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Breath of Fire Guide
Written by: Fox White          

Table of Contents
I. Characters A1
II. Guide A2
III. Lists A3
	1. Weapons
	2. Armor
	3. Shields
	4. Helmets
	5. Accessories
	6. Items
	7. Spells
	8. Shop Lists
	9. Monster Drop List
IV. Useful Information A4
	1. Dragon Spell Locations I1
	2. Chun'li Cameo I2
	3. Karn, the Master Thief I3
	4. Ox the strong I4
	5. Mogu's Claws I5
	6. The Iron Claw I6
	7. The Life Armor I7
	8. The Emperor Sword I8
	9. The Best Ending I9
	10. Fishing up some powerful equipment!
	11. The M.Slime and the TriRang
V. End A5

I. Characters A1

Character: Ryu
Skill: Fishing - Can equip a fishing rod and bait and fish in wells and certain other places.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
SnoDr		Event		7
FlmDr		Event		10
ThrDr		Event		12
IceDgn		Event		20
FirDgn		Event		27
Blt.Dgn		Event		30
G.Dgn		Event		40
Rudra		Event		50
Agni		Event		60


Character: Nina
Skill: Great bird (event) - Allows the party to fly.
Magic Learned	Level		AP
Cura		N/A		3
Fort		N/A		6
Heal		N/A		5
Lk-Up		6		6
ATK-Up		7		15
Cura2		9		6
Hold		11		8
Ag-Up		12		8
Warp		13		2
Zom1		14		5
Cura3		15		15
Renew		17		10
Idle		19		5
Shield		21		8
Cura4		23		20
Zom2		24		15
FortX		26		14
Hush		28		6
Dispel		30		20
RenewX		34		30
CuraX		37		30
Wall		41		15
ZomX		46		35


Character: Bo
Skill: Hunting - Can use his bow to kill animals wandering the world map.
Skill 2: Forest walk - Enables you to walk through forests when Bo leads the party.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Flare		N/A		3
Spark		N/A		4
Cold		N/A		5
Fry		N/A		10
Flame		N/A		6
Frost		N/A		9
Cura		N/A		3


Character: Karn
Skill: Open doors - Karn is able to unlock any locked door.
Skill 2: Disarm traps - If a treasure chest is trapped Karn will disarm it.
Skill 3: Detect traps - Karn can detect traps in front of him.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Shin		Event		10	
Debo		Event		15	
Doof		Event		25	
Puka		Event		40	


Character: Gobi
Skill: Big Fish transformation (event) - Allows you to become a big fish and swim nearly anywhere underwater.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Ebb		N/A		3
EbbX		N/A		5
Eco		16		8
EcoX		17		10


Character: Ox
Skill: Rock smash - Ox can smash rocks and walls down.
Skill 2: Hit tree - Ox can hit fruit trees to make them drop fruit.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Cura3		N/A		15
Heal		N/A		5


Character: Bleu

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Exit		N/A		20
Flare		N/A		3
Spark		N/A		4
Cold		N/A		5
3.5		N/A		3
Para		N/A		10
Bomb		N/A		5
Sap		N/A		1
Warp		N/A		2
Rub		N/A		20
Flame		N/A		6
Fry		N/A		10
Frost		N/A		9
5.5		N/A		8
Boom		N/A		11
F.Ball		20		9
LStorm		21		11
Chill		22		12
Flee		23		20
9.5		24		15
Blast		25		18
Gale		26		24
Ice		28		30
Char		29		36
Nova		30		42
IceX		31		48
FireX		32		30
Drain		33		2
BoltX		35		30
NovaX		37		54
Comet		40		75


Character: Mogu
Skill: Dig - Allows you to dig into dirt to find items.

