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Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance
 Blue Advance Only (except for boss strageties)
By:John Haskell    
contact info: email me at 
[email protected]                         

1.0- The Best Strategy for the Oodrey 
  1.1- Fastest Route
  1.2- Best Charabom
2.0- The Best Stragety for the Imiderth
 2.1- Fastest Route
 2.2- Best Charabom
3.0- The Best Stragety for the Oven Range
 3.1- Fastest Route
 3.2- Best Charabom
4.0- The Best Stragety for the Kombine3
 4.1- Fastest Route
 4.2- Best Charabom
5.0- The Best Stragety for the Mad Brain
 5.1- Fastest Route
 5.2- Best Charabom
6.0- FAQ
7.0- Using My Guide
Is there a final boss? If there is, he'll be in my next up-date. E-mail me.

**********1.0  OODREY**********
Al right, the first boss. This guy seems easy, but he can be tricky depending on 
you. Here's how to put this plant back in the soil: One move is that he'll launch 
blue blobs in the air and then they'll fall. If you touch these things, you won't 
die, you'll just move alot slower. You can also destroy this stuff with bombs. It 
helps, but I don't reccomend it. Now when he shoots out little bugs, you don't want 
to touch them. But when he does you should have a lot of hits on this Oodrey guy. 
Avoid the bugs and give the final strike.(bugs can also be destroyed)

**********1.1  Fastest Route**********
Take 1-01 to 1-03 using the bottom gate. Take 1-03 to 1-05 using the bottom gate. 
Take 1-05 to 1-09 using the gate in the middle. Take 1-09 to 1-16 using the top 
gate. Take 1-16 to 1-19(boss) using the top left gate.

**********1.2  Best Charabom**********
I'm going to go with charaboms you already have, so this best charabom is Pommy. 
With Pommy's fast speed you can easily avoid the bugs and get around the Oodrey.

**********2.0  The IMIDERTH**********
The Imiderth is a giant book. And he obviously didn't like it when he came off the 
shelf. I just had to judge this book by its cover. He doesn't want to play around. 
Well here's how to check him out: You can only attack him when he's open. Place 
bombs in the center because it has the best chance of hitting him. Somtimes he will 
launch four bookmarks. They can carry your bombs away, but they can't make you die. 
When he jumps up to try and squash you, place a bomb near or in its shadow and you 
will hit it when it comes down. When he flips through pages, you can attack him 
then. He can shoot three page beams at you. Simply walk left or right to avoid those 
he can open his book to 4 regular full-powered bombs, 2 5x5 bombs, and 2 full 
powered piercing bombs. Rip out those pages!

**********2.1  Fastest Route*********
Take 2-01 to 2-03 using the bottom gate. Take 2-03 to 2-10 using the top gate. Take 
2-10 to 2-13 using the bottom gate. Take 2-13 to 2-15 using the top gate. Take 2-15 
to 2-18 using the very top gate.         Note: this skips both charabom stages

**********2.2  Best Charabom**********
The best charabom for this boss is Sibaloon. The second one you get. With the 
bossroom space so tight, you'll need Sibaloon to go over bombs. I can't really say 
much more.

**********3.0  The OVEN RANGE**********
A giant oven. Are these people on drugs? Well, here's how to fry him up: Just bomb 
on any side. That little Christmas Tree on it can come off and shoot at you. This is 
easy to avoid. Right after he does that, you can hit him. He can also cook up either 
a 5x5 bomb or a regular full-power bomb. Get as far away as possible then strike. 
But wait, there's more. If you call now, this giant oven will cook up killer flour 
balls! To avoid these, don't get under their shadow. This boss is easy so go kill 

**********3.1  Fastest Route**********
Take 3-01 to 3-03 using the bottom gate. Take 3-03 to 3-06 using the top gate.(its 
also alot to the left) Take3-06 to 3-10 using the middle gate. Take 3-10 to 3-14 
using the bottom gate. Take 3-14 to 3-19(boss) using the bottom gate.

