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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds 
Xbox Walkthrough

  Table of Contents
01: Controller
02: Level 1 Magic Box
03: Level 2 Cemetery
04: Level 3 Blood Factory
05: Level 4 Magic Box Revisited
06: Level 5 Downtown Sunnydale
07: Level 6 Sunnydale Hospital
08: Level 7 High School
09: Level 8 Old Quarry
10: Level 9 The Initiative
11: Level 10 The Sunnydale Mall
12: Level 11 Sunnydale Zoo
13: Level 12 The First's Lair
14: Cut scenes
16: Legal Jargon


The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows

Y BUTTON: Action
D-PAD:  Left, Right selects item up/down selects the item. Up equips the item.


  Level 1:  The Magic Box 
Secrets: 3

Cut Scene 1

Objective:  Defeat the invading vampires in the magic shop. Find Anya and Tara

As Buffy grab some STAKES near the back exit. There is a box of them under the 
loft area. You can also break some of the chairs to get some stakes. Take out 
the first vamp and grab the two bottles of HELLFIRE and MEDI-PAK on the 
bookshelves near the ladder and octagonal table. Continue towards the front of 
the shop and turn to your right. Grab the two bottles of HELLFIRE and the 
bottle of HOLY WATER. Take out the second vamp.  Move towards the front 
entrance of the shop.  On the bookshelves between the windows there is another 
bottle of HELLFIRE.  In the corner near the windows there is a floor lamp. Hit 
it and SECRET #1, a bottle of holy water will drop out. Take out the third 
vamp, and head behind the cashier's counter.  On the shelves there is a MEDI-
PAK and three bottles of HOLY WATER. There is also a low cabinet. Open it and 
inside is SECRET #2, a MEDI-PAK. Grab it and take out the forth vamp.  You've 
now gotten all of the goodies. Take out vamp number five.   

Cut Scene 2

Objective:  Find Kraus's Compendium and take out any remaining vamps.

As Willow grab the MEDI-PAK that is to your left up in the loft.  Head down the 
ladder and grab some STAKES from the box under the loft.  Head behind the 
cashier's counter and take the KEY to the book cabinet.  Unlock the roll top 
desk near the front entrance to find KRAUS'S COMPENDIUM. 
Take out the vamps.
Cut Scene 3

Objective: Secure the training room using the crossbow and battle-axe

As Xander, knock out the two vamps. Grab some STAKES near the sink in the 
corner. On a nearby table is a BATTLE-AXE.  Turn around and take out the two 
vamps and head towards the desk. There's a CROSSBOW, some HOLY WATER and a 
MEDI-PAK. Take out the vamps

Cut Scene 4

Objective: Rescue Anya and Tara from the Magic Shop's basement

As Spike beat up the two vamps and grab some STAKES under the stairs and to the 
left. After you've finished off the vamps, go to the left of the stairs and 
grab a MEDI-PAK. Grab the SWORD that is resting on the crate across from the 
gargoyle statue. Take out the zombies and head towards the door. Open the door 
and take out the two vamps and zombies that attack.  Near the door where you 
entered the room is a bureau and on it is a bottle of HELLFIRE. Grab it and 
move on to the next room. Again take down the vamps and the zombie. To the 
right of where you entered this room there is a cabinet. Grab the HELLFIRE. 
Grab the RELIC on the bookcase next to that. Use the relic on the gargoyle 
statue in the corner to open up SECRET #3, a doorway. Inside are a BASEBALL BAT 
and a MEDI-PAK. Break down the table in front of the door.  Go through the 
passage way and take out the vamp waiting inside. Grab the HELLFIRE and HOLY 
WATER on the crate opposite where you entered. Beat up the two vamps to get the 
KEY to the cage.

Cut Scene 5

Objective:  Finish off the remaining attacking vampires.

As Buffy, work with Willow to take out the invading vamps. Use the weapons 
Xander brought. They are on the cashiers counter. 

Cut Scene 6 


Multiplayer character Female Vampire
Multiplayer character Male vampire
Anthony Head interview.

  Level 2: The Cemetery 
Secrets: 5

Cut Scene 1

Objective: Patrol the cemetery and check for any sign of Kakistos

As Buffy, defeat the two vampires, and the numerous zombies that will start to 
come after you. There are STAKES under the trees, and a SHOVEL just a head of 
you that you can use as a weapon.  From the beginning of the level, there are 
two locked crypts to the right. The third one will be unlocked and inside a 
zombie will attack you. Check out the tomb he came out of and find SECRET #1,a 
bottle of HELLFIRE. To the right of the entrance you will find a SUNDIAL PIECE. 
There is a funky old urn on a stand. Grab it and pull on it until the door to 
the crypt stays open. Defeat the zombies that are waiting for you outside.  If 
the shovel breaks, pick up the SPIKE that is left, and you can still use it as 
a weapon.  If you check out the other doors and gates you will find out they 
are locked. There is a half open tomb just below a window that you can see 

Jump on top of the half open tomb and break the window so you can get inside.  
Two more zombies wait inside. Also inside of this shed are a bottle of 
HELLFIRE, a MEDI-PAK and a bottle of HOLY WATER. If you are low on stakes break 
the crate.  Pick them up and head through the door. Bust a move on the three 
vamps that jump you in the next area. There is also a SPIKE on the ground to 
the right of where you came in if you need it. There are STAKES around near a 
couple of the crypts, and many more zombies to defeat.  Inside the crypt 
immediately to the right of where you came in is the Secret #2. It's a bunch of 
crates containing two bottles of HELLFIRE, a bottle of HOLY WATER, and a MEDI-
PAK. Immediately to the left of where you entered this level is a crypt that 
has two zombies in it. Take them out and pick up the SUNDIAL PIECE. The last 
crypt in this area is locked for now, so head towards the large open gate and 
stone doorway.

Enter the church courtyard, and take out all of the zombies that pop up.  Check 
behind the graves to the right of the church entrance to find yet another 
SUNDIAL PIECE.  Put the sundial pieces on the weird old sundial that you saw 
when you first entered the church courtyard. The crypt in the previous area 
that was locked is now unlocked. Go check it out. Fight the zombies to get the 
KEY to the church. 

Enter the church using the key. Head for the altar. Behind it find a MEDI-PAK 
and some STAKES. Take out the vamps. And go down the passageway that the last 
two vamps broke open.   Follow the passage take out the vamps and the spider 
demons. Break open the door at the end of the passage, and the door past the 
fallen bell. Destroy the zombies, and follow the passage to the right. Break 
down the door and fight the baddies inside. Pull out the stone to the right of 
where you entered and climb on top of it Use the extra height to jump and pull 
yourself up to the next level. 

To your left there is a MEDI-PAK and a bottle of HOLY WATER, SECRET #3. Hop 
back down to the lower level, and pull out the stone slab to the left of the 
entrance and hop up to the upper level again.  Break the door down again, and 
follow the passage way to the left. Grab the HELLFIRE and turn around.  There 
should be a couple of zombies and a Bat Beast on the other side of the hole. 
Jump over the hole and take them out. Just around the corner is a SWORD, SECRET 
#4. Head back to the hole and go down the ladder. 

A zombie skeleton and two more Bat Beasts are waiting at the bottom of the 
ladder.  Go around the glowing green pool. Enter the only other open 
passageway. Take out the zombie devil and zombie demons on the way. Turn left 
at the ladder and break open the crates on the ground to find a bottle of 
HELLFIRE, some STAKES and a VALVE HANDLE. Head back towards the green pool. 
Across from the passage that says "level 1" is a passage way with a green light 
above it. Use the valve handle there to turn off the steam. Now you can get up 
the ladder.

Take out the zombies and turn to the left. There's a bricked up archway head 
towards it and a Zombie Devil will break through the wall. Break the crates to 
get some HOLY WATER, a MEDI-PAK and some STAKES.  Go through the archway to 
find a MEDI-PAK and a BATTLE AXE, the last secret in this level. Pick them up 
and head back towards the generators. You need a fuse, so head through the 
fenced in areas to your right.  Break down the wall and take out the zombie 
demon and bat beast. Break the crates to your right and get HELLFIRE and a 
stake. To the left, down the hallway, check out the fuse box on the left side 
of the room.  What do you know? There's a FUSE in side. Take it and head back 
towards the generator room.  Use the fuse in the fuse box, and turn the 
generator on.  Head back to where you found the fuse, but this time head to the 
right of the room. Flip the SWITCH and the bridge will turn so you can get 
across to the other side of the room. Follow the passageway. Take out the 
zombie demon and head up the ladder.

You're back in the cemetery.  Pick up the MEDI-PAK to the left of the ladder, 
and pick up some stakes if you need them.  Head out into the graveyard, and 
take out the waiting vamps and zombies. Check out the grave excavator. You'll 
need some keys.  The doors to the crypts are locked.  Check out the bird carved 
on the side of the crypt. Now check out the bird statue. Enter the crypt and 
kill the zombie. Break the urns to find the KEYS to the grave excavator, and 
put them to some use.  Now you can climb into the crypt through the gaping 
hole. Kill the zombie and move on to the next part of the cemetery.  There's a 
MEDI-PAK to the right on the upper terrace if you need it. If not head down the 
stairs and take out the vamps. Jump from the half open tomb to the side of the 
crypt. Hang on and pull yourself up to the roof. You'll have to break through 
the skylight to get inside. 

Take out the zombies that will immediately start breaking out of their graves.  
When they're all dead break open the remaining graves and grab the HELLFIRE and 
HOLY WATER. Check out the eternal flame, and the nasty spider webs. Grab the 
TORCH to the left of the dark, spidery passageway, and light it on the eternal 
flame. Use it to burn through the webs, and place it in the waiting sconce at 
the end of the passage, to raise the gate. 
Check out Kakistos.

Cuts Scene 2

Objective:  Defeat the Zombies and Kakistos' spell before it resurrects Joyce 

Take out the Zombie Skeletons, and then work your mojo on the orb. 

Cut Scene 3


Multiplayer Zombie Skeleton
Multiplayer Map of the Cemetery
Amber Benson interview.

  Level 3: The Blood Factory 
Secrets: 3

Cut Scene 1

Objective: Rescue all the hostages.

As Xander, go to your right and turn off the conveyor belt to free the HOSTAGE. 
Two vamps will appear, but behind you there is a STAKE and a crate you can 
break to get another stake. Take out the two vamps. Behind the conveyor belt is 
a boarded over doorway, break it open to free the HOSTAGE. Take out the vamp 
that will appear, and then go back into the room behind the hostage, and break 
the chair to get another stake.  Head to the door on the opposite side of the 
room, from where you are now. Take out the demon spiders and the vamp and break 
the crates for more stakes. Enter the next room and take out the two vamps. To 
the right of where you entered are some lockers. Break them open to get a 
CROSSBOW. Break open the boarded over door near the lockers to free another 
HOSTAGE.  Go back to where you entered this room and break open the other 
boarded over door.  Free the HOSTAGE and kill the vamp. Behind the hostage is a 
MEDI-PAK. Grab the MEDI-PAK and grab some more bolts for your crossbow if you 
need them and move on to the next door. 

Shoot the fuse box with your crossbow to cut the power for the fence. Find the 
spot in the fence where there is no barbed wire, and climb on up to the top so 
you can get to the other side of the fence.  Take out this vamp, and the two 
inside the next door. Break the boards to free the hostage.  It's Chris! He 
gives you a KEY and behind him is a MEDI-PAK. Through the next door, take out 
the three vamps and the spiders. Follow the alley to its end and you will find 
a corpse. Take the LIGHTER and head into the doorway you passed in the alley. 