Magic Learned	Level		AP
Dig		N/A		5

II. Guide A2

The Beginning
1. Follow old man
2. Talk to everyone downstairs
3. Travel to Camlon
4. Enter the Castle and defeat Frog
5. Head to Nanai and enter at night
6. Enter Nanai castle and defeat Knight
7. Take the key and exit through the portal
8. Travel to Winlan
9. Enter Winlan castle and speak with the queen
10. Leave Winlan and enter the cave to the west
11. Enter Romero
12. Exit through west entrance and enter forest
13. Find exit and enter tower
14. Defeat Morty
15. Defeat Mortea
16. Battle the Wizard
17. Exit Winlan
18. Defeat the Wizard
19. Speak with Nina by the king's bed
20. Exit Winlan through tunnel inside of the castle
21. Find Tantar and talk to the blacksmith to receive the saw
22. Go to the forest northwest of town and cut down the tree
23. Enter the forest
24. Enter compound
25. Defeat Pog
26. Defeat General
27. Travel to Romero and enter at night
28. Talk to the living people in the town
29. Talk to the old lady in the graveyard
30. Enter the grave
31. Take the WtrJr and go to the cave southwest of town
32. Go to the bottom of the cave and get Cleansing Water
33. Take tablet
34. Travel to Agua, the floating tower (see I1)
35. Defeat Wisp
36. Locate and enter the stone golem near Tantar
37. Defeat the General
38. Activate the golem with the key
39. Find the control panel
40. Speak with the chief in Tantar
41. Retrieve the ring from the northern cave
42. Return to Tantar
43. Enter the chief's hut
44. Enter the stone golem
45. Defeat the Gremlin
46. Enter building to the south of the river (see I1)
47. Defeat Talon
48. Enter cave to the south and find exit
49. Enter Auria south of cave
50. Talk to sleeping man twice
51. Enter the house at the top of the town
52. Talk to the man inside
53. Leave Auria and go to cave to the east
54. Find Bleak (see I2)
55. Speak with the elder of the town (need
56. After getting the Icicle, go to the cave southwest of Bleak
57. Locate the town Arad
58. Speak with the chief
59. Defeat the sandworm
60. Enter the Krypt just southeast of town
61. Defeat EyeSpy
62. Find the Book (see I3)
63. Return to Auria and talk to the girl in the safe
64. Go to Bleak and enter the tower to the west
65. Defeat Cloud
66. Take the DkKey and talk to the old man downstairs for the mirror
67. Return to Auria and speak with Ross
68. Speak with his daughter in the safe
69. Take the LtKey
70. Head to the port and defeat the Dark Dragons
71. Get the GnPwdr from the fishman and go to North Cave
72. Use the explosives to unblock the path
73. Board the Dark Dragon's ship
74. Defeat Squid
75. Talk to the port captain
76. Defeat Octo
77. Agree to pay 1,000,000GP for the gills
78. Navigate Gobi to Prima
79. Talk to the Guild leader
80. Locate Gant (south of Prima) and talk to the chief there
81. Return to Prima with the Goods
82. Return to Ryu and the others with the Gills
83. Return to Prima and go to the second floor of the inn
84. Defeat Morteo
85. Find the Dark Dragons in Nabal tunnel (see I4)
86. Defeat Toad
87. Find old man's hut east of Gant and speak to him
88. Enter the forest north of Nabal tunnel
89. Take the GrimFowl egg
90. Defeat the GrimFowl
91. Get the GrimFowl to follow you north to Nabal castle
92. Enter the castle
93. Defeat SlimeX
94. Talk to the man upstairs in the guild house in Prima
95. Take the item under the bed and go to Arad
96. Enter the moving city (Wisdon) north of Arad
97. Defeat Wisp, Cloud, and Myst
98. Go to the volcano north of Prima and find the core
99. Drop the OldEgg in on the ledge
100. Leave the inn in Prima
101. Defeat Pincher
102. Re-enter Prima and talk to the guild leader
103. Take the Sphere
104. Locate Tunlan and head northwest to the beachside
105. Find Gust
106. Head north of Gust
107. Meet Cort
108. Defeat K.Roaches
109. Take the M.Cura
