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1.Moldorm-Use your Shield to constantly block Moldorm from hitting you, then use 
your Sword on its tail whenever possible. Each time you hit the tail Moldorm will 
speed up, so wait until it slows down, then attack it again. Moldorm will flash if 
you are damaging it. Once Moldorm is defeated, collect the Full Moon Cello.

2.Genie-When the Genie is out of the bottle, avoid the fire from the Genie by 
jumping back and forth at the bottom of the screen with the Roc's Feather, then 
wait for him to re-enter the bottle. When the Genie is in the bottle, hit the 
bottle with your sword, then pick it up with the Power Bracelet and toss it at the 
back wall three times to break the bottle. When the bottle is broken, jump around 
the room and hit the Genie with your Sword. Once Genie is defeated, collect the 
Conch Horn.

Note:There are not any bosses in Kanelet Castle.

3.Slime Eyes-Run into any of the four walls with the Pegasus Shoes to make Slime 
Eyes appear. Once the boss appears, hit the eye with the Sword to make it divide. 
When the eye has almost split, ram it with the Pegasus Shoes. If the eyes fuse back 
together, try again. Once the eye is split, destroy each one by hitting them with 
the Sword. When Slime Eyes is defeated, collect the Sea Lily Bell.

4.Angler Fish-Stay to the left side of the Angler Fsh and attack the glowing ball 
in front of its face with your Sword or a more powerful weapon like the Bow & 
Arrows or Bombs. If the Angler Fish rams the left wall, watch out for falling 
rocks. If you are quick enough, you should be able to defeat him before he rams the 
wall. Once Angler Fish is defeated, collect the Surf Harp.

5.Slime Eel-Stay in one of the corners of the room to remain safe. Every time Slime 
Eel pops his head out from one of the holes, try to grab it with the Hookshot to 
pull it out into the open. When this happens, either Slime Eel or an imposter will 
appear. To defeat the fake eels, just hit them with your Sword twice in the tail. 
To defeat Slime Eel, you must hit his flashing heart with your Sword. When Slime 
Eel is defeated, collect the Wind Marimba.

6.When you first enter the room, avoid the flying objects by jumping over them or 
stabbing them with your Sword. When the objects are gone, drop bombs on Facade's 
face. Once Facade is defeated, collect the Coral Triangle.

7.Evil Eagle-When Evil Eagle flies past you or dive-bombs at you, hit it with the 
Hookshot if possible. When it blows wind at you, stand in the center of the 
platform and use the Mirror Shield to prevent you from being knocked off the tower.
Once Evil Eagle is defeated, collect the Organ of Evening Calm.

8.Hot Head-Stay on the right side of the screen and shoot the Magic Rod at Hot Head 
whenever it pops out of the lava. If necessary, use the Mirror Shield to protect 
yourself. When Hot Head is defeated, collect the Thunder Drum.

9.All the bosses in the Wind Fish Egg-To defeat Giant Gel, avoid its attacks while 
it bounces around the room. Whenever it is touching the ground, attack it with your 
Magic Powder to defeat it. To defeat Agihnim, avoid his attacks as you try to 
reflect his fireballs back at him using your Sword to defeat him. To defeat Moldorm
(This one is much harder than the first one)avoid it as it bounces around the room. 
Use the Mirror Shield to fend off its assault and hit it in the tail to defeat it. 
To defeat Ganon, avoid his attacks as you repeatedly charge him with the Pegasus 
Boots to defeat him. To defeat Lanmolas, avoid them as they chase you around the 
room. Whenever you get the chance, hit it with the Magic Rod to defeat it. To 
defeat Dethl, jump over its arms as they rotate around the room. When the eye in 
the center of its body opens, attack it with the Bow & Arrows.  

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