your party. 
Healing and Guarding are necessary in this battle. This boss has good 
defense and high HP. Just use additions to kill it. You will kill it 
soon enough. If you killed its head, it will explode and this explosion 
will cause massive damage to your party. If you destroyed the body, it 
will just vanish without using any final attacks on you. You will get 
300G, 15000 EXP if you win this fight.

Boss Fight:
Zieg Feld: ~12000 HP

Zieg is in the dragoon form so he will use additions to attakc you. He 
can use all the dragoon spells. He is an average fighter just like Dart. 
Being a boss, he is very fast. Do not be surprise to find him attacking 
a few times in a row. Guarding and Healing are necessary here. Dart will 
not be able to transform in dragoon because he has lost the dragoon 
spirit. Transform your other character into dragoons if you want to get 
better defense and offense. Spells are not effective here because Zieg 
is non-elemental, meaning he is strong against all elements. Just use 
additions to hurt him. He doesn't has much HP, so you should be able to 
kill him before he kills you. After you win, you will get 400G and 20000 

Final Fight 1:
Tentacle(Void):~1500 HP
Melbu Frahma(Void): ~11200 HP 

This will not be a easy fight. This boss has many forms. He has four 
tentacles with him. These tentacles can deal serious damage so get rid 
of them first. Melbu can also use many strong spells that damages 
everyone. He also has a beam attack that can inflict all kinds of status 
abnormalities on a member. Melbu is strong in both magical and physical. 
Since he is non-elemented, Dragoon's attack will not hurt him much. Only 
Dart's divine dragoon spells are effective against him. For other 
members, just use additions. Melbu can also summon three Virages to 
attack your party. They can deal massive damage to everyone. Dart's 
dragoon addition is also very damaging against Melbu. Use Miranda's 
Healing Spell when necessary. Melbu is also very fast, so he can attack 
a few times in a row. Melbu will guard occassionally. If you attack him 
while he is guarding, he will counter the move. Note that he will not 
counter Miranda's physical attacks and Dragoon's addition. After you 
have damaged him enough, the background will change to first generation 
and his attacks will change too. There will be many fast moving stars 
across the screen.

Final Fight 2:
Melbu Frahma(Void): ~9500 HP 

This form is tougher than the previous form. Melbu will be stronger in 
this form. He has better defense and offense. This time, he has single-
targetting attack. He uses a long laser sword that deals massive 
physical damage to a member. He is also fast in this form so he is able 
to hit you a few times in a row. He will ocassionally suck one of your 
member into his body. You will not be able to use this member if he uses 
this move. He will release this member after a few rounds. Don't worry, 
you can still attack Melbu while your member is still being kept inside 
the body. You will not damage the captured member. After a few rounds, 
he will "shoot" out the captured member at another member. both of them 
will receive great damage. Guard and Heal when necessary. Conserve your 
MP and SP, just use additions to attack Melbu. When you have damaged 
Melbu enough, the background will switch to the second generation. It 
will show a desert area. You will not fight Melbu in this generation. 
The background will then be swtiched to the third generation. It will 
show a area experiencing thunder, rain and lightning. You will not fight 
Melbu in this generation too. Then the background will be switched to 
the fourth generation. It is a "brownish" area. This time you get to 
fight Melbu.

Final Fight 3:
Melbu Frahma(Void): ~9000 HP
Bomb Star(Void): ~1800 HP

His attacks is different from the previous fight. His physical attacks 
are still strong but even stronger than before. He also has some damn 
powerful spells that damages everyone. Melbu can summon four Bomb Stars 
out to help him. These bomb stars can explode in the air and the rock 
fragments will land on your party, causing serious damage. Destroy these 
bomb stars before they destroy you. Melbu can switch between day time 
and night time. His attacks will change according to the time of the 
day. In the day time, he uses fire-based spells and will shoot a ball at 
you causing high damage to a party member. After you have damaged him 
enough, the background will change to the fifth generation. It is a 
place with grasses, trees and life forms. You will not have to fight 
Melbu in this generation. Then the background will switch to sixth 
generation which is also the last age. You will see pictures of life and 
death. You will fight Melbu for the last time.

Final Fight:
Melbu Frahma(Void): ~11000 HP
Monster: ~1500 HP

He is VERY VERY Strong in this form. His physical attacks have increased 
in power tremedously. He can deal far more damage than before. Melbu can 
use all kinds of powerful spells against your party. He directs a beam 
at you that changes the targeted character into a picture occassionally. 
He will raise the picture directly infront of him, then he will slash 
the picture. The damage the picture received is what the targeted 
character received too. Use EVERY thing at him. This is the last battle, 
there is no need for you to conserve anything anymore. Melbu can also 
toss a character up into the air and let him/her drops. This move causes 
some serious damage. You should use Miranda's Healing Power once your 
party HP gets too low. He will occassionally summon two monsters out to 
help him. When he does so, kill off those monsters. These monsters are 
VERY annoying and can cause serious damage. They can possess one of your 
character and dealing a instant death attack. They can also "hide" one 
of your character into the ground. The monster will stand in the place 
of the hiddened character. By doing so, you cannot attack the monster. 
The character inside the ground can still attack, but only the special 
and attack command is available to him/her. You will find that it is the 
monster who is attacking and not the character inside the ground. This 
"new" character can be very useful at times. Controlling the monster 
isn't a bad thing after all. If you use the special command, the monster 
will heal everyone completely and its attack isn't really that bad. 
Melbu can curl himself up and this will reduce your dragoon's defense 
and offense. Do not transform into dragoons if he uses this move. Just 
use additions. Only transform into dragoons when he uncurls. Keep giving 
him everything you've got and he will be dead soon