Kill the vamp and grab the HOLY WATER off of the desk. Go up the stairs and 
follow the catwalk to find SECRET #1, a bottle of HELLFIRE and a WATER SOAKER. 
Go back down the stairs and break through the door. Stake the vamp, and go 
around the corner to find a canister of HOLY WATER AMMO. There is a set of 
filing cabinets in front of a hole in the wall. Pull them to get through to the 
other side.  Take out the two vamps and spiders you will encounter. To the left 
of the hole you came out of there are some crates and a canister of HOLY WATER 
AMMO. There's another canister of HOLY WATER AMMO beside the orange dumpster. 
Go inside the door and take out the spiders. Turn on the gas and use the 
lighter to blow open the wall. 

Go through the hole and take out the three vamps. Look through the fence and 
see the captive in the cage and the vamp pacing below. DO NOT push the cage 
release button in this room.  If you do the doors to the elevator will open, 
and the vamp will eat the captive. So much for your mission, huh?  After NOT 
pushing the button, go through the next door. Take out the vamp in the hallway, 
and head for the room you could see on the other side of the fence. Take out 
the vamp inside, and break through the boarded up door free the HOSTAGE, and 
head back over to the other side of the fence. Now that it is safe we'll let 
the HOSTAGE out of the cage.  Everyone's free. Mission accomplished Xander 

Cut Scene 2

Objective:  Rescue all the hostages.

As Willow turn around and break the crate behind you to get a STAKE. Then head 
down the hallway.  Take out the vamps and break the crates along the way. Go 
though the doorway into the warehouse area.  Just inside the door to the right 
is a crate. Bust it up for stakes, and take out the vamps that drop down from 
the ceiling, and the two that follow them. From the door you entered through, 
go around the large shipping containers, you will find a MEDI-PAK and another 
crate.  Keep following the edge of the room past a door with the bloodstains in 
front of it. Go into the corner past the fire extinguisher. Hop over the boxes 
to find SECRET #2, a CROSSBOW.  Head back towards the door you entered through. 
From that door, go to the left of the tall stack of shipping crates. There 
should be narrow gap to a crate that you can climb on top of.  Keep climbing up 
the shipping crates until you can jump over to the catwalk. Take out the vamps. 
Follow the catwalk and go down the stairs into the control room. Flip the lever 
to raise the shipping crate that was blocking the doorway.  Stake the vamp, and 
enter the formerly blocked room. Stake the vamp and free the hostage. Find the 
bloodstained door.

Cut scene 3

Objective: Track Ethan and Tara.

Kill the vamp, and go through the door to the loading docks. Pick up the SHOVEL 
to the left, and take out the vamps. Activate the forklift so you can get on 
top of the semi and go through the door.  Take out all of the vamps in the 
area.  Next jump up between the semi's cab and its trailer. Jump on top of the 
semi to find two bottles of HELLFIRE, and a STAKE, SECRET #3 for this level.  
Next head to where the boxes are passing by on the conveyor belt.  Using the 
button, stop the conveyor belt when there is a tall box about to pass you.  You 
can jump on top of the box to get to the air duct above. Grab the STAKE, 
HELLFIRE, and HOLY WATER before you drop down from the vent. 

Smash the spiders and stake the vamp. Pick up the KEY CARD use it to get 
through the door and take out the next vamp. Pick up the stake and MEDI-PAK 
from the shelf next to the door. Go though the chain-link gate and take out the 
vamps. There is a holding tank, turn the valves until you see blood in all of 
them. This will drain the pool, and an alarm will go off. Head back towards the 
chain link gate and go through the door on your right.  Go down the ladder into 
the empty tank, and up the ladder on the other side. Go through the door and 
kill the spiders waiting on the other side. Battle with the vamps in the locker 
room, then bust open the lockers to get the KEY CARD. Check out the bathroom 
for a stake, HOLY WATER, and a MEDI-PAK.  Go through the door and use the key 

Cut Scene 4

Objective:  Defend Tara against Ethan's attacks.

Use the homing missile spell to take out Ethan and his vamp buddies. 

Cut Scene 5


Multiplayer character Tara
Multiplayer character Zombie Demon
Nicholas Brendon Interview

  Level 4: The Magic Box Revisited 
Secrets: 2

Cut Scene 1

Objective:  Reach Giles in the basement and check if he's okay.

As Buffy, take out the vamps in the shop. There is HELLFIRE on the shelf 
immediately to your right. Behind the cashiers counter there are two bottles of 
HOLY WATER and a MEDI-PAK. Check out the bookshelves for two bottles of 
HELLFIRE. The shelves near the door to the training room hold a MEDI-PAK, 
bottle of HELLFIRE, and a bottle of HOLY WATER.  Exit the shop using the door 
behind the cashiers counter. This leads you to two vamps in an alley. Defeat 
the vamps, and grab the SHOVEL behind the dumpster. Stand on top of the 
skylight and it will break, leading you to the basement. There you will find 

Cut Scene 2

Objective: Find Bibeau's Compendium and return it to Giles	

Re-stock on stakes if you need them. Climb back up the ladder and take out the 
two vamps. The other door in the alley leads to the training room. Inside are a 
BATTLE-AXE and two vamps. Take the HOLY WATER on the counter, and the MEDI-PAK 
behind it. Refill on stakes next to the sink if you are running low.  Enter the 
main area of the magic box. Two vamps will jump down from the loft. Stake them 
and climb up to find BIBEAU'S COMPENDIUM.  Bring the book back to Giles.

Cut Scene 3

Objective: Locate the Gorgon venom, and use it to make Gorgon stakes.

Go to the basement taking out any vamps along the way. In the basement, take 
out the vamps and pick up HOLY WATER. There is a CROSSBOW and some stakes to 
the right of the stairs if you need them. At the purple pentagram wall hanging 
turn left and check out the treasure chest. Say hello to SECRET #1, a MEDI-PAK. 
Take out the vamps in the next room, and the room after that. Take the 
HELLFIRE, from the cabinet. There is also a MEDI-PAK in the hidden room Spike 
discovered during our first visit to the magic shop. Open the treasure chest 
next to the locked door to get the GARGOYLE CLAW.  Head back upstairs to the 
main area of the Magic Box, taking out the attacking vamps along the way. Use 
the gargoyle claw on the flask containing the green liquid, and then use your 
stakes in the flask to make GORGON STAKES.  Re-load on regular stakes while you 
are at it. Head back to Giles.

Cut Scene 4

Take out the gargoyles with the Gorgon Stakes. 

Cut Scene 5

Objective: Escort Giles to safety.

Pick up the HELLFIRE off of the crate, and the MEDI-PAK on the shelves. Giles 
comes limping after you.  Head to the door, and inside the small hallway open 
the treasure chest to reveal SECRET #2. Try to stay far enough ahead of Giles 
that you can take out the vamps that will appear ahead of you, but not too far 
ahead. If Giles dies, the game is over. 
Cut Scene 6


Multiplayer character Zombie Devil
Multiplayer character Bat Beast
Robin Sachs interview

  Level 5: Downtown Sunnydale 
Secrets: 3

Cut Scene 1

Cut Scene 2

Objective:  Find the gang and return them to the Magic Box.

As Buffy, immediately turn to your left and head for the two trees in the 
corner. Under the farthest one is a STAKE. Try to grab it before the cop vamp 
attacks you.  Move towards the theater, taking out any vamps along the way, and 
picking up the STAKES in front of the crashed car and burning barrel. In the 
theater take out any approaching vamps and picking up any needed stakes along 
the way. Go up the stairs behind the concession stand. Move slowly in this 
area, as there are many vamps and moving forward to quickly will only trigger 
more. Down the long hallway use the door on the right to enter the projection 
room. Pick up a FUSE, and a MEDI-PAK.  In the corner between the projector and 
the desk is SECRET #1 a bottle of HELL FIRE AMMO Go to door to the office area 
at the end of the long hallway. Approach the door under the green exit sign. 

Cut Scene 3

Pick up the TURNSTILE TICKET on the desk to your left.  Go back downstairs and 
use the turnstile ticket in the turnstile to open the gates.  Take out the 
three vamps. Find some HELLFIRE AMMO down the hallway to your right bust the 
chairs for stakes if you need them. From the turnstiles, go forwards and to the 
right to enter the bathroom. Take out the vamps and break the window to get 
into the alley. In the alley go to your right, around the corner, and down into 
the sewer area. Take out the zombie demon and the zombie devil at the bottom of 
the ladder.  Go in the direction that your attackers came from down the passage 
to the right you will find a SPARK PLUG. Pick it up and go back up the ladder 
to the alley.

Use the spark plug on the water pump to drain the green pool. Take out the 
attacking vamps and go back into the sewers. At the bottom of the ladder go 
back the direction that you found the spark plug. Instead of turning right, go 
through the door on the left. Jump down into the pool, and climb up the two 
ladders on the other side. 

Cut Scene 4

Pick up the PITCH FORK and break the lock on the gate so you can jump back into 
the bathroom window.  Go back upstairs to Willow, taking out the vamps along 
the way. 

Cut Scene 5

Exit the theater and hit the streets. Go around to the other side of the bread 
truck and open the back using the button.  In the front there is a MEDI-PAK. 
Pick it up and then hop out of the side of the truck into the building. Go out 
the door into the alley.  Break the lock on the gate to your right. Turn around 
and take out the vamps in the alley, making your way to the back entrance of 
Willy's.  Once inside pick up the POOL CUE, turn right and check the front 
vestibule. Pick up a bottle of HELLFIRE AMMO. Go back into the main bar area. 
Hop along the tops of the booths until you get to the pinball machine. Break 
the crate next to it to get SECRET #2, three bottles of HELLFIRE. Go back near 
the pool table and jump over the bar to find a MEDI-PAK. Approach Spike.

Cut Scene 6

Exit Willy's into the alley and head out of the gate and to the left. In the 
loading dock area, use the fuse in the fuse box, and push the button to open 
the gate. Take out the vamps, and check behind the forklift in the corner to 
find a MEDI-PAK. Take out the many vamps that approach.  Look in the center of 
the large shipping crates that were to your left as you entered the building.  
There you will find SECRET #3, a BASEBALL BAT and a MEDI-PAK.  Go up the metal 
stairs and activate the machinery by pressing the button. Then jump from the 
platform and grab the crane.  Hold onto it and it will take you to the platform 
on the other side of the room where Xander waits.

Cut Scene 7

Now head towards the only part of town we haven't been in. There are stakes 
everywhere if you need some. In the alley pull the dumpster so you can climb on 
top. Jump to the fire escape and pull yourself up. Head to the top floor, break 
through the door and head into the elevator. Go down one floor, take out the 
vamps and break into the offices. You will find a HELLFIRE SOAKER, open the 
door to the street to unlock it.  Get back into the elevator and go to the 
basement.  In the security office find a flashlight and some surveillance 

Cut Scene 8

Head back to the top level, and enter the dark office. Use your flashlight to 
find the BANK VAULT CODE sitting on the desk. Go back to the vault in the 
basement to free Faith.

Cut Scene 9

Objective: Return to the Magic Box.

Go back to the Magic Box killing all baddies in the way. 

