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There are 4 bosses that control the heartless, you maybe have to duel them twice, 
and they appear before Hollow Bastion.

First boss that controls the heartless is Jafar, and you have to duel him twice.

First is when he's a regular sorcerer, but that doesn't mean he summons, but he does 
have Genie by his side. When you start cast aero on yourself and go after him. Don't 
worry about the Genie too much because even if he does hit you or your teammates, he 
will send HP balls and maybe even money. The 2 main moves that Jafar has, you have 
to watch out for. The first move is he sends a gold-beam at you. To dodge this move 
is that you use dodge roll. The next move is the blizzard he sends in the middle of 
the platform. You can stop him from doing this by hitting him, but he won't stop 
always. Use a potion or a cure spell or two, follow these tips, and you've got it 

The next one is when he turns into a genie himself! This time he doesn't have Genie 
with him but he does have the lamp gaurding his HP, so attack the lamp. There are a 
couple serious moves that you have to watch for. One is that he decends to the lava 
and he throws a giant, flaming meteor at you and your partners. To dodge the move, 
use Dodge Roll to miss the attack, but your partners might not be so lucky. The next 
one is if you get to close to him he will sweep you away with his arm. It isn't that 
serious as the meteor attack but it can knock you away from hitting the lamp. Just 
keep attacking the lamp, and also look out when Iago [the bird] takes a break so you 
have a good shot as lowering the HP of it.

The next boss is Ursula which you have to twice also.

The first battle might be hard if you didn't listen to King Triton, because he says 
that her cauldron is her defense. Attack the cauldron with lightning magic 5 times 
then a water tornado will hurt her and her minions. [Floatsom and Jetsom] Once she's 
knocked out attack her as hard and as long as you can because she will revive in a 
short amount of time. If she isn't knocked out and you attack her with regular 
attacks [not magic] she will spin her tentacles at you and your friends. Just keep 
casting magic on the cauldron and if you run short on magic consume an ether or 
attack her minions and you will win.

The next one she turns huge! [And I do mean big and gigantic] There's a lot of moves 
you have to watch out for. One is when she blows bubbles at you. Another one is when 
she sucks you to her face, so use mermaid kick to dodge it. The third one is when 
she sends a large beam from her mouth, so also use mermaid kick to dodge this move. 
The last one is when her health is low and she gets angry and she sends bolts of 
lightning out around her. This isn't a hard one to dodge just swim out from her face 
if you are and it will completely miss. Also look out for the beams the hit you from 
above you. Watch out for the moves attack her face and you've won.

The next boss is Oogie Boogie which you have to defeat also!

The first part is when he's regular size. He has 2 gargoyles. Kill them and focus on 
him. He has a lot of moves. First he has dice he throws at you. One is when he turns 
them into bombs and they explode right in front of him. The next one is he throws 
regular dice that roll around for a little bit and hurts you if you're in contact in 
them. The next one he sends pizza cutters that hit you either bouncing up and down 
or go around the platform either fast or slow. The next one is he summons heartless 
enemies such as, gargoyles, white nights, and search ghosts. The last move he does 
is the spinning disc that bounces around the platform. He also heals himself when 
his HP is low. When the little skulls in the middle are lighten up. Be near the area 
where Oogie is and step on one. When you do spikes will come up and rise you, this 
is the best way to deplete his HP. If you rise to a different platform place and you 
can't attack you, he will knock you off, send you the the front of the place, and 
little toys shoot gun bullets at you. Just keep doing this process and think of 
using Genie in this duel and you will win easily.

The next duel with Oogie is his manor turns into a place looking like Oogie. There 
are little bubbles you have to destroy. There are also 2 lanturns that hurt you bad 
if they hit you. Destroy them both and little dark spheres will hurt you. Just kill 
the spheres and you will beat it.

The next duel is Captain Hook and he has battleship heartless by his side. Don't 
worry about the battleship heartless, because he will summon more. Just attack 
Captain Hook and watch out when he attacks his sword, especially when he has a 
shield around him when he attacks. His battleships drop bombs and missiles at you 
and your partners so look out for them. He also sends a gift like box that turns out 
to be a bomb! If you fly, he will fall in the water and jump out and say "You will 
not get me other hand!" When he jumps out he will be near the middle pole, so attack 
him with a combo and he will fall. Just keep attacking him and if your teammates get 
knocked out fly as far as you can from the ship and use cura on them, and this 
battle should be a breeze.

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