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July 2, 2002

Brave Fencer Musashi Boss Guide

Boss 1: Steam Knight
To kill him, use the Lumina Spin to knock the armor off his legs, then slash the 
little skirt off his hips. Then, hit the green crystal between his legs. Next, 
throw him through the wall. Throw him through the wall a second time. Now he'll 
jump up and down. Hit him when he's on the ground. Finally, throw him through the 
wall again.

Boss 2: Skullpion
Skullpion is as easy as beating the Steam Knight. All you have to do is use your 
Earth Scroll to make the basket of weapons fall on his head. When he's unconscious, 
use Lumina and hit his core.

Boss 3: Relic Keeper
To beat him, use the Water Scroll to extinguish the Fire Demon inside him. To hit 
his core, double jump, then use Lumina to defeat him.

Boss 4: Frost Dragon
This guy is sort of tough to beat, but I know you'll beat him. First, when he goes 
straight toward you, ues the Fire Scroll to burn him. Then when the ice bridge 
starts to break, use the fire power to melt the icicles along the way to the real 
part of the boss killing. When you use the Fire Scroll to burn him, he'll be 
unconscious. Then his core will be exposed. Hit the core a couple of times to beat 

Boss 5: Queen Ant
On this boss, avoid the attacks she uses. Then she'll bend her head over for you to 
hit. Hit her head three times for her core to be seen. Hit her core several times 
to defeat this oversized bug.

Boss 6: Ben
This boss is easier to beat than learning to walk! All you have to do is hit him 
with Lumina after he's done using his bombs.

Boss 7: Ed
For this boss, ues Lumina Spin when he's done using his Heat Explosion.

Boss 8: Topo(The Mickey Mouse wannabe)
All you have to do is wait a few seconds, then repeat her dance moves, or else 
you'll be blown into an electrical field.

Boss 9: The Tower of Death
The name sounds scary, but he's easy. When you see a green eye, smash it with 

Boss 10: Dark Lumina-Pt.2
The reason I skipped pt. one of Dark Lumina is because all you have to do is run 
away from him. For pt. two of Dark Lumina, hit the crystal embedded in his head 
until his crystal turns to a red-orange color. Avoid his attack until he pants. 
Then, hit the crystal in his head. Repeat these steps again and again until he is 

Boss 11: Dark Lumina-Pt.3
Remember me saying that you would kill the last boss? Well, I lied. He doesen't 
actullaly die, he just turns into a smaller but more powerful boss. To kill him, 
use your assimilation until he becomes a tiny ball. Then, hit him with Lumina. 
Next, he'll use a whirlwind type of move. Do this numerous times until he dies.


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