Cut Scene 10 


Multiplayer Materani
Chaos Bleeds Comic Book

  Level 6: Sunnydale Hospital 
Secrets: 3

Cut Scene 1

Objective: Protect Sid from attack.

As Buffy, throw the first vamp that attacks, giving you time to break one the 
chairs just behind you to the right to get a STAKE. Follow Sid around the 
corner and through the double doors, taking out the vamps along the way.  When 
he's through the double doors clear the vamps and turn around and go back to 
the beginning of the level.  Grab any stakes you might need as you explore. 
There is a bottle of HOLY WATER on a cart next to the nurse's station.  Inside 
the office area there are two bottles of HOLY WATER.  Inside the exam room 
right next to the nurse's station there is another bottle of HOLY WATER. Go 
back through the double doors, but do not join Sid yet. To your right there is 
a boarded up door. Break down the boards and go inside to find a MEDI-PAK and a 
bottle of HELL FIRE, SECRET #1. Rejoin Sid. 

Cut Scene 2

Objective: Clear the blockage to let Buffy through.

As Sid, destroy the chairs next to the soda machine for a stake. Take out the 
vamps and zombie skeletons that attack.  Check out the hospital rooms and kill 
the baddies inside. Go back to the fire and push the air tanks into the flames. 
It will explode, sending Sid running and clearing the blockage.  As Buffy 
rejoin Sid outside some boarded over doors. 

Cut Scene 3

Break down the doors and follow Sid.

Objective:  Meet up with Sid.

In the hospital courtyard look around the grounds taking out any baddies along 
the way.  You should find some stakes, a SPIKE and a SHOVEL.  You should also 
see a ladder, so climb up.  Do not step on the glass skylights yet. There 
should be a CROSSBOW on this rooftop.  If you jump to the adjacent rooftop you 
will find SECRET #2 a bottle of HELLFIRE. Jump back to the other roof and drop 
through the skylights. 

Keep killing the vamps until they stop dropping through the skylights and grab 
the KEY CARD. Pick up a bottle of HOLY WATER on the cart next to the door.  In 
the next hallway pick up the HOLY WATER and HELLFIRE and use the keycard on the 
elevator. Take out the baddies and pick up another HOLY WATER and HELLFIRE. Go 
into the door way next to the elevator. Take out the vamps inside and pick up a 
MEDI-PAK and go to the exterior of the building.

Near the broken wall jump up and hang onto the pipe. Shimmy your way as far as 
you can go to the left and the drop down onto the roof below.  There will be an 
open window above this roof to climb inside of. To your left break the fire 
alarm on the wall next to the fire extinguisher, turn around and follow the 
hall. Pick up the HELLFIRE and keep going. At the end of the hall enter the 
office to the right. Pick up the WATER SOAKER on the counter near the 
projector. Pull on the projection screen and it will rise to reveal a door. 
Inside is a mutilated security guard. Grab the SEVERED HAND and the MEDI-PAK. 
Go back to the end of the main hallway and use the hand on the palm scanner. 
Keep going until you exit the building again. 

Directly in front of you as you exit are a group of four fans. Jump on top of 
them and jump again to pull yourself onto the next rooftop. Take out the 
baddies, and drop down through the broken wall. Behind the crates to your left 
is SECRET #3 a MEDI-PAK and a HELLFIRE.  Climb up the ladder on the other side 
to re-enter the building. Refill your crossbow AMMO and pick up the HOLY WATER 
AMMO. Go through the door and pick up the HELLFIRE.  Head to the elevator shaft 
and hit the cables to get the elevator to drop.

Cut Scene 4

Objective: Reach the other side of the laundry room door and let Buffy through.

As Sid, destroy all of the zombie skeletons. There is only one door you can 
enter now. Go inside and jump through the open window. More zombie skeletons 
keep appearing. Kill them and go through the only unlocked door. Pick up the 
HAMMER on the floor. Not only can you use the hammer to break down the boards 
in the main hallway, it also makes an excellent weapon. Clear out all of the 
rooms, and in one of them find a GAS CANISTER.  Equip it in the main hallway, 
and use the fire in the corner to light it. Then aim the canister at the door 
to break it open.  The gas canister is also an excellent weapon. Head towards 
the door at the end of this hallway and let Buffy through.

Cut Scene 5

Objective: Meet Sid at the morgue.

Go back into the laundry room. Pick up the MEDI-PAK and the HELLFIRE. Use the 
severed hand on the palm scanner. Follow the stairs down to the morgue

Cut Scene 6

Objective:  Protect Sid whilst he searches the hospital's records.
Defend Sid against the zombie skeletons.

Cut Scene 7

Finish off the remaining zombie skeletons and grab the eyes from the shelf.

Objective: Meet up with the Scooby gang.

Cut Scene 8


Multiplayer Character Sid
Multiplayer Character Psycho Patient
James Marsters V/O

  Level 7: High School 
Secrets: 2
Objective: Retrieve Cassandra's arm from the high school.

You begin this level as Xander outside of the Sunnydale High School. Take out 
the zombie and head to the left of the school entrance to pick up a SHOVEL and 
a STAKE. Destroy the lady vamps, and head back to the right of the school 
entrance. Break down the boards covering the window to gain entrance to the 
school.  Kill the Bakemono. Pick up the FLASHLIGHT from the desk and break the 
chairs to get some STAKES. Also on the desk is a CRYPTIC MESSAGE.

Cut Scene 1

Go out of the door into the rest of the school and into the Administration 
Principal's Office across the hall. Take out the Bakemono, and pick up the 
BASEBALL BAT, MEDI-PAK, and DICTAPHONE. Check out the wall across from the 
windows. Hey it's SNYDER's SAFE. But for now it's locked. Let's head back out 
into the school hallway. Take out the approaching lady vamps. At the end see a 
large green plantlike monster, a Murgoth demon.  There's also an intercom. Push 
the button and listen to the message. "Where's your hall pass. I mean what's 
the password."

Objective: Find the password to pass the hall monitor.

Go up the stairs and take out the two large vamps on the stairs. At the top of 
the stairs turn right take out the vamp. Pass through the double doors and 
follow the hall way to the left.  Enter the Physics Lab on the right.  Pick up 
the UV FILTER. You now have a UV FLASHLIGHT.  Also pick up the HELLFIRE on the 
bookshelves under the Window. There is a large hole in the floor drop down and 
pick up two more bottles of HELLFIRE and a MEDI-PAK.  Exit the Physics Lab, and 
turn right, go forward and turn to your left. At then end of this dead end is a 
locker to your left. Kick it to reveal SECRET #1, a MEDI-PAK.  Go back the way 
to came. Near the top of the stairs enter the Math lab. Use the UV FLASHLIGHT 
on the whiteboard to reveal a hidden message.
Cut Scene 2

Head back downstairs to where the passage is blocked by the murgoth demon.  To 
the right is the language lab. Inside use the computer on the desk to the 

Cut Scene 3

Go back out into the hallway, and use the recording on the intercom. You've 
gotten the correct password! 

Cut Scene 4

Notice that some of the tentacles have stopped swinging at you. Enter those 

Objective: Find a way to remove the force-field and gain access to the gym.

Enter the Costume Room to your left. Kill the Bakemono. Pick up the HOLY WATER, 
the MEDI-PAK, STAKE and the TOP HAT. 

Cut Scene 5

Objective: Place rabbits on the five pentagrams to deprive Anyanka of her 
magical energy and gain access to the gym.

Exit the Costume room, and go back to the other doors that were guarded by the 
murgoth demon.  A Werewolf comes out of the doors. Take it out, and the doors 
are now unlocked. Kill the vamps inside the doors. Enter the Science Room to 
your left and retrieve the COMPUTER DISK, YELLOW LIQUID, and ALIEN GUN. 
Cut Scene 6

Go back through the double doors and up the stairs. There are three vamps at 
the top. Stake them and go through the double doors and into the Computer Lab 
to the left. Take out the vamp and pick up the MEDI-PAK and use the PC inside. 

Cut Scene 7

Go back downstairs and to the Administration Principal's Office. Open the safe 
to get the LIBRARY BOOK CAGE KEY. Go back through the double doors previously 
guarded by the murgoth demon.   Past the Computer Room is the Library. Kill the 
vamp and bakimono. Unlock the book cage and place a rabbit on the pentagram. 
Pick up the HELLFIRE and STAKE on the counter. In Giles's office there is a 
HOLY WATER, HELLFIRE, and MEDI-PAK. In the stacks there is another MEDI-PAK, 
HOLY WATER AMMO, and HELLFIRE.  Exit the Library and go through the double 
doors at the end of the hall in front of you. Turn to the right and go through 
the double doors to the school grounds.  Turn to your right and take out the 
vamp and werewolf. You can find several STAKES, and a SHOVEL on the lower 
level. Near the fountain you can pick up a bottle of HELLFIRE. Use the yellow 
liquid on the fountain.

Cut Scene 8

Equip the alien gun and fill it up in the fountain. At the top of the stairs 
use the gun on the murgoth demon blocking your path. Enter the doors and go 
into the English room. Take out the vamp and use the top hat on the pentagram. 
At the top of these stairs jump over the railing and follow the ledge around 
the building to SECRET #2 two bottles of HOLY WATER, two bottles of HELLFIRE, 
two STAKES, and a MEDI-PAK.

Go back down the stairs and enter the double doors behind the staircase. Take 
out the lady vamps and go into the Basement Generator Room. Enter the janitor's 
closet at the end of the hall first. Kill the bakimono. You will find a MEDI-
PAK, bottle of HELLFIRE, a SHOVEL and some FUMIGATION BOMBS. Exit the closet 
and go through the blue door into the basement.  There are many bakemono, so be 
prepared.  At the end of the passage near the pentagram, turn the valve on the 
pipe to release steam blocking the passageway. Use the top hat on the 
pentagram. There is another SHOVEL and some STAKES if you need them.  

Head back up to the courtyard, and cut straight across to the double doors. 
Continue forward again through the double doors. Head back to the principal's 
office we used to enter the school, and jump out of the window.  Kill any 
zombie skeletons and vamps that appear. When you've run out of vamps and 
zombies. Turn to the hole in the ground near the pentagram. Throw a fumigation 
bomb down the hole to drive out the bakimono. When it's out of the hole, kill 
it, and then use the top hat on the last pentagram. The force-field should now 
be down, so return to the school where the force-field was and enter the gym. 

Cut Scene 9

There is a MEDI-PAK and three bottles of HELLFIRE in the upstairs area of the 
gym if you need them. Disrupt Anyanka's magic and make her vulnerable to attack 
by placing a rabbit on each of the pentagrams.  Watch out for the electric 
shocks and fireball attacks. When you have placed a rabbit on each pentagram 
she will lower to the ground and you can go in to attack her. She will also 
make two bakemono appear. They will start to destroy the rabbits. When the 
bakemono have destroyed a rabbit, Anyanka will re-gain her power. Kill the 
bakemono avoiding Anyanka's attacks and replace the rabbits.  Keep doing this 
until you have defeated Anyanka and she will turn to ash. 

Cut Scene 10


Multiplayer character S&M slave
Multiplayer character S&M Mistress
Anthony Head V/O

  Level 8: Old Quarry 
Secrets: 3

Objective:  Retrieve Cassandra's leg from the quarry. 

