Bottle Locations - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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Bottle Number One
Collect seven chickens and put them in the lady's pen.  All seven chickens are 
located in the following areas: 

1.) Directly in front of you when you first walk into Kakariko Village.

2.) In the box in front of the stairs. Ram into it by pressing forward and "A" at 
the same time.

3.) At the top of the second set of stairs near the entrance to the Death Mountain 

4.) Grab chicken number three and run off the red roof next to the big tower. Climb 
up the stairs in front of the well and turn the corner up to the next set of steps.  
Jump off the ledge to the other side where the chicken is next to the house.

5.) Near the chicken pen in front of the stairs.

6.) Grab a chicken from the pen and walk up the nearby steps.  Get as close to the 
fence as you can and jump to the other side.  You need to get at a diagonal angle 
and take the shortest distance to jump the fence. Throw your chicken over the fence 
and pick him up later.  Jump down below and get the chicken in front of the ladder.  
Go up the stairs and throw him to the other side.

7.) Go up the ladder where you got chicken number six from and get the chicken from 
the top.

Bottle Number Two
Play Talon’s Cucco Game at Lon-Lon Ranch. Find the three special chickens in the 
pile and he will give you a bottle with Lon-Lon Milk in it. 

Bottle Number Three
Princess Ruto leaves a bottle under the water with a letter in it. Retrieve the 
bottle by diving down to it (you will need the silver scale.) Once you show the 
letter to King Zora, he will let you keep the bottle.

Bottle Number Four
As Adult Link, collect Poes from Hyrule Field. Take your captured Poes to the one-
eyed ghost in the Hyrule Castle Town. He is located inside the first door on the 
right when you first walk in from Hyrule Field.

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