110. Defeat RugaX
111. Go to the cave inside of Gust
112. Defeat the Golden Fly
113. Take the G.Fly and go to the frog cave southeast of Tunlan
114. Talk to the frog in the top center to receive oil.
115. Return to Gust and talk to Bleu in the first house on the right
116. Head north and destroy FlowerX
117. Return to Gust and talk to Bleu
118. Defeat RugaX
119. Go to the house under the inn and take the Maestro from the bed
120. Head north to the bridge
121. Defeat HornToad
122. Cross the bridge and head west till you see a mole girl
123. Follow her into Gramor
124. Talk to the mole in the bed
125. Go to Tunlan
126. Speak with the elder woman in the castle
127. Speak with the princess and return to the old woman
128. Exit town and wait till night (or use the HrGlas or DkKey)
129. Enter the room before the treasure room and search the palm trees
130. Speak with the old woman in the treasure room
131. Do as the old woman says
132. Take the Bolster from the treasure room
133. Return to Gramor and speak to the woman beside the bed
134. Enter Mogu's dream
135. Go to the North Tower and talk to the boy in the center
136. Go back to town and talk to the girl there
137. Go across the bridge to the South Cave
138. Speak with Courage
139. Go back to North Tower and talk to the boy
140. Make your way to the top of the tower
141. Fight Moth
142. Head to cave to south of Gramor (see I5)
143. Enter Spring
144. Enter Spyre using Mogu's dig ability
145. Find the orb at the top of the tower and check it
146. Leave town and enter the cave north of the town
147. Defeat Mote
148. Take the key from the orb and use it on the machine
149. Return to Spring and walk under the waterfall
150. Travel to Carmen
151. Pass Carmen and make your way to the tower (Tock) in view
152. Get to the top and speak with Cerl
153. Return to Carmen
154. Return to the top of Tock tower
155. Defeat Cerl
156. Return to Carmen again
157. Speak with Alan in his home in Carmen
158. Get a Fruit from the tree he tells you to go to
159. Check the door of the fort blocking the path to the south
160. Take the TmKey from the chest upstairs
161. Return time to Carmen
162. Enter Tunlan and find Nina then talk to the ladies around her
163. Return to Carmen and talk to the old man in one of the houses
164. Gather P.Fish, Root, C.Nut, and W.Ant
	- P.Fish can be fished up in the red water to the south
	- Root can be dug up in front of the plants near Gramor
	- C.Nut can be knocked out of a tree in Tunlan
	- W.Ant can be found by hunting white deer
165. Gather the ingrediants and return to the old man
166. Talk to the man standing in the trees and get the pass
167. Take the tonic to Nina in Tunlan
168. Nina can now fly! (check the Useful Information section A4)
169. Fly to Scande (the fortress surrounded by mountains)
170. You can enter if you got the Pass.
171. Examine the control panel to the elevator
172. Return to Spring
173. Talk to the man in the house below the inn for the B.Parts
174. Take these to Gant and speak with the chief
175. Take the parts he gives you back to Scande
176. Use the elevator to ride to the top of the tower
177. Talk to the man there
178. Go to Tunlan and get the D.Hrt from a girl in one of the houses
179. Return to Scande and ride back to the top of the tower
180. Kill Zog
181. Follow the Mole people
182. Exit Scande (see I6 for details on how to advance)
183. With Mogu in the front, speak with the mole in the northeast room
184. Fly to Agua and make your way to the top (see I7)
185. Enter the shrine at the top of the tower
186. Follow Sara
187. Enter the portal
188. Find Sara
189. Slay her
190. Confront Jade
191. Head back to Scande and enter the Obelisk
192. Dig on the cracked ground with Mogu
193. Defeat Goda
194. Defeat Jade (see I8)
195. Defeat the Goddess Tyr (see I9)

