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By: Brandon Riddick
Sonic adventure 2 battle choa guide

2.Diffrent types of choas
3.getting special choas using color eggs
4.getting choa types
5. choa tips and secrets
6.getting close to choa/choa death
7.!!!!!!!!!!!get easy money in black market with out haveing to get rings.!!!!!!!!!
8.un locking hero and dark races and gardens. 
9.unlocking hidden races and karate mode
11. 4plyer choa races using 4 controlers
12. Ending information

1.0  about the giude------------------------

   Every ones guide on the choas are weird and crazy. here is a simpal guide that 
99% correct. Here are the diffrent choa types and how to get them.  I treid to make 
it sympol and understandable. belive me its as sympol as it gets.

2.   choa types---------------------------

Hero type choas:

Normal(no stats)    Choa will be white with a halo

Running            White choa with a piont sticking out of its head

fliying             White and puple choa with purple feathers on iths head.

Power             white choa woth with three red thing sticking out of it head that 
are red.

swiming           Will be green and white

Special angel choa.   Please check other guides.

Dark type choas.

Normal (no stats)  Will look like a normal dark choa

running         a choa that resembles shadow (also known as the shadow choa)

flying       A purple bat like looking choa

swiming        A choa that resembles a shark.

Special devil choa.         Please check other giudes

Nuetral choas

Normal no stats     looks like a bigger baby choa

running            hidden sonic choa

flying              hidden Knights choa

power             hidden knuckles choa

swimming          hidden fish choa

special chaos choa   please check other guides.

3.  getting special choas using color eggs-----------------------------

Super sonic choa:
Get a gold egg and evolve in to sonic

hyper shadow choa:
get a silver egg and evolve in to a shadow

metal sonic choa:
get a shiny sky blue egg and eveolve in to a sonic.

choa that resembles tigger:
Buy an orange egg and give it only tigers anfter it eveolves.
It should have tiger ears and feet.

fire ball choa:
Buy a red egg and give it phoenix birds ( the hidden gold birds) and it will look 
like a fire ball choa.

4. getting choa types----------------------------------------

Type             how to get type

normal           dont give any drives or animals

running         give mostly running animals and green drives

power           give power animals and red drives

flying         give birds and purple drives

swiming         give seals and half fish and yellow drives

5. choa tips and secrets--------------------------------

get hero choa easily:
pet with hero character alot or give alot of hero fruits.

get dark choa easily:
pet choa with dark characters and give dark fruits

get nuetral choas:
Note: these choa are harder to get then most.
try to keep them in between by petting them.

6. getting close to your choa/ choa death----------------------

When choa gets older it will die. but if you treat it nicely it will return.
When it dies it will go in to a gray cucoon it will die if the cucoon is gray.
If the cucoon is pink it will come out as an egg and be young again.
If you are close to choa and choa feels loved it will sometimes skip and hope toward 
you wanting you to pet it.

7.!!!!!!!!!!Easy money-------------------
 First buy an expensive item (dont buy and egg it wont work with this cheat).
Then bring item to any garden. leave item in the garden. Exit choa garden and save.
Then go back to the garden where you left the item. Take the item to the black 
Sell the item. after you here the chu-ching reset the game imedetlygo back to choa 
garden were the item was. it will still be there and you will still have the money 
you got from selling the item.

After you have evolved a dark choa youll get a dark garden.
After you evolve a hero choa youll get a hero garden.
After you have both gardens dark race and hero race will be avaible.

in dark race you can only use dark guys
in hero race you can only use hero guys
nuetral choas can be used in both.

9.hidden karate mode and races--------------

After you beat the first regular races you get another set to beat.
And a hidden challange mode where you race against the weirdest choas.
After you beat hard mode on karate you unlock super mode where you fight special 

10. Q&A-----------------------

Q:  My sonic choa is green why is it not blue??
A:  It will start out green and later turn the color blue

Q: How do I get more items in black market??
A:  the more emblems you collect the more items you unlock

Q:  What choa drive does what??
A:  Like I said in section 4.:   Drive color   type
                                   red          power
                                  green         running
                                  yellow        swimming
                                  purple         Flying

Q: How do I increase choas stanima??
A:  By feeding your choa DUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!! (If you dont know this you are completly 

11. 4plyr choa race---------------
Get 4 controllers go to party race in choa raceing each person pick a diffrent choa.
then choose next at the bottum you will race four choas at a time.

12. Ending words----------------------
  I hope this giude was sympal and helpful. I will send out a second giude with 
hidden information about choa peorsonalities. Like choa danceing playing together 
becoming friends and fighting in the garden and how you and your choa connect its 
called choa actions.I will also tell you how to get choas to look wierd cool and 
diffrent the usual. So you can show them of in front of those boreing choas other 
kids have. I did not want to put it in this giude becuase I am tierd of typing. 

Good night everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Brandon Riddick      (thats right me!!!!!!!!!!!)

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