Cut Scene 1
Two vamps will appear and start to attack you. Turn to your left and slightly 
behind you there is a bit of broken fence.  Arm your self with the two STAKES 
that are lying on the ground, and take them out. Another vamp appears out of a 
small shack that looks like an outhouse. Take him out and pick up SECRET #1 the 
MEDI-PAK inside.  The vamps keep coming, so keep staking them.  Beside the 
broken down truck is a cave with some rocks inside. Jump behind the rocks and 
pick up another MEDI-PAK, SECRET #2. There are also some more STAKES near the 
truck.  Be careful not to fall into the watery quarry, apparently Faith never 
learned how to swim. Head towards the shack near the suspended bridge.  Behind 
it are several STAKES and a MEDI-PAK.

Go back to the shack door and go inside. Find a MEDI-PAK on the table to your 
right.  Across from the windows there is a bookcase. Push it aside to reveal 
some flimsy boards.  Break them and head down the passageway.  At the end of 
the passage, head to the left and pick up the SHOVEL. Turn around and head the 
opposite direction taking out the baddies along the way.  There's a door on the 
left. Go inside, take out the two vamps and pick up the DYNAMITE, HELLFIRE, and 
MEDI-PAK.  Continue forward down the passageway.  At the end are several zombie 
skeletons, some barrels on a platform, and a broken elevator. Take out any 
baddies in the area, and go towards the barrels on the platform. Pull the lever 
and push the barrels under the elevator. Head back to the dead end at the other 
end of the passage and use the dynamite to blow the wall, releasing the water.

At the top of the elevator, kill the vamps, werewolf, demons and zombies in the 
passageway. To your left is a doorway. Go inside and take out the two vamps, 
and the zombies inside.  Pick up some STAKES, DYNAMITE, a SHOVEL, and a MEDI-
PAK.  Exit into the passage way and clear out any lingering baddies.  In the 
passage just ahead there is a door on the left. Go inside.  Head down the 
stairs taking out the demons along the way.  Go inside the door at the bottom 
and clear the two vamps waiting inside. Use the dynamite on the weak looking 
ceiling support.  
Cut Scene 2

You should now be able to go inside the room that was flooded before. So head 
up the stairs, taking out the vamps on the way.  Inside the room, take out the 
vamps, but do not fall down the hole. You can't swim, and you will drown.  
Through the door across the room take out the zombie skeletons in the passage 
way, head towards the suspension bridge.  Let the attacking vamps come to you.  
Stake them and then carefully head across the bridge avoiding any weak spots. 

Across the bridge kill the werewolf, and the vamp.  Go inside the doors. Take 
out the attacking vamps and head towards the coal-burning engine at the end of 
the room. Turn the wheel to release the coal.  Grab the torch off of the wall 
and light the fire to start the engine. Pick up the spade and head to the top 
of the top of the other platform, and into the cave.  At the end of the long 
passageway, kill the two vamps, and pull the lever to send the cart back to the 
engine room. Take out the zombies, and climb up where the vamps attacked from, 
picking up a SHOVEL, along the way.  There is a conveyor belt, and behind it 
next to the wall is a MEDI-PAK Go back down to the bottom of this platform, and 
head back towards the engine room.

Destroy the zombie skeletons along the way and pick up the SHOVEL in the 
passageway if you need it. Turn the wheel on the mine cart to send the contents 
into the grinder engine.  All of the broke up rock is coming out on the 
conveyor belt.  Check out the shiny object, and pick up the EMBLEM. Head back 
up the stair towards the suspended bridge and use the emblem on the quarry 
house door at the end of the passage to the left. 

Cut Scene 3

Objective: Locate and defeat Kakistos. 
Kill the attacking demons, vamps and zombies and go up the ladder at the end of 
the passage.   At the top you find yourself inside the quarry house. Pick up 
the HELLFIRE behind the chair near the window, and the HOLYWATER on the 
dresser. Go out the door and take out the vamps. Under the stairs find SECRET 
#3, a MEDI-PAK.  Go up the stair to the only open door at the top. Kill the 
vamps and save the innocent inside.  She will give you a bottle of HOLY WATER.  
Pick up the LIGHTER from the desk.  Go back down the stairs, just to the left 
of the stairs go inside the door.  Dust the vamps and find a STAKE and MEDI-PAK 
on the bench under the window to the left. Use the lighter on the fireplace.

Cut Scene 4

Head back up stairs, and go back inside the room where you found the lighter. 
Push the brick where the smoke is leaking to open a secret passage.  Walk 
through the attic and enter the room at the other end.  Take out the two vamps 
waiting inside. On the window seat, pick up the HOLY WATER, HELLFIRE and a 
STAKE.  There is a MEDI-PAK on the round table, and a WRENCH behind the 
bookcase.  Use the wrench on the bolt in the floor. 

Cut Scene 5

Go back down stairs again. This time go inside the doorway at the end of the 
hall directly across from the bottom of the stairs. Take out the vamp. Pick up 
the MEDI-PAK on the table if you need it.  Jump down into the hole.  There is a 
passageway with two MEDI-PAKS. At the end you face Kakistos and some zombie 

Cut Scene 6

Now you battle with Kakistos. There are three of his orbs around the quarry, 
and two regenerating zombie skeletons.  Kakisto and the skeletons will try to 
attack you. Watch out for the hell fires Kakisto will try to launch at you.  
For now just avoid the attacks When the orbs grow fainter in color they are 
vulnerable to attack. Like the first orb it will go from blue, to yellow, to 
red, and then disappear. When you have destroyed all three orbs, you can defeat 
Kakistos and the zombie skeletons will not regenerate if you kill them.  So 
kill Kakistos. 

Cut Scene 7


Multiplayer Character Faith
Multiplayer Map Hangar
Amber Benson V/O

  Level 9: The Initiative 
Secrets: 4

Cut Scene 1
Objective: Retrieve Cassandra's leg from the Initiative base. 

Exit the elevator and head into the Initiative.  The zombie soldiers carry 
grenades, so be careful to avoid the grenades as you kill them. Just inside the 
doors there is a stack of boxes. Jump up to the top to find SECRET #1 a bottle 
of HELLFIRE AMMO.  Break the crates if you need any STAKES.  There are some 
metal barrels to the left. Jump up to the top, and drop down on the side of 
them towards the elevator shaft.  It's SECRET #2 another bottle of HELLFIRE 
AMMO.  Jump back over the barrels and to the large crates just across from 
them.  From the top of the crates jump and grab the ledge of the balcony. 
Shimmy across so you can drop down on the other side of the chain link fence.  
In the corner is SECRET #3 a HELLFIRE SOAKER. Jump back over the fence and 
continue through the door with the greenish glow. Watch out for the exploding 
soldiers and the vamp. Enter the control room to the right at the bottom of the 
stairs. Kill the vamps, break open the large lockers to get MEDI-PAKS, and use 
the computer to open the security doors.  Inside the security doors kill the 
approaching demons, and head down the passageway to the left. 

Cut Scene 2

Objective:  Avoid combat with the cyborg soldiers until a weakness is found.

Inside the large room with the cryogenic pods, turn to your left and hit the 
container in the corner with the danger label on it. The room will fill with 
fog, and you will be able to see the laser trip lines in the room.  Avoid them, 
and get into the control room.  Use the computer to open the second set of 
security doors. Go to them, but don't forget to avoid the laser lines on your 
way out.  Go through the newly opened security doors, and down the stairs 
taking out the vamps on the way.  There is a room with a jeep at the bottom of 
the stairs. Take out the demons and go in the door on the other side.  Inside 
the door, pick up a bottle of HOLY WATER.  Inside the chain link gate take out 
the zombie soldiers and turn to your left. Hit the large lockers to reveal a 
MEDI-PAK. Pick up any STAKES you might need along the way and head up the 
stairs. Go across the catwalk and kill the zombie soldiers.  At the bottom of 
the ramp enter the control room and check out the computer on the upper level 
to your right.

Cut Scene 3

Enter the war room on the lower level and use the laptop on the table

Cut Scene 4

Objective:  Deactivate the cyborg soldiers using the mainframe computer.  

Exit the control room killing the zombie soldiers on the way. Jump off of the 
catwalk and out the door near the jeep.  Going up the stair enter the 
previously locked restricted area. Kill the demons inside and pick up two 
bottles of HOLY WATER, a bottle of HELLFIRE, and the EMP GRENADES. Keep heading 
up the stairs, and carefully approach the room on the right side.  Equip the 
EMP grenades and throw it inside the room to deactivate the video activated 
gattling gun. On the right side of the room you can pick up bottles of HELLFIRE 
and HOLY WATER.  On the left side of the room, pick up the AMMO CLIP.  Head 
back towards the basement picking up any supplies you might need along the way. 

Use the gun that was on the back of the jeep to shoot any approaching zombie 
soldiers or vamps.  Shoot the large flammable tank just ahead on the wall. It 
will explode revealing a secret passage way.   Kill the demons at the end of 
the passageway, but before going through the door turn around and jump on top 
of the flammable tank. On top you find SECRET #4, HELLFIRE AMMO. Ok, now 
through the door and into the elevator we go.  Equip the EMP grenades.  Exit 
the elevator and use the EMP grenades to keep the cyborg soldier stunned until 
you can open the containment unit on the far end on the right. Kill the demon, 
keep the cyborg soldier stunned, and pick up the SEVERD HEAD. Use it on the 
retinal scanner to open the door. 

Cut Scene 5

Enter the Pit area, take out the area demons and fill up on weapons. Be sure to 
pick up some EMP GRENADES and the MEDI- PAK under the stairs. Enter the door at 
the bottom of the stairs, and clime up the ladder.  It looks like the secret 
lab, and the computer mainframe. Equip some EMP grenades and drop down. 

Cut Scene 6

Use the EMP grenades to stun the cyborgs, and use the mainframe to shut them 
down for good. Refill on EMP grenades, and exit through the glowing green 
doors, and approach the doorway to the balcony.

Cut Scene 7

A battle with Adam has begun. Avoid the fire from his gattling gun and his mini 
missiles.  Try to kill the regenerating zombie soldier in front of the barrels 
on the wall. Adam will get angry, pick up the barrel and try to throw it at 
you.  Stun him with an EMP grenade while he has the barrels over his head.  
He'll drop the barrel on himself for maximum damage. Repeat this about four 
times, and he's done for.

Cut Scene 8  


Multiplayer Character Kakistos
Multiplayer Character Zombie Soldier
Nicholas Brendon V/O

  Level 10: The Sunnydale Mall 
Secrets: 3

Objective: Retrieve Cassandra's arm from the Sunnydale mall.

As Willow, take out the two attacking vamps. There are some chairs and benches 
to break if you need a stake.  Pick up the COOKING OIL from the vending cart 
near the center of the mall. Break open the boards on the sports store.  Dust 
the many vamps that will attack.  Pick up the MEDI-PAK on the counter, the 
HOLYWATER from the shelves.  Look in the first dressing room to find a BASEBALL 
BAT. In the second break the boxes to find SECRET #1, two bottles of HELLFIRE 
and a MEDI-PAK.  Exit through the back of the sports store. Behind the sports 
store, dust the vamps, pick up three bottles of HELLFIRE from the shelves, and 
the MEDI-PAK from the counter. Use your fireball to light the gas canisters 
locked inside the cage. 

