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Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! for the Gameboy
Boss Strategy Guide - version 1.2
Eric42 - [email protected]

| Before anyone asks, no, I don't have the ROM to Wario Blast and no, |
| I will not send it to anybody (for obvious reasons), So please, do  |
| yourself and me a favor and don't ask!                              |



  I. Guide Version History
 II. Wario Blast: Boss Passwords
III. Wario Blast: Boss Strategy
 IV. Wario Blast: Abilities List

  a. Disclaimer and Legal Crépe
  b. Credits


I. Guide Version History:

version 1.2a - May 14th, 2001
Just a minor redesign.  Nothing much is new except a couple fixes in grammar
and such.

version 1.2  - April 11th, 2001
Minor update about the final boss.  Got a tip emailed to me from ian white
 and it sounds pretty good to me so I'm going on
ahead and adding it here until I can come up with something better. :)

version 1.11 - February 12th, 2001
Very minor update, just some tweaking of the redesign and some minor rewording
of some of the stuff here.  Btw, this just may turn into a full-fledge Guide
about the game and not just a Boss Guide...

version 1.10 - February 9th, 2001
The redesign is done.  It looks a lot better now.  Also I rewrote some of the
more weirder sounding Boss Strategies and changed what the Abilities sections
said about the abilities to what the game itself says about them.

version 1.00 - February 7th, 2001
It's complete.  All boss strategies are complete, except the 8-4 boss as he's a
pain in the ass for me and I can't beat him for some odd reason.  Grrr...
Everything else is complete for now, and the next update will hopefully have
the 8-4 stuff and a much better design for it.  (First version on


II. Wario Blast: Boss Passwords

Here's are some passwords that you can use to go straight to the bosses of the

           Bomberman - Wario
Boss 1-4:  5141      - 1415
Boss 2-4:  3569      - 9653
Boss 3-4:  2828      - 8282
Boss 4-4:  0874      - 4780
Boss 5-4:  1726      - 6271
Boss 6-4:  9618      - 8169
Boss 7-4:  7110      - 0117
Boss 8-4:  3158      - 8513


III. Wario Blast: Boss Strategies

-= Level 1-4 Boss =-
Prize: KICK Ability
Passwords: Wario 1415 - Bomberman 5141

There's no real strategy needed here.  Collect the items as fast as you can
while keeping away from the three little enemies that this boss spawns.  Three
blast hits will kill this boss and to hit it, you simply need to just blast it.
 Bombs will kill the little spawns easy, but if you can just set a couple bombs
in the boss's pathway, you should be able to hit it pretty easily.

-= Level 2-4 Boss =-
Prize: DASH Ability
Passwords: Wario 9653 - Bomberman 3569

Go about collecting the items as fast as you can while avoiding the boss.  To
even hurt the boss, you have to get it to throw it's disc thingee and to do
that, you have to sorta face him to make him do it.  Once he throw it, a bomb
blast will hurt him, but the trick here is to lay a bomb down just before he
gets in a line of sight of you and then make him stop and run the heck away
before you die by your own blast.  Just remember that with each blast, he gets
a tab bit faster.  Three blasts kills him and it's over.

-= Level 3-4 Boss =-
Prize: TROUNCER Ability
Passwords: Wario 8282 - Bomberman 2828

Collect stuff first.  Using the KICK ability here is your best bet. The boss
here flies around somewhat random, but every so often will spit out three or so
"thingees" towards you that'll eat your bombs as well. That's when you want to
hit him with your bombs, when he has his mouth open.  Here's what you need to
do.  Line up with him when he stops, and kick a bomb under and past him.  If
you do it quick enough the bomb will go off about the same time he starts
spitting out the things.  Four hits will kill him.

-= Level 4-4 Boss =-
Prize: LINER Ability
Passwords: Wario 4780 - Bomberman 0874

Collect the stuff first.  You want to at least have the ability to drop at
least three bombs here.  To hurt this boss, the bomb blasts has to hit it when
it sheds it's leaves.  This should be an easy battle, mostly because the boss
moves quite slow since you should have the DASH ability.  Use it's slowness to
your advantage and place three bombs at intersections around the boss.  When
you come close to the boss, it sheds your leaves, so when you drop the bombs
close, it should drop the leaves right then and the bomb blast should knock it
out.  Three or four hits kill it.

-= Level 5-4 Boss =-
Prize: LINER Ability
Passwords: Wario 6271 - Bomberman 1726

Collect all the items.  To harm this boss, you need to blast the boss when he's
throwing a lightning bolt at you.  The best way to do this is place a bomb when
he's coming towards you and move just as he starts to throw the bolt.  Move
outta the way really fast and the blast should hit him.  He speeds up after
every blast and it takes about six blasts.

-= Level 6-4 Boss =-
Passwords: Wario 8169 - Bomberman 9618

Collect all the items.  Now, to win, you've got to blast the boss three times,
however, you have to make him grow and blow up first. Blast him once, he'll
grow a bit.  Blast him a second time, he'll grow bigger.  Don't bother with
another blast, just get outta the way.  Within seconds, he'll blow up and the
blast from it can kill you.  After that, he'll be out of it for a second, and
that's your point to blast him.  Keep repeating that cycle and three hits he'll
be gone.

-= Level 7-4 Boss =-
Passwords: Wario 0117 - Bomberman 7110

Collect the items.  Now, you've got to hit the knight guy when he's twirling
his sword.  After a couple hits this way, he'll actually start throwing the
sword, like a boomerang.  Hit him once more when he does NOT have the sword in
hand, and you'll win.  This should only take about five or so hits, but he's
fast so don't underestimate him.

-= Level 8-4 Boss =-
Passwords: Wario 8513 - Bomberman 3158

Okay, I have not been able to beat this guy for some reason.  His laser-ish
blasts keep catching me every single time.  To hurt him, however, you need to
bomb him while he's letting out a missile.  How many hits you need, I have no
clue.  Anyone willing to help me out with this can email me.

Here's a tip from ian white :
"In Wario Blast you say you have not yet beaten the last boss , well if at the
start you quickly do a liner into him it jams him sometimes and you may hit
him. Then its just a case of circling him and blasting his ass by blowing up
his rocket the blast him when he's loading another rocket .Then when its just
his head just blast him like hell, I hope this helps."


IV. Wario Blast: Abilities List
These are the abilities you gain from bosses and have use of at all times from
that moment on.

Gained from the 1-4 Boss.

Gained from the 2-4 Boss.

Gained from the 3-4 Boss.

Gained from the 4-4 Boss.

Gained from the 5-4 Boss.


| Disclaimer and that crépe:                                          |
| Wario Blast is the copyright of Nintendo/Hudson, I believe and not  |
| me. This document is the copyright of Eric42 and can not be used to |
| make money, so don't even think about it, buddy.                    |
| Want to host a copy of this on your crappy game/faq page?  The      |
| answer is no, hands down.  Don't ask, you will be ignored.          |
| Credits:                                                            |
| -                                                      |
| For hosting of this FAQ.  The latest version of the FAQ will always |
| be there first.                                                     |
| Jdude84 -                                                           |
| I used his FAQ from off of GameFaqs for the passwords.  I hope he   |
| doesn't mind...                                                     |
| Ian White -                                                         |
| Emailed me a tip about final boss - [email protected]       |
| Nintendo/Hudson -                                                   |
| For creating the game and series. :D                                |
| You can contact me via email at: [email protected]                 |

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