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Boss Strategies and Moves List
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero for Playstation/Nintendo 64
Version 0.77 by CaesarDyke ([email protected]) on 11/18/97


	Here's another FAQ by me, in just a matter of a few days!!!! Anyway,
this is on Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. I played the Playstation
version, but I think the Nintendo 64 version is pretty similar, I am not
even sure if it is out yet, because it wasn't when I got the Playstation
one. This FAQ will be simple. It will tell the different items and what
they do, a moves list and some simple combos, and strategies vs. the
bosses. Maybe sometime I will make a walkthrough for all the levels, but
not this time....

Little Info:

	Mortal Kombat Mythologies is not a fighting game nor a RPG like
many people thought it was supposed to be. It is more of an action/adventure
game where you fight against enemies through a side-scrolling world and also
you collect items on the way that you can store in your inventory. One little
note, there are only about one million ways to die in this game, there are
so many cracks it is unbelievable!!!! Personally, my favorite death is in
the Earth level when he falls through the pointy rock which pierces right
through him. :)


There are many items to get in this game, so look out for them!!!

Herbal Healer- This item gives Sub-Zero 50% of his life back. I think you
start with around 4 or 5 of these.....

Herbal Booster- This item combined with an herbal healer makes it more potent
and recovers 100% of your life. A very useful item!!!! You start out with
one of these at the beginning and I never found much more along the way.

Urn of Vitality- Gives all your energy back.

Urn of Strength- Gives you superhuman strength for a little bit which could
be used to move heavy objects and immovable obstacles.

Urn of Immortality- Gives you an extra life!!!!

Tablet of Truth- Tells what to do in the level, only found in the Very Easy
difficulty level.

Dit Dow Formula- Very useful against bosses!!!! It lowers the amount of 
energy an enemy's attack does.

Shield of Invincibility- This is a very great item!!! With this you can be
invincible for a limited time. You can combo and relentlessly attack the boss
without getting hurt, making them much easier obviously.

Eye of Invisibility- This eye makes you invisible and the enemies cannot see
you, but can still hit you, like Reptile's Disappear move in the other MKs.
It only lasts around 30 seconds even if you don't get hit.

Universal Translator- This item decodes some of the Tablet of Truths in the
game. This is also only in the Very Easy difficulty level.

Cold Regenerator- This fills up Sub-Zero's ice meter very quickly.

Moves List/Combos:

These 3 are the most important of the moves that are not considered special

Roundhouse- <- + High Kick
Uppercut- Down + High Punch
Sweep- <- + Low Kick

Special Moves:

In case you didn't know, you need a certain amount of experience points to do
each special move. You get these points by beating up enemies. I only know
the experience points needed in the Playstation version, but it might be
the same in the Nintendo 64 version.

Ice Blast- Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Low Punch / 90 exp. points.

A single blast of ice that freezes the enemy and leaves them open to combos!!
Including the huge uppercut combo which I will explain later.

Slide- <- + Low Kick + Low Punch + Block / 260 exp. points.

A good quick move that could be used to knock over the opponent. Also it is
good after you have done an uppercut to add an extra hit.

Ground Ice- Down, Down/Backward, Backward + Low Kick / 830 exp. points.

Sub-Zero blasts ice on the ground, freezing it. If enemies walk over it, they
will slip and you can do whatever move or combo you like on them.

Upward Ice Blast- Down, Down/Forward, Forward + High Punch / 840 exp. points.

I didn't use this that much. It shoots a blast of ice in a 45 degree angle
above Sub-Zero. This should be used usually only when the opponent is jumping
or flying.

Air Ice- Jump + Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Low Punch / 1410 exp. points.

A jumping version of his ice blast move. Can be used to freeze enemies on a
higher platform.

Ice Clone- Down, Down/Backward, Backward + Low Punch / 2325 exp. points.

Sub-Zero makes a clone of himself made of ice and if enemies touch it, they
will become frozen. Most enemies aren't stupid enough to just walk into it
but you can sometimes drop kick them and do it real quickly and they will
get hit by it, but it is easier to use an ice blast anyway and it will take
less ice energy.

Ice Shatter- Freeze Enemy Twice, Uppercut / 3320 exp. points.

This is one of my favorite special abilities!!! Freeze the enemy twice then
uppercut them into a million pieces!!!

Super Slide- <- + High Punch + Low Punch + Block / 4510 exp. points.

