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Title: Boss Walkthrough
For: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
E-mail:[email protected]
Username: Raipoke

The Legend of
The Wind Waker


1. FAQ
2. Controls
3. Miniboss 1: Two Green Bokoblins and a Moblin
4. Boss 1: Gohma
5. Miniboss 2: Flying Mothula
6. Boss 2: Kalle Demos
7. Miniboss 3: Darknut
8. Boss 3: Gohdan
9. Miniboss 4: Phantom Ganon
10. Boss 4: Helmaroc King
11. Miniboss 5: Three Stalfos
12. Boss 5: Jalhalla
13. Miniboss 6: Red Wizzrobe
14. Boss 6: Molgera
15. Miniboss 7: Phantom Ganon
16. Boss 7: Puppet Ganon
17. Boss 8: Ganondorf
18. Figurine List

1. FAQ
Q: When does TWW take place in the Zelda series?
A: It is the first, but it takes place 100 years after OoT.

Q: What are the Triumph Forks that the Fishmen talk about?
A: They are talking about the Triforce Pieces.

Q: I got caught in a whirlpool with a Big Octo in it... how do I get out?
A: You have to hit all of its eyes with a bomb.  When they get hit by a bomb in 
an eye, that eye turns black.

Q: Are all of the bosses bad?
A: No, Gohdan is good.

Q: If Ghodan is good, then why does he fight you?
A: He fights you so he can see if you are strong enough and have enough courage 
to enter Hyrule and get the Master Sword.

Q: How do you fill out the map/sea chart?
A: Find the fishman in each quadrant, them feed him bait, and he will fill out 
the information for that quadrant. Feed the fishman in each quadrant to fill out 
your sea chart.

Q: Is there a second quest?
A: Yes.  You play the whole game in Link's pajamas, you start with the Deluxe 
Picto Box (and have all of Lenzo's commands done), Aryll is wearing the Skull 
Dress from the end of the game, the Figurine Shop is always open, and you have 
all the figurines you had in your first quest.

2. Controls
(A) while running/walking: Rolling Attack
(X), (Y) or (Z): Whatever item you set it to from the Items screen.
Sword Techniques
(B) or (L)+(Control Sick left)+(B): Horizontal Swing
(L)+(B): Vertical Slash
(L)+(Control Stick up)+(B) or (B)+(Control Stick in any direction): Thrust
Hold (B) and release or (Control Stick spin)+(B): Spin Attack
(L)+(A): Jump Attack
(L)+(A) when controller rumbles & (A) on screen turns spiky: Parry Attack 
(Remember these always successfully hit if you are close enough to the enemy you 
are attacking.)
Hold (B) untul sword turns yellow: Hurricane Spin*
*Must give Orca 10 Knight's Crests to learn from Orca before you can use it.

3. Miniboss 1: 2 Green Bokoblins and Moblin
This is pretty easy.  First, two Kargorocs come and drop green Bokoblins.  Just 
use Jump Attacks on them to kill them.  Then it gets a little hard.  Another 
Kargoroc comes and drops a Moblin.  Its hard because its weapon is so long and 
powerful and yours is short and weak.  It can block attacks with its spear, 
especially downward attacks like Jump Attacks and Vertical Swings.  Use 
Horizontal Slashes and Parries if you want to.  After you kill the Moblin, Medli 
will give you a Grappling Hook.

4. Boss 1: Gohma
This guy's easy.  Avoid being poked by him.  When he has his head near you and 
he's trying to trap you in with his claws, go around the claws to go out before 
he burns you with his fiery breath.  When he has his claw stuck in the ground, 
use the Grappling Hook on Valoo's tail (its above the arena).  Go back and forth 
a few times, then go off.  The top of the arena with Valoo on top of it will fall 
on Gohma, cracking his hard exoskeleton.  Do this three times and his exoskeleton 
will come off, making him look like a larvae.  But now, the top of the arena 
won't fall off.  When it is loading fire, attack its eye with your sword.  After 
a few groups of swipes, he will die.  Get the Heart Container and exit.  Komali 
will give you Din's Pearl.

5. Miniboss 2: Flying Mothula
This guy's really annoying.  He flys into you a lot, which is really annoying.  
When he hovers close to the ground and looks at you, use a jump attack on him.  
It should take off one of his wings.  Cut the other wing off and he will turn 
into a none-flying Mothula.  Now he shoots Morths at you a lot.  Use a spin 
attack to get them off and kill them, and kill the Mothula.  Then get the 
Boomerang from the chest.  To get out of this room, use the boomerang to hit the 
2 targets above the door.

