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Metriod Fusion

Boss#1  : Arachnus                  –    morph ball
Boss#2  : The Core-X              –    charge beam
Boss#3  : Cyclops Leech         –    ball jump+high jump
Boss#4  : Serris                        –    super speed
Boss#5  : Security robot          –    nothing (that sucks)
Boss#6  : Big Core-X              –    varia suit
Boss#7  : Wide Core-X           –    wide beam
Boss#8  : Reactor core spider  –    space jump
Boss#9  : The giant plant         –    plasma beam
Boss#10: Nightmare                –    gravity suit
Boss#11: Security robot 2       –    wave beam
Boss#12: Ridley                      –    screw attack
Boss#13: SA-X                       –    the will to live
Boss#14: Omega Metroid       –    beat the game

	This first boss is fairly easy to beat, when he throws fire you should jump 
up onto the ledge and when he rolls into a ball jump over to the other side of the 
room and get ready to shoot him when he turns around. (Don’t do it wile his back is 
turned or its shell will block your attack. So just keep doing that until he dies 
and turns into a Core-X (a ball with a lot of little spikes all over it). Once that 
happens you should hit it with a missile and it will start flashing, don’t waste 
your missiles then they won’t do anything, but if you do use up all your missiles 
just shoot it with a regular shot and some green, and yellow blobs or the X-
parricides will come out, collect these. The green ones will increase your 
missiles, and the yellow ones will increase your life. After you do jump over it 
(wile it’s flashing) and shoot it with more missiles. Then just repeat until it’s 
dead and it will turn into a floating blob, jump and absorb it. It will give you 
the Morph Ball ability!


                               The Core-X

	Now this ones one of the easiest bosses to beat as long as you know what to 
do with those spike balls shown after every boss you defeat in their normal form. 
The only other two things you need to know is one how to get it to battle with you, 
and two to shoot in the rite spot. O.K. now for the first one all you need to do is 
find the statue and shoot the little ball in its hands. The ball will float up and 
turn into another Core-X, with one catch; it has an eye that you have to shoot so 
instead of just shooting it only shoot it when its eye is open. Then as soon as you 
shoot it jump away, because it will shoot back. After you defeat this boss you will 
get the Charge Beam which is about twice as strong as the normal shot, but takes 
some time to charge up all the way.
                           Cyclops Leech

	 This one can be a little tricky the first time you battle it but so is 
every other boss out there. But all you really have to do here is shoot up its 
mouth after it jumps up but make sure you get out of the way before he comes down 
on you. If that does happen your only defense from it sucking out all of your 
health is by planting as many bombs as you can and it should drop you. It will take 
about 5 times before it turns into another Core-X.
When you do beat it you will get the High Jump, and the Ball Jump.

	O.K. when you first go into the room were the map says Serris is you would 
walk into the water with nothing there. Go out the other side of the room and you 
should see were you should have gotten an energy tank jump up to the living door, 
beat it and walk in. Serris won’t come out until you step on the middle of the big 
platform above the water and everything will shake. Now Serris will come raging out 
flashing, just get out of the way until that stops then find a position of the room 
you like the most (it doesn’t matter were you are) and shoot him in the head, he 
will start to jump around flash, like before just get out of the way. Until he 
stops get back in your position and keep doing it and after the 5th shot or so its 
body will fall of and the head will spin around until it turns into its Core-X form 
and just do everything like all the other bosses and this one has an eye too. One 
thing about battling the Core-X you should know is to NEVER GO UNDER WATER!  It 
will slow everything do down but doesn’t do anything to the Core-X it will kill you 
faster than you can get out of the water. Once you beat him get the blob that comes 
up over the middle. It will give you the Speed Booster that you need to lower the 
water level and get out of that place.