Cut Scene 1

Though the hole you've blown in the wall pick up the MEDI-PAK and HELLFIRE. 
Open the chest to reveal SECRET #2 a MEDI-PAK. On the shelves is a bottle of 
HOLY WATER. Inside the computer store, pick up the SHUTTER KEY.  Go up the 
escalator and into the bookstore on the second level.  Pick up the CREDIT CARD 
from the counter.  Push the ladder to the left hand side, and jump on top and 
into the upper area. Break some crates to discover SECRET #3 bottles of 
HELLFIRE, and HOLYWATER, and a MEDI-PAK. Go back down into the bookstore and 
push the ladder to the right. Jump up into the ceiling again and use the 
cooking oil on the cables to fix the elevator. Approach the bank opposite the 
Cut Scene 2
Now head towards the door at the long end of the hall that leads back to the 
main mall area. Call the elevator, and snatch the BROKEN KEY off the dead 
security guard. Maybe we can fix it in the key store on this level. Dust the 
two waiting vamps and pick up the bottles of HELLFIRE and HOLY WATER.

Cut Scene 3

Enter the security office, dust the two vamps lurking inside, and pick up the 
HOLYWATER, and DICTAPHONE. Lets go back downstairs and use the credit card on 
the ATM machine. 

Cut Scene 4

Now we have lots of cash, lets head back towards the bank.  You can enter the 
double doors using the key from the key store.  Set the Dictaphone down in the 
plastic dish before the metal detectors to avoid setting off the security 
system.  There is a bottle of HOLY WATER on the table.  Jump over the counter 
and kill any vamps, pick up the MEDI-PAK, HOLY WATER, and HELLFIRE and go 
through the door farther into the bank. Continue straight into the bank office 
and try to save the hostage. She will give you a bottle of HELLFIRE if you 
succeed. Use the Dictaphone on the computer in the bank office to open the 
vault using the voice recognition.  Press the button on the wall.  Enter the 
safe and pick up the CASH and the HELLFIRE bottles on the shelves. Use the cash 
in the deposit box outside of the bank

Cut Scene 5

You've got the key to the computer store, now its time to use it.  Cut through 
the store, and into the back hallway near the sports store. Use the key to the 
computer store on the component room door, and pick up the MODEM inside.  Ok, 
now we've got to head back to the security room on the second floor.  Once 
inside use the modem on the computer.  

Cut Scene 6

As you exit the security room turn right and use the shutter key on the door in 
the alcove.   

Cut Scene 7
Time to duke it out with Tara. You can either use your possession spell on the 
attacking vamps or send a fireball her way to do her in. 

Cut Scene 8 


Multiplayer Character Chainz
Multiplayer Character Abominator
Robin Sachs V/O

  Level 11: Sunnydale Zoo 
Secrets: 3

Objective:  Retrieve Cassandra's Torso From the Zoo.

Cut Scene 1

Dust the two attacking vamps and breaks some park benches to get some STAKES.  
Two vamps attack from the reptile area, take them out and move towards the 
doors to the reptile area.  To the left of the doors, hidden in some palm 
foliage is SECRET #1, a bottle of HOLY WATER and HELLFIRE.  Continue to explore 
the area, and to the left of the African exhibit there is a SHOVEL. Pick it up 
and go inside, taking out the waiting vamp.  Go down the passage to the right.

Cut Scene 2
Turn around and pick up the MEDI-PAK heading back to the lobby. Go through the 
other set of doors.  Dust the attacking vamps and heat through the double doors 
to the left.  Take out the attacking vamps. Save the hostage and she'll give 
you a bottle of hellfire.  Jump up into the landscaping immediately to the left 
of the entrance. At the top you will find SECRET #2 bottles of HOLY WATER and 
HELLFIRE, and a MEDI-PAK, and a WATER SOAKER.  Follow the passage behind the 
exhibit, and break the glass to gain entry.  Once inside follow the wooden 
platforms around the exhibit, until you can jump up and pick up a KEY, MEDI-

Lets go back through the African exhibit, and enter the reptile exhibit near 
the beginning of the level. Dust any attacking vamps along the way.  There is a 
hostage behind the large sign.  Save her to receive a bottle of HOLY WATER.  
Check out the landscaping to the left of the reptile house entrance.  You'll 
find SECRET #3 a bottle of HOLY WATER, and HELLFIRE, and a MEDI-PAK.  Enter the 
reptile house and kill the two attacking gorillas. To the right is a large 
exhibit with a funny looking background. Break the glass to gain entry and 
discover the zookeeper's entrance.

Inside find another SHOVEL, and a MEDI-PAK.  Break the window to gain entrance 
to the stall area. Kill the attacking gorillas and pick up the MEDI-PAK near 
the running car. Go around that building to the right, and break open the steel 
doors to cut off the power. Go back to the running car. Push the button to 
raise the doors to the first set of stalls. Once inside dust the vamp and climb 
up the ladder just around the corner.  Shimmy across to the left until the door 
reaches the floor, and the other door rises. Drop off of the door and run 
quickly into the other area before the door lowers again. Pick up the RELIC 
inside, and exit out the door.  Enter the door just across from where you 
exited. Kill the vamp and push the button.  Before the gate rises, jump and 
hold the top and shimmy to the right side.  When the gate raises shimmy off the 
right side, so that you can get to the other side of the fences.   Jump down 
and pick up the HOLY WATER ammo in the room behind you.  

Go down the ladder into the sewers. Follow the passage and go up the ladder on 
the other side.   Push the bail of hay towards the gates.  Situate it under the 
gate that is in the up position. Break the glass to exit the exhibit. Exit the 
exhibit and follow the passage to your right. Break the lock securing the gate, 
and go back toward the exhibit. Pull the lever to switch the gates. Crawl 
underneath the gate into the next exhibit, and break the glass to exit. Outside 
of the window pick up the MEDI-PAK and TRANQUILIZER GUN.  Follow the passage to 
the right and break the lock. Turn around following it the opposite way. Break 
the last lock, and head down the passage to the right where we found the key to 
the reptile exhibit.  The electrical fence is now turned off, so enter the 
exhibit and jump up to the platform where we found the key.  Shimmy across and 
jump down on the platform to pick up another RELIC.  Exit this area, and cut 
through the African exhibit again.  Once on the other side enter the jungle 
caf‚ and kill the attacking gorillas. 

Cut Scene 3

Use the tranquilizer gun to shoot the gorilla on the roof. 

Cut Scene 4

Pick up the RELIC, and the MEDI-PAK. Exit the caf‚ and use the relics on the 
statue outside of the African exhibit.  Use the magic to become invisible and 
pass the magic barrier in side the exhibit. Pick up the AFRICAN SHEILD. Exit 
the exhibit towards the statue, and go down the passage to your right. Dust the 
two vamps, and enter the underwater exhibit. Kill the two gorillas, and equip 
the African shield. Use it to block the magic, and then kill the bringer. Pick 
up the MEDI-PAK if you need it and head through the doors. 

Cuts Scene 5

Watch out for the fireballs and gorillas. When Giles splits he will be 
vulnerable. He is always the Giles in the middle and the rest are decoys.  Take 
him out.

Cut Scene 6


Multiplayer Character Zombie Gorilla
Multiplayer Map Quarry
Joss Whedon V/O

  Level 12: The First's Lair 
Secrets: 3

Cut Scene 1 

Objective: Find Hope's Dagger. 

Break the three crates behind you to gain some STAKES.  Dust the vamps and 
demons that attack.  You can pick up a PITCHFORK under some scaffolding to your 
left. Push the scaffolding on wheels to the right towards the wall. Climb up 
the scaffolding and enter the open door.  Follow the passage to the left and 
enter the double doors to the right side, taking out any waiting monsters. Once 
inside, pick up two GLASS JARS, a BATTLE AXE and some STAKES.  Take the TORCH 
from the suit of armor to open a secret room. Inside, pick up the GLASS JAR, 
KEY MOULD, and MEDI-PAK.  Return the torch to the suit of armor, and go back 
down to the main courtyard at the beginning of the level.  Jump down and pull 
the lever on the catapult.

Cut Scene 2

Jump up to the door that was just broken open by the mangonel, avoiding the 
fire. Kill the attacking vamps and skeleton zombies.  Exit through the open 
door, and into the second courtyard.  Dust the attacking vamps and demons 
outside.  Push the wheeled cart aside to get into the blacksmith room.  Inside 
pick up some CHARCOAL DUST.  Use the key mould near the fire and turn the 

Cut Scene 3
Pick up the SKELETON KEY and jump back up to the passageway where you fought 
the vamps and skeleton zombies.  Enter the locked room, and use your stakes in 
one fount to create GORGON STAKES.  Use the other fount to create HOLY WATER.  
Pick up a CANDLE STICK from the altar, and go through the next set of double 
doors.   Outside, pick up the PITCHFORK and kill the waiting demons.  Follow 
the curved sidewalk to pick up the CROSSBOW.  There is a hole in the wall next 
to the drawbridge. Shoot the pulley inside to make the bridge fall.  Go down 
the stairs.  Jump inside the well in the middle of the room. At the bottom kill 
the zombie skeletons, and pick up the SUNDIAL HAND, and SECRET #1 some STAKES, 
a MEDI-PAK, and an AXE. Exit the room, kill the waiting zombie skeletons and 
find your way back up the stairs to the courtyard you were just in.

Jump up the boxes to reach the top of the walls. Go through the open door at 
the top, dust the vamp inside, and pick up the CANDLE STICK.  Use the sundial 
hand on the sundial and go into the door it is not pointing to.  Inside pull 
all of the drawers out, and step onto the switch in the floor. Kill the 
bringers at the bottom, and go through the open doors.  Kill the vamps inside, 
and carefully make your way across the bridge pick up the MEDI-PAK on the other 
side. Open the doors and dust the vamp and pick up the BLOCK OF SULFUR and make 
your way back to the elevator.  Once at the top, exit back into the courtyard, 
and use the sundial to unlock SECRET #2.

Cut Scene 4

Inside the previously locked door, pick up a SWORD, MEDI-PAK, HOLY WATER, and 
HELLFIRE. Back in the courtyard, enter the doorway the sundial points to and 
into the door on the right side of the stairway.  At the top of these stairs to 
the right is SECRET #3 two MEDI-PAKS, and a BATTLE AXE. Head back to the curved 
stairwell, and back to the courtyard. You need to get back to the courtyard 
with the blacksmith's shop and cannon.  Once there, enter the double doors on 
the right side of the lower level. Kill the bringer's inside, and use the block 
of sulfur on the grinding stone. Pull the rope to put the mill to work, and 
then pick up the sulfur to make GUN POWDER.  Back upstairs use the gunpowder in 
the cannon.

Cut Scene 5

Enter the door you just blew a hole into. Kill the bringers inside and follow 
the passage to a dining hall.  Use the candlesticks in the niches in the wall.  
Pull them.

Cut Scene 6

Inside the secret passage pick up a MEDI-PAK, and kill the demons, and follow 
the passage to a treasure room.  Inside pick up a MEDI-PAK, and HOPE'S DAGGER.  

Objective: Use Hope's Dagger to defeat the First.      

Make your way back to the courtyard with the sundial.  Use Hope's Dagger in the 
circular stone near the big gate, to unlock the doors. Follow the passage to 
the final battle against Ethan.  Avoid the Power waves, and magic blasts.  
There are MEDI-PAKS around the room if you need them.  Kill the bringers 
praying in the pentagrams to weaken Ethan's force field. Then hit him with 
Hope's Dagger.  It will be knocked from your grip, so you will need to go pick 
it up again. 