6. Boss 2: Kalle Demos
This guy's fairly easy.  Use your boomerang to disattatch the vines attatching 
him to the cieling.  If you are too slow, they will grow back.  Do this until he 
falls and his bud opens.  If you are patient and don't want to lose health, hit 
him a few times and get out of the bud he's in.  If you're hasty and could care 
less about health like me, then attack him rapidly and don't go out of the bud.  
If you get eaten and spitten out by the bud, you'll lose one and a half health.  
If you do it the patient way, it will take about 3-4 times of attacking him to 
kill him.  If you do it the hasty way, it will take about two times of attacking 
to kill him.  When he is killed, Makar will talk to you.  Get the Heart Container 
and exit.  The Great Deku Tree will give you Farore's Pearl.

7. Miniboss 3: Darknut
This is so easy if you know what to do.  Use a Parry Attack on him.  You'll 
either roll to the back of him and cut the string that holds his armor on, making 
it fall off, or you will jump over him, swipe his helmet off, and land in back of 
him.  If you do the first one, swipe at him until he dies.  If you do the second 
one, cut his armor off before he notices that you're behind him (that takes a few 
seconds) and swipe at him until he dies.  When he dies, get the Hero's Bow and 
hit the eye above the door to get out.

8. Boss 3: Ghodan
He's semi-easy.  First, hit the eyes on his hands with arrows until they turn 
upside-down.  When you do that to both hands, Ghodan will open his eyes.  Do the 
same with his eyes as you did with the eyes on his hands.  When the arena gets 
darker (this only happens whewn you are trying to attack Ghodan's eyes), it means 
that Ghodan will be firing energy balls at you.  Run and Roll Attack to avoid 
them.  When both of his eyes close again and he falls down, throw a bomb in his 
mouth.  Repeat this 3 times to defeat him.  If you run out of arrows or bombs, 
Ghodan will drop some below him.  When you beat him, get the Heart Container and 
enter the light.  You will be on top of the tower.  Climb the ladder and use you 
Grappling Hook on the bell.  Then, you enter Hyrule...

9. Miniboss 4: Phantom Ganon
He's fairly easy.  At first, he will shoot a blue energy ball at you.  Reflect it 
with your sword.  Then he will with his sword.  Repeat until he falls.  Then 
attack him.  Repeat until he dies.  Get the Skull Hammer and enter the fortress.

10. Boss 4: Helmaroc King
This guy's one of the easiest bosses in the game.  When he gets his beak stuck in 
the ground, hit it with your Skull Hammer.  Repeat 3 times and his crown will 
come off, revealing that HE IS A ROOSTER!!!  OK, he isn't a rooster, but he looks 
like one.  Hit his head with the Skull Hammer a few more times to defeat him.  
Get the heart piece and go up the newly opened passage.

11. Miniboss 5: 3 Stalfos
First, there's only one Stalfos to fight.  Use L-Targeting when attacking it.  
Avoid its club.  When it disassembles, use L-Targeting to attack its skull.  Do 
that a few times to kill it.  If you are too slow, it will reassemble itself.  
After you kill that one, two more will come out of coffins.  Kill them both and 
get the Mirror Shield.  Then light will come out of the cieling.  Usen the mirror 
shield to reflect the light onto the moon icon above the door until it turns into 
a sun icon.

12. Boss 5: Jalhalla
This is one of the most annoying bosses ever.  Jalhalla is a giant Poe.  Reflect 
light at him to make him solid.  Then, pick him up and roll him into poles with 
spikes on them to make him turn into a lot of Poes.  Use the Hurricane Spin to 
kill them if you learned it.  If you don't know it yet, kill them individually.  
Later in the fight, the light moves from place to place (it stays in one place 
for about 10 seconds).  Kill it, get the Heart Container, and enter the light.

13. Miniboss 6: Master Wizzrobe
This is the most annoying thing in the game.  He can summon all enemies except 
Mighty Darknuts and Bosses.  Attack it with Ice Arrows.  After a few of them, he 
will die.  Get the Hookshot.  To exit, Hookshot up to the ledge with the switch 
and hit the switch with your Skull Hammer.

14. Boss 6: Molgera
This guy's a little hard.  At first, he'll come up at you.  Get out of the black 
sand by rolling.  Use your hookshot at his tongue.  Rapidly attack his tongue.  
Repeat this three more times.  But during the next three times, Molgera will 
release mini-molgeras.  Use the hookshot to lure them to you, then hit there 
heads with your sword twice to kill them.  Kill Molgera, get the Heart Container, 
and enter the light.