                         Security Robot

	The malfunctioning security robot can be really hard or really easy, when 
you first go into the room with the little ladder thing all you will hear is a 
bunch of crashing noises but walk over to the right side of the room and he will 
jump out at you. After that quickly jump onto the ladder on the ceiling, then go 
directly over aim down and pumble it with the new super missiles you just got. Then 
when he raises his canon thing run away until the fire bomb hits the ground the 
stay there until the fire starts going up and down towards you, once it goes down 
climb over top of his like before and do the same thing. The other security robot 
that you will face is a lot harder but has the same concept so remember how to beat 
this one. Once you beat this one unfortunately it won’t give you any new ability, 
probably because you just got the super missiles.

                         The Big Core-X

      This one is easy all you have to is charge up your beam and hit him with that 
instead of missiles about 10 times. Then a regular old Core-X will appear. This one 
prize is about 20x greater then how hard this guy is. Anyway just don’t fall in the 
water (like Serris) and you will get the Varia Suit.

                        Reactor core Spider

	Most people think this boss is too hard to beat but it’s not as long as you 
know were to hide. When you drop into the room on the ground there are three lines 
on there go over to the last one on and stay there. Then once the spider thing 
comes down he will spray fire just stay were you are and you won’t get hit. Then 
when the fire goes away roll over all the way to the wall. Now that you can’t be 
hit by the spider you have to know when to attack. You should still be in a ball 
but if it starts to move around again stand up and try to follow were it goes 
unless it is to low to the ground but if that happens just go back into a ball and 
roll back over to that left corner. If it doesn’t then he would climb up and open 
his mouth to through fire at you go directly under it and keep hitting it with 
missiles. If you keep repeating that its body will fall of and its head will jump 
around shooting things but gust get under it and shoot missiles they will block the 
things it shoots and damage it. After you beat it you will get the Space Jump 
ability, which lets you jump as high as you want at a steady pace.


                          Giant plant thing

	This thing is easy once you drop in the room jump up to the high platform 
and just keep giving out energy bombs it kills the little pollen being shot at you 
and it hurts the big thing sticking on the wall. By the time you run out of energy 
bombs the thing should have already been ticked and will start shooting plasmas at 
you but its not that deadly because you can see them coming and just shoot missiles 
at it. If its shooting low jump up and shoot at it. If it is high duck and shoot at 
it simple. Then it will flake of that wall and turn into a core-x. after beating it 
you should have guests that it will give you the Plasma Beam.


	Night mare can be extremely difficult. Once you drop into the room, stand 
in the middle and wait for the boss. 
Once Nightmare shows up, there are two choices of weapons. One’s a charged up beam 
shot the other is missiles. Go with missiles they’re much quicker. Shoot at the 
canon until the gravity is too overwhelming. Then switch to beam until the canon is 
gone. Then climb up on the ladder and missile it in the face. You’ll earn the 
Gravity Suit as a reward.


                           Bot Part 2

      Same thing as the other but a lot harder to beat. Walk into the room plant a 
power bomb and go on the ladder. The only difference is the projectiles have 
changed. Shoot them down. This time you will get the powerful Wave Beam.



	You may have heard that this boss is hard but he’s not at all. All you 
gotta do is shotem up the but no missiles needed. But he does have thing where he 
freaks out and shoots fire or som’m at you. After you beat him you will get the O 
mighty wave beam that can shoot through stuff.



       Ahh now this one is kinda hard but not really. Charge up your beam and 
perform a screw attack over it, the SA-X should copy you, that’s when you fire the 
beam repeat ‘till defeat and same thing with the monster. The only reward you get 
this time is relief . O ya and at the end he like morphs to this thing and tries to 
jump on you a lot.


Omega Metroid

	Alight now you tring to leave but this thing stops you and it’s really hard 
and blah blah blah. Once you go back to the ship after engaging the crash sequence, 
you will 
meet up with an Omega Metroid. Let it swipe you and no matter how much energy you 
have, you will be downsized to one point and no tanks. Do not worry the SA-X will 
come and take a few shots at it and the Metroid will kill it with one swipe. 
Collect the X and perform the same thing dodging the claw attacks. Also you gotta 
to shoot it in the mouth. That’s it you win!


       Ok I really hate to bore you and everything but don’t try to copy this ITS 
HARDER THAN IT LOOKS.  k whatever bye

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