The End

III. Lists A3

1. Weapons

Weapon		Atk	Equipped By
SilverDR	10	Karn
ThrowDR		20	Karn
Dagger		32	Karn
Tri-DR		54	Karn
Dart		46	Karn
PowerDR		66	Karn
FlameDR		74	Karn
IcyDR		75	Karn

Dirk		5	Ryu
Sabre		8	Ryu
BronzSD		12	Ryu
Scythe		20	Ryu
LongSD		26	Ryu
BroadSD		34	Ryu
BrokenSD	42	Ryu
Sickle		50	Ryu
PowerSD		62	Ryu
WingSD		96	Ryu
MystSD		100	Ryu
DragonSD	110	Ryu
FlameSD		122	Ryu
EmporSD		255	Ryu

ShortRP		5	Nina
BronzRP		7	Nina
Rapier		10	Nina
LightRP		10	Nina
IronRP		14	Nina
PoisonRP	20	Nina
FlameRP		28	Nina
WingRP		34	Nina
EvilRP		55	Nina
LoyalRP		64	Nina
PowerRP		82	Nina

Stick		5	Bleu
Cane		8	Bleu
BoneCN		14	Bleu
EvilCN		20	Bleu
IcyCN		30	Bleu
GlowCN		100	Bleu

LongBW		28	Bo
SteelBW		35	Bo
PoisonBW	42	Bo
SharpBW		54	Bo
MoonBW		66	Bo
JadeBW		80	Bo
Tri-BW		96	Bo
DwarfBW		150	Bo
HeroBW		220	Bo

Rang		18	Ryu
B.Rang		60	Ryu
Tri-Rang	150	Ryu

Pole		12	Gobi
Pike		24	Gobi
Javelin		34	Gobi
OldSP		42	Gobi
HeroSP		56	Gobi
Trident		74	Gobi
Sleeper		100	Gobi

Club		30	Ox
IronHR		45	Ox
GiantHR		60	Ox
RageHR		75	Ox
SpineHR		120	Ox
FlameHR		120	Ox
StarHR		210	Ox

DigCW		42	Mogu
RustCW		60	Mogu
IronCW		74	Mogu
IcyCW		88	Mogu
MystCW		120	Mogu

2. Armor

Armor		DEF	Equipped By
Cloth		1	All
Robe		2	Ryu, Bleu
Dress		8	Nina, Bleu
SuedeGN		10	All
PrisnCL		10	All
SuedeAR		14	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
SilkGN		15	Nina, Bleu
HuntCL		16	Ryu, Bo, Karn
Gown		18	Nina, Bleu
ChainML		20	Ryu, Bo, Ox
PlateAR		24	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
SageML		25	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
WoolRB		25	Bo, Bleu
IronML		27	Ryu, Bo, Ox
ThiefCL		30	Ryu, Karn
SuedeRB		35	Nina, Bleu
MetalAR		39	Ryu, Bo, Ox, Mogu
RangerVT	40	Ryu, Bo, Gobi
QuartzAR	50	All
MystRB		60	Ryu, Nina, Bleu
SpineCL		60	Gobi
LightCL		68	Nina, Bleu
GuruCT		70	Bleu
WorldML		75	Ryu, Bo, Ox, Mogu
AngelAR		76	Nina, Bleu
IcyAR		80	Ryu, Bo, Ox
Wolfskin	80	Bo
WorldAR		80	Ox, Mogu
FlameAR		82	Ryu, Mogu
PowerAR		84	Nina, Bleu
AgileAR		92	Nina, Bleu
ClearCL		100	Nina, Bleu
DragonAR	110	Ryu
LifeAR		115	Ryu

3. Shields

Shield		DEF	Equipped By
SuedeSH		2	All	
WoodSH		5	Ryu, Karn
Gauntlet	8	All
BronzSH		8	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
Wrist		10	All
IronSH		12	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
SkySH		15	Nina
MetalSH		16	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
Glove		20	Bo
IronSL		22	Gobi
IcySH		30	All
HuntGL		30	Bo
ProSH		32	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
GuardSH		32	Ryu, Nina, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
LightSH		36	Nina, Bleu
TrapGRD		40	Karn
MystSH		48	Ryu, Bo, Ox, Mogu
FlameSH		52	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
MaskSH		65	All
StarSH		70	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
DragonSH	128	Ryu

4. Helmets

Helmet		DEF	Equipped By
StrawHT		2	All
G-Tiara		2	Nina, Bleu
SuedeHT		3	All
Bandana		5	All
Visor		6	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
NiceHT		6	All
HairBand	8	Nina, Bleu
Tiara		10	Nina, Bleu
BronzHT		10	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
Turban		11	All
SunHT		12	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
WolfHT		12	Bo
GoldHT		14	All
IcyHT		16	Ryu, Bo, Ox
TideHT		20	All
ShellHT		25	Gobi
SkullHT		25	All
ChainHT		25	All
EchoHT		28	All
DivingHT	32	Gobi
IronHT		32	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
FaceMask	35	Ryu, Karn, Mogu
GaiaMask	36	Ryu, Ox, Mogu
HornHT		37	Ryu, Bo, Karn, Gobi, Ox, Mogu
AgileHT		42	All
PowerHT		44	Karn, Gobi
StoneHT		48	Mogu
CursedHT	62	All
LoveHT		64	Nina
DragonHT	80	Ryu