15. Miniboss 7: Phantom Ganon
When you fall into the arena, avoit PG and enter the door behind you.  Then, 
avoid him again and enter the door to the left of the one you entered in.  Avoid 
him again and enter the door across from the door you entered in.  Avoid him 
again and enter the door to the right of the door you entered in.  Avoid him 
again and enter the door across from the door you entered in.  You should be in a 
room brighter than the others with only two doors which are both sealed.  Kill PG 
here.  He is the same as before, except now he has purple energy balls that you 
can't reflect.  Kill him with the same strategy as before.  When you kill him, 
open the treasure chest.  Light Arrows will be in it.  Then, enter the other door 
and you will be in the room next to the room with the portal to the Forsaken 
Fortress and the room with the hole that leads to the PG arenas.  Hit PG with a 
Light Arrow to kill him for good.  Pick up his sword and hit the blue wall with 
the weird design on it to open it.  Enter it.

16. Boss 7: Puppet Ganon
This guy is really annoying and hard.  Use your boomerang to hit the strings that 
hold him up.  After you get them all, get his tail and hit the blue ball on his 
tail with a light arrow.  Repeat 3 times.  He'll turn into a spider.  Run around 
the arena in a circle.  The blue ball is on a leh behind his head.  Hit it three 
times and he'll turn into a snake.  Now it gets annoying.  He moves around a lot, 
so it's hard to hit his the blue ball, which is at the end of his body.  Hit it 
three times to finally kill it.  After the second hit, he moves around faster.  
Make your way up to the top of the room to fight Ganondorf.

17. Boss 8: Ganondorf
This is really hard.  Make sure you have fairies or Elixir Soup, and always use L-
Targeting on Ganondorf.  Zelda will be firing Light Arrows at him, so keep him 
busy by attacking him with your sword.  Parries are good against him.  Ganondorf 
will dodge the arrow if you aren't doing anything to him.  Eventually, Ganondorf 
will knock out Zelda.  Later, Zelda will get back up.  Soon after that, she will 
tell you to reflect arrows off your shield at Ganondorf.  Do that.  eventually, 
use a Parry.  You will stick your sword in his head.  He will turn to stone, a 
cinema will go on, and the game will end...

18. Figurine List
Name: Grandmother
Area: Your House
Name: Aryll
Area: Comes with Grandmother Figurine
Name: Sue-Belle
Area: Walking around with pot on her head
Name: Sturgeon
Area: Upper floor of house next to yours
Name: Orca
Area: Lower floor of house next to yours
Name: Abe
Area: Next to Orca & Sturgeon's house with the giant pig
Name: Rose
Area: House next to where Abe is
Name: Joel
Area: Same as Rose
Name: Zill
Area: Same as Rose and Joel
Name: Mesa
Area: In is house on East side of island
Name: Jabun
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: Wild Pig
Area: Near Abe, also some on Windfall
Name: Seagull
Area: Everywhere on the Great Sea
Name: Crab
Area: Beaches

Name: Mila
Area: Zunari's Shop
Name: Mila's Father
Area: Tree at enterance of town
Name: Maggie
Area: Second floor of Mansion
Name: Maggie's Father
Area: Same as Maggie
Name: Tott
Area: Dancing in front of grave
Name: Cannon
Area: Bomb Shop
Name: Doc Bandum
Area: Chu Jelly Juice Shop
Name: Lenzo
Area: Lenzo's Shop
Name: Zunari
Area: His shop
Name: Ms. Marie
Area: School
Name: Killer Bees
Area: Outside School
Name: Potova and Joanna
Area: School or in flowers outside Bomb Shop
Name: Anton
Area: Anywhere outside
Name: Kreeb
Area: Near Windmill Ferris Wheel
Name: Kamo
Area: Steps
Name: Gillian
Area: Cafe
Name: Linda
Area: Near Salvatore's Shop
Name: Sam
Area: On bench near Zunari's Shop
Name: Gossack
Area: Cafe
Name: Garrickson
Area: Near the mailbox
Name: Pompie and Vera
Area: Near Zunari's Shop
Name: Missy
Area: Hidden dock near Zunari's Shop
Name: Minenco
Area: Outside Chu Jelly Juice Shop
Name: Gummy
Area: Auction house
Name: Kane
Area: Near Gate
Name: Dampa
Area: Outside Bomb Shop
Name: Candy
Area: Dock

Name: Medli
Area: With you in Earth Temple
Name: Prince Komali
Area: Outside entrance of village
Name: Chieftain
Area: Outside upper enterance 
Name: Quill
Area: Comes with Chieftain
Name: Skett and Akoot
Area: Rito Village
Name: Basht and Bisht
Area: Same as Skett and Akoot
Name: Kogoli
Area: Rito Village
Name: Ilari
Area: Rito Village
Name: Hoskit
Area: Rito Village
Name: Namali
Area: Rito Village
Name: Obli
Area: Birdman Contest Area
Name: Willi
Area: Same as Obli
Name: Koboli
Area: Rito Village
Name: Pashli
Area: RV
Name: Baito
Area: Below Komali
Name: Valoo
Area: Top of Dragon Roost
Name: Laruto
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: Zephos and Cyclos
Area: Cyclone at sea

