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                       Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

                             Boss FAQ

Table of Contents:


  2:Boss Walkthrough

  3:Legal Stuff


  Hello and welcome to my first FAQ. I hope you enjoy it a lot and don't hate it.
  For those of you mentaly impared, this is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Boss FAQ.
  This will show you how to beat those tough bosses.

________________________________________Boss Walkthrough_____________________________

  Bigfoot Bot: This is easy. When he lands, use a Homing Attack to his cockpit.
  Do it over and over and you will beat him.

  Hot Shot Bot: Do the same with Sonic's boss. Just attack the cockpit.

  Shadow: Just attack him when he stops. Also you can find a secret here......

  Flying Dog Bot: This is difficult at first. Climb the fence and get above the 
  cockpit and Drill Drive him. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Re.....

  Sonic: Use the same technicque you used on Shadow.

  Dr.Eggman: Fire Homing Missles at him and dodge his fire and you'll have him down.

  Tails: Same technicque as of Dr.Eggman.

  King Boom Boo: This is kinda hard. Run as fast as you can and when he does that  
fire thing, jump on that hourglass. Sunlight will pour in the room and all you can 
see is his shadow. Use the Drill Claw on his shadow and he will come up. Now's the 
hard part. You have to punch him. Be quick about it or time will run out. 

  Egg Golem (Hero): This hulking thing is easy. He'll start by pounding the 
platforms. Go behind him and go up the panals sticking out of him. Use Homing Attack 
on the sensor-like thing. Do that over again and you'll have him down.

  Egg Golem (Dark): This is too easy! Just shoot your Volcan Cannon at him. When 
therre is an opening in his body, fire Homing Missles at it. Repeat the procedure.

  Tails: Just do what you did with him in the first place.

  Dr.Eggman: Just do what you did with him before.

  Sonic & Shadow: This is HARD. Well, not THAT hard. You're running on a straight 
row of platforms. The trick is to get behind them a good ways length and they will 
either use Sonic Wind or Chaos Spear. Dodge it and attack them. With a little 
practice you will have beaten the game. Or will you?...............

___________________________________Legal Stuff_______________________________________

        If you have noticed, this is the Legal section. I will let you e-mail me at 
[email protected]

        I WILL Accept:

         Questions not in this FAQ.
         Mail saying you like this FAQ (or mail saying you don't like it)
         Asking if you can put this FAQ on your site

        I WILL NOT Accept:

        Hate mail
        Questions that are answered in this FAQ
        Quizzis (I hate those :()

         I am in no contact with Sega, Sonic Team, or Nintendo. Those are copyrights 
of themselves. Well, I'll see ya in my next FAQ! ;P

 This Document Copyrighted by Aeroman 2002 

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