Cut Scene 7

Multiplayer Character Chris (Mutant Enemy)
Multiplayer Character Joss Whedon

   Cut Scenes 

  Level 1, Scene 1 
BUFFY: A surprise party? Whose idea was this? I'll kill ya! Not that I don't 
appreciate the thought, but who invited the vampires?

XANDER: Don't look at me! I wanted Anya to jump out of a cake. Wait, that was 
for MY birthday.

BUFFY:  And much as we'd love to hear THAT story.

WILLOW: Buffy, where's Tara? She was helping Anya with the inventory. This 
place was already pretty vamp-infested when we got here.

BUFFY: We have to find them fast. Xander, you take the training room. Spike 
head down to the basement. Willow and I will keep them busy in here.

WILLOW:  We will? You're the SLAYER, but, hello, just WILLOW here

BUFFY: Will, you're a witch. Totally witchy. And we're IN A MAGIC SHOP. Find 
something useful.

WILLOW: Ooooh. Good idea something with a lot of bang for my buck. Now that you 
mention it, Giles just got a first edition of KRAUS'S COMPENDIUM OF MAGICAL 
COMBAT If I can find it, maybe I can-

BUFFY: Everyone get going

  Level 1, Scene 2 
VAMPIRE: That's it I'm outa here. But this aint over by a long shot girly-girl.

BUFFY: Girly-girl, who you calling girly?

WILLOW: Giles always puts the books with real power up here. Here book, book, 
book. And don't I hope it doesn't answer back. I'd better search the rest of 
the shop.

  Level 1, Scene 3 
BUFFY: Willow you're okay!

WILLOW: Yep. I managed. Well, me and Mr. Kraus and this really bad habit 
vampires have of never wearing any sunscreen.  Wait, where's Xander?  Is he 
still back in the training room?

XANDER: Oh Monkey poop.

  Level 1, Scene 4 
XANDER: And look at that. Vampires zilch, Xander Harris still alive. But no 
Anya and no Tara in here, which means the basement.

SPIKE: Bloody Hell.

  Level 1, Scene 5 
SPIKE:  I'm a knight in bloody armor

WILLOW: Xander. You're in one piece.

XANDER: And look! Goodies! Goodies with which Buffy can make the vampires into 
LOTS of pieces.

BUFFY: No sign of Anya and Tara?

XANDER: Nope. I'm headed for the basement to back Spike up. Or to dust him. 
Depends on if he's rescued them or not.

  Level 1, Scene 6 
VAMPIRE: Enjoy your little victory, Slayer. Soon Kakistos will destroy you and 
yours, once and for all.

BUFFY: What are you smoking, Spanky? Kakistos is dead. And so, by the way, are 

WILLOW: What was that about? Kakistos IS dead, isn't he?

BUFFY: Really most sincerely dead. Saw Faith kill him myself.

SPIKE: Night all. Next time you're having a party like this one, leave me off 
of the invite list, yeah?


XANDER: A few cuts and bruises but it looks like we're all okay. Now we just 
have to figure out where they all CAME from. 

WILLOW: The last one Buffy killed mentioned Kakistos.

GILES: Kakistos? Now what's this about Kakistos? He can't possibly be behind 
this. Whatever the case, I've just had a phone call from Wesley that confuses 
matters even further. Apparently, Faith is no longer in her prison cell.

BUFFY: Kakistos was the only thing Faith was ever afraid of. I can't NOT think 
there's a connection here.

TARA: Willow and I could perform a spell to confirm that Kakistos is really 
dead. But we'd need to do it in the same place he was supposedly killed.

BUFFY: Good. I'm going to patrol. Focus on the cemeteries.

GILES: I'll remain in touch with Wesley. Meanwhile, however, this place is a 
shambles. If I want to be open for business tomorrow...

ANYA: If? What do you mean if. Tomorrow is a Saturday. Lots of people bring us 
their money on Saturday

GILES: Well then Anya I'm sure you'll be equally enthusiastic about helping 
restore a bit of order around here.

XANDER: You have fun doing that sweetie. Me, I'm going along to the factory. 
Willow and Tara may need me. 

  Level 2, Scene 1  
SID: Long time no see, Slayer. How's tricks?

BUFFY:  Sid?

SID: The one and only. I know, I know, you haven't been the same since I left. 
The ladies love the wood.

BUFFY: Lovely. You're still a class act. What are you doing here, Sid? I 
thought when your demon hunting days were over your soul had left that dummy 
body behind, moved on to the old proverbial better place.

SID: Been there, done that, babe. And now I'm back.

BUFFY: You're not the only one.

SID: I know. Kakistos.

BUFFY: Wait, how-

SID: No time for punch lines sweetheart. If you're looking to go after 
Kakistos, he went thataway. 

BUFFY: Fine. But I want to know what's going on around here. We're gonna have a 
talk later you and me

  Level 2, Scene 2 
BUFFY: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

KAKISTOS: You're not easy to kill. Are you, Slayer?

BUFFY: I could say the same thing about you.

KAKISTOS: Oh, I'll have my turn at you eventually. But there's another I've got 
my eye on. You're just the appetizer	

BUFFY: You can keep running but you know I'm gonna dust your ugly carcass 

KAKISTOS: I think I will. And you slayer, you can decide what's more important. 
Catching me or stopping the spell before it resurrects ALL of the dead in this 

BUFFY: Oh my god no! Mom!

SPIKE: Gettin' so a fella can't get any rest around here. 

  Level 2, Scene 3 
SPIKE: Well that was a rude awakening. What's going on around here?

BUFFY:I don't know but things are about to change whoever's responsible for 
this is going to get a serious beating.

  Level 3, Scene 1 
XANDER: Well that was bracing. Not to criticize my favorite witches, but was 
there supposed to be something besides stinky incense?

TARA: I don't get it we followed the ritual exactly. 

WILLOW: We were definitely looking for more than stinkiness.

ETHAN: My, my, my.

XANDER: Ethan Rayne!

ETHAN: Quiet, boy.

TARA: Willow, what's going on? First Kakistos and now -

WILLOW: Ethan's probably behind it all aren't you, you chaos-worshiping toad?

ETHAN: You cut me to the quick, girl. Oh, do it again.

XANDER: Willow what's Ethan doing? He's never had this kind of power!

ETHAN: I still don't. This isn't MY doing. I only want what I came for.

WILLOW: Tara, no!

XANDER: Will, there are people here. Prisoners, in cages. I don't like the look 
of this.

WILLOW: All right, wait. Think, Willow, think. Xander you go and get those 
people out of here. I'll track Ethan, get Tara back and meet you outside. 

XANDER: Okay. Get the people out. Try not to die.  Good plan.  You go get Tara.

WILLOW: Already gone.

  Level 3, Scene 2 
XANDER: That's my good deed for the day.  I wonder how Willow's doing?

  Level 3, Scene 3 
WILLOW: Don't know where those vamps came from. If Ethan's not behind this, I'm 
not sure I want to know what is. Tara sweetie where are you? Tara can you hear 

TARA: Willow? I'm here. I tried to fight them. But ah! 

WILLOW: You'll be alright, I'm coming for you.

  Level 3, Scene 4 
ETHAN: You know, Willow, I really am pleased to see you doing so well.

WILLOW: What, it makes you happy that the witch is going to kick your up tight 
English chaos worshiping ass?

ETHAN: Sticks and stones.

  Level 3, Scene 5 
WILLOW: Are you all right, sweetie?

TARA: I messed up my shoulder.  I think I'll be all right.

WILLOW: But you're gonna have it looked at.

  Level 4, Scene 1 
BUFFY: Spike was going to hit some of the vampire hangouts, see if he could get 
a line on Kakistos. And then there was Sid-


BUFFY: The Dummy? You remember. How could you forget?  Looks like Kakistos 
isn't the only dead guy up and walking around.  And Kakistos was being all 
cryptic - no pun intended - but he kept making comments that make me think 
there's more going on here.

GILES: I've got a few theories, but they require more research.

BUFFY: Sid seemed to know something about it, but he was all mysterious too. I 
hate that in a wooden puppet. 

GILES: Yes, we all do.

BUFFY: So you said you had theories? Lets hear them.

ANYA: Giles just doesn't want to tell you that his big theory? Actually MY 

GILES: I'm sure you haven't forgotten the visit we had from Willow's vampiric 
doppelganger. We owe that wonderful brush with alternative dimensions to Anya.

ANYA: Yay me! You know if I hadn't brought evil, skanky, vampire Willow in to 
this dimension by accident we'd all be completely lost in this conversation 
right now. 

BUFFY: So what then? We're dealing with alternative dimension Kakistos?

GILES: Our research certainly turned up plenty of precedent for dimensional 

GILES: Tara, are you all right? What's happened?

WILLOW: The old factory? Morphed into a big old vampire blood factory, human 
cattle. All kinds of fun stuff. And in the middle of it all, Ethan Rayne and a 
bunch of Bakemono.

BUFFY: Ethan Rayne. What does that little oily little snake have to do with 

WILLOW: I got the impression that Ethan had nothing to do with the factory 
changing. As for Ethan himself, I got the felling he was testing me, but I 
don't have the first clue why.

ANYA: Maybe it's alternate reality version of Ethan.

WILLOW: I'm getting Tara to a doctor.

GILES: Yes I think that's wise. There's nothing more do be done this evening. I 
think we could all do with some rest at this point.

BUFFY: Let's meet back here in the morning, and we'll start a search for Ethan. 
See if we can't force these puzzle pieces together.

GILES: Agreed. I just need to fill one last mail order.

BUFFY: You go ahead. I'll wait and walk you home. I don't think any of us 
should be alone right now.

GILES: All right, I'll just be a moment.

BUFFY: I'm not going anywhere.

KAKISTOS: Hello again, Slayer. Just a quick visit to satisfy my curiosity. I've 
been wondering, you see how well you would function without your watcher?

BUFFY: What are you talking about hoof boy. Giles is fine. He's in the 

KAKISTOS: Yes and he is alone.

  Level 4, Scene 2 
BUFFY: Giles? You okay? Did they ruffle your tweed?

GILES: A bit worse for the wear, but I'll survive.

BUFFY: Thanks to the security cage. Remember when I said you were paranoid for 
wanting to lock away the priceless occult goodies? I meant it. But here's a big 
YAY for your paranoia.

GILES: I nearly didn't make it into the cage in time. It took some powerful 
magic to bring those gargoyles to life. 

BUFFY: So now what? These stone-uglies seem pretty unkillable.

GILES: The gargoyles aren't like demons or vampires. Certain magic's are 
required to revert them to their natural state.  I don't know the spell off-
hand. But if you can get out into the store and retrieve my copy of Bibeau's 
Compendium of Gorgons and Stone Demons, I should be able to figure it out. 

BUFFY: Great. It would have been much too easy if that was one of the books 
valuable enough to keep in here. 

  Level 4, Scene 3 
BUFFY: Here you go Giles - one copy of Bilbo's Compendium of Gore Things and 
Stone Whatchamacallits

GILES: Thank you Buffy. Now let me see... ahh, gargoyles are susceptible to 
Gorgon venom - a stake dipped in the venom should be sufficient to dispatch 
them. There are some in the shop, but make absolutely sure you use the right 
venom - use the wrong one and they'll become so powerful that you'll never 
defeat them. All I know about the venom is it reacts violently to anything of 
gargoyle origin. Maybe you'll find something in the shop to help you.