5. Accessories

Accessory	Effect				Equipped By
Ring		+10 atk				Ryu
Sash		+10 atk				All
SmartRG		+6 mag, +8 int			All
Clog		+10 act, +3 mag			All
DarkBR		+20 act, +20 fate, +3 mag	Karn
WindBR		+20 act, +5 mag			Nina, Bleu
SkullRG		+10 def				All
MagicRG		+7 mag, +8 int			Nina, Bleu
LoveBR		Regeneration			Nina, Bleu
DreamRG		May prevent sleep?		All
SilverBR	??				All
MystSF		??				Nina, Bleu
RubyRG		??				Nina, Bleu
Rod1		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Rod2		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Rod3		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Rod4		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Rod5		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Worm		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Worm2		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Urchin		Use to go fishing		Ryu
Shell		Use to go fishing		Ryu

6. Items

Item Name		Description
Apple			Heals 60 Hit Points (1)
Antdt			Heals Poison status (1)
Antler			Heals Poison status (1)
Acorn			Recover 20 AP (1)
A Ptn			Raises Agility by 1 (1)
B Stn			Casts Fry
C Nut			Recover 20 HP (1)
Charm			Heals Curse status (1)
Cure			Recover all HP (1)
Cure2			Recover all HP (all)
C Stn			Casts Frost (1)
D Hrt			All dragon-types' HP drops to 1 (1)
DkKiss			Casts Rub (1)
F Stn			Casts Flare (1)
Herb			Recovers 50 HP (1)
HrGlas			Changes day to night or night to day
L Ptn			Raise Luck by 1 (1)
Life			Heals Unconcious status (1)
Life2			Heals Unconcious status and fully recovers HP (1)
Mackrl			Heals Poison status (1)
Melon			Recovers all HP (1)
M Drop			Recover all HP and heals all status ailments (all)
Mrb1			Character's next attack is a SLAM (1)
Mrb2			Same as above, but works with dragon skills  (1)
Mrb3			Reduces enemy encounter rate temporarily
Meat			Recover 70 HP (all)
ProtnA			Increases Off during battle (1)
ProtnB			Increases Off more than ProtnA during battle  (1)
P Fish			Used to make Tonic
Srdine			Recover 50 HP (1)
Sole			Recover 100 HP (1)
Smoke			Allows you to escape any non-boss battle
S Ptn			Raises Strength by 1 (1)
Trout			Recover 150 HP and poison status (1)
T Drop			Heals Zombie status (1)
Tuna			Completely recover HP (1)
Vtmn			Heals all status ailments (1)
V Ptn			Raises Vigor by 1 (1)
W Ptn			Raises Wisdom by 1 (1)
W Ant			Recover 100 AP (1)
WMeat			Completely recovers HP (all)

7. Spells

Spell Name		AP	Description
Cura			3	Recovers 50 HP (1)
Cura2			6	Recovers 100 HP (1)
Cura3			15	Recovers 250 HP (1)
Cura4			20	Completely recovers HP (1)
CuraX			20	Recovers 250 HP (all)
Heal			5	Heals any status ailment (1)
Renew			10	Heals Unconcious status
RenewX			30	Heals Unconcious status and recovers all HP
Atk-Up			15	Raises attack (1)
Fort			6	Raises defense (1)
FortX			14	Raises defense (all)
Ag-Up			8	Raises agility (1)
Lk-Up			6	Raises luck (1)
Wall			15	Raises spell resistance (1)
Hold			8	Paralyzes enemy (1)
Para			10	Paralyzes enemy (1)
Idle			5	Slows enemy (1)
Hush			8	Silence an enemy (1)
Sap			1	Absorbs an enemy's HP (1)
Drain			2	Absorbs an enemy's MP (1)
Dispel			14	Reflects spells back to the caster (1)
Warp			2	Teleport to any town previously visited
Exit			20	Exit a dungeon you're in
Flee			20	Escape from a battle
Zom1			5	Deals damage to undead (1)
Zom2			15	Deals damage to undead  (1)
Zom3			35	Deals damage to undead (all)
Rub			20	Has a chance to one-hit KO (1)
Flare			3	Deals fire damage (1)
Flame			6	Deals fire damage (1)
FireBall		9	Deals fire damage (1)