Boss Fight:
Polter Suit(Dark):
Polter Helm: ~2200 HP
Polter Sword: ~3200 HP
Polter Armor: ~4000 HP

All the three parts have very different attack style. The sword deliver 
physical attacks that can wipe you out if you let your HP falls too low. 
When you kill the sword, it will unleash a final attack that causes a 
instant death to the character that killed the sword. Use a Angel's 
Prayer of Miranda's Moon Light to revive the fainted character. The helm 
can seal one of your battle command. The command will be sealed for many 
rounds. This commanding blocking attack will not cause any damage but it 
is very annoying. If your attack command is blocked, then you will have 
to wait for many turns before you can attack. Killing the Helm will 
unseal the blocked command. The armor is the the most dangerous part of 
all. It has GREAT defense due to the fact that it is a armot. It has the 
highest HP of all three parts. It can cast magics that damages everyone 
and it will use the magic to its maximum power! Transform into dragoons 
to have better defense. If you have Miranda in your party, then you will 
survive better in this battle. Since Miranda's dragoon attacks are 
light-based, they will deal high damage on this boss. Miranda's healing 
magics is very useful in this battle. The good thing about this boss is 
that all his parts do not have HP that is too high. I suggest that you 
destroy the sword first, then the helm, then the last armor. Just hack 
this boss away with additions and you will win in no time. You will get 
200G, 6000 EXP, a Soul Eater and a Smoke Ball.

Boss Fight:
Syuveil(Wind): ~10000 HP

This boss can do everything Lavitz/Albert can do. He even has the "Jade 
Dragon" dragoon attack. He has a lot of HP. He is rather fast and can 
attack 2-3 times in a row. He can use the dragoon addition too. This 
boss is weak against magics but strong against physical attacks. This 
boss has high evade rate, meaning he can dodge some of the attacks. You 
will get 300G, 6000 EXP and a Jade Stone after you defeat him.

Boss Fight:
Damia(Water): ~9000 HP

She is water-based, so Dart has a advantage here. She has statistics 
similar to Meru. She is strong in magic but weak against physical. She 
is really speedy, so be sure to use Speed Up on anyone. Using Additions 
alone can kill her. She can use all the Blue Dragoon attacks including 
the Blue Sea Dragon Attack. You will get 300G, 6000 EXP and a Blue Sea 
Stone for defeating her.

Boss Fight:
Belzac(Earth): ~16000 HP

He is similar to Kongol, meaning his weakness is his magical side and 
his speed. Actually, his speed is fast. He is INCREDIBLY strong in 
physical. Additions and physical attacks are not effective against this 
boss. Transform into dragoons and use spells on him to kill him fast. Be 
careful of your HP tough. Again, he can use all the golden dragoon's 
attack including the addition. Albert's attacks are VERY effective 
against this boss. Miranda is useful in this battle because of her 
healing abilities and strength in magics. Be sure to raise her physical 
defense as much as possible. It will take quite some time for you to 
defeat him because he has really high HP. You will get 300G, 6000 EXP 
and a Golden Stone if you defeat him.

Boss Fight:
Kanzas(Lightning): ~12000 HP

You will get 300G, 6000 EXP and a Violet Stone after defeating him.

Boss Fight:
Magician Faust(Void): ~26500 HP

This a VERY VERY Tough fight. This battle can take up to 1 hour. Faust 
is EXTREMELY strong in magics but is weak in physical attacks and 
defense. He is also VERY fast. He can attack three to five times in a 
row if he is lucky. Being a Wingly, he has those classic signature move. 
Most of his magics and those powerful ones and he WILL use them to the 
maximum power. Most of the magics are mulitple characters attacking 
spells meaning that the magic can hurt everyone. Even simple spell like 
Spark Net can hurt you because he is really strong in magic. My Dart has 
been equiped with a Legendary Casque, but yet he received 500 HP damage 
from the Spark Net spell. Don't bother to use any spells on him as you 
will be only wasting your time. Cast Speed Up on any character if you 
need. Additions are VERY effective against this boss. They can dealt 
above 1000 HP damage. Miranda's attack can also dealt around 500 HP 
damage! Dart's Blazing Dynamo can deal around 4000 HP damage on this 
boss. Faust can also counter additions, so be sure to get your finger 
prepared on the "circle" button. You will find that Shana's Gates of 
Heaven is very useful in this battle. If you use any spell on him, you 
will find that most of them will miss and if it happened to succeed, it 
will merely deal very little damage to Faust. One exception is the 
Psychedelic Bomb X. It can dealt very high HP damage to Faust, probably 
because it is non-elemental just like Faust. This battle is where all 
the repeat items will be useful. Magic Shield can nullify magic attacks 
for three rounds. Power Up enables you to kill Faust faster. Use Power 
Down on Faust to reduce his defense and offense. Speed Up is also a very 
useful item to use. This will allow you to hack in more attacks on him. 
Speed Down can lower his speed but use it only when his HP is yellow to 
be the most effective. You will get 10000G, 20000 EXP and a phantom 
Shield as a reward for defeating this super strong boss.

After the fight, Faust will be no where to be seen. When you get to 
control Dart, open the three chests. The left one contains a Magical 
Hat, the upper right one contains a Holy Ankh and the lower right one 
contains a Dancer's Ring. After taking all the treasures, take the 
teleporter at the top and it will take you all the way to the the very 
first screen of the tower. Now head out of Kashua Glacier and proceed 
your journey from where you have stopped. If you haven't complete the 
Seven Dragoon towers quest, then you can head back to the first screen 
and take the upper left path to reach the world map. Go through the 
snowfield and you will reach Vellweb.

         Well thanks for your time I hope this guide helps you if you have trouble 
my e-mail is [email protected]   Goodbye!

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