Boss Strategies - Guide for Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced

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Boss 1-Crunch
This is really easy. Basically, you're on your flying carpet, and you attack with B. The only problem is Crunch 
a sheild. When he hits the nitros and temporarily gets knocked out, shoot him. Them go to the bottom of the 
screen, because he never shoots there. If he seems like he will, don't move. Keep pressing B to eliminate 
dangerous nitros. NOTE:If your bullets don't hi them, neither will you. Keep reapeating this process until he's 

Boss 2- Coco
This time you're in your copter pack. Immeadiltly, go to the opposite side of Coco. When she comes there,
over your head) move just out of the way of the missle, then resume your position. When she recharges and 
sheild dies down, smack her! Repeat this process, but note that you must move out of the way of her beam in 
round 2, and avoid touching the floor in round 3.

Boss 3- Fake Crash
FC copies Crashes every move. Make a note of this. Jump up the first platform to the set of spears. When 
yours go down, move over it, because his is up. Then jump down to the original landing and run at him. When 
you are about to touch him, spin and you'll go through, then walk over the platform (don't worry about 
spears). Now go down to the other spears and repeat this strategy.

Boss 4- N-Trance
Avoid him when he jumps, then when he throws out his hand, jump over it and attack him. In round 2, spin 
him around before hecan attack and bounce him under Fake Crash, then when he comes up, he immeaditly 
attacks. Go under him to avoid fire, but make sure you were i front of him first.

Boss 5- N Trophy
Avoid is attacks- jump for red and duck for blue- then jump across the platforms and hit him. Do this in 3 
levels to beat him.

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