  Level 4, Scene 4 
GILES: Buffy! You have the stakes excellent! Destroy the Gargoyles.

  Level 4, Scene 5 
GILES: Excellent work Buffy. Now lets get out of here!

  Level 4, Scene 6 
BUFFY: Faith?

FAITH: Hey, B. What's shakin'?

BUFFY: What's shakin'? Simple as that? The last time I saw you, you tried to 
take over my life, went all Body Snatchers on me. Then there was was the L.A. 
rampage. Now you break out of prison and I'm supposed to say, what? Welcome 
FAITH: I was thinking more along the lines of pull up chair, grab a beer, but 
yeah, basically. We don't gotta hug or nothin'. Say what you want, I'm still a 
slayer. Bad as you want to, you can't take that away from me.

BUFFY: And the jail break? You just needed a breath of fresh air?

FAITH: Hell no, prison sucks, shine a light on THAT revelation. But between 
fightin' off the butch sisters and trying not to rise to the guards' bait, I'm 
getting my head straight. Not loving it there, but it wasn't my idea to leave 
just now.

BUFFY: Okay, so if the jail break wasn't cuz you missed the stellar Sunnydale 
night life, then what the hell are you doing here?

FAITH: Long story, Chica. But I've got the answer man right here.

ETHAN: Hello, Slayer.

BUFFY: Oh for...oh forget it. Look, I need to get Giles to the hospital.

FAITH: When you're done whaling on Witch boy here, they can patch him up.

BUFFY: Doctors now. Answers later.

  Level 5, Scene 1 
XANDER: Whoah, hang on. You promised not to beat Ethan to a pulp until I got 

BUFFY: And now you're here. Let the beating commence. Talk to me, sconehead.

ETHAN: Happily, darling. During my captivity, I prayed often to the lords of 
chaos I've worshiped for so many years. But my pleas for aid fell upon deaf 
ears. Naturally, in time I turned my devotions elsewhere. I began to worship 
the entity know as The First

BUFFY: You're joking. No. Of course you're not.

FAITH: What the hell is this thing? The First? The First what?

ETHAN: The First is as old as the primordial darkness. It's absolute evil, 
older than humanity OR demon kind. It's a power that transcends reality, time 
and space.

WILLOW: So chaos wasn't enough? Now you're playing bootlick for the thing that 
gave Evil it's capital E?

ETHAN: Not exactly. The First did agree to help me escape, but I also wanted 
power. So much power, that I would be nearly a Lord of Chaos myself. The First 
enjoys a challenge, so I challenged it to a contest, with that very power as 
the prize.

SPIK: I'm sorry. Still half asleep, you did WHAT?

ETHAN: It's simple really. A contest of will and cleverness. The First and I 
each choose five individuals as our champions in combat. I thought of the 
slayer first, of course...or more properly, the TWO slayers. Willow's a witch. 
Spike's a vampire with marvelous credentials. I'd originally planned to use the 
werewolf as number five, but he's skipped town, apparently, so young Mr. Harris 
will have to do. I broke Faith out of prison against her will, but she, at 
least, was reasonable.

FAITH: Sounds like a party. Girl's gotta have SOME diversion once in a while. 

XANDER: Okay, so I get what happens if you win. What if you lose?

ETHAN: If I lose? I'll suffer eternal torment as the whipping boy of the lowest 
toadies in The First's dark dimension.

WILLOW: Oh, and we wouldn't want THAT to happen.

FAITH: If I get to stomp the granddaddy of evils, that's gotta be major karma 
points, right?

BUFFY: You can forget it. Boggles my mind that you'd even think, any of us 
would help you.

GILES: Buffy!

ETHAN: You really think I'd tell you all this if you had a choice. I've already 
named you as my champions. I've TOLD the First that I've chosen you. It's done, 

GILES: The First? Oh, Lord...Buffy...listen you cannot combat The First 
directly without the dagger! It can only be harmed with Hope's Dagger!

BUFFY: You got us into this. You're coming along for the ride.


GILES: God help you all.

  Level 5, Scene 2 
BUFFY: It's the Magic Box.

ETHAN: Or this world's version of it.

BUFFY: You are SO dead. Where are the others? What is this dimension?

ETHAN: This isn't some alternate reality, Slayer. This is the First's own 
dimension. It controls everything here. As for my other champions, I'd guess 
they're scattered about. While you were busy, however, I made this.

BUFFY: And this is?

ETHAN: Once you find them, splash them with it and they'll immediately be 
transported back here.

BUFFY: Did I mention how dead you are?

ETHAN: You might've. Now you'd best find your friends before they're dead.

BUFFY: This place is a trip - a nightmare version of my already nightmarish 
hometown. But no time to play tourist. I've gotta save the day and find the 
gang - again.

  Level 5, Scene 3 

WILLOW: Buffy! Can you get me outa here?

BUFFY: Not yet - it's locked with a keycard - and I don't have one.

WILLOW: You mean like this one?

BUFFY: That's the one - and I'll get that from you how exactly?

WILLOW: Can you work you way around to the window? I'll throw it down to you.

BUFFY: No problemo - give me a minute.

  Level 5, Scene 4 
WILLOW: Buffy, here!

BUFFY: Thanks Will, be right with ya.

  Level 5, Scene 5 
WILLOW: Don't suppose you brought any popcorn?

BUFFY: Maybe we can get some on the way out. 

  Level 5, Scene 6 
SPIKE: I was wondering how long it'd take before you'd show up.

BUFFY: Does it come as any surprise that you're not my top priority? 

SPIKE: Look, Slayer - I didn't ask to be teleported to this dimension.

  Level 5, Scene 7 
XANDER: So what happened?

BUFFY: Had a little window shopping to do.

  Level 5, Scene 8 
BUFFY: Faith! Looks like we've finally found somewhere that can hold you.

FAITH: Give a girl a hand, Buffy. Getting kinda claustrophobic in here.

BUFFY: I'll see what I can do.

  Level 5, Scene 9 
FAITH: Come on - bored now.

BUFFY: Just so many distractions around here, so much to see. I was soaking up 
the ambience.

  Level 5, Scene 10 
SID: Hey, sweets. I was wondering when you was gonna get here.

BUFFY: You couldn't have explained all of this to me the last time I saw you?

SID: The First knows I'm sneaking around.

BUFFY: So how are you here?

SID: I ran into The First a along time ago, back when I was still human, and 
huntin' demons, and I royally pissed him off. The First trapped me here, caged 
my spirit in a duplicate Dummy body he whipped up like it was nothin'. Anyways, 
when I got wind of what was going down, well I figured I'd sneak through the 
bleed give you a hand.

BUFFY: And now we're trapped here with you.

SID: How's that old song go, doll? If you were the only girl in the world and I 
was the only dummy? Nah. That ain't it.

BUFFY: There's gotta be another way to do this.

SID: What choice do you have? Somebody's gotta win the contest. Better for you 
if you survive it.

BUFFY: Maybe there is a choice. If we can destroy the First, we all get to live 
and Ethan doesn't get the power he wants. Giles mentioned Hope's Dagger. Have 
you heard of it?

SID: As a matter of fact I have.

  Level 6, Scene 1 
SPIKE: Right, start again. What is this dagger now?

BUFFY: Hope's Dagger. It's some kind of blade, constructed from the very first 
ray of light ever to shine on the Earth. It was magically gathered in the 12th 
century and forged into a blade by Cassandra Rayne.

ETHAN: I'm sorry, did you say Rayne?

BUFFY: Yes Ethan. Your ancestor. Seems she was a warrior for "The Powers That 
Be" at that time.

XANDER: So what happened? With Cassandra and The First, I mean?

BUFFY: They fought. Cassandra hurt The First but before she could kill it, it 
took her down. Hope's Dagger had changed her, though. She was immortal. Since 
The First couldn't kill her, it tore her apart and scattered the pieces 
throughout a world of its own creation ... this world.

FAITH: So... if we put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

BUFFY: Exactly.

SID: The First hid the dagger here, just like it did Cassandra's body parts. 
Her soul is tied to the dagger, so if we can resurrect her, she'll be able to 
find it.

FAITH: Then not only do we win, we destroy Big Daddy Evil forever, and Ethan 
doesn't get jack.

WILLOW: Um, not to burst anyone's bubble, but how do we know where to even 
begin looking for the scattered remains 12th century warrior woman? Evil realm 
big. Very big.

SID: Oh, I already know where to find a piece of her. Well, two actually.
Word in the shadows says Cassandra Rayne's EYES are in the morgue at Sunnydale 

BUFFY: There are too many demons in here. Sid and I'll have to move fast. I 
don't want to waste any time with fights we can avoid. Stay here. Don't move. 
We'll be back.

  Level 6, Scene 2 
BUFFY: No go. We'll have to find another way.

SID: Wait. Boost me up there. I'll have a look on the other side. Hey, hey, 
easy on the merchandise sister. I bruise easy y'know.

  Level 6, Scene 3 
BUFFY: Nice work Sid - for a puppet.

SID: Hey, I'm no ordinary puppet. Now why don't you get us outta here?

SID: I'll check in here - you take a look through the offices.

  Level 6, Scene 4 
BUFFY: If it wasn't broken before, it is now.

BUFFY: Sid! I wondered where you'd disappeared. 

SID: Me? You're the one who disappeared. C'mere.

SID: This is the only way out, and no offense to your hips, babe, but you're 
not gonna fit. Better give me a boost up there and Sid'll save the day.

  Level 6, Scene 5 
BUFFY: Nice work Sid - hey wait where're you going?

SID: I found a shortcut - see you in the morgue.

  Level 6, Scene 6 
SID: Oughta be able to use these hospital records to find out where Cassandra's 
Eyes are stored. I'll find them. Watch my back

  Level 6, Scene 7 
SID: Got it! They're in that jar over there. Gram 'em.

  Level 6, Scene 8 
BUFFY: Have a look.

XANDER: Getting any mojo vibes, Will?

WILLOW: I don't know...Its almost like I can feel that using them should be 
simple but I don't know how. Anyone else have any ideas?

SPIKE: Should've just sent the sodding puppet.

XANDER: Wait a minute. We're all here for a reason. Well, the rest of us are 
here because Ethan picked us. And Sid just wants to get away from The First. 
But what about Ethan? Maybe THIS is why he's here.

ETHAN: Don't look at me. You're trying to keep me from getting the power I've 
worked all these years for. And you want me to help? You're all daft.

BUFFY: No. I think Xander's right. She's YOUR ancestor, Ethan. You've got to 
take the eyes.

FAITH: Now we're cooking with gas.

THE FIRST: You are a fool, Slayer. Did you truly think you could do such a 
thing, in THIS PLACE without me knowing your every move?

SID: You know, for a being that likes a good wager, you seem awfully eager to 
disrupt the contest before its over.

THE FIRST: Little matchstick man. Do not try my patience. You are not even a 
part of this contest. The only reason that I do not destroy you, is that I am 
savoring the nurturing of hope in your heart, just as I will enjoy bearing 
witness to the destruction of that hope. Now, Slayer, it is time for the 
contest to begin.

BUFFY: Ready?

XANDER: Can I go home now?

BUFFY: Let's go.

SID: Just me and you, buddy. And I can see you're not going to be much company.

