Boss Walkthrough - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Use your Wooden Sword on the horn until it begins to blink, then pull up your 
Shield to block its attacks whenever possible. If the boss rears its head back get 
away because it will charge into the wall. It takes about 10 hits to defeat 
Aquamentus and earn the Fertile Soil.


Wait for Dodongo to open its mouth. When he does throw a Bomb into his mouth to 
stun him. Use your Power Bracelet to pick him up, and throw him into the spikes in 
the middle of the room. Repeat this 4 times to defeat Dodongo and earn the Gift of 


Avoid Mothula as it flies around the room until it stops to rest in the middle of 
the room. At this point jump to the center of the room and quickly attack it until 
it starts moving again. After 10 direct hits, you will defeat Mothula and earn the 
Bright Sun.


Equip the Roc's Feather and Wooden Sword, then attack the claw with your Wooden 
Sword. Use your Roc's Feather to avoid Gohma's attacks until the claw is removed. 
This process takes about 10 hits. Next, equip the Slingshot and shoot Gohma's eye 
with Ember Seeds whenever it opens. It takes 5 direct hits to defeat Gohma and earn 
the Soothing Rain.


Use your Magnetic Gloves to push and pull the spikeed ball at Digdogger to damage 
it. After every 4 hits with the spiked ball, Digdogger will split up into smaller 
moving eyeballs. Attack the smaller eyeballs with the spiked ball or your Wooden 
Sword. When all of the smaller eyeballs are destroyed, Digdogger will be defeated 
and you will earn the Nurturing Warmth.


Use your Magical Boomerang to attack each of the 4 heads, and use your Roc's 
Feather to avoid the balls that the heads shoot at you. Once all 4 heads have been 
defeated, stand in the very center of the bottom wall and hit the stem quickly with 
the Magical Boomerang 5 times to make the boss open up. Hit the exposed red crystal 
once with your Wooden Sword to defeat Manhandla and earn the Blowing Wind.


Stand along the lower wall of the room, wait for Gleeock to shoot fire at you, jump 
over it with your Roc's Cape, attack the head that shot fire at you and repeat with 
the other head. Once both heads are gone at the same time, Gleeock will start 
slamming down on the floor. Jump before Gleeock lands to avoid being stunned, then 
attack him as quickly as possible to defeat him. It takes about 20 hits to defeat 
each head, and about 10 hits once the heads are gone to earn the Seed of Life.

8.Medusa Head

Stand along the lower wall of the room, wait for the boss to shoot fireballs or 
lasers at you and jump over the attacks with your Roc's Cape. As soon as you see 
the boss warp to the middle of the room, get next to it and hit it as many times as 
you can. Get away before it starts attacking again. It takes 25-30 hits to defeat 
Meduse Head and earn the Changing Seasons.


Move around the room to avoid Onox's swinging mace and hit him with your powered-up 
Sword whenever you can. After hitting him about 10 times he will use Din (trapped 
inside of a crystal) as a shield. Knock Din away using the Rod of Seasons, and 
continue attacking Onox with your powered-up Sword to inflict damage. After hitting 
Onox another 10 times the floor will give away and you'll fall into a sideview 
screen where you will need to defeat Onox's new form, a dark dragon. Wait for him 
to lower one of his hands, jump on top of it, ride it to the top, then jump up and 
hit the jewel on his forehead with your sword. Keep hitting this jewel until Onox 
is defeated.

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