**********3.2  Best Charabom**********
This was a tough decision, but I chose Pommy. This one's optional but you may want 
his fast speed to get around those flour balls and the Oven Range. What more can I 

**********4.0  The KOMBINE3**********
The Kombine3 is a robot that can split into three parts. When you start, it is in 
three pieces. Sadly, you can't attack. But it only stays this way for a few moments. 
When the parts merge, place a bomb right in there. Now the attacks depend on how it 
goes together. It can either do flaming beams, bounce lasers, or it can push your 
bomb down with a magnet. The flaming beams are easy to get around. If you're not 
caught between them, drop a bomb and you'll easily hit him. The bounce lasers are 
the hardest. If they miss you don't think they're gone, they'll bounce back. The 
magnets will push your laid out bombs down, so watch out. The Kombine3 is kind of 
hard, so good luck.

**********4.1  Fastest Route**********
Take 4-01 to 4-04 using the top gate. Take 4-04 to 4-06 using the top right gate. 
4-06 to 4-13 using the right gate. Take 4-13 to 4-19(boss) using the bottom right 

**********4.2  Best Charabom**********
This best charabom award goes to............Pteradon! This one you don't really 
need, but it helps to have landmines.  

**********5.0   MAD BRAIN**********
This is deffinitely the hardest boss in the game. It has three phases, so when it 
blows up the first time, don't think you've beaten it (you'd be cocky like me). Here 
is the best way to beat each phase:
                                                               PHASE 1 
This is a encapsulated brain. Before you attack, I reccomend that you destroy all 
the soft blocks. You don't have to, I just did. To start, destroy the block in the 
center. You will reveal a bomb power-up. Get it because you'll need that space. 
Here's why: bombs placed DIRECTLY in the center have the most chances of hitting 
him. Alright, time to tell you how to make that huge brain a little dumber. In phase 
1 his only attacks are lasers and touching you. Destroy all his lasers by putting 
bombs all around him (not all at once). But you don't have to if you have that 
special charabom covered in section 5.2. Well anyway, destroy the guns, and he can 
only watch as you blow him to phase 2.
                                                               PHASE 2  
The icky thing breaks out of its capsule and grows claws. How amusing. 
AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch out for its big beams it shoots out of its 
claws. And more importantly, watch out for it! Continue placing bombs in the center. 
But just run off to the side because it might push the bomb down with its, you 
guessed it, claws.
It'll take 5 hits to blast him to phase 3.
                                                              PHASE 3
Now, how long this takes depends on how experienced you are with bombs. It bounces 
around so place a bomb anywhere and hope you hit it. Once you hit it, it will change 
into little balls. The only way to beat it is to destroy all the balls in one turn. 
They can also make big explosions. So good luck!!  (it took me a looooooooong time 
to beat him so don't throw tantrums) 
I am deeply  grateful from my heart if you beat this guy in one try. (NOT)

**********5.1 Fastest Route**********
Take 5-01 to 5-04 using the highest gate. Take 5-04 to 5-07 using the top right 
gate. Take 5-07 to 5-10 using the top right gate. Take 5-10 to 5-13 using the bottom 
right gate. Take 5-13 to 5-16 using the bottom right gate. Take 5-16 to 5-20 using 
the bottom right gate. Take 5-20 to 5-23 (the boss) using the left gate. Note: this 
skips both charabom stages

**********5.2 Best Charabom**********
The best charabom to beat the Mad Brain is deffinitely P.Dragon. The one that lays 
5x5 bombs. The fastest way ( maybe the only way) to get a P.Dragon is to merge a 
Pommy with a Dorako. The first charaboms you get in Red and Blue. If you don't have 
a friend, tough luck, I guess. But with P.Dragon's massive bombs it is super easy to 
hit him.

**********6.0  Faq**********
Q: After I beat the Mad Brain, why does it say "The End" with a question mark?
A: I still don't know myself. Probably there is another final boss to unlock. I keep 
looking for him.

C'mon! Email me questions!!!

**********7.0  Using my Guide**********
If you want to use my Faq, please e-mail by the contact info at the top. Right now 
the only site that has permission is, and, my site, and my better site 

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All rights reserved.

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