This is just a more powerful version of the normal slide. It also slides
a lot farther than the original one.

Freeze on Contact- Down, Forward, Forward + High Punch / 5920 exp. points.

A cool move where Sub-Zero runs into his opponents and freezes them!!!!
It lasts about 5 seconds and takes up 1/2 the ice energy!!!!

Polar Blast- Forward, Back, Back + High Punch / 7360 exp. points.

Sub-Zero freezes everything in the immediate area with this useful move.


I only have a few, but if I make an update, I'll include more!!

High kick, high kick, roundhouse.
High punch, high punch, low punch, roundhouse.
High punch, high punch, low punch, low kick, high kick, roundhouse.

Now my favorite one, it doesn't work on bosses because the recovery time
on uppercuts is longer.

Freeze and uppercut your opponent, quickly do the ice blast, uppercut them
again, ice blast them again, and continue until they are dead!!! In the
beginning this was really helpful because I usually got around 70 exp. points
each time I did this combo!!!!

The Bosses:

On some of the bosses, you can do his spine rip fatality from MK1! Just be
one step away and press forward, down, forward, high punch.

Scorpion- He's really easy, just do ice blasts, uppercuts, and combos. He
doesn't even have his spear yet, so he shouldn't be a problem.

Wind God (Fujin)- The first time I went against him he was extremely hard
because I didn't know many moves. At the beginning, ice blast him, then
roundhouse and repeat until you run out of ice. You can try to use the
upward ice blast when he is flying, but he usually just spins and sucks
you in. Try to drop kick him down and freeze him. When he runs out of energy,
he makes this really annoying whirlwind that will suck you up and hurl you
to your death unless you run until he eventually dies.

Earth God- He's easy with this little trick. Lure him to the center until he
is in between two chains in the background. Slide under his legs and run
to the skull switch. Go to the menu and press the use button to use the
switch. This will drop a platform over him. After a few conks with the
platform he will die.

Water God- The easiest way to beat him is to jump over him, quickly turn
around and ice blast him and do the 6-hit combo. Make sure to block the
multiple water blasts, because they take away a lot of energy.

Fire God- This boss is hard for me because he is unfreezable!!! Just use
many slides and drop kicks, and if you can, run up and combo him.

Scorpion Reincarnated- You only get to fight him if you ripped out his spine
in the Shaolin temple. He has his spear now, making him harder. Just use
sweeps and ice blasts and combos and block his spear and he shouldn't be
a big problem.

Prison Keeper- He's pretty hard. Try this tactic. Run towards him and do a
roundhouse kick,
then quickly do a drop kick and jump away from him. Duck and do a slide if
he lunges with his saw.

Dinosaur- Run in with a roundhouse and also do a drop kick. Only one or he
will get you with his horn. Jump over his fire breath and if cornered, slide
underneath him to the other side.

Red Robots- The 1st and 3rd robots are armed with a flame thrower. Basically
use the same tactics you used against the dinosaur to kill these robots. The
2nd one has a machine gun instead. He can be beaten the same way.

Kia- Block her boomerang and ice blast and roundhouse kick combo her. Try
an upward ice blast after the roundhouse and you might get her. Sweeps
are also good.

Jataak- Block the blue bolts she makes using her laser sword. When she
winds up for her laser attack, counterattack with the ice blast. Do
roundhouse combos and make sure to block her vicious 3-hit sword combo.

Sareena- Watch out for her massively powerful blade attacks and try the
tactics used on the other two girls. If you want, you can do a fatality
on her, but you should let her live for a better ending....

Quan Chi- When he runs into you, do many high punches and most likely he will
get hit by them. You can also sweep him a couple times after this and freeze
him. Combo him until he dies.

Shinnok- Wait for him to shoot his amulet shot and ice blast him. Run into
the teleporter to go to the other side of the arena. Freeze him again and
go very close to him. Go to the menu and press on the use command to steal
his amulet. He will turn into a big monster and go into a frenzy. Turn
around and run into the portal....

That's the end of the FAQ everybody!!!!

Possibly in an update, more combos and a walkthrough.

Thanks to Midway for making this great game and to anyone that reads and
appreciates this FAQ and actually uses it. Remember, if you like it, send
e-mail to me at [email protected] Also, I really don't care if you use
some of my information to make your own FAQ, so go ahead.

Also, I have a webpage that is non-video game related, but still quite great

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