Char			36	Deals fire damage (all)
FireX			30	Deals fire damage (all)
Spark			4	Deals thunder damage (1)
Fry			10	Deals thunder damage (1)
LStorm			11	Deals thunder damage (1)
Gale			24	Deals thunder damage (all)
BoltX			30	Deals thunder damage (all)
Cold			5	Deals cold damage (1)
Frost			9	Deals cold damage (1)
Chill			12	Deals cold damage (1)
Ice			30	Deals cold damage (all)
IceX			48	Deals cold damage (1)
3.5			3	Deals earth damage (all)
5.5			8	Deals earth damage (all)
Bomb			5	Deals damage (1)
Boom			11	Deals damage (1)
Blast			20	Deals damage (1)
Nova			40	Deals damage (all)
NovaX			54	Deals damage (all)
Comet			75	Deals damage (all)
Ebb			3	Deals damage (underwater) (all)
EbbX			5	Deals damage (underwater) (all)
Eco			8	Deals damage (underwater) (all)
EcoX			10	Deals damage (underwater) (all)
SnoDr			7	Deals thunder damage (1)
FlmDr			10	Deals fire damage (1)
ThrDr			12	Deals thunder damage (1)
IceDgn			20	Deals high cold damage (all)
FirDgn			27	Deals high fire damage (all)
Blt.Dgn			30	Deals high thunder damage (all)
G.Dgn			40	Deals damage to undead (all)
Rudra			50	Deals heavy damage (all)
Agni			60	Deals 999 damage always (all)
Shin			10	Fuses Bo and Gobi to make Shin
Debo			15	Fuses Gobi and Ox to make Debo
Doof			25	Fuses Bo and Ox to make Doof
Puka			40	Fuses Bo, Gobi, and Ox to make Puke
Dig			5	Use to escape outside battles

8. Shop Lists

Dirk		50
Sabre		400
Cloth		10
SuedeCP		240
ArmPad		300
WoodSH		300
HairBand	1000
SilkGN		2800

Item Store
Mrbl3		9
Herb		9
Herb x9		81
Antdt		13
T.Drop		18
Apple		90
Life		450
Cure		1800

Item Store
Herb		8
Herb x9		72
Antdt		12
T.Drop		16
Acorn		24
Apple		80
Life		400
Cure		1600

IronRP		1800
LongSD		2250
Cloth		9
SuedeSH		135
SuedeCP		216
WoodSH		270
HairBand	900
SilkGN		2520

Sabre		400
BronzSD		700
BronzRP		800
SuedeHT		200
WoodSH		300
SuedeGN		500
Visor		800
ChainML		2000

Item Store
Mrbl3		10
Herb		10
Antdt		15
T.Drop		20
Acorn		30
Charm		150
Life		500
Cure		2000

Sabre		400
ShortRP		400
BronzRP		800
BronzSH		500
BronzHT		1200
Gown		2000
ChainML		2000
SilkGN		2800

Item Store
Herb		10
Herb x9		90
Antdt		15
Antdt x9	135
Acorn		30
Acrn x9		270
Life		500
Cure		2000

Sabre		400
BronzRP		800
ShortBW		1000
Scythe		1200
Bandana		400
BronzSH		500
SuedeAR		750
Visor		800

Item Store
Herb		10
Herb x9		90
Antdt		15
Acorn		30
Cure		2000
Life		500
Drop x9		180
T.Drop		20

Rapier		1650
Dagger		2200
LongSD		2750
LongBW		2860
BroadSD		5500
Tiara		1650
SunHT		2750
SageML		3300

Item Store
Herb		13
Worm		65
Life		650
Vitamn		650
Mrbl1		1300
Pouch		1300
Rod1		1300
G.Bar		65000

Dagger		2000
LongBW		2600
BroadSD		5000
MetalSH		1400
HuntCL		1500
IronSL		2000
BronzAR		3600
WoolRB		5000

Item Store
Herb		12
Herb x9		108
Antdt		18
T.Drop		24
Acorn		36
Charm		180
Life		600
Cure		2400

Club		3250
IronHR		4550
PowerSD		10400
Glove		3900
IcySH		5200
HornHT		6500
FaceMask	7800
GoldHT		26000

Armory 2
Dart		3000
SteelBW		4000
BroadSD		5000
Sickle		6500
EvilRP		20000
Bandana		400
NiceHT		600
WoolRB		5000

Armory 3
Pike		2750
Javelin		4400
RustCW		7700
IronCW		11000
DivingHT	4400
LightSH		4400
SuedeRB		6600
SpineCL		8800

