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                                         Boss Walkthrough

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Legal Stuff


1. Boss Name: F-6t Big Foot

F-6t Big Foot will start to fly at the start of the level and fly in an 8-shape pattern firing it's machine gun. Wait until he lands and fires his missiles. Dodge his missiles and then do a homing attack on the cockpit. It's usually 4 hits to take him down.

2. Boss Name: Dr. Eggman

This boss is VERY easy. He will mostly run away from you. Just lock on and keep firing away and he'll be down in no time. Depending on what attack you use on him depends on how many times you need to attack him to take him down.

3. Boss Name: Shadow

This boss is a bit tough to beat due to the fact that the stage is small and your opponent can perform the same attacks as you. There are 2 ways to beat Shadow. One of the ways would be to run around until Shadow stops spinning and is standing still. This is you chance to attack him. Secondly, you could just keep attacking him by homing. Do a homing attack and he should do a homing attack as well. You should bounce of him. While in the air still, do another homing attack. Keep doing this and you'll eventually beat him. This way is a lot faster and easier to beat Shadow but dangerous. You could fall in the water and die. He dies usually after 3 hits.

4. Boss Name: King Boom Boo

This boss may be one of the most annoying bosses you'll ever have to face. You'll discover that the stage itself is annoying. You basically run around a pillar over and over again. King Boo will chase you while throwing blue fireballs behind you. Don't run to far ahead or the King Boo will turn around and start throwing fireballs the other way. Once he's done will the fireballs he'll take a deep breathe and breathe out fire. Run from the fire and you'll eventually come to the backside of King Boo. Here you'll find a smaller ghost with an hourglass on him top of him. Run or glide into the ghost and he'll drop the hourglass. That hourglass will open up holes in the ceiling. That light will cause King Boo to become a shadow on the ground or wall. Run over to the shadow and dig into it causing the shadow to become King Boo again. Once a ghost again King Boo will have shrunk. This is the time to attack him. After you attack him he'll run from you until the hourglass flips back over. Remember to be quick. There is an hourglass timing the openings in the ceiling. Four hits should do the trick.

5. Boss Name: Egg Golem

This boss is a piece of cake. The stage is round with a few gaps in it. The boss will try and flatten you with his fist. Don't worry. You can dodge those attacks easily. The platforms that he hits will be lowered. Those will help you later. Run around to the back of the boss and you'll see a few platforms sticking out. Jump your way up to the top platform and destroy the switches on his head. Occasionally after you attack him he'll put his arms out and start spinning around. Remember those lowered platforms. Run to one of those and his arms will swing right over your head. He's usually finished after 5 hits.

6. Boss Name: Rouge

This one is easy as well. Just keep dodging her attacks and wait until she stops attacking you. When she does stop attacking you just go and punch her. After a while the floors open up revealing a lava pit. Don't worry about falling. The lava pit will just float you back up if you do fall. After a few hits on Rouge she'll start using Reflect Wave Move. Just keep moving to dodge. Four hits will finish her.

7. Boss Name: Dr. Eggman

This is a repeat of your last battle with Dr. Eggman except this time he attacks you more than he runs. He also has a lot more deadly weapons. His new weapons include a missile launcher and a BIG ray attack. After a few hits he will start to fire his missiles at you. Those are easy to dodge. When he is near defeat he will fire out his Big Ray Attack. That attack is hard to dodge. Your best chance of dodging it is to get behind him before he fires it. Good Luck on this boss because it IS a tough boss. Depending on what attack you use on him depends on how many hits you need to fire at him.

8. Boss Name: Shadow
Shadow is pretty easy. Be careful of the falling floors if you fall behind him. You need to attack Shadow 5 times to take him down. The first 3 hits are easy to do. Just home attack or charge up and ram. After 3 hits Shadow isn't stupid anymore. He starts to dodge your attacks. There is only one way to attack him at this point. After he uses Chaos Control he appears in front of you but stands still for a moment. Quickly charge up and attack him.


1.   Boss Name: B-2x Hot Shot

      This boss is just a revisit from Big Foot. Except this time he has a lock on weapon.
      When you she a red target on the stage, RUN. That target will follow you until it fires  
      its lasers. Four hits will take him down.

2. Boss Name: Tails

This is the exact thing as Tails versus Dr. Eggman except in reverse. The attacks determine how many attacks needed to take down Tails.

3. Boss Name: R-1/A Flying Dog

This is similar to Big Foot and Hot Shot except it doesn't land and it flies in a circle pattern rather than a 8 pattern. To take him down, glide into the cockpit area of Flying Dog. Five hits can bring Flying Dog down.

4. Boss Name: Sonic

This is the same as Sonic versus Shadow except in reverse. Use the same strategies. Three hits take Sonic down.

5. Boss Name: Egg Golem

This is very different than the battle with Sonic. You have to blast at its chest until it breaks open revealing the power source. Blast it. The bosses attacks are the same. Be careful though not to fall off. Dr. Eggman's robot suit can't jump out of the quick sand like Sonic can. Just hover onto one of the boards and use the pulley to pull yourself up. The number of hits on the boss depends on your attacks.

6. Boss Name: Knuckles

Again, this is the same with the Knuckle versus Rouge battle but in reverse. Use the same strategy. Five hits can bring Knuckles down.

7. Boss Name: Tails
Use the same strategy for the other Tails versus Dr. Eggman battles. Again, watch out for the Big Ray Attack except this time it comes from Tails. Depending on what attack you use on Tails depends on how many shot you fire at Tails.

8. Boss Name: Sonic

Another copy of the Sonic versus Shadow battles. Use the same strategies as before. Five hits defeat Sonic.


1. Boss Name: The Biolizard

I won't spoil the fun by telling you how to beat The Biolizard. But I can tell you that 6 hits can bring down The Biolizard.

2. Boss Name: The FinalHazard

Again, I won't spoil the fun but I can tell you that 6 hits can bring down The FinalHazard.

Legal Stuff

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