Name: Makar
Area: With you in Wind Temple
Name: Hollo
Area: Hollo's Potion Shop
Name: Olivio
Area: An island with tree
Name: Aldo
Area: An island with tree
Name: Oakin
Area: An island with tree
Name: Drona
Area: An island with tree
Name: Irch
Area: An island with tree
Name: Rown
Area: An island with tree
Name: Elma
Area: An island with tree
Name: Linder
Area: An island with tree
Name: Deku Tree
Area: Forest Haven
Name: Carlov
Area: Figurine Shop
Name: Manny
Area: Figurine Shop
Name: Fado
Area: Legendary Pictograph

Name: Moblin
Area: All Dungeons, Dragon Roost Cavern Miniboss
Name: Mothula (including Flying)
Area: Wooded dungeons, Savage Labrynth, Forbidden Woods Miniboss
Name: Darknut (Silver)
Area: All Later Dungeons and Savage Labrynth
Name: Darknut (Gold)
Area: All Later Dungeons, Savage Labrynth
Name: Mighty Darknut
Area: Hyrule Castle and Ganon's Castle
Name: Phantom Ganon
Area: Forsaken Fortress Miniboss and Ganon's Tower Miniboss
Name: Stalfos
Area: All Dungeons after Earth Temple, Savage Labrynth, Earth Temple Miniboss
Name: Wizzrobe
Area: All Dungeons after Tower of the Gods except Earth Temple, Savage Labrynth
Name: Master Wizzrobe
Area: Wind Temple Miniboss
Name: Big Octo
Area: All over Great Sea, only 7
Name: Gohma
Area: Dragon Roost Cavern Boss
Name: Kalle Demos
Area: Forbidden Woods
Name: Ghodan
Area: Tower of the Gods Boss
Name: Helmaroc King
Area: Forsaken Fortress Boss
Name: Jalhalla
Area: Earth Temple Boss
Name: Molgera
Area: Wind Temple Boss
Name: Puppet Ganon
Area: Boss 1 of Ganon's Tower
Name: Ganondorf
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: Bokoblin
Area: All dungeons
Name: Miniblin
Area: Almost all dungeons
Name: ChuChu (all colors)
Area: All Dungeons
Name: Rat (and Bombchu)
Area: Almost all dungeons
Name: Keese and Fire Keese
Area: All dungeons except wooded ones
Name: Magtail
Area: All fiery caverns, Savage Labrynth
Name: Kargorok
Area: All high areas
Name: Peahat
Area: Almost all wooded caverns, Savage Labrynth
Name: Boko Baba
Area: All wooded caverns, Savage Labrynth
Name: Morth
Area: All wooded dungeons, summoned by Morths
Name: Bubble (blue and red)
Area: All dungeons after Tower of the Gods, Savage Labrynth
Name: Floor Master
Area: All dungeons after second visit to Forsaken Fortress
Name: Armos
Area: All dungeons except wooded ones after Tower of the Gods, Savage Labrynth
Name: Armos Knight
Area: All dungeons after Tower of the Gods, Savage Labrynth
Name: Poe
Area: Earth Temple, Savage Labrynth
Name: ReDead
Area: Earth Temple, Savage Labrynth
Name: Octorok
Area: Outside Forest Haven, Great Sea
Name: Seahat
Area: Great Sea
Name: Gyorg
Area: Great Sea

Name: Tetra
Area: With you in Hyrule
Name: Gonzo
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Senza
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Nudge
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Zuko
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Niko
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Mako
Area: Comes with Tetra
Name: Tingle
Area: Tingle Island
Name: Ankle
Area: Tingle Island
Name: David, Jr.
Area: Tingle Island
Name: Fishman
Area: All Islands
Name: Wandering Merchant (Goron Trader)
Area: Bomb Island, Mother & Child Isles, and Greatfish Island
Name: Old Man Ho Ho
Area: Various Islands
Name: Beedle
Area: Beedle's Shop Ships
Name: Salvatore
Area: Windfall and Spectacle Islands
Name: Loot
Area: Dock on Windfall Island
Name: Salvage Corp
Area: Pawprint Island and other islands
Name: Fairy
Area: Various dungeons, fairy fountains
Name: Great Fairy
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: Queen of Fairies
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: King of Hyrule
Area: Legendary Pictograph
Name: Princess Zelda
Area: Comes with King of Hyrule
Name: Knuckle
Area: Tingle Island after Outset Island GBA Event
Name: Link and King of Red Lions
Area: Automatic after you collect all but Knuckle figurine 

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