   Level 7, Scene 1 
XANDER: Ooh, a cryptic message - "The secret to the demon is hidden in the 
darkness" - I'm just hating cryptic messages.

  Level 7, Scene 2 
XANDER: OK, guessing this doesn't say 'Surrender Dorothy". Now I've just got to 
figure out what it DOES say. 

  Level 7, Scene 3 
XANDER: The dictiphone - I can get this on the tape. No one said it had to be 
me that spoke the word.

  Level 7, Scene 4 
TAPE: Huguchagakkk!

HALL MONITOR: That is the correct password.

  Level 7, Scene 5 
XANDER: A magician's hat! Hocus Pocus, I always wondered how they got the 
bunnies in there. Rabbits! Guess that hat really is magic. And look at that... 
they're drawn to the pentagrams...and they're disrupting the magic. If I'm 
doing the math right, with enough bunnies I can bring down that force-field.

  Level 7, Scene 6 
XANDER: Wow - a Murgoth weapon. I though those demon arms dealers were just a 
myth. Too bad there's no ammo in it. It's in the Murgoth dialect - but it looks 
like some kind of recipe. The yellow liquid plus the green liquid equals the 
blue liquid. Whatever that does.

  Level 7, Scene 7 
XANDER: Let's see what's on this little beauty - it looks like a pass code or 

  Level 7, Scene 8 
XANDER: As I learned in chem class it never hurts to experiment... unless it 
explodes. Lets see mix'em together and see what we get. Murgoth ammunition! I'm 
a genius!

  Level 7, Scene 9 
XANDER: Anyanka. Hey. How's it going? Don't think the fact that you're an evil, 
alternate reality version of my girlfriend is gonna stop me from kicking your 

  Level 7, Scene 10 
XANDER: No more vengeance for you sweetie. Xander the grave robber...I get a 
few more of these and I can build a woman of my own. 

  Level 8, Scene 1 
FAITH: Ooh, spooky. Just the kinda place I'd expect somebody to hide hacked up 
pieced of a dead woman.

KAKISTOS: I've been waiting for this day.

FAITH: I killed you once. Ain't afraid of you anymore.

  Level 8, Scene 2 
FAITH: Better get outta here.

  Level 8, Scene 3 
FAITH: Like I thought, regular key won't do. Gotta be all fancy. 

  Level 8, Scene 4 
FAITH: This'd be nice, if I had a single romantic bone in my body.

  Level 8, Scene 5 
FAITH: Check it out, another passageway down below. Sometimes my appetite for 
destruction pays off. 

  Level 8, Scene 6 
FAITH: Comes down to this.

KAKISTOS: As I hoped it would. I want your blood for myself, Faith, thick and 
hot and full of spice.

FAITH: You've been eatin too much cajun.

KAKISTOS: Come, Faith. It is time. 

FAITH: Look into my eyes, Leatherface. You took the one person who'd offered 
their hand to me - my Watcher- and you tore her throat out right in front of 
  Level 8, Scene 7 
FAITH: That's right. You KEEP coming back. I'll be waiting. I don't see any 
other human limbs around here, so I'm, guessin this is what I came for. 
  Level 9, Scene 1 
SPIKE: Bloody typical - take a thrilling jaunt into an alternate dimension and 
end up stuck in a sodding elevator shaft. 

  Level 9, Scene 2 
SPIKE: Damn! Bloody cyborgs. Must have tripped some kind of silent alarm.

  Level 9, Scene 3 
SPIKE: Well done, Spike. That's deactivated the security doors. 

  Level 9, Scene 4 
Spike: What do we have here? The plans for my little cyborg playmates. They're 
pulling signals off the initiative's mainframe, gettin' their marching orders. 
If I had the right weapon, I might be able to bugger up the signals, but if I 
wanna to shut 'em down permanently, I'm gonna have to take out the mainframe. 

  Level 9, Scene 5 
RETINAL SCANNER: Retinal scan successful. Welcome back Dr. Angleman.

  Level 9, Scene 6 
SPIKE: Looks like this may be the womb giving birth to those cyborgs, soddin' 
mainframe should be here somewhere. 

  Level 9, Scene 7 
SPIKE: Adam's still alive, eh? If you can call it that. But not for long. Not 
when he's the only thing standing between me and that leg.

  Level 9, Scene 8 
SPIKE: What a shame. Looks like someone's blown a fuse. Think I'll just assume 
this is Cassandra's leg, all the limbs flyin' about this place can't be too 

  Level 10, Scene 1 
WILLOW: Breaking and entering Willow style. Using a key was never this much 

  Level 10, Scene 2 
WILLOW: Knock, knock. Anyone home?

VAMPIRE: Witch, I can smell the magic on you. What's your kind want here?

WILLOW: Nothing, just you know passing through, and oh, hey, any idea how you 
open the security doors? Just curious.

VAMPIRE: I'm evil, girl, not stupid. You want information, fine. But 
information costs.

WILLOW: I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment, but I'll definitely come 
back and pay you later. You can trust me, I have an honest face.

VAMPIRE: You're lucky I don't tear your face off! You want to know badly 
enough, you'll come up with the cash. 

  Level 10, Scene 3 
WILLOW: The broken key I have is number A52 - lets give that a go.

  Level 10, Scene 4 
WILLOW: That's a lotta cash - but I guess the guy it belongs to won't mind me 
borrowing a little, him being vamp food and all.

  Level 10, Scene 5 
WILLOW:  That's all there is. No more threats now. I'm trying to do this the 
easy way, but I can go the hard way too. Your call.

VAMPIRE: This is the key to the computer store - take it - that's where you'll 
find what you need.

  Level 10, Scene 6 
WILLOW:  Now lets see. Hmmm.  Cool Beans! It looks like I can deactivate the 
security doors. 

  Level 10, scene 7 
WILLOW: Tara? Oh, no...please no. Anything but this.

  Level 10, Scene 8 
WILLOW:  Oh, baby, no. I just want to go home, just be where I can hold you 
and, and forget all of this. Can't believe I ... I went through all of that and 
THIS is the prize. Uck, I can't wait to wash my hands.

  Level 11, Scene 1 
Buffy: Penguins. It had to penguins. I hate the zoo.

  Level 11, Scene 2 
VAMPIRE: The shield of Rei may not be touched by mortal hands - leave this 

BUFFY: Not the warmest welcome I've ever received - and what is it with people 
and magical barriers in this dimension? He must really want to protect 

  Level 11, Scene 3 
BUFFY: That monkey's got something he doesn't want to share with me. Naughty 
little monkey.

  Level 11, Scene 4
BUFFY: Say good night, monkey boy.  Now what's he got?

  Level 11, Scene 5 

BUFFY: Giles?

RIPPER: Please, make it Ripper.

BUFFY: Crap. 

RIPPER: Ooh, yes? You're shocked, are you? Look at you. Useless little tart, 
all the gifts of power being the slayer offers and the best you can do is the 
hurt, little puppy dog eyes. 

BUFFY: No, this isn't you. This is alternate reality Giles. 

RIPPER: Right, well, your Giles is a prat, always talking like he's got an 
apple up his arse.

BUFFY: Alright, Ripper. Bring it on.

Level 11, Scene 6 *
BUFFY: Goodnight, Ripper. My Giles may have an apple up his ass, but at least 
he ain't pushing up daisies. Cassandra's torso. No that's gross. I feel like 
I'm in medical school.

  Level 12, Scene 1 

SID: Jeez! Took your sweet time. Demons're tryin' to whittle me down to a 
toothpick and you five are gallivanting around on your nasty little scavenger 

BUFFY: I'm not sure nearly being eaten by zombie penguins counts as 

FAITH: Actually, I'm havin' a blast. Beats prison hands down. Girl can't get 
this kind of exercise in stir.

SPIKE: Right, look, can we just put the sodding flesh puzzle together and be 
done with it?

ETHAN: It's true I can't believe it ... my own ancestor, a warrior for the 

CASSANDRA: Cold. Why am I so cold?

ETHAN: It's here. The First. I can taste its power in the air.

CASSANDRA: You...I sense something about you, some kinship. Who are you?

ETHAN: Ethan Rayne, madame. Decidedly NOT at your service.

WILLOW: He's your... great great something. A descendant.

CASSANDRA: I can feel the dark magic in you, the chaos in your soul. I was a 
soldier of light, and this is what my bloodline has come to? You repulse me.

ETHAN: The feeling is entirely mutual. This isn't fair, you know.  Technically 
I've won. The power I've bargained for should be mine. But if you destroy The 
First - 

CASSANDRA: Silence, dog. I would silence you myself if I were able.

SPIKE: Here. Let me get that for you.

CASSANDRA: My thanks, kind sir. I...I know this place. This is where I...where 
I died. But who are all of you?

BUFFY: We're trying to finish what you started, Cassandra. Trying to destroy 
the first. I'm Buffy Summers. The Slayer

CASSANDRA: A Slayer. This is good fortune. I am but a lost soul, and can no 
longer wield Hope's dagger. But you are worthy, Slayer. It shall be you.

WILLOW: That's...that's great and all, so, thanks. But where does Buffy find 
Hope's dagger?

CASSANDRA: Inside the fortress. It will still be there. Only one who's worthy 
may wield it.

FAITH: You don't gotta be a virgin or anything, right?  Cuz that could be a 

CASSANDRA: No. Only one can go, and it should be a champion of the Powers. 
There are no champions present, but a Slayer will more than suffice. Buffy must 
go alone.

FAITH: Sucks to be you.

BUFFY: At times. Now, for instance.

WILLOW: Ethan! What happed to him? He just went poof.

CASSANDRA: Perhaps the First has plans for my traitorous descendent after all. 

BUFFY: Only one way to find out.

  Level 12, Scene 2 
BUFFY: A mangonel - 12th century artillery at its best.

  Level 12, Scene 3 
BUFFY: Presto! One instant key!

  Level 12, Scene 4 
BUFFY: A hidden passage! That kind of stuff only usually happens when I've got 
the talking dog around. 

  Level 12, Scene 5 
BUFFY: This'd work great down at the bowling alley. That is, if I'd ever be 
caught dead at a bowling alley.

  Level 12, Scene 6 
BUFFY: Coolies! Not just an attractive wall sconce, but a secret switch too!

  Level 12, Scene 7 

CASSANDRA: It is over, Slayer. You have accomplished what I could not.

BUFFY: Is it dead?

CASSANDRA: The First cannot die.  It is an integral part of the universe.
But you have dispersed its evil across all realities and dimensions.
It will be centuries before it can coalesce again.

BUFFY: What about Ethan? I...it was the only way. But I can' just let him die.

CASSANDRA: Nor can I. Despite my revulsion at his cruel nature, I know that 
Ethan was but a pawn here. I will share my essence with his, my spirit with 
his. I have touched the purest light in creation. Perhaps MY touch will 
illuminate some shard of decency in him.

ETHAN: From beneath you it devours!

BUFFY: Weird!

FAITH: You did it, B. Thanks for the ringside seat
XANDER: So what now? How do we get back?

WILLOW: It will happen on its own. I can ...I can feel this place unraveling.

BUFFY: What about you, Sid? What happens now?

SID: Now? Now, I get to rest at last. I've heard it said that heaven's 
different for every one. For me its gonna involve cards, babes and whiskey. 
Maybe I'll try look that Cassandra doll up. Fella like me could show a girl 
like that a real good time.

BUFFY: I bet you could, Sid. I bet you could. 

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