Armory 4
Dart		3300
PoisonRP	3300
Tri-DR		4400
Cane		6600
Visor		880
MetalSL		3300
BronzAR		3960
IronML		5500

Armory 5
LongBW		2860
SteelBW		4400
PoisonBW	5500
ChainHT		2750
PlateAR		3740
IronMask	4400
RangerVT	5500
G.Tiara		22000

Item Store
Herb		9
Herb x9		81
Antdt		13
Antdt x9	121
Charm		135
Chrm x9		1215
Life		450
Cure		1800

Item Store 2
Mrbl3		10
Herb		10
Antdt		15
T.Drop		20
Acorn		30
Charm		150
Mrbl1		1000
Cure		2000

Item Store 3
Worm		50
Srdine		50
Worm2		100
Mackrl		100
Sole		250
Trout		500
Rod1		1000
Rod2		2000

Item Store 4
B.Stn		22
F.Stn		22
Acorn		33
Acrn x9		297
C.Stn		44
Drop x9		198
Life		550
Chrm x9		1485

Item Store 5
Herb x9		117
Antd x9		175
Life		650
Vitamn		650
Mrbl1		1300
Pouch		1300
Chrm x9		1755
G.Bar		65000

IronHR		3150
GiantHR		4050
HeroSP		6750
SpineHR		27000
IronSL		1800
MetalSL		2700
IronHT		6300
MetalAR		8100

Item Store
Herb		8
Herb x9		72
Antdt		12
F.Stn		16
B.Stn		16
C.Stn		32
Charm		120
Cure		1600

BoneCN		2412
PoisonRP	2700
Cane		5400
EvilRP		18000
Dress		900
Gown		1800
MystRB		5400
GuruCT		18000

Armory 2
Dagger		2200
LongBW		2860
PoisonRP	3300
Tri-DR		4400
Gauntlet	880
HuntCL		1650
ThiefCL		2750
RangerVT	5500

Item Store
Herb		13
Antdt		19
T.Drop		26
Acorn		39
Acrn x9		351
Charm		195
Mrbl1		1300
Cure		2600

Tri-DR		4000
OldSP		6000
WingRP		7000
MoonBW		8000
WingSD		10000
GaiaMask	8000
FlameSH		12000
WorldML		22000

Item Store
Herb		10
Antdt		15
T.Drop		20
Acorn		30
Acrn x9		270
Charm		150
Mrbl1		1000
Cure		2000

Mogu's Dream World
Item Store
Herb		10
Herb x9		90
Antdt		15
Antdt x9	135
Acorn		30
Acrn x9		270
Life		500
Cure x9		4500

PowerDR		5500
RustCW		7000
IronCW		10000
WingSD		10000
IronML		5000
SpineCL		8000
GaiaMask	8000
QuartzAR	10000

Item Store
Herb		10
Antdt		15
T.Drop		20
Drop x9		180
Acorn		30
Acrn x9		270
Charm		150
Cure		2000

Mote's Dream World
Item Store
Herb		10
Herb x9		90
Antdt		15
Antdt x9	135
Acorn		30
Acrn x9		270
Life		500
Cure x9		4500

Tri-BW		12000
IcyCW		15000
FlameSD		20000
LoyalRP		25000
WorldAR		12000
PowerHT		20000
MystSH		20000
LightCL		30000

9. Monster Drop List

Monster		Item Dropped

Beak		Antdt
Bulla		Herb
Dogfish		Urchin
E.Chest		Acorn
Entity		Cure
FireBeak	F.Stn
Flea		Herb
Flower		M.Drop
Fly		Cure
Gloom		Herb
G.Slime		Life2
K.Roach		Cure
Midget		Meat
Mimic		Life2
M.Scorp		Cure
P.Bug		Herb
Roach		Cure
Scorp		Herb
Slime		Herb
S.Rider		C.Stn
WarHog		Meat
Zard		C.Stn
Zoom		C.Stn

IV. Useful Information A4

1. Dragon Spell Locations I1

First Set - Southwest of Tantar near tunnel to Auria. You will receive SnoDr, FlmDr, and ThrDr.

Second Set - After Nabal Tunnel follow the path west to find the shrine. You will receive IceDgn, FirDgn, BltDgn, and GldDgn.

Rudra - North of Gust waterfall in a castle surrounded by a moat. You must be able to fly to get here.

Agni - Enter the cave where you got the cleansing water back at the start of the game (southwest of Romero) and go down to the water's edge and walk down. With the gills you will be able to enter the water. You must have Rudra form and the Dragon Helmet in order to obtain this spell. The Agni transformation cannot be used if Karn is fused with others. It always deals 999 damage and has 999 HP.

2. Chun'li Cameo I2

After arriving in Bleak, walk to the first residence on the left and speak with the man inside. He will ask you for 100gp. Say yes and then he will tell you to look behind you, say no twice then say yes and you will see Chun'li practicing her kicks.

3. Karn, the Master Thief I3

Karn is able to unlock any door you might come across. Here is a list of items and their locations that you can get to using Karn's skills.

Winlan - Turban, BrokenSD, Life, Life2, Cure, FlameRP
Tunnel to Bleak - Dart, G.Bar

Karn will eventually be able to shapeshift into powerful forms using other party members. Here are their locations:

Shin is in 
Debo is in Gust under the flute maker's house

Once Karn can use his transformation abilities with Ox you will be able to push heavy objects for even more powerful equipment!

Bleak - ClearCL, Puka (Karn's transformation)

With the Puka transformation you can move stone slabs with dragon symbols on them for powerful items.

North of Auria - DarkBR
Southwest of Gust - LoveBR
East of Carmen (past Tock tower and below the cliffs) - WindBR

4. Ox the strong I4

Ox is able to smash rocks, push heavy objects, and break down walls. Here is a list of items you can get using his strength.

Agua - 3000GP, Life, SilverBR, Life2
Krypt - B.Rang (take this to Gant)
Gant - Karn's Shin spell
Tunnel to Bleak - A.Ptn, L.Ptn
Wisdon - ProSH x2, Herb x4, Life x2, Life2, OldSP, SilverBR, RageHR, ChainML

5. Mogu's Claws I5

Mogu has the ability to dig into soil and specially marked locations to find items and other things. Here are some special places he can dig.

Northeast of Tantar (southeast of where Stone Golem started) - L.Ptn, Clog, A.Ptn, V.Ptn
Northeast of Camlon - Doof (Karn's transformation)
Northeast of Romero (need to be able to fly to get to) - V.Ptn, S.Ptn, Sash
Northeast of Carmen - HeroBW
Southeast of Scande (past red water, by the ocean, near dead trees) - StarSH, MystCW, LoveHT, AgileHT, Life2, L.Ptn, S.Ptn, A. Ptn

6. The Iron Claw I6

You may have come across an island with a wall of rocks preventing you from going from the beach to the small house that is on the island. Once you can fly, go to this house and speak with the old woman there. Then fly to the man in a house surrounded by palm trees and speak to him. He will walk inside his house. Follow him in and grab the List. Now return to the woman. Take the Wtzit from within her house and return to the old man. He will give you a letter to give to the old woman. Bring her letter to him. 

7. The Life Armor I7

The Life Armor is the most powerful suit of armor in the game and it can be obtained by searching the left dragon statue in Agua on the top floor. The person who wears this armor regenerates HP as they walk. Search the right dragon statue for an IcyDR.

8. The Emperor Sword I8

To obtain the EmporSD, the most powerful weapon in the game, search Jade's throne after defeating him. 

9. The Best Ending I9

If you picked up the Agni dragon spell immediately turn into the Agni dragon and attack Tyr. This will cause he to transform into a large beast. Defeat her for the best ending.

10. Fishing up some powerful equipment!

In order to get some of the most powerful equipment in the game you'll need Rod5 which can be found under the treasure room in Tunlan.

Well northwest of Romero - DragonSD
In lake in Spring - DragonAR
Well northwest of Tantar - Slab
East of Gramor (need to be able to fly to get to) - DragonSH
Southwest of Arad (need to be able to fly to get to) - DragonHT

11. The M.Slime and the TriRang

The best place to level up in the game is an island north of the well that contains the DragonSD. You mostly battle slimes but an M.Slime might appear and they give 9999XP and 9999GP. You can reach this island once Nina can fly.

Search behind the tower to receive the TriRang. This is the strongest boomerang in the game! It's even more powerful than the DragonSD.

V. End A5
Breath of Fire (c) Capcom, 1993
English translation (c) SquareSoft, 1994
Guide (c) Fox White

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